Accretion Cycles – Time Shifts – Raising Old Thought Patterns to Higher Energy


This is intended to go into the book format at some point as there may be readers who do not have access to the internet that could benefit from such information but I am guided to share it here now so that those who desire can understand more about the rapidly changing hologram.

December 10, 2014 marked the beginning of the 2015 accretion cycle.

Accretion of energy does not adhere to the methods of time keeping used by the earth population but is in sync with the ability of the earth collective to heal and integrate energy.

Accretion of energy within the earth system occurs in a clockwise sequence and since the masses of earth have had to re-accrete energy or re-evolve via a biological body form because of the consciousness fragmenting can only accrete energy at a rate the body form will allow for.

We keep track of time with many different tools that have been created in the hologram such as the face of our clock, days, weeks, months, years and season changes and create names for the many methods we create. Of course such methods of time keeping only apply to the people of earth.

We are all more than aware of the changes occurring within what we have come to think of as natural season changes and within the crazy weather patterns but very few are aware that those rapid changes are the result of the healing that is occurring within the masses of the earth system.

We are told by main stream everything that such rapid changes within the environment spell major chaos for the future of the earth system that will have many “adverse effects” upon the accepted earth paradigm and daily living practices.

It is quite true that change is going to continue to unfold within all levels of the earth environment but it will continue to unfold even if all forms of technology were to instantly shut down because consciousness healing is not bound nor governed by man-made technology. The choices the masses make is the force that drives the higher energy and allows for healing and therefore changes to occur.

Such changes will require the masses to continue to “rethink” the methods of daily living to live in balance with the re-balancing of the earth.

As the consciousness of earth continues to heal the rate of re-accreting energy continues to quicken approximately every 30 days depending on the choices the masses continue to make. The accretion rate of energy is not set in stone because the masses can change their minds and their choices in an instant which shifts energy to and fro within the environment.

The cycling rate of accreting energy within the earth system was “reset” on December 12, 2013 when the Eternal Life Grid of the earth system was able to plug back into the collective Source mind of the sun and this allowed the “phasing sequence” of the Divine Trinity to restart which once again allows the collective to receive the higher energy of Source being sent into the earth system from the sun.

The accretion of higher energy within the earth collective consciousness is very much like driving a car except the illusion we experience would be driving the planet through the illusion of space-time. The choices the collective make either push on the accelerator or let off of it but the process is not simply based on the choices of the earth collective but also upon the condition of the human body form the collective has had to re-accrete energy through.

The body form can only hold its specific amount of energy at any given moment and when it reaches it moments saturation point will shut down the process of accreting more energy until the body can readjust to the slightly higher rhythms the higher energy allows for. In the daily cycle of accretion when the body reaches its daily saturation point we experience the body becoming sleepy and the body will force us into the sleep cycle at some point. The eyes will burn and water and become more sensitive to light and the body’s automatic motor system slows down which makes it harder for us to focus, think and concentrate. These are all signs of the body reaching its current moment saturation point of energy.

Regardless how much we try to fight off sleep the body simply will not function correctly until we allow it to cycle through a sleep cycle and forcing the body to stay awake via something like chemical substances only shortens the life cycle of the body as the body requires the sleep cycle to try to repair inner damage.

The rate of accretion of the masses governs the many time cycles experienced within a hologram not the things experienced within the hologram such as the interaction between the earth and the sun. The interaction between such things is the result of the collectives ability to accrete energy.

We have been taught to believe that a year ends on a certain date and a new year begins the next moment of the next day but the rapid increase of the accretion of energy is not bound to the time keeping systems used on earth.

It was shared with you in 2013 that the experience of the passage of time was going to continue to speed up as the collective continues to heal and the rate of accreting energy continues to quicken. This is what the time shifts occurring approximately every 30 days is about and by the time a yearly cycle of accretion has complete the date of the end of that years cycle will continue to readjust as the accretion rate continues to quicken.

There is no need to adjust your methods of time keeping at this point but will become necessary at a future point in time. However, you will need to continue to re-adjust your planting calendars as the weather system is going to continue to change. The most noticeable changes will at first be felt within what we know as the northern hemisphere of the planet but will quickly continue to spread to cover the entire planet.

The reset of the phasing cycle of the Divine Trinity on December 12, 2013 propelled the collective into a 2014 yearly cycle of the accretion rate slowly increasing and is why the 2015 cycle is able to start on December 10, 2014, in the way that we keep track of time.

The continued quickening of energy accretion is going to continue to out-picture within the hologram as events we keep track of occurring sooner than they have for thousands of years and therefore lasting longer into a perceived season than is thought to be “normal”.

Global warming is occurring from the “inside out” not the “outside in” as the collective consciousness continues to re-accrete energy that it lost when the Eternal Life Grid was taken off line and the phasing cycle of the Divine Trinity shut down 26,000 years ago. So no human efforts to stop global warming will be effective.

However, as more of the collective continue to heal and become aware of the power of their thoughts the experience of global warming can occur within much more balance than is currently being experienced. We “can” steer weather patterns with our thoughts, we can bring rain to drought stricken areas but we cannot do so by focusing within fear as fear creates chaotic thought patterns which then create chaotic weather patterns and the main stream systems are currently wrapped in fear trying to figure out what is creating such massive changes on a world wide scale.

Main stream sees the increased energy activity of the sun as a “bad” thing but at this moment the worst bad thing they can point to is the interruption of operation of the man-made technology, which can indeed create adverse reactions in the day to day living process that relies upon such technology. There will come a point in the future when the energy of the system will become too high for current technology to continue to work because the technology that has been placed in orbit around the planet that drives such technology will begin breaking down via the higher energy that continues to come into the system from the sun.

So, it would be wise to think and create new ways of operating things before such a point in time occurs and this will occur as more people continue to become aware of higher conscious thought patterns but the controlling factions will continue to try to squelch such technology if it cannot be controlled and regulated to feed the economy. The population will need to continue to work together and support the efforts of those who hold the knowledge to foster in such changes.

Within a healed collective the entire collective accrete energy at the same rate of speed and the body expression does not require sleep as it does not reach a saturation point of energy. A healed hologram expresses at the same temperature level year round within the entire hologram and slow down cycles of accreting energy which creates the experience of season changes, do not occur. The poles are not frozen and the energy of Source flows through the entire system freely. The collective control and steer the weather patterns simply by thinking and retain balance within the hologram.

The earth system is rapidly healing back into the healed expression of earth so rapid changes are going to continue to unfold within the perceived hologram.

The process of the rate of accretion continuing to speed up in monthly cycles will continue to shorten the length of a yearly cycle of accretion and this will continue to be “felt” as if time is speeding up when actually time is slowing down. This seemed like an oxymoron to my brain in trying to understand what that means so I will try my best to assist your brain in understanding as it only pertains to the methods we currently use to keep track of time.

Our current methods of time keeping is based on the perceived cycles of the sun and the moon and we count a 24 hour day based on those perceptions. But in a healed system night time does not occur as the body form does not shut off to awareness the perceived light via the need to cycle way down in accreting energy.

Per our current perception we “think” it requires 24 hours of earth time to cycle into a new day but the perceived cycle is based upon the rate of energy accretion of the collective consciousness.

As the collective continues to accrete energy at faster and faster rates it creates the “feeling” that time is speeding up, it may feel like an hour of time has passed and you accomplished a whole lot of things but when you look at the clock it may only show a half hour of time has passed.

So the “feeling” is that time has sped up.

What is actually occurring is that the rate you accreted those moments sped up and using the above analogy, it only took a half hour to accrete what previously took an hour to accrete which means the passage of time actually slowed down.

One might think that this means the process of aging will slow down as well and for some it may slow down a bit but most likely not within the current adult population as the body of the current adult population most likely will not be able to adjust the internal biological clock enough to experience the aging process slowing that much. But it depends on the condition of the body form and how it is effected by the rapid increase of accreting energy.

Science is aware that the magnetic fields of the planet shifts in strength around the planet but they really do not know why even though they have fostered a theory of why that occurs. It occurs because the collective is not accreting magnetic energy at the same rate of speed and just like the hands of a clock move around the clock so too does the magnetic energy as the consciousness cycles through time cycles of accretion.

Science also theorizes that the magnetic poles of earth are going to reverse at some point and they have discovered evidence this such has occurred time and time again stored within the layers of the earth but the magnetic field does not actually reverse, nor does it within the sun. The illusion occurs as the collective cycles through longer cycles of accretion and draws more and more magnetic energy into the electrical body expression of self and the perceived planet. The perceived planet is the body form expression of the collective consciousness.

What is suppose to occur and does so in a healed system is that the magnetic energy that is drawn into the electrical body expression is raised to a higher level of energy. Drawing magnetic energy into an electrical body form is the process of accreting energy and is what allows for the illusion of the life experience and the passage of time.

When the phasing cycle of the Divine Trinity is shut off within a collective consciousness they continue to accrete the magnetic energy of the collective consciousness but because they cannot contract or phase back into the creation point (sun) to raise the accreted magnetic energy to a higher level of energy the electrical body form becomes to magnetic. What does this create?

It means the matter body form of the individual body and the planetary body becomes to “dense” and begins to “freeze”. Ice is units of energy that have become frozen per lack of higher energy. As the matter base freezes and becomes more dense the effects of gravity become stronger and the matter base is pulled down harder or locked in place stronger.

“De-densifying” the matter base is the process of the units of energy that compose the matter base “heating up” gradually to become less and less dense which lightens the effects of gravity and this is but one thing “shifting into higher conscious awareness” allows for.

This means the ice at the poles is going to continue to melt. The ocean currents are going to continue to shift and the water level of the ocean is going to continue to rise. Which implies land masses are going to continue to be altered, rise and fall and the entire hologram will restructure into its healed expression.

A healed conscious collective creates “one land mass” within the one ocean of a hologram. When that one land mass breaks apart it is the result of the conscious collective experiencing fragmentation. Remember the perceived planet is the body form expression of the entire collective. Healing of the earth system means that the fragmented land masses will work to once again become one land mass as the entire system re-accretes to the healed accretion rate.

For those who have not yet remembered they are Source embodied and the power of their thoughts and continue to experience within a chaotic sea of inner emotions such changes will foster inner fear and so those who have healed to remember such things are greatly needed to retain inner balance by continuing to focus inward and simply continue to shine forth the love of Source as doing so will assist the system to retain as much balance as possible as these changes continue to unfold.

There are thousands of people within the hologram in their process of waking up and if the only thing they currently remember is the love of Source that flows through them then that is more than enough to allow the masses working together to maintain as much balance as possible within the re-evolving consciousness.

There will continue to be “waves” within the masses who choose the changes of planetary events to leave the hologram and that is exactly as it should be because all will leave this hologram at some point and everyone does so exactly when it is time for them to do so. They may not be consciously aware of such an exit point from the hologram but all leave exactly when they are finished within the hologram.

All within the hologram are returning to the exact same place as there is nowhere else to return to except to the point that all emerged from, which is merging back into our higher conscious Source mind held within the sun. So, you will not be separated from those you love and care about, you will join up with them to experience and continue to co-create but you will finally be able to once again do so within balance.

There are many blessings to be counted, many gifts of love to share and many warm hugs needed as we continue to heal back into the whole expression we were created by Source to express as.

Personal Share:

As this information began opening within me about the new accretion cycle starting on December 10th my body went through about 36 hours of intense pain with most of it localized within my legs.

During the sleep time period of the 9th into the 10th I experienced a very strange dream of reliving a personal life changing drama point within my life experience that occurred 20 years ago. When that event occurred it created great emotional turmoil for all involved and ended with other parties becoming hostile and emotionally distraught.

During this dream time experience I was reliving the same drama event but it played out in a different way. The scenery was the strange part of it but the main theme was that the event turned out differently. There was no distraught emotions by anyone involved, there was no hard feelings or blame of any kind. It simply ended in a mutual agreement that yes, it was time to part ways and meet up at a later time.

The symptoms I experienced within my legs leading up to this experience was what medical science has labeled “restless leg syndrome” and nothing I tried would calm the symptoms.

It was not until after the dream experience when I was sharing it with my husband that the symptoms in the legs almost instantly vanished and in that moment I became aware that the negative emotions from that 20 year old life changing event were stuck within my legs.

The dream experience “re-wrote” the outcome of that life experience which is the process of raising those old thought patterns to a higher level of energy and means that it played out differently within the higher level of energy of a “higher energy time line” and allowed them to release from being stuck within myself which just so happened to be the expression of my legs.

I am now aware that the point within the body in which we have stuffed all of the emotional garbage we have not be able to transmute during this life time is mainly held within the lower anatomy of the body form and is why so many people encounter back issues, hip and joint issues, issues in the reproductive organs and all lower parts of the body anatomy.

I am guided to share this experience with you to allow you to understand more of what it means to be able to raise energy to higher levels of energy from within self and how doing so releases stuck, lower energy thought patterns from the body system to allow more of the higher energy of Source to flow through the system.

We do not have to remember past life experiences to raise them to a higher level of energy and most things we will not become consciously aware of but if there is a past life experience that weighs heavily on us we can use our thoughts to “re-write” how that event unfolds by seeing / pretending within our thoughts that the event unfolded and ended differently.

The highest energy to raise lower energy thought patterns to a higher level of energy is “love” so it would be best to fill yourself with the loving feeling of Source flowing through you to then work to re-create your dramatic life experiences.

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