Nature’s Miracles

naturesmiraclesThis week I have been guided to the concept of heavy metals within the body. Not something I have ever given much if any thought about.

I am “feeling” this as in response in my own body, that I need to remove heavy metals from the body and I was guided to “clay”. News to me on all fronts as I knew nothing about this, at least I was not “aware” I knew anything about this.

For my personal body experience I am “feeling” that the critical pain my body has dealt with for years is, at least in part, due to extreme levels of heavy metals in the body.

Guidance was for me to educate myself, which is what I hear when there is lots of information already known about something and I am simply not aware of it. So, I have been doing that and the nudging along via guidance education is kind of like a ton of bricks of awareness falling into my head.

Because there is a whole lot of information already available to know about this to allow more understanding to unfold, I will simply provide links to some of the education I have encountered.

One important piece of this puzzle to be aware of is this; our body that we see when we look in the mirror is the electrical expression of the body form. The chemical elements that “build up” the body are the magnetic expression of the body form.

Heavy metals are “elements” fleshed out in nature around us and the body does require some of them just as it requires minerals but the man-made environment releases toxic levels of heavy metals within the entire environment.

Electrical energy is of course positive charged and magnetic energy is negative charged. The electrical expression of our body provides the “higher energy” that allows the magnetic elements to fuse and bond together to flesh out the body form.

Heavy metals can hold a positive or negative charge but because they are “elements” the electrical expression of the body will work with the magnetic expression to fuse and bond them together to become trapped within the body.

Because the earth system has suffered from the lack of the higher energy of Source for thousands of years the electrical expression of the matter base has become too magnetic which means it has become more and more dense by drawing in denser elements from the environment which includes heavy metals from the toxic environment.

The process of having the earth holographic life experience and fragmented consciousness needing to re-accrete their energy via a bio-logical form and being subjected to the imbalanced condition of the environment plus lack of higher energy means that the body form continues to accrete the magnetic energy to have the life experience but has not been able to raise the accreted magnetic energy to a higher level of electrical energy, hence becoming too dense.

When we birth into the hologram the baby body has not become as dense and becomes denser through the life experience via accreting magnetic energy unto the electrical body. Accreting magnetic energy is a natural process that allows consciousness to “experience” the hologram but the unnatural process is not being able to raise the accreted magnetic energy to a higher level of electrical energy.

This is the main cause of eventual death of the physical body form as the embodied consciousness continues to accrete magnetic energy not being able to raise it to a higher level of electrical energy and doing so crushes the matter base. When the body can no longer hold the expanding higher energy of the embodied consciousness the consciousness must unplug their energy from the body form.

The body works to repair the damage it encounters for as long as it can by creating new cells as cells die. It is not natural that cells die to begin with but has been occurring within the earth system for so long and no one could remember the truth that it is believed to be natural that cells die.

The buildup of heavy metals within the body is what creates body sagging as the life experience unfolds and cells continue to die with the body reaching a point when it cannot continue to create new cells. This allows the immune system to be compromised and the body begins providing less energy to the least important parts first which we experience as the body weathering and the effects of old age setting in.

Because the body becomes too dense the effects of gravity become stronger and as old age sets in the body is pulled downward creating stress on the back and knees and taking the structural system out of balance. That is why so many people flock to chiropractors to assist with the structural imbalance that creates pain.

At the same time the body is creating less and less new cells and this sets up an inner environment for disease and viral attacks on organs. Each time a cell dies the strands of DNA become shorter. By the time physical body death occurs the DNA is almost nonexistent within the cells.

As you will learn through the information provided in the links, we do not have to knowingly ingest heavy metals or apply them to the body to take them unto the body. They are out of balance within “everything” simply because of the man-made things.

I am being guided to purchase this “clay product” that I encountered and am going to start including it in my daily diet. I do not know anymore about this product at this moment except for what I have discovered via research but all of the research and customer comments have been positive and guidance is telling me “YES” to get it and use it.

Please note: I have no medical background and so cannot advise you in any such way. I am simply sharing my thoughts and opinions with you so be sure to consult your medical person before including anything within your diet.

You may know of some other method of removing heavy metals from the body that works for you and that is great. As I use this product, I will report back my experience with it.

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