Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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So, you are “awake” and see the world through different eyes, realizing that just about everything you have been taught your whole life holds a different meaning than what you were taught. What now?

Normal reactions could include.

  • Fear: What am I suppose to believe now?
  • Anger: How dare anyone teach me all of these lies. Who is to blame?
  • Depression: I am not sure how to deal with anything now.
  • Grief: But, I loved believing in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. A feeling of now I have to let go of everything and start all over.
  • What do all of these new thoughts mean? Am I not dammed to some place called hell after all.

When you get over the shock that occurs within your system, you may desire to start spreading the news. Filled with excitement in being able to regain your power over your thoughts, you may run like a crazy person through the streets, only to realize everyone thinks you are a crazy person.

That can stop you in your tracks. What is wrong with everyone? Why can they not see and understand these thoughts? Why can they not see how wonderful and empowering it is to remember the truth?

Perhaps you are the only one in your immediate family who can even consider all of these new thoughts, opening to your awareness. Thoughts that speak what you consider to be the truth of creation, the truth that each person is creating within their self.

You try to share with your family and loved ones and they express great concern for your mental and emotional well being. You no longer “fit” into their belief system and they are not slow to let you know they no longer accept you as you have become.

You may hear comments such as;

  • I don’t know you anymore.
  • How can you believe all of these thoughts from the devil?
  • You’re really scaring me.
  • I did not raise you to think like this.
  • You’re never going to find happiness if you turn away from the belief system we taught you.
  • It’s just a phase you’re going through. You’ll outgrow it!
  • How can you turn your back on God?

You try to express your feelings and the things you have become aware of. You try to make them understand that you are not the only one and there are thousands around the planet who are becoming aware as well.

You try to explain that you are closer to God than you have been your whole life but that you understand that relationship in a much broader way than they have been aware of.

All that you try to express, goes unheard. You may be shunned from your own family. You may become considered to be the black sheep of the family. There may be lots of tears shed in your honor.

What can you do? Most likely you are filled with overwhelming emotions that speak of guilt and imperfection. Does that really mean your family can only love you if you fit into their concept of their reality?

If you allow such thoughts to continue to control your emotions you could be heading into a deep stage of depression. Why do that to yourself?

Fill your entire being with the Loving Joy of Source and do not stop until you have regained control of your emotions. You must first stop the loop of the false thoughts that are flowing through your brain. Replace those thoughts with love.

Start a dialogue within yourself, asking yourself questions and then answering them.

  • Who am I? I am Source embodied!
  • Why am I here? To assist to heal ALL of my Source expression.
  • Why can I become aware that thoughts are imbalanced? Because I have reached a point of healing to allow me to.
  • Why do I need anyone’s approval to be myself? I do not, I am Source embodied!
  • Of course I am perfect! I am Source embodied! All of creation is Source embodied. All of creation is perfect. It can be no other way.

Continue this process. Fill yourself with the Loving Joy of Source and continue to ask and answer your questions until you feel your inner power grow to a point that you can stand up straight and tall and BE Source embodied.

When you are ready, stand as Source and speak your truth. Realize that you do not require validation from anyone for who you are. You do not need anyone to tell you who you are, you already know who you are.

Now, look at those around you through your eyes of Source. What do you see? You see fear, you see sorrow, pain and suffering and it feels like your heart is breaking into pieces. Fill yourself with the Loving Joy of Source.

Look again. What do you see? Keep doing this until you only see the shining light of Source filling the sorrow, pain and suffering. Look beyond and behind your loved ones and see them for who they really are. They are you, embodied. You have come to heal yourself.

If you were not aware of the sorrow, pain and suffering held within your loved ones, you would not be able to assist yourself to heal. But you are aware! You are awake and aware! You are able to become aware of the imbalance held within yourself. You are able to see what needs to be healed and simply by being able to see it, you have taken into unto yourself to heal it.

Now look at yourself again. How could anything be less than perfect within yourself? You are Source embodied and you will walk through the gates of a false belief of hell and back to heal yourself. You will walk through any and all false beliefs you become aware of and heal them from yourself.

The passion you feel for your loved ones, is the passion you feel for yourself. You feel their pain, you feel their tears and because you can feel them, you are healing them.

We cannot “make” someone heal. We cannot “make” someone see the truth we become aware of. We can only heal our self of the imbalance they present to us. They are showing us the imbalance that we need to heal. Bless them and thank them for allowing you to become aware of the imbalance.

Turn you focus within and fill yourself with the Loving Joy of Source then take a deep breath and exhale from yourself all of the imbalance you became aware of. “I now release this to the higher energy of my Source expression and allow it to return to balance”.

You can choose to conform so that you will fit in and be accepted OR, you can choose to be Source embodied on a mission to heal yourself. The choice is yours. You can choose to use your free will and allow others to choose for you.

Perhaps your family and friends will turn away from you. If they do, remember is it because they remain ill and cannot yet become aware of the truth that they are Source embodied. If they do, realize it is because they are filled with fear and you are a threat to all they believe is keeping that fear at bay. Their illness is your illness but only your truth can heal that illness.

If a loved one experienced a severe injury that required amputation of a limb and you were the only one around and had to make the choice, would you do so. What if they screamed at you and told you if you did, they would never speak to you again. But, if you do not do so, they are going to die. Would you do so anyway?

Being aware that we are Source embodied, on a mission to heal our self, can sometimes put us between a rock and a hard place as we walk among the mine fields of imbalance. Doing so can present us with opportunities to make some really hard decisions. But, we would not be here and we would not be awake and able if we were not strong enough to make those though decisions.

Making tough decisions does not mean we do not feel the pain of the emotions because we are Source embodied and we love all of our self eternally. We do not desire any part of our self to suffer in anyway. Once we remember we are Source embodied, on a mission to heal our self, we cannot simply forget it. We can “choose” to pretend that we do and play among the mine field but we will meet our self every turn that we make.

Your loved ones may come to a point where they realize if they want to love you and have you as a part of their life, they are going to need to accept you as you are. And, they may not. But, you can still continue to shower them with love. How do we, as Source embodied, heal the imbalance within our self? By loving it to pieces and allowing it to return to balance.

  • I don’t know you anymore. I understand, but I know you and I love you. Perhaps you would like to get to know me too.
  • How can you believe all of these thoughts from the devil? I understand you believe that but that is not what I believe. Because I love you, I would love to share my thoughts with you.
  • You’re really scaring me. I am sorry that you are scared. Please allow me to share my love with you and perhaps it will ease your fears.
  • I did not raise you to think like this. Thank you for raising me. I love you for allowing me to become my own expression.
  • You’re never going to find happiness if you turn away from the belief system we taught you. Perhaps I could share my beliefs with you. Perhaps we can discover more happiness together.
  • It’s just a phase you’re going through. You’ll outgrow it! Yes, we will all eventually outgrow it and I would like to share with you how I am working to grow into more of my true expression.
  • How can you turn your back on God? I have turned every side of myself toward God so that I can see more of who God really is. God surrounds me so it is not possible for me to turn away from God. I would really like to be able to share with you the love I hold within me for God.

Any time someone shows you imbalance, realize they are showing you what is making them ill. They are telling you where it hurts. They are reporting their symptoms to you. When their words sting, realize they are allowing you to feel their pain.

Only respond with loving kindness. Fill yourself with the Loving Joy of Source and allow Source to respond through you.

Do not judge, as you are judging yourself. Do not play a hurt victim, as the imbalance you are experiencing is now yours to heal. Recognize it simply as imbalance and continue on with the process of healing it. Do not allow yourself to be submerged in any imbalanced emotions that flow through you. They need to be released from you. Let them go!

You are growing into “you” and in doing so, you are in the process of releasing all things that are out of balance within you.


Be true to yourself. If you do not, who will?

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