Your Source Power


Some people believe that they are missing something that is required to allow them to ascend back into balance. This is a result of humanity forgetting the truth that humanity is Source embodied, via loss of Source energy. Loss of Source energy, which turns off the truth to the embodied consciousness, then creates inner fear. All fear is fear of the unknown, and not being able to know what will occur in the next moment. The unknown is a result of memory loss. Source creates all expressions of ITSelf to “know” the truth of creation. Source does not desire to embody to experience creating, and experiencing the thoughts of Source, not knowing how the process occurs.

Humanity is experiencing memory loss because of the relapse in healing event that occurred over 26,000 years ago. At that time, humanity was healing and had remembered truth, and had also gained truth from the levels of consciousness that cycled through the ascension system and merged back into balance. The relapse in healing event made humanity forget the truth they knew prior to the event. This is because it turned off the truth coded within human DNA.

The consciousness of Source can only embody a tiny spark of energy into the human baby body form. Too much energy would kill the body, or even blow it up. The tiny spark of energy only holds a very tiny amount of knowledge. The truth of creation resides within the higher energy of Source conscious mind.

This means that humanity has created their own truth, based on the experiences within the holographic reality field. Humanity’s self created truth has expanded as human consciousness has continued to accrete to higher levels of energy and became more aware of their environment. However, the main stream knowledge that is taught to all who birth here is based on the “accepted beliefs” of humanity creating their own truths and beliefs. No one had been able to think beyond the main stream belief systems because the expanding brain of the baby body is programmed with the beliefs of the biological parents and the environment of birth.

Many are now waking up. Which means they are becoming aware that the programming they received is not the truth. This then allows them to question and search for what the truth might be. Awakening human consciousness is a very vulnerable state of healing, in the healing process. When the individual becomes aware that just about everything they believed their whole life is not true, it can create a feeling of inner imbalance.

This is because the human brain uses the belief system to create the personal holographic reality field, within the body. The brain is not willing to simply delete all of the beliefs coded within human cells, as doing so would be wiping out the personal holographic reality field. It is why it is not a process of out with the old and in with the new, but is a process of in with the new to “replace” the old.

Simply because the individual might not yet be able to remember what is truth for their self, they are easy targets for any new thoughts, to replace the old thoughts with. This is exactly why the new age and UFO movements were created, to allow people to find new thoughts to replace the ones that they are no longer willing to accept. The new age and UFO movement was created by the “same consciousness” who created the religious movements. Within the religious movements they presented themselves as gods, angels and saviors. Within the new age and UFO movement they present themselves as more intelligent beings come to save humanity from themselves. They do so via feeding information to their human contact family members who report what they are told. They created the religious movements by presenting information to their “chosen human contacts”, or the chosen ones, who reported what they were told.

Healed expressions of Source do not create spaceships, nor do they abduct humans, take them aboard spaceships and do DNA experiments on them. It is through such an experience that the human ET contact members were programmed to be the spokespersons for their ET family members. The experience actually occurs within the brain of the human. All of the experiences of humanity occur within the human brain. It is actually a matter of the ET family member gaining access to the human embodied consciousness and taking over their thoughts by programming their DNA via brain programming. Many people who have experienced such a thing hold no open memory of it. The memory will not be turned on within them unless their ET family member desires to turn it on.

Such a thing is only possible if the energy of the embodied human drops to a low enough level of energy to allow their ET family member to gain access to their body and consciousness. Alcohol, drug use, emotional and mental illness, and an abusive childhood can lower the level of energy of the embodied human.

Even though many people are beginning to wake up does not mean they have yet regained awareness and trust of their own Source power. If they believed in a savior complex their entire life, they may very well continue to believe they need to be saved. This belief sets them up to locate a new savior, to replace the old one.

This is the reason so many ET cults, and new religious cults, have been successful in pulling people in. The people are still looking for someone, whom they believe to be more powerful than themselves, to save them. It is why the books, that quickly filled the market from new age authors, took off in earnest from the 1980’s.

People who are running successful cults are becoming very wealthy, as they make their followers believe they must have the information they hold, and their followers are willing to pay high prices for it. They are willing to because they are filled with fear of the unknown.

Stop and think about it. Does anyone who believes in the one true Source of creation actually believe that Source would only allow truth and means be available to those who can pay earth monopoly money for it? What does that say for the majority of the rest of humans? They are left out, they cannot gain access to truth so they are left to deal with an imbalanced future?

These are the beliefs such cult leaders are able to get their followers to believe. Of course, they are told they are “saving humanity”, which makes it seem OK that the rest of humanity cannot access the information. It means that only those who hold the money the cult leaders desire can do so. Which simply creates more elite communities. It is part of the age old game of the ETs to divide, conquer and control humans.

The truth of creation is available to ALL of the faces of Source. It only requires healing to remember the truth. The truth of creation is held within the energy of Source and all of humanity is Source embodied, which means all of humanity holds the truth within themselves. It only requires turning the memory back on, which lies dormant within the not junk DNA.

Accepting a new savior does not turn truth back on, it simply reprograms the activated DNA with a new savior complex, and creates a new belief system. The only way to turn the truth back on is to continue to focus within, filling the body with the love of Source and focusing on the questions. Focusing on the questions instructs the brain to find the answers and turn them back on.

It requires reclaiming your personal energy and focusing your personal energy where the truth is held, which is within yourself. If you choose a new savior you are giving your energy away to the new savior, which drains your Source energy. Where ever you focus your energy is where your energy goes.

The only reason humanity is still trying to remember the truth is because of being embodied within the human body. As soon as the embodied consciousness steps out of the human body, the memory of truth will instantly turn back on. It also means that anything you require to continue your journey back into balance will instantly turn back on. Cult leaders desire people to  believe they must turn on what they tell them they must, and how they tell them to do so, if they desire to return to balance. That is a sneaky method of controlling the thoughts, energy and pockets of their followers.

Yet, people who believe what their cult leaders tell them most likely will not be able to believe otherwise. It depends on how deeply their brain has been programmed. Paying high prices for information, reported to be truth, is no different than ancient cultures sacrificing to their many gods, or giving up part of your paycheck to a religious organization. There is a reason why the Roman Catholic church holds the most wealth of any organization on the planet. It was created by the same ET consciousness. The fastest way to control humanity is to control their emotions, which control their thoughts.

You are Source embodied. Source created you with everything you will ever need. You have always had everything you will ever need, you simply forgot that you do. The need is not to dissolve false belief systems but to heal the inner fear. The fear can only be healed by replacing it with the love of Source. Doing so will not cost you a single penny.

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