See Through the Eyes of Truth

Simply because humanity experiences memory wipe when birthing into the earth system, all of humanity has forgotten the truth of creation. Truth does not hide. Truth remains the same and it remains in plain sight. Being able to see the truth depends on one’s belief system. The easiest way to hide the truth is to put it in plain sight and call it something that it is not. That is exactly what has occurred within the consciousness of humanity.

If you were asked who you are and where you are from, you would most likely answer with your name and the location you live, or were born, unto earth. Where did you come from, before you birthed unto earth? Humanity has been trying to remember their origins for thousands of years.

Science continues to look within the illusion of manifest matter for the origin of humanity. Science does not know it but in doing so they are only looking for the origin of the human body form. Does the human body operate, or exist without you? Of course not. Which means you are not the human body form. Which means science will not find the origin of humanity by looking within the human body form. Of course looking for the answer within the illusion of manifest matter is the result of humanity forgetting the truth.

It is past time for all to remember the truth of their point of origin, before birthing unto the earth system. I have continued to share the truth with you but let’s make it very simple, for all who require it to be very simple.

Humans are “taught” that we live within a solar system. That the center of our solar system is our sun and that planets surround our sun. Perhaps you remember being taught about the solar system in school. Perhaps you have children or grandchildren who are currently being taught the same information you were taught. All are taught that we are separate from our sun. This feeds the belief that all are separate from creation, and that creation exists “without” humanity. Many believe that some hidden God “put” humanity on earth, after creating the earth. Where is this hidden God? Ask anyone who believes in this hidden God and they may tell you in some other hidden place called heaven.

This image represents “one solar system”. It consists of the sun we see in the sky and what humans call the solar boundary. I have mentioned it before, but in case you missed it and do not know, the sun is “white”.

Look at this image. Everything within the solar boundary IS the sun. What we call the solar plane IS the sun. Nothing within our solar system exists “outside” of the sun. NOTHING!

A sun is a Star. Therefore, a solar system is one Star. Where do you currently call home? You live “within” a star.

Go ahead and think about that for a bit and allow it to soak into your brain. Allow yourself as much time as you need to get over any shock that truth might create within you.

ALL of the energy that is emitted from the center of our Star/sun fills the entire Star, all the way to the Stars boundary. ALL of the energy emitted from the Star/sun is “radiation”. Absolutely ALL of it. Everything that we call, and experience as manifest matter is radiation. That includes your body, all things we call “living” and all things we call inanimate objects.

Absolutely everything that exists within our Star is created BY our Star. Were it not for the energy of our Star, nothing would exist within what we call the solar plane. Can you now see why? That is because the solar plane IS the energy of our Star. What we call the sun is the “core” of our Star and it is the core of all holographic planets, or thoughts, that express within our Star.

As I have continued to share, Source expresses as “Stars” within the layers of creation. Go a bit higher and think about the entire galaxy. At the center of the galaxy is a huge sphere of energy we call the galactic sun. Guess what, it is also a Star. All suns are actually stars.

This means that what humans call the “galactic plane” is actually the Galactic Star/sun. Everything that exists within the galactic plane is created by the energy of the Galactic Star/sun. Without the Galactic Star/sun nothing would exist within the galactic plane.

Stars are “replicated minds” of Source whole mind. They are the result of the higher energy of Source stepping down in energy to allow Source to create the layers of creation.

Now, let’s ask the question where is the point of origin of humans? We know it is not the human body form, or else the human body form could operate of its own free will and we know it does not, because we see it stop being animated when physical body death occurs.

The point of origin of human consciousness is the center of the core of our Star/sun. Our Star/sun IS our conscious mind. It is our Source conscious mind. The point of origin of absolutely everything within our Star system is our Star. What we see, and call a sun, is the Core of our Star. It is the core of our conscious Source mind, of our local system.

What we call the universe is the whole conscious mind of Source. Everything that exists within the whole mind of Source is the “thoughts” of Source. Our galactic Star is a thought of Source. Everything that expresses within our galactic Star are what the thoughts of Source look like to humans, within the galactic Star mind.

Everything within our local system Star mind is the thoughts of Source held within our local Star mind. Why does the human thought form die? Because it is a thought that cannot hold enough of the energy of Source to continue to expand in energy.

Who and where is the “hidden God” who is creating everything within our solar system? It is the replicated mind of Source, expressing as a Star. That would be you, all of humanity and a whole lot of consciousness that is not expressing as human. Source is not hidden at all. Source is humanity, expressing as our local star.

Did you know that you are a Star? Think about the thoughts in the new age movement that speak of “the star children”. Science tells us we are made of the “things” stars are made of. Well, that is because we are a star.

Everything that expresses within the plane field of our self “the star” is the thoughts held within our mind, the star. Now when someone asks you, who you are and where do you come from, you can honestly answer, I Am Source embodied and I come from our Star/sun.

It would be wise to not believe the fear filled thoughts of those who fear our sun is going to swallow us up or explode someday. They simply forgot we are living inside of our Star/sun. They forgot they are a “SUN of God”, not a son of God. Feel free to share the truth with science. The chances of them remembering this truth anytime soon are very slim.

Blessings of Love and Joy to all of the beautiful Stars of creation.

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