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Now that you have remembered you are actually a Star (see this post), think about what that means concerning your “power”. Think about the amount of Source power you have available to you to co-create with.

What are you creating with? You are creating with your Source energy expressing as the radiation of your Source Mind, the Star. What are you creating? You are creating your thoughts, the thoughts that flow through you.

Why can matter exist as both a wave and a particle? I bet you can now answer that question for science. It is because matter is actually thoughts created within waves of radiation. Particles are simply specific points within the waves of radiation. Particles are the dot matrix images of the thoughts we are creating, and seeing, within our brain. The word matrix simply means “grid”. A dot matrix image is similar to this.


The human brain requires a lot of energy to turn dot matrix images into the beautiful images we see as our holographic reality field. The human body is the most amazing creation of the earth system.

As I have shared with you before, thoughts are tiny spheres of radiation. That should be easier to understand now that you have remembered you are a Star and that everything within your Star mind is the radiation of your Star mind. I have shared with you from the beginning that ALL thoughts hold the same structure. That structure is called the Eternal Spiral of Source. The only thing that changes within a thought is the amount of Source energy held within a thought.

The Eternal Spiral of Source creates the spherical layers of a thought. Thoughts are created within the lowest energy layer of our Source Star Mind. We call this layer of our mind the solar plane.

We currently find our human expression within our Star/solar plane, which means our human body expression is a thought, created by our self, which is our Source Star Mind. You should now be able to better understand why only our Source Star Mind should be in control of our human body thought form expression.

The body thought form that represents our individual Source expression, within the Star/solar plane field, should not express as the dense energy thought form of the human body thought form. Our individual Source expression, within our Star/sun plane field, is a “projected ray of consciousness”. We project our ray of consciousness into the plane field (lowest energy layer of our mind), to allow us, AS Source, to “experience” the thoughts held within our local Source mind. Therefore, the “embodied” individuated “faces” of Source (YOU) are considered as “the rays of consciousness”.

The thought form of your individual ray of consciousness is what humans call the “auric body”. It is within your individual auric body that you self create your entire holographic reality field. Your auric body thought form is a sphere of radiation, that is larger in energy than the tiny spheres of radiation of the thought forms we experience as our manifest reality.

Your “vertical pillar” (12, 9, 6, 3, 12 – vertical chakras) is the ray of consciousness you project from the center point of your Star mind, into the lowest layer of energy of our Star mind (the solar plane). It is your vertical pillar that allows your ray of consciousness (embodied expression) to remain attached to your creation point of your Star mind.

By projecting a ray of consciousness from your creation point, into the Star/solar plane field, you, As Source, are then able to experience thoughts as individual thought expressions. When the embodied rays of consciousness, expressing as human, dropped to a very low level of energy, they became disconnected from the creation point of mind. The thoughts they held within them became the ONLY thoughts they could see and know. The embodied rays of consciousness rapidly dropped in energy, as a result of the vertical pillar being taken out of alignment with the creation point. This meant the thoughts they held dropped in energy, and created instant memory loss, within human consciousness.

The human body thought form is composed of what humans call chemical DNA. Chemical DNA is simply units of radiation expressing at a very low level of energy. The particles of chemical DNA are the dots, that make up the dot matrix images.

The “encryption” of thoughts are the instructions of our mind that tell units of radiation to turn off and on. That is accomplished via a binary system, which is what the language of chemical DNA is. The language of DNA tells units of radiation (humans call particles, chemicals, and elements”) to either turn on or off. By turning off units of radiation, the dot matrix images are created. This occurs “inside” of the body/brain system”. It is why when humans are not looking, the thoughts simply express as waves of radiation. When humans are looking, their focused energy turns those waves of radiation into dot matrix images.

This is what it means to be a creator of Source. You are creating thought images. It is why thoughts have no power until you look at them (think about them), to give them power. The power you are giving them is your own Source power. When you stop thinking about thoughts they run out of energy and become a memory.

The memories that have played out within the earth system are stored within the dormant chemical DNA of the human body thought form. Science calls the dormant DNA junk DNA. The amount of chemical DNA that can turn on, be activated, within the human body form is determined by the amount of Source energy able to flow through the vertical pillar.

The human body thought form can only hold so much energy turned on at any given moment. Thoughts that are no longer needed for the current moment earth life experience are turned off, because the human body operates on energy conversation. It requires quite lot of energy to simply keep the human body animated, so the brain will turn off any thoughts that are not needed for the life experience.

That is why you hold very little open memory of the human baby body experience. The thoughts of that experience are turned off, and held within the dormant DNA.

When humanity became disconnected from the creation point of mind, and rapidly dropped in energy, the thoughts of humanity became distorted thought patterns. That is why the dormant DNA is scrambled. The human body instantly dropped in energy, which meant the brain had to rapidly turn off thoughts. That is why humanity experienced memory wipe.

Now that the vertical pillar of humanity is once again re-attached to mind, many humans are starting to remember things. Some are becoming aware of the higher energy thoughts of mind, some are remembering pieces of the history of humanity.

Now that humanity is once again re-attached to mind, the higher energy of our Star/sun mind is able to flow through the vertical pillar of humanity. That is what is heating up the planet and creating global warming. The higher energy of our mind is higher levels of radiation.

I have shared all of this information with you before, but now that you have remembered you are actually a Star, perhaps it will become easier for you to integrate and understand that information.

How do we heal? By filling our embodied self with the higher radiation of our mind, to allow us to merge our embodied self back into the creation point of our mind. This will instantly bring any imbalanced thoughts held within us back into balance.

How do we co-create more balance within the earth hologram? By changing our thoughts and beliefs, and releasing all imbalanced thoughts to allow them to return to mind.

See how simple creation really is? It does not require taking pixels apart and giving them names. It does not require creating a math system, and trying to make creation fit into that system. It certainly does not require religion. All it requires is Source energy and thoughts. All such experiences are the result of humanity forgetting the truth of creation and the truth of self.

I am holding the highest thought that all who encounter these truths will share them with all they can, to assist humanity to remember the truth.

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