The History of Humans Part 2


Humans seeking the history of humans, or the origin of humans, is the result of humans forgetting the truth of self and creation. It is a result of “what became human consciousness” fragmenting, falling/dropping in energy, then experiencing merging back together to rise back up in energy. It is a process of healing to “ascend”. History is a process of humans suffering from amnesia, trying to remember who they are.

History itself is created by consciousness that has fragmented and fallen in energy. Everything that humans experience is created by the thoughts humans experience, and believe. History is the result of consciousness experiencing thoughts and trying to keep track of the experiences. History is based on the “illusion” of time.

Imagine that you could put every thought experience you have ever had into one tiny dot on a piece of paper, such as this period. You can, and that dot is called Source Mind. Even that dot is an illusion. It is a thought, held within the dot. Thoughts take up no space. If they did, your head would explode. Therefore, space is also an illusion.

Space and time are the illusions of consciousness (faces of Source) experiencing thoughts, held within the mind of Source. Therefore, all so called history exists in the exact same dot at the exact same time.

Source mind holds ALL of the thoughts of Source, eternally. The creation point of Source mind ONLY holds the “balanced” expression of thoughts. Imbalance cannot exist within balance. Imbalance can only exist within faces of Source (you – humans, etc.), which are rays of consciousness projected from the creation point of mind, into the lowest level of energy of mind.

The so called history of humanity is the imbalanced thought experiences held within human consciousness. The so called history of humanity did not begin until what became human consciousness fragmented and fell in energy. What became human did not become human until the original expression of human consciousness fragmented and fell in energy. Prior to that point, human consciousness was simply considered as embodied faces of Source. Source does not create and apply names, races, groups, etc. to embodied faces of Source. Only faces of Source who forget they are Source do so.

At the moment you may believe you are human. Do you go about your day to day life thinking you are human? Of course not. You simply express as you are. Neither do healed expressions of Source go about their moment by moment experiences thinking about the fact that they are Source embodied. They simply express as who they are. Deep within human consciousness is the memory of being Source. This is why many people are now having a hard time identifying as being human. It is why many people feel they came from “somewhere” else other than earth. The memory of being Source is beginning to turn back on within human consciousness.

Healed/Balanced faces of Source do not keep track of the history of experiencing the thoughts of Source. They simply know they are Source embodied, co-creating and experiencing the thoughts of Source. ¬†They do not put to paper, or any other type of media device, the memories of experiencing thoughts. They do not need to. All “balanced” experiences are held eternally within the mind of Source. That is because all experiences are “thought experiences”.

Humans keeping track of the history of experiencing thoughts is part of the human condition of not being able to access the higher energy of mind, and forgetting the truth of self and creation. It is part of the experience of having amnesia.

Imagine a person who suffers amnesia and forgets who they are and everything about their life. As they heal, bits and pieces of thoughts start to turn on within them. This makes them wonder about what else they forgot. They may begin to record what they are remembering, while continuing to try to remember what they cannot remember.

Think about your current life experience. Do you record to some type of media every single moment of your day to day experiences? Of course not. You may record what we consider as milestones, or special/major life events, but you do not record every experience from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. You do not need to because your brain keeps track of memories for you.

Can you remember what you had for breakfast 10 years ago? There are a very few humans who can retain such things, but they are rare within humanity. Their brains are working at a slightly different vibration rate than the rest of humanity, which allows them to access the memories of experiences stored within their brain. When I say brain, I am not talking about the human body brain, I am talking about the auric brain body. The memories stored within the auric brain body create the memories that are written within the coding of the human body thought form, which we call DNA.

Science believes memories are stored only within the brain of the human body thought form. That is not true. They are stored within dormant and active human DNA, of the human body thought form. This means within every cell that composes the human body thought form. However, that is simply a “mirror image” of the thoughts stored within the auric brain body.

If you had to take the time to record all of your thoughts within some type of human created media, you would not have any time left to experience life. Life is about experiencing, not spending the life experience recording the experiences. When thoughts are no longer needed for the life experience, the auric brain body will turn them off within the auric brain body. This is what creates dormant human DNA.

The history of the human condition is stored within dormant thought coding. It should NOT be stored within dormant thought coding. There should not be any dormant thought coding held within faces of Source. All thoughts should only be held within Source mind. Active thoughts should only flow from mind into the embodied expression, and return to mind. They should be not “trapped” within the embodied expression.

This means there should not be any so called history of the human experience. Such stored thoughts are the result of thoughts becoming trapped within the human expression because they could not flow back into mind. The trapped thoughts is what created the inorganic sub-conscious mind, also known as the Inner Child. Human consciousness had only been running off of the thoughts of the sub-conscious mind for thousands of years, when human consciousness relapsed, fell in energy, and could no longer access the thoughts flowing from mind.

Becoming aware of the thoughts held within conscious mind, or the creation point of mind, which we call the sun, is what many people are calling “becoming aware of a higher conscious mind”. All thoughts held within Source conscious mind (our star) are balanced thoughts. Imbalance cannot exist within balance. All thoughts that express any type of imbalance, or fear based thoughts, are the thoughts stored within the sub-conscious mind.

Balanced faces of Source only experience the balanced expression of thoughts, as they are held within balance with mind. The so called history of humanity is filled with imbalanced thoughts. That is why every person who reports something they believe as the history of humanity include imbalanced thoughts of war, killing, fear, slavery, manipulation, conquering and death.

Look at the history reported in humans history books, within ancient archeology, within religions, within the UFO movement and the ET new age movement. They are ALL laced with, steeped in, held within fear based thoughts. They are all based on imbalanced thought experiences. Humans have not been able to know this. Humans are programmed that such experiences are natural, that they are simply part of life. Therefore, it is easy for humans to accept all that is reported as human history being filled with imbalance.

As more of the truth of the earth controlled paradigm is brought into the light for humans to see, it becomes easier for humans to see the false lies, and propaganda they have been programmed to accept as truth. It is not as easy for humans who follow ET reported information to see the same fear based programming, simply because they believe imbalance is natural. Many people believe that such ET reported information is the truth they are seeking yet the same imbalance is held within all of that information. There exists a good guy and a bad guy, the victim and the victimizer, the devil and the savior. It is easy for humans to believe such information because they have forgotten who they are, the truth of creation, and continue to have their brains programmed through science fiction. Humans have become so dis-empowered that it is quite easy to get humans to believe pretty much anything. They do not know the difference in truth and non truth. This should be rather obvious now, looking at all of the lies coming into the light.

There is a seemingly amazing thing about the history of the human experience. It continues to “change”! More people are starting to become aware of this fact now, and are calling it the Mandela Effect.

History is believed to be events that play out along a given “time line”. The illusion of time lines is created by the vibration rate of the embodied faces of Source, accreting the energy of mind, and experiencing thoughts. As the embodied faces of Source continue to accrete energy, the vibration rate of the embodied ray (vertical pillar chakras in the human body thought form) continues to increase in vibration. This is what it means to “raise your vibration rate”. Raising your vibration rate is raising the vibration of the embodied ray of consciousness, or the vertical pillar chakras. Doing so is what allows the experience of the “passage of time”, or each next now moment. We do so with each in breath and out breath we take.

Time lines are simply vibration rates. When consciousness falls in energy, the vibration rate of the embodied ray drops in vibration rate. This creates a totally different time line of past moments, the now moment, and future moments. It is what it means to “travel back in time”. To do so, you must “lower” the vibration rate of your ray of consciousness. I do not recommend it! I have experienced it once, not knowing that I had to do such a thing to look at something from the past up close and personal to see flows of energy. It is a terrible feeling in the body. You feel as though the body is becoming extremely heavy, and it feels like you weigh a ton.

When we understand that everything we see, and call manifest, is thoughts, it becomes easier to understand the Mandela Effect and why thoughts change with changing vibration rates. It becomes easier to understand why the so called history of human consciousness has “changed” many times, in the healing process of human consciousness, as human consciousness has re-accreted to a new vibration rate, then experienced a relapse in healing, and fell to a lower vibration rate.

It is also why every person that reports something they “see” and “believe” of human history is correct. They are reporting what their vibration rate, and beliefs allow them to see, think, know of the thoughts they have turned on within their self. It does not mean all humans experienced what is being reported, or that anyone did. It simply means what is held within the current moment vibration rate of the current moment time line.

Humanity is finally increasing vibration rate very rapidly, in this last ascension cycle. However, whatever thoughts remain coded within the sub-conscious mind, or the thoughts gained from fragmented family of consciousness (aliens) who managed to merge with the human expression, can turn on for the human expression to become aware of, experience within their self.

If these aliens, which humans report the thoughts / information of, were balanced expressions of Source they would not hold any imbalanced thoughts of victims, victimizers, war, conflict, manipulation, mutation, space ships, mother ships, guardians, saviors, etc. The truth in knowing this is knowing the “balance of Source mind” verses the imbalanced thoughts of fragmented consciousness. Such “reported aliens” are no different than humans. They are simply fragmented family line members of the original human expression. Some of them desired, tried, accomplished at least plugging into the human family member expression to make this last ascension cycle, or simply to take over the human expression thoughts.

The First Relapse in Healing Event

As the rays of consciousness, of the four planetary shields in this local star mind, fragmented over 5 billion years ago, they have all had to merge back together within what we now call the earth / mars systems, which became the ascension system. You can read a bit more about that in this post (Aliens).

As the four original different “density” of consciousness merged back together within the ascension system they expressed at four different levels of density, within the two holograms of earth and mars. This is because they were originally of four different density levels, which simply means four different states of radiation of our local Star Mind.

The amount of rays of consciousness “plugged” into a planetary shield determines the vibration rate of the collective of the planetary shield. That is why modern day humans have finally been able to raise up to a high enough vibration rate to engage with the ascension process of merging back into the creation point of mind when the earth life completes, because over 7 billion faces of Source have embodied here to raise the consciousness that became trapped back up in vibration.

This is now the “last ascension cycle”. In previous ascension cycles, it was not the last ascension cycle. Prior to completion of the “first ascension cycle” there was no war on earth or mars. There was no imbalanced thought experiences stuck within healing consciousness. This is because the higher energy of the merging consciousness of planetary shield 4, the highest in energy, re-accreted at a rapid rate and continued to raise the vibration rates of the ascension planetary shields.

Since the vibration rate of a planetary shield is determined by the amount of the rays of consciousness plugged into it, what occurs when an ascension cycle completes and a massive amount of rays of consciousness unplug from the planetary shield to merge back into balance with mind? The vibration rate of the collective still plugged into the planetary shield experiences a “rapid drop in vibration” or a rapid loss of energy.¬† This is both useful and challenging at the same time.

As we have seen in the concept of “time lines”, it means the remaining consciousness drops to a different time line. Within the hologram, this creates “mass extinction”, as the image of the planet itself experiences rapid changes, such as climate change and mass extinction of life (thought forms) being created in the hologram by the collective of the rays of consciousness. This is what created the extinction event of the dinosaur era. It creates major earth changes such as earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. It also “shifts” what we call the tectonic plates, and makes what was once “one land mass” within the “one ocean” break apart. It makes landmass sink into the ocean and new landmass rise in the ocean.

The shifting of tectonic plates is due to the shifting of waves of energy within the rays of consciousness plugged into the planetary shield. When consciousness merges back together, landmass merges back together. When consciousness fragments, landmass fragments. This shifting changes the entirety of what we call the biosphere. Less energy means less of what we experience as “heat”. Heat is a chemical reaction experienced when higher levels of radiation interact with lower levels of radiation. When higher levels of radiation cannot “merge” with lower levels of radiation it creates the experience of “cold”, or energy bouncing off of energy, not being “absorbed”. This in turn creates freezing within the image of the planetary hologram, and is why the north and south poles of earth have been held in a frozen state many times over, with may thaws and refreezing.

Fragmented consciousness does not merge back together at the same rate of speed. When consciousness merges, the parts that merge adopt a new higher vibration rate. For fragmented consciousness to be able to plug into the ascension system, they must reach the vibration rate of the ascension system. This means when the vibration rate of the ascension system experiences a rapid drop in energy, more lower vibrating fragmented consciousness is then able to plug into the ascension system.

This is why there has always been “different vibration rates of consciousness” healing through the ascension system at the same time. It expresses within the collective as many different belief systems. It is why there remains different vibration rates within modern day humans, and is why all humans are at different levels of healing. It is why ascension occurs in “waves”. It is why there is such a stark diversity of mental illness within modern day humans. It is why there are different levels of healing, and illness within this modern day collective of the earth mental hospital.

The extinction of the dinosaur era marked the completion of the first ascension cycle. During this cycle of healing, there was not war in the ascension systems. The life forms that were created were the result of “four different” levels of consciousness held within the ascension system. Similar life forms expressed within the mars system. Re-evolving human consciousness expressed side by side with the life expressions of the dinosaur era. Not all dinosaurs were meat eating dinosaurs, just as not all of the animals expressing today are meat eating animals.

When the first ascension cycle completed, and the ascension systems experienced a rapid fall in energy, fragmented consciousness that had not yet managed to plug into the ascension systems were able to do so. To do so, they had to gain the thought form of the body forms expressing within the ascensions system, such as the human body thought form. This means to “birth through” the embodied expression to pick up the “form holding template / coding” of the thought form expressing within the ascension system. To be able to birth into the ascension system, via family that is already plugged into the ascension system, means to match the same vibration rate of the family member. It also means that the family member must be of the “same original ray of consciousness that fragmented”.

There were many fragmented expressions trying to plug into the ascension systems that had not reached a high enough vibration rate to birth through a family member. Such consciousness birthed at the vibration rate of various “other” thought forms. This created forms of consciousness that looked part animal and part something else. They did not look human or any version of human.

Four different density levels of consciousness healing within one ascension system, means they expressed within the level of radiation of the planetary holograms that they were originally “keyed to”. This means there was once expressions within what we call the upper layers of the atmosphere. Greek mythology is not all false stories. They are fragmented memories of when such things did occur within the ascension systems. Neither are fragmented memories of forms expressing as dragon races or reptilian races make believe. It is also what created the concept of angel forms and cherub forms.

The completion of the first ascension cycle allowed for such a drop in energy that many embodied expressions who remained went insane, from the rapid loss of energy. This created what is called within Christian teachings the Lucifer Rebellion. It began the seemingly non-ending wars that have continued to repeat and play out within the ascension systems ever since, as fragmented, and some completely fallen consciousness began warring over energy. Many people have asked for hundreds of years why such angels would ever turn away from “God” and believe God to be the enemy. This is why. This is what real mental illness is.

Through millions of years of fragmented consciousness healing, there has been enough drama play out within the ascension systems that it would make you go insane if you could remember all of it. That is because to remember it means to have the imbalanced thought memories of it to turn on within you. A whole lot of it was previously purged from human consciousness prior to the last relapse in healing, during the Atlantean cycle. What was not purged remains as fragmented thought memories, coded within dormant and active human DNA.

All of the wars and imbalance that continues to play out within the earth hologram is the “same” imbalanced thoughts that have not been purged. It is what it means for history to repeat itself.

I will continue to share more of these thoughts for consideration in future posts of the History of Humanity series. For now, I think this is a whole lot of thoughts for you to consider. As you consider, and if you remember any of the imbalanced dramas, allow them to release from you. They MUST be purged to stop them from playing out!

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