The History of Humans Part 3



To really understand the history of humans requires understanding at least some of the “basic aspects” of creation. They are indeed basic, even though they may not currently seem so to humans suffering from amnesia. One such basic aspect is vibration rates.

We hear a lot of people say you need to raise your vibration rate. Vibration rate of what? It is the vibration rate of your “ray of consciousness”, which we also call the vertical pillar chakras in the human body thought form.

What vibration rate does the ray of consciousness need to be raised to? It needs to be raised to be able to run the “harmonics” of the level of mind projecting the ray of consciousness.

Hopefully you have read previous information that has been shared, especially that within the Ebooks. If not, you may experience some gaps in understanding, but you can always go back and fill in the missing pieces.

Our local Source mind is our Star/Sun, within which we currently find our self – live. All stars are replicated minds of Source whole mind. Nothing within creation exists outside of mind. There is no such thing as outside of mind. All that exists within creation are thoughts, held within the whole mind of Source, which we call the universe.

Vibration begins within the Eternal Spiral of creation (Ebook 1). The foundation structure of ALL thoughts is the Eternal Spiral. The vibration rate of the Eternal Spiral of a thought is determined by the amount of Source energy turned on within the thought. The amount of Source energy turned on within a thought determines the “coding, or encryption” of the thought.

For example, an apple expresses as an apple because it only has a specific amount of Source energy turned on. The “thought” of the apple is created by the “original idea”. You have an idea of the apple, you think about the inner image you see of the apple. Thinking about the inner image creates the coding for the apple. As you think about the idea of the apple, you are breathing in and out. Source mind breathing in and out is what creates the Eternal Spiral of the thought. It is what feeds the energy of Source into the new thought. Thinking about the idea is the process of directing the energy of Source by “turning off” all but the amount of Source energy required to create the thought of the apple. The amount of Source energy turned on within the thought will determine the vibration rate of the thought, when it is experienced, or seen.

Thoughts themselves only create a small “glow” of radiation. It is not a glow that is visible light, but a glow effect of radiation. Thoughts do not become a thought form, to experience and see, until embodied faces of Source take thoughts unto themselves and “turn them on”, or activate them. The amount of Source energy turned on in the thought is dependent on the vibration rate of the ray of consciousness (Source embodied) turning on the thought.

This is why the human body thought form holds a lot more capabilities than humans are aware of. Turning on those capabilities requires increasing the vibration rate of the ray of consciousness. Things humans call “extra senses” are such things all human bodies are capable of. All humans hold the ability to heal self, and become aware of the balanced thoughts held within Source mind, which include the thoughts of the truth of creation. “All of these things I have done, you can do too“. This is because Source creates all expressions of Source to “know” the truth of creation. The truth of creation is encoded within every thought. To be able to access the truth, requires being able to turn on the truth within the thought, and becoming aware of it.

The vibration rate of the observer determines what the thought will look like. This allows all thoughts the ability to express in an uncountable number of thought images. Perhaps imagine you had a closet full of shirts. Each shirt looks different. They are different thought expressions of a shirt. However, the way the shirt looks is determined by the “pattern and material” used to create the shirt. The original thought of the shirt is the original “template” of the shirt. But the pattern can be altered to create different images of the shirt, or different shirts.

The same is true for all thoughts. They can express as an uncountable number of images based on the coding turned on within the thought, which changes the pattern of the thought. One of the ways humans experience this is through what we call ancestors or genetic lineage. For example, we know that what is today expressing as a chicken once expressed as a dinosaur. It is the same thought, turned on within different vibration rates. This is what science calls “evolution”.

Another stark example is the human body thought form. It is the “same thought template” turned on via different vibration rates, which creates unique images of the human body thought form. Knowing that can change your entire outlook of the human body.

Perhaps you have heard sound files from NASA of things in what we call outer space, such as planets. Humans cannot hear those things with human hearing. The sounds are the result of vibration. NASA detects “waves” of radiation then slows those waves down with technology to bring them into the range of human hearing. The sound waves that are heard is based on the human condition, not the actual waves of radiation. The same is true with the energy of our Sun mind. Solar science uses “filters” to slow the waves down and bring them into the spectrum of radiation humans can detect, as does space science who looks at the images in what we call outer space. Bringing such things into “human perception” is a process of “distorting” creation. It allows humans to believe that all of creation expresses the way humans are able to detect it. This creates the false belief that all of creation must express as it does to humans. You may be surprised to know that none of the human great thinkers have ever agreed upon a theory that determines what it means to “be alive”. All of creation is alive! All of creation is the conscious energy of Source.

To be able to see and hear creation requires to be embodied as an individual face of Source. The individual body, which we call the auric body, is the “vacuum” within which thoughts are vibrated to generate “thought images, or thought forms”.

Perhaps think of a neon light and the way it glows and makes a slight hissing sound when it is turned on. This could be compared to the energy of Source flowing within the Eternal Spiral that allows for the creation of sound and light. The amount of Source energy flowing at any point within the Eternal Spiral determines the vibration rate of Star minds, which in turn determines the vibration of all thoughts experienced within the Star mind. The slight vibration rate of “unseen” thoughts is what creates what science calls “background radiation”.

The so called background radiation is a “thought field”, which creates “waves” of radiation within the mind of Source, which we call the universe. The waves create “sound fields”, simply because sound is really different wave lengths of radiation.

When embodied, it is possible to shift your focus of attention into what we call outer space and hear the beautiful symphony of the sound field. It is the process of hearing the “music of the spheres”. It can only be heard when embodied because the auric body itself is the vacuum within which the waves are translated into sound tones. If you are one who hears a constant sound, which many report as a ringing in the ears, it is the vibration rate of your “own” ray of consciousness, within your own auric body. Sometimes the sound of inner vibration is so strong it is challenging to hear other sounds. This is the result of your own vibration rate increasing.

Simply because humans have forgotten the truth of inner creation, and have only known as truth the images seen as a hologram, they also believe sound is something created “outside” of the human body. Nothing that you experience is created outside of “you”. Everything you experience is the result of taking thoughts unto yourself. Doing so is the process of accreting the energy of Source from the thought field/sound field, which has also been named the “unified field”. All such fields are the “whole mind of Source”. We might think of it as a sponge soaking up water. In such an analogy, the auric body is the sponge.

Guess what, not only do individual faces of Source accrete the energy of Source, and eternally expand in energy, so too do Star minds. All of creation is eternally expanding, as Source continues to send the energy of Source into creation, simply via thinking. Stars do NOT die!!! They expand into higher energy stars. There is no such thing as death, only eternal expansion, which allows for eternal change.

When you close your human body eyes and only see blackness, you are seeing the unseen, or invisible, thought/sound field of Source mind. You are seeing what Source looks like before Source expresses as thought forms.

There are also openings within the structure of the auric body that correspond to the eyes of the human body thought form which allow a large amount of radiation to be drawn into the auric body. The human body thought form is simply a mirror image that represents the coding in the auric body. When you close your human body eyes you are also closing the openings that allow the radiation to be taken into the auric body, which correspond with the human eyes. Within the auric body they look like tiny crystal lenses.

I have struggled with a way to try to illustrate what the inside of the auric body looks like, as it is made of waves of radiation. Then this animated image came through the news feed on the Ascension Whispers facebook page. It is a very good illustration to try to assist the human brain to imagine what it looks like on the inside of the auric body. I feel it is a beautiful image and thank the face of Source that created it, whomever they are. I do not hold the skills to create such an image. Source always sends along what I need, when I need it.

The color used in this image is beautiful but we need to remember that color is one of the perks of being embodied, just as hearing sound and seeing light is. When you are not embodied, there is only the blackness of the thought field all around you. This is because you are mind, which holds thoughts. The thoughts in your mind cannot be “seen” or “experienced” until you look at yourself in a mirror. The individual auric bodies are the mirrors that Source mind looks at the thoughts of Source “within”.

Notice how in this illustration the waves create what looks like the layers of a multifaceted crystal. They are waves of the radiation of our local Star mind. This is where the concept of a “crystal body” comes from. It has nothing to do with what we experience and call crystals.

The corresponding regions of the auric body to the human body eyes are similar to “cells” within this radiation crystal structure. This is why they look similar to lenses to me. However, we do not see with the human eyes, nor do we see with these lenses in the auric body. We “see” the hologram within the highest vertical pillar point of the ray of consciousness within the auric body.  For human consciousness, the vertical point is the 3 point layer of the human ray of consciousness. I will leave that thought there for now as it requires much more detail about the brain – body connection.

This is because human consciousness is originally of, projected from, the 3 point layer of our local Star mind, so is “keyed to” the base 3 harmonics.


Harmonics are the result of the vibration of each layer of the thought 12, 9, 6, 3, 12 zero. A Star mind is one thought, of Source, within which smaller energy thoughts are created, and held. Harmonics are simply the waves of radiation emitted from the creation point of the Star mind. They are emitted into the Star mind, and expand to the boundary of the Star mind. We call these waves of radiation the solar winds. The 12 zero layer of mind is what we call the solar plane. We might compare the waves to the strings on a stringed instrument. Each wave creates a different sound tone.

The waves of radiation are released from the center creation point of the four layers of mind, 12, 9, 6, 3, into the 12 zero layer of mind. It is called the 12 zero layer because is the lowest level of energy the energy of Source within a thought will step down to. Then begins the Eternal Spiral structure of the next thought, which is created via the 12 zero point replicating at a next level of energy. As shown in Ebook 1, the level of Source energy closest to the creation point is the highest in energy. The energy of Source steps down in energy as the Eternal Spiral expands around the creation point.

stilleternalspiral copy

This means when we look at the image we call the sun, the energy of Source is strongest moving back to the center of the sun than it is in the outer region we call the sun. Another fun thing to know about the image we call the sun is about what we call “sun spots”. They look “black” because the image we call the sun is being disrupted when the actual thought of the Sun, the Eternal Spiral, releases more of Source energy and disrupts the image we see. They are “black” because the blackness is the “thought” of the image, which is part of the “thought field”. The sun spots could be compared to the regions that open within the aruic body to receive the energy of mind, which correspond to the human eyes.

The waves that create the solar winds are gradient waves of radiation, that expand from one of the four creation point layers of mind (12, 9, 6, 3). The amount of Source energy held within each point determines the “thrust” that expands the waves of radiation, or creates the “burst”.

ripplesofsoundfield copy

As the waves are released from the creation point of our local Star mind, the thrust pushing them determine how far they expand around the creation point. For example, the waves emitted from the creation 12 point expand the furthest from the creation point, into the zero 12 point layer of mind. As they expand, the strongest/highest amount of radiation expands the farthest, with the waves closest to the sun holding the least amount of radiation, creating gradient waves of radiation.

This means that the waves that expand the farthest from the creation point are “longer waves”, but hold higher amounts of radiation, because they are projected from a higher point of energy of mind. Longer wave lengths means “less dense” and is why the largest planets are what we call “gaseous planets”, which hold higher amounts of radiation.

The gradient layers of radiation released from the 12 point layer of mind are the strongest/highest in energy and are the “harmonic waves” of the 12 point layer of mind. They create a harmonic sequence as they expand from the creation point, stepping the energy of mind down in energy, within the zero 12 point layer of mind.

The 9 point layer of mind emits waves of radiation, which expand around the center creation point. They expand “within” the 12 point waves, or on top of the 12 point waves. They do not mix with, or merge with the waves expanded from the 12 point layer of mind because they are of a different level of energy of mind.

The same is true for the waves emitted from the 6 point layer of mind, which expand within the 9 point waves, and the wave of the 3 point layer of mind expand within the those released from the 6 point layer of mind.

The waves of radiation released from the creation point of mind, to surround mind, create the “four” flat spheres of radiation of the “four” planetary shields. Humans are “taught/programmed” to call these flat spheres, or circles of radiation a planets orbital path around the sun.

It is why what we “see” within creation is held in place. Because what we see are “thought images” representing thought spheres, expanded “within” Star minds.

This is why we see images of planets extending from the sun image as the larger planets being furthest away from the sun and the smallest planets being closest to the sun. It is the process of creating the “mirrors” within which Source can experience the thoughts of Source. It is the process of getting the “top” of the mirror at the top instead of at the bottom. To “see” the “reflection” you have to be embodied within the Star mind.

When I talk about consciousness being “keyed to” a layer of our Star mind, this is what it means. Being “keyed to” the harmonics of waves of radiation released from our Star mind. Within some ET new age information they are simply called “harmonic keys” without understanding of what harmonic keys are, or how they are created. This is because the consciousness reporting that information does not know how harmonic keys are created. In fact, the information within ET new age material ignores our solar system completely, talking only about earth and then taking one on a journey outside of our Star mind. That is because such ETs do not want humans to know the truth of our Star mind, where they are actually located, who they actually are, and what occurred within our Star mind. It makes them appear to be much more advanced than humans. This assists to create their personification of a “savior complex”. Humans cannot know the difference so it does not matter what humans are told.

When rays of consciousness fragment, and fall/drop in energy, they cannot receive the harmonic waves released from mind. The radiation simply bounces off of them, as it expands to the boundary of the zero 12 point / solar plane. Not being able to receive the harmonic waves released from mind means to not be able to “know” the knowledge/information/truth held within mind.

As we can see from the human experience, when the knowledge held within mind cannot be received, the rays of consciousness create their own belief systems, based on experiencing the illusion of thoughts seen in the mirrors, or manifest matter.

Raising the vibration rate of the rays of consciousness back up in vibration, allows the rays of consciousness to “turn back on” harmonic keys/waves, which in turn returns the truth to the rays of consciousness. It is the process of “regaining” your memory.

The gradient layers of the harmonic waves, or solar winds, released from mind is what many people are calling “dimensions”.  Humans have created all kinds of false beliefs around the word dimensions. Of course the word dimension is created by humans. The word dimension is a method of “measure”, to measure manifest matter, or space between manifest matter, such as in height, depth and width. It is the result of humans only being able to see and know the images we call manifest matter.

Close your eyes and imagine the image of a rose. Look at the rose in your head. You can create it as a form that seems to hold “mass”, but that is based on a belief. You can only see one side of the image at a time. In truth, it has no dimensions. It is a flat image. All of the seen thought images are flat images. The gradient levels of radiation that compose a thought create the illusion of height, depth, width and mass, or dimensions.

When you hold a rose in your hand, you are holding gradient levels of radiation that compose the thought. But you are not really holding it in your hand. You are experiencing holding it in your hand as you interact with the thought of the rose within yourself. I know, all of this seems mind blowing, and perhaps very challenging to grasp. When you can “see and know” the truth, it makes the way you interact with creation completely different. You begin to see creation as energy and not just images.

It allows you to “feel / become more aware” of the energy held within thoughts. This allows you to better discern if a thought is a thought you desire to have an adventure with. An adventure is fully engaging with the thought and having an experience with it. You can then choose if you want to do so, or simply allow it to pass on by. It would be wise to simply allow all negative thoughts to pass on by, least you will experience what they hold.

Turning on more harmonic keys / waves is the process of healing to be able to merge back into the creation point of mind. It is the process of healing rays of consciousness that fragmented, and experienced harmonic waves being turned off. Doing so does not “change” the reality of the hologram you see around you, as in changing from the concept of a 3rd, to a 4th, or a 5th dimension. Humans tend to think of this as they are going to see a totally different hologram. Seeing a totally different hologram requires turning back on ALL of the harmonics of mind, which then allows the rays of consciousness to merge back into balance. This then allows only balanced thoughts to be experienced, and to see and experience the balanced expression of the holographic reality field.

Humans also believe that to do such a thing requires “going somewhere”. They may believe it requires being taken up in a space ship and being transported to a different reality field. Such things are false beliefs, created by fragmented consciousness that forgot the truth.

Source does not “go anywhere”. All of creation exists in the exact same spot, at the exact same time. The illusion of going somewhere is the result of Source eternally creating, expanding, more layers of the Eternal Spiral, creating more replicated minds of Source (stars) and expanding rays of consciousness within the star minds. Communication between the star minds occurs via the same process of Source energy stepping down in energy, as it flows through the layers of star minds. It is the most brilliant networking system within creation. And, it is mirrored within the cells that compose the human body and human body brain.

The Thought Field / Unified Field of Creation

Everything that is seen as manifest images are images that represent the coding of thoughts. This implies we do not see the thoughts themselves, but that we see images that represent the coding of thoughts. Where then are the thoughts we do not see?

This is the black wall quantum physics has reached. It is the same black wall you see when you close your human body eyes. It is what the mind of Source looks like before the point of thoughts becoming manifest images.

In the way that we experience the illusion of space, it is a sea of blackness. It is the same black point seen as sun spots in the image of the sun. There is nothing to “see” as images within this layer of Source mind. That does not mean this layer of mind is empty. This layer of mind is called “inner creation”. The unseen blackness is filled with the thoughts of Source. All thoughts hold the same foundation structure, from the micro to the macro level of creation. That structure is the Eternal Spiral.

What science calls black holes are actually the “thoughts” of the images we see as Stars. For every image we see, there is a corresponding spiral we do not see. Science cannot “see” black holes. They can only detect “light” being pulled into a black hole, which is what allows science to know there is some type of energy structure there. That is why there is a giant black hole at the center of our time matrix galaxy. It is the “Eternal Spiral thought” of the galactic sun/star.

The best way I can think of to try to assist understanding of this, and how thoughts turn into thought images, is to use an analogy of a camera that uses film.

You have a camera, with film in it. You take pictures and fill up the roll of film. If you were to take that film out of the camera, hold it up to light and look at the film, you would only see blackness. The pictures you took are imposed on the film, but you cannot see them. This corresponds to the unseen layer of inner creation, except inner creation is not filled with images, it is filled with spirals, or thought spheres.

To see the pictures on the roll of film, the film has to be “developed” in a “dark lab”. The roll of film is first emerged in a chemical bath which creates a “negative image” of the pictures you took. The negative images are reversed, side to side. The negative images are then imposed on “photo paper”, which reverses the images side to side so they end result looks like what you saw when you took the picture.

The “dark lab” is the auric body. The chemicals that “develop” the pictures are the different levels of radiation that compose the auric body. Except we have a special advantage. Not only do we get to see the end result pictures, we also get to experience all of the coding held within the thoughts. We get to experience the waves of coding as sound waves, as they turn on within us. We get to experience thoughts via what we call “body senses”. Source is amazing! Source desires to experience ALL probabilities of all thoughts. Creation is absolutely amazing and breath taking.

Thoughts are turned on within us as they flow from the lower to the higher layers of the auric body. This is called the “back flows”. This is the chemical lab process of turning on thoughts. We see that mirrored in the human body as the coding of thoughts are opened and translated through the chemicals that compose the human body. We call experiencing thoughts human senses and emotions. First the thoughts are opened within us, we see and experience them in the auric brain body. If we continue to think about the thoughts we experience, the brain will hardwire them, write them into the coding of the auric body brain (DNA within the human body thought form). They then become part of our holographic reality.

Birthing into a hologram, is the process of birthing from the unseen, black thought image, of a Star mind, or a black hole. The process of birthing as an auric body thought form creates “visible light”, which is why it then looks as though you are moving through a tunnel (spiral) of light, with a bright white light at the end of tunnel, OR a white hole. Birthing from one hologram to another is experienced as birthing from one tunnel /  white hole / vortex into another. If you could remember the process of birthing from the mother’s womb, it would look as though you were birthing into a white light tunnel. There is no such thing as death. There is only eternal birthing.

Birthing from one holographic reality field into another should be as simple as walking from one room into another. Humans experience the process of dying a body thought form because of the level of energy human consciousness fell too. Such a low level of energy does not allow human consciousness to be able to hold the amount of energy required to “de-manifest” the human body thought form. Otherwise, you would simply pop into a hologram, and pop out of it when you were ready to experience at a different vibration rate. That would really freak humans out.

The energy is very high today, with this writing. I think I might have put too much before you for consideration at this time. (Laughing) I simply follow the waves of Source mind and get caught up in the waves. Take it slow and allow yourself time to integrate at your own rate of speed.

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