History of Humans Part 4


Healing Fragmented Rays of Consciousness

Raising fragmented rays of consciousness back up in energy, and back into balance with mind, first requires enough of the fragmented rays to merge back together to reach a high enough vibration rate that mind can plug back into the fragmented rays.

Your embodied expression is a sphere of radiation, which we call the auric body. The auric body is created by the ray of consciousness, projected from the creation point of the Star mind. For the ray of consciousness to be able to receive the energy of Source mind, and remain in balance with mind, the ray of consciousness must remain connected to the creation point of mind.

The human body is simply a thought form, which represents your ray of consciousness expressing in this earth hologram. Reproduction of the human body thought form is simply reproducing a thought. It is not the creation of “new life”, as humans believe it to be. Of course such a thought is based on human belief that to be “alive” means to animate the human body thought form. ALL of creation is alive! All of creation is the conscious, self aware, energy of Source.

When we imagine our embodied self as a sphere of radiation, instead of the human body thought form, it becomes easier to conceptualize what it means when embodied rays of consciousness fragment. It would look like one size sphere blowing apart to create millions of tiny spheres.

The rays of consciousness hold the thoughts, flowing from the creation point of mind, into the ray of consciousness, and back into the creation point of mind. This is how Source mind sees, and experiences the thoughts held within Source mind, via doing so within the mirrors on the inside of the auric bodies.

Each auric body has a unique vibration rate. A collective of auric bodies create the vibration rate of the planetary shield (planet). A collective of auric bodies is similar to the cells that compose the human body thought form. They all work together as a collective, to co-create the holographic reality field, via the different thoughts flowing within each auric body.

It takes a collective of auric bodies to co-create a planetary, holographic reality field filled with “life forms”, as each life form that expresses within the hologram are thought forms, being created by part of the collective. This is why we see a diversity of the same species of life forms. They are the same thought template being created uniquely within the unique vibration rate of the auric bodies. This allows Source to experience all probabilities of all thoughts.

A new thought form image, of a thought template, can only be created from the balance point of mind. That is because all new thought images requires the balanced energy of Source to co-create balanced thoughts. Because human consciousness fell to such a low level of energy, the thoughts of life forms that have expressed within the ascension system are not “new thought forms”. They are thought forms that were already being created before the original fall. They have continued to look different, express differently, as they have been turned on within the vibration rate of fragmented, healing consciousness.

The consciousness that steps down in energy, from the creation point of mind, cannot self create a human body thought form to represent self within the earth hologram because they must first take on the level of fragmentation the human consciousness is expressing as when they birth. Doing so takes the ray of consciousness out of balance with mind. This is why it requires the energy donated by the earth parents and the “spark” donated by the embodying ray to reproduce a thought form of the human body, within the earth hologram.

Balanced rays of mind do not express as a gender. Expressing as a gender means the ray had to split apart, to adopt the fragmentation, creating two spheres of radiation, both lacking the energy of Source mind. Plugging what became male and female expressions together (having sex) joins the fragmented energy of the fragmented rays to be able to produce a large enough spark, that combined with the spark of the incarnating ray, can then begin the process of creating a replicated thought form.

The process of the fetus growing in the mother’s womb is simply the time human consciousness requires to “see” the thought form take on “shape”. It is the time required to “turn on” the thought form within the mother’s auric body. The time required is based on the accretion rate of the mother.

The growing fetus holds the spark donated by the incarnating ray of consciousness but the embodying ray does not “seat, or fully plug into” the thought form until the thought form births from the mother’s womb. If it did, it would kill the mother’s body, as the spike in energy would be too much for the mother’s energy to withstand. It would either create a heart attack or a stroke. This is because the thought is actually turning into a thought form within the mother’s auric body. This is why babies do not begin breathing on their own the instant of birth. The embodying ray first has to seat within the thought form, to begin animating the thought form.

Science is correct that the human body thought form began as a single celled organism within the ocean. All thoughts begin taking on “form” within what we call water. Water is the first manifestation point of thoughts taking on form. However, there are many states of water, beyond what humans experience on earth. Water is also a thought. Water is a carrier wave of units of radiation. It assists to keep lower units of radiation held together. It assists in what we call “chemical bonds”. Chemicals are different units of radiation. Water plays a role in circulating the life force energy of mind within what we call manifest matter. This is why you will become very ill if you become dehydrated, or even experience physical body death.

The human body thought form began as a single celled organism as a result of the level of fragmentation human consciousness fell to. Try to imagine that and you can get a better idea of such fragmentation. The single cell is the same thought form template, but is all of the coding of the thought form human consciousness could turn on.

As stated in a previous section, the human body thought form was created by the family of consciousness of planetary shield 4, that healed back into balance with mind, within the ascension system. Some humans have assigned the name of “Christed Identity” to the consciousness of planetary shield 4.

For the rays of consciousness to merge, or contract, back into the creation point of mind, the embodied rays of the four planetary shields merge back into one. The ray then contracts back into the creation point. This is why no one that you have known and loved is going anywhere, or will express within another star mind, until you have merged back into the creation point of mind. As well as any remaining fragmented parts of yourself that you will pull back into mind. You must return to your original vibration rate before you projected rays of consciousness into this star mind. All that you have known, and loved, are “you”. All that will pass through your life, are you.

This is why this ancient healing mission involves so much imbalanced drama. Fragmented rays of consciousness do not merge back together at the same rate of speed. They merge back together, or are drawn to each other, because they hold the same original coding. We might think of original coding as similar to the plugs on our electronic devices. Plugs can only plug into each other if they match, and line up. At the same time, they must be able to run the same amount of energy, or a sparking/explosion would occur. Similar to the way we cannot run something such as a clothes dryer off of regular household current. This equates to the same vibration rate.

This also means that males and females who come together and co-create a new human body thought form are of the same original ray of consciousness, otherwise their plugs would not line up to be able to generate the required spark. A mind blowing thought, once again! All a part of fragmented rays merging back into one. I will briefly mention this here, as there is more to consider about human mating. This is why people may have many sexual partners. They are being drawn to fragmented parts of their self. Cultural beliefs have been challenging within that process, but they have also been helpful to assist with living within the earth hologram.

I recently read an article from science reporting that DNA scientists had discovered markers within human DNA that “predetermine” how many births the female may produce. This is decided “before” the embodying ray births into the earth hologram and it is dependent on the vibration rate of the ray expressing as female. This is not set in stone, as life choices and experiences can alter the original plan. The body may become ill from accreting imbalanced thoughts and not be able to carry out such a plan. The choices of the parents may bring imbalance unto the child that does not allow such to be possible, such as the craziness we are seeing with forced vaccines. It is ALL based on choices! That is why we have free will. We have the ability to “choose”.

Free will choices is why it is a waste of time to try to “predict” world events. Some things will play out based on a point of critical mass that will force them to play out, such as earth changes. When it comes to the “dramas” of the earth paradigm, they can be shifted in an instant, simply by enough people using their power of balanced thinking to co-create a different outcome. Imbalanced critical mass thinking can also co-create more imbalance than would have been necessary. That is why it is necessary to stop allowing the brain to be programmed with the thoughts piped through controlled media and instead, focus on the “highest probable outcome”, whatever that may be.

We are currently witnessing a volatile point of such a shift surrounding the US presidential election. Nothing is set in stone until it manifests, even though controlling powers believe they are. It all depends on how much love, and balance the masses can hold within themselves, as to “how it will look”. Sorry, stepped into another wave there for a bit.

Because fragmented consciousness merges back together at different rates of speed, with the parts that merge adopting a new vibration rate, this creates series of ascension cycles, which occurs via ascension waves. It is what it means that Source creates in balance, and Source heals in balance. It is what it means that “healing must be allowed” and cannot be forced. For the “desired” mass ascension to occur, the entire collective would have to reach the same required accretion rate at the same time. We can look among the population and quickly realize that will not occur. It will in the “last wave though” as the consciousness embodied within the last wave will have reached a high enough collective vibration rate to allow for such.

As you can see, sharing these thoughts with you requires lots of words. Putting the thoughts into words is the process of stepping the thoughts of mind down in energy, to the level of energy of human consciousness. In the beginning, I thought it would be a piece of cake to simply share everything I was becoming aware of. That was until I realized how much time and energy it takes to step the thoughts of mind down in energy.

I will leave you with these thoughts for this writing and continue in the next post. There never seems to be a good point to do that as the waves just continue to flow through me. I have to consciously stop them, to reach a stop point for the moment. I am no longer concerned about being grammatically correct in trying to share this information with you. It just takes too much time to do so. If I catch typos, I feel like I am ahead of the process.

If you are a deep thinker, I am certain at this point you could finish the rest of the story for yourself. My concern is throwing to much at you to quickly.

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