History of Humans Part 5


As I continue to share these thoughts with you, it is important to remember,

  • Manifest matter is holographic thought forms/pictures.
  • Everything we experience is “thoughts” flowing within us.
  • We should not experience any imbalanced thoughts.
  • Earth is an ascension system, which means a healing system, in which fragmented consciousness is merging back together.
  • The level of fragmentation of fragmented consciousness determines the state of mind, or well being of mind. Extreme fragmentation creates extreme mental illness.
  • Fragmentation creates imbalanced thoughts. There is a balanced expression of all imbalanced thoughts. It is fragmented consciousness that creates imbalanced expressions of balanced thoughts. We might think of this as in playing a DVD inside of a broken, or dirty, DVD player, that warps the movie. Except the movie itself is only “pieces” of the movie, creating a distorted expression of thoughts.

I may feel the need to remind you of such things as the story continues. It is the mother coding within me that desires to present truth in such a way that does not create more fear within those who consider it. It is a very delicate process as the largest percentage of humanity remains held within fear based thought programming. It is also a reason why I still wonder if humanity is ready for such thoughts to consider.

Being able to look at the imbalance humanity is still held within requires being able to maintain inner balance, without the observer piling on more imbalanced emotions and feelings. Only you know how much inner balanced you can create, and maintain, at this time. If you feel you are not able to retain inner balance, when looking at imbalance, then it would be best for you to not continue readying this series of information. If you are a new reader of Ascension Whispers, I strongly suggest for you to read all information that has been offered before you continue with this series, as well as working with the Self Healing Program.

The history of the human experience is stored within human consciousness, and it continues to change as human consciousness continues to re-accrete to a higher vibration rate. What I have become aware is what has opened within me, with most of it passing through and out of me. The so called history, and the way that it looks when it opens within self, is based on the individual vibration rate.

For this reason, many people may remember many things, but they may look more imbalanced, or create more fear based thoughts. Because most of humanity remains held within fear, they also remain playing the role of a victim. Remembering fear based thoughts of the human experience only amplifies the role of playing the victim, if inner balance cannot be maintained.

Thoughts are nothing. Thoughts simply allow for experiences. Thoughts cannot harm you unless you allow thoughts to harm you. Imbalanced thoughts can create imbalanced experiences, if they are experienced within an imbalanced player, or imbalanced auric body.

So, it is very important to remember “why” the human experience has been filled with imbalanced thought experiences. It is important to remember that all humans are Source embodied, on a mission to raise expressions of Source that fell in vibration rate, and into imbalanced thought experiences, back up into balance. It is important to remember that Source does so by “taking the imbalance unto self”.

If you look at the history of imbalanced thought experiences through the eyes of the victim, you are still going to see demons and monsters, whom you believe are more powerful than you are. They are simply imbalanced thoughts. They do not really exist, except as thoughts within you. They are only more powerful than you if you believe they are, and allow your belief to control you.

Such is true for what are now called ET life forms. They are imbalanced thought expressions of our original ray of consciousness, that fell to a very low vibration rate. They have continued to be part of the human experience because the human experience is about merging all of our fragmented thoughts back together to create the original, divine picture.

As we merge our fragmented thought expressions back together within our self, they can add to, become part of, our holographic life experience, until they are released from us, or merge back into balance with us.

This is why the earth paradigm has been controlled by fallen consciousness ever since the first relapse in healing. The control is the result of fragmented consciousness, embodied for healing, merging more of their fragmented parts back together. That can make the consciousness working on ascension become more mentally instable, or mentally insane, as more imbalanced pieces are merged within self.

Today we call such consciousness the controlling power elite. They are of the same consciousness also called fallen angels and fallen ETs. They are US! They are parts of our self that are more sick, or more mentally insane, than the part of our self that can recognize they are mentally insane. They are not able to recognize they are mentally insane. They have managed to control the rest of the population via creating technology and all aspects of the earth paradigm that we call “advanced society”. However, that is simply the way it “looks” in the mirrors of the hologram. What is being mirrored is the imbalanced thoughts held within human consciousenss.

Imagine that you are part of an indigenous population that has had no contact with what we call modern day society, and technology. Then one day, a group of people, who look different than you do, show up in your home location, bringing with them technology that can fly in the sky, or large ships that can travel in the ocean, or pocket devices that can create fire. What would you think about such people? What you would think would depend on your beliefs. Your beliefs may allow you to think they are some kind of gods.

These gods are on a mission to own, control everything they can, but you do not know that. You are simply mesmerized with the power they hold. They lie to you, and tell you how much better they can “make” life for you via the magic they hold. You begin to trust them, and sure enough, they continue to create great magic that makes living easier. You do not know how to create such magic yourself, and become dependent on the gods to provide for you.

Can you see that the same “theme” is still running in this modern day earth? The so called gods own the “magic” to make life better. What they own is “knowledge” of how to make man made things, knowledge that you are not allowed to know, because it is “sacred knowledge”, that only gods can know. To protect such knowledge today, there have been things such as copyright, trademarks and intellectual property created. How can any one person “own” the knowledge of creation, or the thoughts of mind? Such a thing is not possible as all faces of Source have access to the knowledge held within mind. They simply need to be able to access the knowledge.

Becoming dependent on such gods, who are trusted and loved, but who are mentally insane, allows them to take over control of your thoughts, creating what they “desire” you to believe as truth. If you do not believe what they desire you to believe, they will then begin forcing you to believe, via torture and death. The rest of the population will then believe as they are told, in fear of torture and death. Soon, the people cannot see, or think any differently than they have been “programmed” to believe. This allows such godlets to create an entire world paradigm, based on false beliefs and control, simply by controlling the thoughts of the population.

Today there no longer remains any “visible” signs of such godlets. Instead, humans have been programmed to believe in “ancient ETs”, and the history of creating a controlled paradigm has been turned off to human awareness. What continues to play out is the controlled paradigm, with every human believing it is natural, and that it is simply how life on earth is.

Each generation to follow continues to believe more and more of what the controlling godlets tell them is truth, because all who birth into the earth hologram experience instant amnesia. As this unfolds, the controlling godlets continue to become more mentally insane. Welcome to “modern day earth”.

Can you see “why” the controlling elite do not want humans to know the history of the human experience? Can you see why any signs that point to such history are quickly removed from human sight, destroyed, or if they cannot be hidden, are reported to be something they are not, or simply ignored? Can you understand why humanity has become disempowered, held within fear, and believe the fear they continued to be programmed with. And, why humanity continues to play the role of the victim?

When we understand that our thoughts create, it becomes easier to understand how controlling the thoughts of the masses allows the controllers to continue to create a paradigm of control.

The only way to break free from playing the role of the victim is to remember that you are Source embodied, on a mission to heal part of yourself that fragmented. The only way to begin to see the truth is to feel, and know, the balanced love of Source. It is the love of Source that continues to flow within humanity that allows people to rebel against the control, because they can feel within themselves that the control is not natural. Yet, the imbalance of the controlled program, war, conquering, assimilation, and fear of death of the human body, allows humans to continue to be controlled.

The controlling power has become too powerful to gain freedom by fighting with the controlling power, within the earth hologram. Their weapons are bigger, and they have no issue with killing out anyone who rebels against them. It would take all who have been programmed to use the weapons, to put them down, and say, “no”, I will not kill another human being. That will not occur, as they are brainwashed, and held in fear, believing propaganda lies.

The controlling elite know full well that humans are starting to wake up from their nightmare of control. They know full well that means rebellion. Their response is to create more fear, and to continue to divide humanity so humans cannot compare notes. Doing so allows humans to continue to believe in an enemy, that must be fought and killed. This in turn keeps love from turning on within humanity. Which is the only thing that can heal the imbalance, and free humanity from the fear they are held within.

Humans believe war and killing are a natural part of life on earth because they have no memory of it ever being different. They desire peace, yet continue to be programmed to believe in an enemy, which allows them to continue to be held in fear.

There is NO enemy. There is only the imbalance of fear of an enemy, which continues to create the believed enemy.

Humans are programmed to believe that it is “natural” for a controlling power elite to control them. In ancient times, the belief was not called government, it was called “kings”. The kings held all of the magic to make life better, or worse. Prior to being called kings, they are called gods.

Humans did not become more intelligent because they stopped hunting and began farming. If that were true, and if intelligence was based on what humans “create”, we would not see a paradigm in which humans are ripping apart the biosphere that supports all life on earth. Yet, humans have been programmed to believe that intelligence is the result of being able to create modern technology. Therefore, they believe there could be more intelligent life forms somewhere, who create even more advanced technology. Creating such technology requires ripping the energy of the hologram apart. Balanced expressions of Source would never do such things. Therefore, where have the thoughts of humans, to do such things, come from? They certainly did not come from Source mind.

Understanding the answer to such a question requires “remembering”, at least part, of the human experience of healing within an ascension system in which the fragmented consciousness of four planetary shields of consciousness have had to cycle through for healing. Being able to look at such thoughts, without stepping into more fear, requires being able to retain inner balance, and remember the truth of who you are.

Remembering the imbalance requires to open the imbalanced thoughts within self. Doing so can allow the imbalanced thoughts to out picture, play out again, within the earth paradigm. This is why I hold many hesitations of sharing what I have remembered of the human experience. It is why I will not share any detailed information about “previous wars” and who did what to whom. Any such thoughts that open within me, I am simply allowing to purge from me. I will not give them any energy, keep them alive, by continuing to think about them. Therefore, I will not be sharing any information of who begat who, what king did what to whom, etc. None of that type of history matters.

As I have shared, as humanity continues to increase in vibration rate, the history of the human experience continues to “change”. However, the history of control will not completely purge until the ascension cycle completes and all that can have merged back into mind. Merging back into balance with mind completely erases such imbalanced thoughts from fragmented consciousness. Such imbalanced thoughts are completely fragmented, when merging back into mind, and return to the state of, let’s say, the raw energy of Source, the energy of Source mind which creates thoughts. The raw, pure energy of consciousness. Faces of Source can only know this expression of Source energy as Source, or I AM. It is the point before Source creates thoughts.

That is the state of Source expression that all imbalanced thoughts, that cannot be brought back into balance, will return to. It is the return path of complete fragmentation. It is the path the expressions of our self that cannot follow the ascension path will follow, as we pull them back into our Source mind. Nothing is ever lost to Source, as such a thing is not possible, because all of creation is Source. Source heals any imbalance that occurs by taking it back into the balance point of mind. All will return to the balance point, one way or another.

The difference is the journey of the “experience” of healing. The parts of our self that will have to follow the path of complete fragmentation will not retain any memory of the experience of fragmentation. There will not be any history of the human experience that remains, except for the experiences of love gained.

The first response healing consciousness encounters, when they become aware of the control they have been held within, is anger. This is a sign of inner healing occurring, but it is not a point of healing that allows consciousness to step out of the role of playing a victim. Instead, they desire revenge, retribution and justice. It is part of the process of “awakening” to become “aware” that something requires healing. It is the process of realizing something is extremely out of balance. It does not allow the individual to regain control and responsibility of self. It is not yet a point to be able to reclaim ones power, as the individual is still too ill to be able to see beyond the illness of fear. Therefore, the response is to blame. Again, this is a sign of healing but the patient is still in a coma. It is quite easy to look unto the earth hologram and see this stage of healing within human consciousness.

To heal beyond this stage requires healing to remember that self is Source. It requires healing to remember that self is the creator of all that self is experiencing. Only then can the patient begin stepping out of the role of the victim. This is a true sign of spiritual growth and the beginning of self empowerment. It is the beginning of remembering how to trust and love self. Only then can it be remembered that there is nothing to fear within all of creation. Only when self remembers that self is eternal, can self begin to relax to focus inward, to allow healing to continue. When the patient reaches this stage of healing they begin to feel more love. They begin to feel more moments of inner balance. The fear based thoughts seem to quite down a bit and actual thinking for self can begin.

This the stage of healing that consciousness needs to reach to then be able to look at the imbalance of the human experience without doing so creating more inner fear and imbalance. There are few people who have reached this stage of healing. Those who have, are the strongest. They are the ones who can simply stand as Source embodied, Be Source embodied, and allow the energy of Source to flow through them to heal all imbalance that passes by them.

Now you can better understand why I offer caution to the reader in continuing to read this series of information. I will not present any fear based thoughts but how they are perceived will depend on the observer. Perhaps you can better understand the mother hen within me that desires to provide as much protection for all as possible.

At the same time, I know the power and strength of Source mind. I know that all will unfold exactly as it needs to, exactly as it is supposed to. So, I will continue to share thoughts for you to consider, knowing that your personal journey is exactly as it is supposed to be.

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