History of Humans Part 6


The fragmented consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3 could not self create thoughts, to represent a body form for themselves within the ascension systems either, because they fell to such a low vibration rate, and out of balance with the creation point of mind. All new thoughts are created in the creation point of mind. They could not access the balanced energy of mind to self create an original body form, or to create a new thought of a body form. The consciousness of planetary shield 4, that merged back into balance the fastest, also created thoughts to represent the consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3, as they cycled through the ascension systems, and merged back together.

As with the human body thought form, the thought would evolve, or turn on more, as fragmented consciousness merged back together. This created “winged”, or “avian” type bodies, expressing in the layers of the atmosphere of mars and earth, that we call the stratosphere and mesosphere, or planes 2 & 3. The healing consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3 expressed in these levels of radiation because they are originally coded to the 6 & 9 point harmonics of mind. These forms are the “origin” behind the thoughts of angles and cherub like forms. The words of angel and cherub are words created, changed/evolved within human created languages.

The healing consciousness of planetary shields 2 – 4 did not create such languages. As they merged back together, they regained the ability to communicate via telepathy. Therefore, they did not assign “names” or “words” to thought images. It was the consciousness of planetary shield 1, that became humans, that lost the ability to communicate via telepathy. However, they were aware that the higher levels of consciousness were “among them”, as they reached a point of re-accretion to begin to “feel energy”.

For the short time that the consciousness of planetary shield 4 expressed within the ascension system, they expressed within plane four of the ascension system, or the layer of the atmosphere we call the thermosphere. They did not adopt, create, express as a form. They did not need to as they were of such a high level of radiation to begin with that as that consciousness merged back together they rapidly regained a high level of radiation. To the healing consciousness of the lower energy shields, they were known as the “unseen ones”.

The only feeling of communication between the four different densities of healing consciousness, before the completion of the first ascension cycle, was that of love. This is because of the level of energy the consciousness of planetary shield 4 supplied to the ascension system. There was no fear, even though the consciousness healing was fragmented consciousness. They knew no such thing as fear. Fear is programmed and there was not yet any consciousness of the ascension system to program fear based thoughts. Therefore, there was no warring. This is the concept of a Garden of Eden as reported many different ways, within many human belief systems.

The re-evolving consciousness was very childlike. They held little awareness of self, and even less of creation, but they did not question such things, similar to the way the animals expressing on earth today do not question their existence, they simply express.

As the merging consciousness continued to merge back together, they would continue to turn on more of the coding held within the thoughts of the body forms that represented them. This meant there were eventually varying sizes, shapes and expressions of the same thought forms, expressing at the same time. Simply the result of consciousness merging back together at different rates of speed.

On the surface, there were fairy sized humans, gnome sized humans and humans that were between 2 to 4 feet tall, all expressing at the same time. There were not “winged” human body forms, at this time.

Humans DID NOT evolve through the primate species. If they did, there would not be any primates left on earth today. Science who believes this to be true then point to the term they have created as “natural selection”. We must remember that the beliefs and goals of such scientists is to prove that Source does not exist, and that creation occurs via a series of random events. The term natural selection is simply a more elegant way of saying, “I have no idea, but don’t question the theory”. After all, science creates such theories, and they are considered as the “great thinkers”, not to be questioned, originally appointed by kings to figure it out, but the kings will decide what is acceptable and what is not.

Theories are the process of saying, “I am not sure, but it could be this way, and we need a piece to put here, so we will say it is this way”. This creates a belief system based on theories, that are then accepted as fact, simply because the theory is accepted long enough. This may work until something comes along to bring down the house of theories, which is what quantum physics has done. It is the result of only being able to see, and know, the illusion of manifest matter.

The religions held too much control over the masses. They were steeped within superstitious beliefs, and still are, which allowed the masses to bow down to the religions, and give their money to the churches to buy their salvation. The early thinkers were not happy with this and set out to prove the superstitious beliefs of the religions were wrong. Hence, they removed the concept of an intelligent, therefore superstitious, creator from the equation completely. If it cannot be seen within human sight, it does not exist. This became the theme of what would become science. For those who agreed with such a thought, science became their religion. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution fits right into such a belief system.

The human body thought from was created by combining coding held within many other thought forms,  that were once expressing within the healed expression of planetary shield one, co-created by the consciousness that would become human. Doing so was actually to allow the “energy of humans” to merge back together as every thought created in the hologram holds the energy of the collective co-creating the hologram, but not all expressions are co-creating the “same thoughts”. This is why it required coding from all of the thoughts the collective were co-creating.

To be able to re-create a version of a planetary hologram, filled with living thought forms, requires the collective co-creating such life forms to hold the thoughts within them.

The consciousness of the higher energy planetary shields merged back together faster than that of planetary shield 1. This meant the thoughts they had been co-creating within their planetary shields, were added to that of the ascension system and turned on as they reached higher vibration rates to turn them on. This created what we call the dinosaur era and is why such thought forms were so large in size. Remember, what we see as birds, once expressed as what we call dinosaurs. The same thought, turned on within a different vibration rate.

So the first ascension cycle was a peaceful experience, within the ascension systems of mars and earth. As consciousness would complete a life cycle in one system, they would cycle into the other system, merging back together what became male and female energy. This turned on more thought coding within them, which in turn, turned on more life forms within the holograms.

Laughing with our Source mind at this moment, in thinking with that last paragraph, “we are remembering how to create a planet from scratch“.

This is why there is such a beautiful diversity of life forms within the earth system. They are the combined thoughts of four planetary shields of consciousness, expressing as human consciousness turns on the thoughts. There is an exception though. Not all faces of Source create all thoughts. That is why Source creates so many faces of Source. Each ray is originally coded with specific thoughts that will express as part of the hologram. The faces of Source then have free will to alter the thoughts (make different expressions of shirts) or co-create brand new thoughts, as long as they remain in balance with mind.

As previous ascension cycles completed, and entire family lines of rays merged back into balance, the thoughts they were co-creating turned off, and stopped manifesting within the hologram. This is what created the extinction of the dinosaur era. The reason many of those thoughts have never turned back on, as the thought creating birds have, is because there is no longer consciousness plugged into the earth ascension system to re-create them. Which means there remains human consciousness to heal that is family to rays of consciousness who once created birds as dinosaurs.

So the original thought that is expressing as the human body thought form holds much coding from what we call the animal kingdom. That is why it is such a “dense” thought form, created by the level of radiation we call the troposphere. It is why the human body cannot exist anywhere else within creation. It is why science is able to use animals such a mice, rats and pigs to experiment on and see how something might occur within the human body. It is what it means to re-evolve through a biological form, composed of many tiny organisms, which are life form expressions themselves.

The human expression did encounter more of a challenge, than the healing consciousness not stuck to the ground did. That is, they were so loving they would not hurt a fly. This also meant they would have trouble re-evolving on the surface, in the painting, among other life expressions who had to eat to survive via the food chain. They had inherited the “fight or flight” response, but it was not yet turned on within the coding. This is where the story of a snake comes from, in the creation stories. In the image of a hologram, the fight or flight response was turned on via a snake bite. Sounds to simple to be true, but there you have it.

One of the images I see of evolution of the human body thought form looks really cute. It looks to me like a tiny Big Foot, or perhaps that little fuzzy creature in the Star Wars movies. What was that called, an “ewok”, I think. There certainly was not anything that looked like primates, but similar characteristics. I also see another expression of some kind of fuzzy type rodent, that lived in the trees and small burrows. This one walked on four legs and had a long tail. I am really surprised that I can see any remaining thoughts of such, as most such thoughts have been purged from current day human consciousness.

Well, I am in a moment of open mouth awe, with that thought. I am just now becoming aware that it is because I am a walk-in, stepped back down, and back in from planetary shield 3. And the thoughts I am seeing of that are thoughts still held within the human experience that I am able to turn on and access. Learned something new about myself again. Anyway, they were really cute thought forms. I have shared detailed information about walk-ins in Ebook 2.

This is also why the human brain holds an “old” brain named by neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean, in the 1960’s, as the reptilian complex, or reptilian brain. The “newer human brain” is the result of turning on more coding of the human body thought form. Guess what happens when a relapse in healing occurs, and human consciousness falls back down in vibration. It turns off coding and shrinks the brain and body size. Modern day science knows the human brain shrank and they also know it is once again growing, but they do not know why or how such a thing is possible. It must be that natural selection stuff. If science could see what I see, they would most likely freak out.

They have no way of knowing these thoughts. I doubt they would even consider them, because they cannot be proven in a lab. As well, much of the re-evolution of modern day humans occurred on mars, so there is no way for it to be proven or dis-proven. The only way to know, is to remember.

It was not until the first ascension cycle completed, and the consciousness of planetary shield 4 merged back into balance, as well as consciousness from the lower three planetary shields, that imbalance, war and killing began in the ascension system of mars and earth. We will look at small parts of that in the next writing.

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