History of Humans Part 7


The First Relapse in Healing Event

I have continued to point to thoughts expressed within what became the Christian religion throughout the information. This is not the result of religious indoctrination but a result of the region and human language I am living within during this life time. It is easier for my brain to pick out words, and thoughts, coded to the human language my brain has been programmed with.

I have, and could, spend the time researching other belief systems, to pick out the names/words used within such beliefs, to point to the same concepts within other regions. However, that takes a lot of time and energy and when I am writing the thoughts from mind, the thoughts are translated within my own system, within the language, and words held within my personal programming. One cannot communicate through another human language unless the program for the language is turned on within the human expression. I really doubt I will experience that in this last life time on earth.

The themes within all human belief systems are basically the same. They are a result of humans experiencing thoughts uniquely within their self, then sharing those thoughts with other people. It is rather amazing in itself that so many ancient human belief systems remain, but that is the result of the coding for them still being held within human consciousness. There would be a whole lot more if not for the endless wars that have conquered, and merged humans into groups, exterminating languages and belief systems.

Basic themes within all of what came to be called religious belief systems hold some kind of creation story, some kind of fall story and two siblings who went to war with each other. Beyond that, they are filled with stories of war, killing and conquering, with some magic thrown in for good measure. Also a promise of freedom at some point in the human experience.

The concept of two siblings going to war with each other is the result of consciousness, embodied for healing and ascension, experiencing a relapse in healing after the completion of the first ascension cycle. This began the extinction of what we call the dinosaur ear.

The two siblings represent darkness verses light / good verses evil / God verses the Devil, etc. What people have not been able to know is that anyone against anyone implies both parties are fragmented consciousness. Such is the beginning of victim consciousness. Take a look into any beliefs you may hold and you will discover the truth of this. This theme carries out within all thoughts of ETs as well, because such so called ETs is where the victim consciousness begins, within the ascension systems. Within creation stories, it is the fall of man from the Garden of Eden, or when God supposedly cast man out of the Garden.

Many people would find issues with this information because it would show a different aspect of their belief in the “good guy”, within the equation.

There is no such thing as good and evil. There is only balance and imbalance. To believe in good implies fragmented consciousness who forgot the truth of self. All of creation is perfect and divine. All of creation is Source. Even imbalance is perfect imbalance.

What is becoming very apparent in this current time frame is that it is really a choice between the best, or worst, of two evils, within the distorted beliefs of human consciousness.

Such a relapse in energy accretion did not just effect human consciousness, re-evolving on surface earth. It also effected the consciousness remaining to heal of planetary shields 2 & 3. Because fragmented consciousness merges back together at different rates of speed, adopting a new vibration rate within the parts that merge, there has always been, and remains, healing consciousness at different accretion rates.

When a fall in energy occurs within the collective embodied for healing and ascension, the fall in energy effects the entire collective. Those who are at a lower accretion rate experience falling to a much lower accretion rate, but all experience falling back down in vibration. This will NOT occur again, within this last ascension cycle as there is enough faces of Source embodied to keep such a fall from occurring as the waves of the ascension cycle complete. Such a fall occurs when the ascension cycle completes.

For this reason, any consciousness that should remain, which will for certain be the factions that have been controlling the earth paradigm for thousands of years, will experience such a rapid fall in energy, with the completion of this last ascension cycle. They will be the ones who “inherit” this expression of earth, but it will not be much of an inheritance. They will simply need to take the path of complete fragmentation and be pulled back into the creation point of mind. There is nothing wrong with that, all are Source, and all will return to the creation point. The difference will be what they “experience” before they reach the point of complete fragmentation. For them, complete fragmentation will be a blessing of release as it will erase all that they will have to experience.

With that thought people ask who will that be, worrying if it might include them. I can tell you that anyone who has the ability to feel love, does not require to control, harm or consume the entire hologram, is on the ascension path. You would not be interested in these types of thoughts if you were not on the ascension path. We cannot simply say a level of mental illness is a defining factor, as all of humanity is currently dealing with some state of mental illness. I can also tell you that it really is none of our business, it is between Source mind and the expression of Source. My desire is that all will follow the ascension path, but I know that will not be possible. I do not desire any part of myself to experience any state of fear or suffering, even for a short period of time. But, I accept the fact that some of myself will have to return to balance via the path of complete fragmentation. Having any emotional issues with such a thought is the result of human emotions, and the love of Source we feel within us. We desire to heal it ALL, and we will, it will simply occur via different processes.

Within Christian teachings we have the story of a good angel verses a fallen angel. Names now applied to such angels are Archangel Michael and Lucifer, two brothers warring within the “heavens”. Within some teachings, we also have the belief of these two brothers coming to earth and creating humans. In this current time cycle, these two factions have been turned into “ancient ETs” who supposedly came to earth and created humans.

All of these thoughts, of beings from the heavens/outer space/other planets are expressions of our self. They are parts of our original family line of rays of consciousness that experienced falling in energy, when embodied for healing and ascension. They did NOT create human consciousness. As stated in an earlier post, only Source mind can project rays of consciousness from the creation point of mind. Humans are projected rays of consciousness, as are all embodied expressions of Source.

There have been many relapses in healing that have occurred during this very long healing mission, per earth time. Within the creation point, the time required for healing is but a blink of an eye. The last relapse in healing event that occurred was during the Atlantean time cycle, over 26,000 years ago. It did not occur because of a completion of an ascension cycle though. It occurred because there were so few left to heal and ascend. That is why it also was the “last ascension cycle”.

When such a relapse in accretion occurs it is because those of the collective, who have not yet re-accreted to a high enough vibration rate, drop to such a low vibration rate that it allows fragmented consciousness that had not yet been able to plug into the ascension system, to do so.  If the collective accretion rate / vibration rate is not high enough, it can create an instant drop, to a lower vibration rate, within the collective. Dropping in vibration rate equates to falling backwards in time. As we can see within what is now called the Mandela Effect, it also means things “disappear” from the hologram and it creates massive earth changes. It is a process of falling in energy into a “different time line”.

This is what creates what has been called “fallen black holes”, within ET new age information. As I have previously shared with you, so called black holes are simply the unseen spirals of thoughts, held within the thought field, or mind of Source. Everything “seen” are mirror images, of the unseen spiral thoughts.

When embodied consciousness experiences fragmentation, which is a common occurrence within creation due to experimenting to co-create new life forms, the thoughts they hold fragment. As they heal, and merge back together, they can only know fragmented thoughts, until they can reconnect to the creation point of mind and begin receiving the thoughts held within the creation point.

When fragmented consciousness merges with a family member embodied for healing and ascension, the embodied expression adopts the fragmented thoughts of the parts that merge with them. Depending on the vibration rate of the embodied expression, it can create complete insanity. To be consumed with imbalanced, fragmented thoughts means that is all the expression can know. If the individual expression drops to a low enough vibration rate, they become cut off from being able to receive the higher energy from the creation point of mind. The higher energy of mind is what allows the individual rays to continue to express as individual rays. If the rays cannot receive the higher energy of mind, they will continue to fall in energy and eventually experience complete fragmentation.

Such consciousness then becomes focused on one thing, and one thing only, being able to find and access a source of energy. It is a will to survive, a desire to continue to exist. You would do the same thing, were you in such a situation.

The only way to heal such consciousness is for them to be able to receive the higher energy of Source, and continue to increase in vibration rate. If they drop to a vibration rate too low, that is no longer possible as they cannot plug into a higher vibration rate. This is what created what is now called, fallen angels, fallen angelics, fallen ETs, fallen life forms.

The reality fields they co-create are completely distorted reality fields, based on their completely distorted thoughts. The holographic images they co-create as pieces of planets are in complete imbalance with the creation point of mind. When we look at that from the concept of images of planets, it means the equator of the piece of planet is completely reversed with the equator of the sun. We CAN look at the condition we see as planets, within this expression of the solar plane, and quickly discern their state of fall, simply by looking at such things. There are also fragmented pieces of planets in the outer region of the solar plane, that we cannot see. They are completely disconnected from the creation point of mind. All of these pieces will be pulled back into the creation point.

This earth ascension system still holds consciousness that cannot plug into Source mind and they have created, and are running the earth paradigm. They are “being held” within the ascension system by feeding off of the energy of humans who can receive the energy of mind.

In ancient times they were called gods, followed by kings, followed by the controlling power elite. It is the “same consciousness”. And it all began with the first relapse in healing event. They are mentally insane. That should be rather obvious today. They have always been warring over the same thing, which is “energy”.

Ancient names that have been applied to these warring factions have continued to change with human languages, but they are the same consciousness that has created the beliefs humans are programmed to believe is truth. As well, they have been given different names, within different human belief systems.

They are the result of fragmented consciousness, “coming up through” / “birthing into” / “taking over” the thoughts of the embodied family member expression. This occurred within all three planes of consciousness, embodied within the ascension systems, 3, 2 & 1, fragmented consciousness of planetary shields 3, 2 & 1.

Within the Christian teachings, the warring brothers became Archangel Michael and Lucifer. They became Enki and Enlil within Sumerian teachings. Today they represent the two party system, within politics. These fallen aspects are the “collective consciousness” that “came up” within the healing consciousness of planetary shield 2, or density 2.

The consciousness that “came up” within the healing consciousness of planetary shield 3 have been given the names of Draconian and Anunnaki.

The consciousness that “came up” within the healing consciousness of planetary shield 1 (humans) came up mostly under the names of Toth and Hermes, and have been given the names of the Illuminati and Free Masons. People tend to think that the so called Illuminati and Free Masons are of the same collective, but they are not. They are “opposing brothers”.

The consciousness that came up continued to digress, or fall in energy, taking over the thoughts of the family line members they came up through. They are not simply “two brothers”, they are “collectives” of fallen consciousness. For consciousness once expressing in the upper layers of the atmosphere, falling to such a low vibration rate, this meant they fell into the lowest layer of radiation of the ascension systems, which we call the troposphere, hence we have concepts of “angels falling to earth”.

In the next segment, we will look at what that meant for a “body expression” within the ascension holograms.

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