History of Humans Part 8


As we continue looking at the history of humans we are going to discover why there exists a controlling power elite on earth. We are also going to discover where thoughts of demons and demonic forces come from, as well as the thoughts of so many gods in human history, and the thoughts of ancient aliens held within modern day humans. We will come to understand how all of these thoughts of humans are tied into the controlling power elite. We are also going to remember the truth of the concept of “scrambling the “one” language of humans”.

Within all such theories humans currently hold about such thoughts you will find fear based thoughts along with superstition. You will find them within religious teachings, and also within science. They simply look different, and have been applied different names, depending on who is expressing them, because all people experience thoughts uniquely within themselves. The fact that each person experiences uniquely within their self, coupled with the uncountable number of languages humans have created, makes it rather challenging to see the same “theme” of thoughts within different belief systems.

As you continue to integrate this information, you may reach moments when you experience flu like symptoms. They will fade away in about 2 to 3 days, or sooner, if you do. They are a result of opening higher flows of the energy of Source mind within your own system. As you continue to integrate this information, you will become very aware of what creates such flu like symptoms, in response to higher levels of energy. If you do encounter such symptoms, simply take a break and focus on filling your body with Source love until the symptoms fade. If you remember to pump your fields with the higher energy of Source (activate your vertical pillar) while you are integrating this information, it can assist you to ward off any flu like symptoms, and to retain inner balance while you open this energy within yourself.

As you continue to integrate these thoughts to consider, you may experience fear based thoughts within yourself. If you do, it is because you already hold them. As you continue to integrate this information, you will become completely aware “why” you already hold them, as well as how to begin removing them from yourself.

As previously shared, the consciousness of the four planetary shields cycling within the ascension system of earth and mars did not know fear of any kind. Humans, on the ground, simply expressed similar to the way we see animals expressing today. Humans, on the ground, inherited the fight or flight response to assist them to survive in being stuck to the ground, but they did not know fear and did not experience body illness during the first ascension cycle. The higher consciousness of planetary shields 4, 3, & 2 did not require the fight or flight response because they did not fall into the image of the hologram. Fear is “taught” or “programmed“, it is something that “turns on” within human consciousness as human consciousness turns on more of the coding of expressing as human. Babies do not birth knowing fear, they only know love. They do not birth knowing of greed, suffering, killing, racism, or any of the imbalanced thoughts humanity holds today. We call this childhood innocence. They birth with the will to survive, which is encoded in all things we call “living”.

Neither do children who birth with what we consider as “handicap” know they are supposed to be handicap. They know no other expression other than how they express. It is the rest of the population that programs them to believe they are different.

All of this means there must be a point of origin when human consciousness began to experience fear, during the ascension process. As we continue to look at the history we are going to discover that point of origin and why it occurred.

This information is not being shared with you to push you deeper into any fear based thoughts you may currently hold. It is being shared because, 1) People desire strongly to remember their history. 2) Remembering such history can allow you to understand why there is absolutely nothing within creation to fear. 3) Remembering these parts of the human experience is a step in healing the extreme imbalance that has existed within human consciousness for millions of years. 4) Remembering such history is the process of bringing it “into the light”, and out of the darkness, where it has been hiding for millions of years. It does not want to be brought into the light. Doing so is the process of “transforming forming it”, so that it can merge back into balance. “IT” believes this means for it to “die”. We will soon remember what IT is.

Within all of the information put forth within the new age movement, religion and all “systems” of this earth paradigm, you will find a victim and a victimizer. It is quite easy for humans to accept this is a natural part of living, because modern day humans have no memory of the victim drama not being a part of living. There were no victims during the first ascension cycle. Human consciousness did not hold victim consciousness at this time in the ascension system.

There are beliefs within all structures of human thoughts of the good guy and the bad guy. Who is who depends on which side of the fence you find yourself. All such thoughts implies consciousness that “believes” in an enemy, which implies victim consciousness. The savior complex (good guy) is the result of victim consciousness, which means held within fear. To believe in a good guy you must also believe in a bad guy. There is no good or bad within creation, there is simply balance and imbalance. To believe in a good guy implies imbalanced consciousness.

Fear is the opposite of love. Love is the feeling of balance, therefore, fear is the feeling of imbalance. All fear is fear of the unknown. When you “know” you then know there is nothing to fear. The largest percentage of humanity remain stuck within a sea of fear, simply because they do not know the truth. Most of the current adult population will not be able to rise above this sea of fear until they complete the earth life experience. We are going to discover even more deeply why. However, the fear they are stuck within is “kept in motion” by the controlling power elite, who are themselves controlled via fear. They, themselves, did not create the fear. The energy that consumed them did. They are simply puppets, used by the controlling energy, to keep humans snared within a sea of fear. We will understand why as we continue our journey of remembering. We will also understand why the remaining time of the controlling power elite is very short, and why they are working very hard to try to ensure their survival. That does not mean they are going to disappear from this earth hologram, it means that ascending humanity is, and is already doing so.

Most importantly, we will remember that the consciousness that has controlled this earth ascension system for millions of years is US. They are part of our fragmented energy that has not been able to re-connect with the ascension path. They did nothing of their own free will to end up within the state they are expressing as, meaning, they did nothing wrong. We will discover why “love” is the way to disconnect that energy from human consciousness, and allow it to return to balance, via the path of complete fragmentation. When you understand this vast amount of information, it is easy to then see why that is a blessing for them and will finally release them from the “hell” they currently express within. All will and “must” return to the creation point of mind. Doing so returns ALL to balance.

We will also understand why war and disease has been a part of the ascension system since after the completion of the first ascension cycle, and why this earth paradigm was created as an energy sucking system through the same controlling consciousness. We will better understand why mass media and thought programming is used to control the thoughts of humans. This information will most likely sound like something from a science fiction novel. That is OK. If that is your response to it at this time, simply allow that to be OK. You will remember when you are ready to remember. However, if you do not remember this history before the earth life completes, you will not remember it, as it will be purged from you when you merge back into balance. History of the human experience, within the ascension system, is only important to consciousness, who lost memory of the human experience, and are still expressing as human.

This history is held within the collective of human consciousness, within this earth system. I am able to turn it back on and look at it because it is still held within human consciousness, but I see it from a much higher level of energy, a vibration rate above the fear of the victim. That is why I do not resonate with the fear based thoughts put forth within of the beliefs currently held within human consciousness. I know they are the same fear based thoughts humans have been dealing with for millions of years, and they all have the same point of origin.

Prior to the last relapse in healing event, in the Atlantean time cycle, some humans had remembered some of this history, but most of that population still remained stuck within false belief systems, just as is the case today. The difference today is there are a whole lot more human expressions stuck within false belief systems. This is due to the fact that it has required over 7 billion faces of Source to embody within this earth system and take the distortion unto themselves, to raise the vibration rate back up of the consciousness that fell in vibration during the end of the Atlantean time cycle. Doing so requires experiencing instant memory loss, which is the result of stepping down to such a low vibration rate of fragmentation. Simply because the collective that is already embodied within this earth system have forgotten the truth, all that birth into this earth hologram are then “programmed” with the false beliefs of those who came before them, which is the “program running” within this earth hologram.

There remain fragmented pieces of this truth within what became religious belief systems, and within the belief systems of smaller tribes that still pass on ancient beliefs within their cultures. The false beliefs are created “within” human consciousness, they are not held within Source mind. They are the result of experiences with distorted thought patterns, which have created fear within human consciousness. They are the result of humans experiencing in a toxic environment while dealing with memory loss. The ascension system did not become a toxic environment until after the completion of the first ascension cycle.

Time Travel and Relapses in Healing

Completion of ascension cycles means collective waves of consciousness that have reached a high enough vibration rate naturally merge back into balance, and unplug from the ascension system. This creates a rapid drop in vibration in the remaining collective, within the ascension system. In the experience of “time” it would mean to rapidly travel “back in time”, or to a lower vibration rate.

This is not a fact humans have considered as they have created science fiction surrounding the concept of time travel. All science fiction movies and books have humans looking exactly the same, as they magically travel through time. This is the result of not knowing humans are creating the hologram we call a reality field. It is the result of not knowing that time is an illusion, created by the vibration rate of embodied faces of Source.

If you could go back in time to the point before you birthed into this life experience, how would you look in the hologram? Your body form would still be held in your mother’s womb, and the earth hologram would look as it did at that point in time. If you could travel backwards in time millions of years, how would you look, and how would the hologram around you look? It would be nothing like you see today. You would look totally different. You also would not be able to “know” anything except what was held as open energy within yourself, at that point in time. You would completely forget about the point in time you started your backward journey from, which is what memory loss, via falling in vibration rate creates.

Think about it. If you traveled back to the point before you birthed from the womb, in this life time, you would not know what you know now. This means you can never heal the current moment by living in the past. You can heal past memories by releasing them in the current moment. Nor can you experience future moments until you accrete the energy of future moments, turning on that energy within yourself. So, it is not possible to time travel into the future any faster than you can accrete the energy of the now moment. To do so, would blow you up, or completely fragment your conscious expression, as the future moment is a higher vibration rate, which means higher levels of radiation. It is time to rethink any false programmed thoughts you may hold surrounding the concept of time travel. They are based on not understanding the truth of vibration.

When a collective that is co-creating thought forms within the hologram unplug from the hologram, dying (turning off) the body form they are expressing as, the thoughts they are co-creating “turn off” within the hologram. This creates extinction events within the hologram for the consciousness that remains plugged into the hologram. This is because the consciousness that remains plugged into the hologram experiences a rapid loss of energy, which instantly creates a rapid drop in their vibration rate. It is the same thing as traveling backward in time. What once existed, no longer exits.

Everything within the hologram changes to how it looks at the backward point in time, at that vibration rate, even the way the embodied consciousness looks. What remains as the hologram, are the thoughts held within the collective still plugged into the hologram, as they look at the new, lower vibration rate.

As I have shared with you in previous writings, absolutely everything that human consciousness experiences is written into the coding of human consciousness. This is actually coding within what we call the auric body that out pictures, in the mirrored image we see as what science calls human DNA.

Memories of the human experience, or the history of humans, is coded in human DNA, it is simply turned off, or dormant, in what science has called junk DNA. However, there only remains history of what has not already been purged from human DNA in previous time cycles. There is a lot still held as dormant memory in human DNA but it is now in the process of being purged from human DNA. That is why I am surprised I can still access this stored memory. Turning it on to look at, without freaking out, requires being at a higher vibration rate to see beyond the illusion of manifest matter. Waves of it turn on within the collective of humanity, as they begin releasing from the collective of humanity.

There should NOT be any history of the human experience stored within dormant human DNA. There should not be any dormant human DNA. History is thought memories of past thought experiences that have not been able to “release” from the human DNA genetic line and are passed on to each next generation. It is a result of human consciousness, that remains in this earth ascension system, having been trapped in this earth ascension system for millions of years.

Stored dormant DNA is the result of ascension cycles completing, the lower vibrating consciousness experiencing a rapid drop in energy, and a rapid drop in vibration rate, to then drop into a past time line, with a lower vibration rate. Each time this has occurred, the experiences in the lower time lines, and re-accreting to higher vibration time lines, writes more coding within human DNA. When the coding is no longer needed, it is turned off and becomes dormant DNA thought memories. Any dormant coding that is not released is then passed on to each new generation.

When relapse in healing events have occurred, via such a rapid loss of energy, human consciousness remaining has experienced becoming disconnected from Source mind many times. This means the dormant thought memories they inherited cannot be released back into mind. For this reason, this last ascension cycle of human consciousness holds pieces of millions of years of dormant thought memory experiences, and the coding of such history has continued to “change” each time consciousness has experienced a fall in vibration rate and re-accreted to a higher vibration, along a different wave length, or a different time line. This is because it changes the coding in human DNA.

Re-accreting on a different wave length time line is the result of the vibration rate the remaining collective falls to, because there is less healing consciousness than there was in the previous time line cycle.

Regardless of the history of the human experience continuing to change within this ascension system, there has not yet been an event to change the events in modern day humans that created the “effects” of the first relapse in healing event. This last ascension cycle is the event and is about taking the remaining imbalance back into the balance of Source mind.

To birth into this ascension system, and express as what became “human” requires picking up the “thought” expressing as the human expression. It requires picking up the vibration rate of the thought, created by the current vibration rate of the human parents. This is what “birthing through consciousness”, to express within the “image of the hologram” means. You must first pick up the thought that creates the image/form. You must also birth through consciousness that is of your original ray of consciousness, to allow you to “plug into the hologram”. You must match the “play speed” the hologram is playing at, you must lower the vibration rate of your ray of consciousness to match the coding currently turned on within the thought you are going to birth as a form, otherwise you would birth looking like something other than the modern day human body form, or blow up the thought and not be able to birth as a thought form within the hologram.

An “encrypted thought” of the human body form means a thought that re-accreting consciousness, which fell into the level of energy of the hologram we are experiencing as manifest, will turn on more coding of the thought as they re-accrete to higher vibration rates. A fall in vibration rate turns off coding in the thought that was once turned on. Both increasing in vibration rate and falling in vibration rate alters how the thought form will look in the hologram.

In previous ascension cycles there remained more of what became human consciousness to turn on more coding within the thought of the human body form. For this reason, there once expressed human body forms that would look at giant humans to the modern day human expression. I continue to say “what became human” in reference to the word/name “human”. We are also going to remember where that name originates and what it really means, as the series continues. Once you do so, you most likely will not desire to call yourself human anymore.

This is why there used to express “giant human bodies” on earth. The giant human body form died out as a result of the relapse in healing that occurred within the remaining consciousness during the Atlantean time cycle. It did so as a result of dropping in vibration rate and the turning off of coding previously turned on before the relapse occurred. This means there was a period in time when the giant sized body was becoming extinct while a new smaller body form was birthing into the hologram. The consciousness that once expressed as the previous giant sized human is still part of the modern day human collective. Or, at least what remains of that previous cycle, that has not already merged back into balance now.

This is also why we see varying “heights” of the human body thought form. The varying heights is the result of the amount of coding the individual has turned on of the human body thought form. You can discern quite a lot from that statement and I will leave you to do so for yourself. However, it also implies holding “more” of the distorted coding held within the thought of the human body thought form. We will soon remember what that distorted coding is and how it got into the thought of the human body thought form. It really means that size has nothing to do with it when it comes to the distortion being purged from human consciousness. It simply means, size allows to gain more of the distorted coding, to then purge more of the distorted coding. It means every person, regardless how they “look” is working to purge their share of the distortion.

When consciousness has finally managed to birth into the ascension system, they inherit any remaining history stored within the “genetic line” they birth into. There currently remains fragmented pieces of millions of years of history, of the human experience, stored within human DNA. Human history is also subject to the human genetic line as not all humans have experienced the same things. This is why there exists so many different belief systems within modern day humans. It is why you find memories of “different creator gods” spread out within human belief systems.

We will also understand more of what “genetic line” really means. In doing so, we will better understand why there are some diseases that express only within specific genetic lines. And guess what! It ALL has to do with “thoughts“.

The First Relapse In Healing Event

The completion of the first ascension cycle created the most instant loss of energy than within any ascension cycle to follow, because ALL of the consciousness of planetary shield 4 unplugged from the ascension system, as well as any consciousness that had reached a high enough vibration rate of planetary shield 3, 2, & 1. However, it was the loss of energy the consciousness of planetary shield 4 brought to the ascension system that created such a huge drop in vibration rate of the remaining consciousness.

Within each ascension cycle that has followed the first one, consciousness from planetary shields 2 & 3 have continued to birth back into the ascension system, birthing “through” human consciousness. The fact that ALL four planetary shields of consciousness experienced fragmentation “at the same time” makes this system a very unique system, within all of the Star minds held within our local time matrix galaxy. So, when space science now asks the question, “is there something unusual about our solar system”, the answer is “yes”. It is extremely unusual!

As I have shared many times, it is not unusual for embodied faces of Source to experience fragmenting, as a result of experimenting in the co-creation process. If such occurs, it is generally within one of the lower energy planetary shields 1, 2, and sometimes even 3. But it is extremely rare for the consciousness of planetary shield 4 to experience fragmentation.

For this reason, it is extremely rare for what occurred when the consciousness of planetary shield 4 merged back into balance, to occur within an ascension system. Within what would be considered as a “normal fall, via fragmentation” it is simply a matter of the fragmented consciousness merging their energy back together and returning to balance. That is what the fragmented consciousness of planetary shields 4, 3 & 2 experienced within this ascension system. They did not experience the drama that human consciousness has experienced. There is no need to step into a space of feeling sorry for the human expression. It is simply another experience through which Source is discovering more of Source, and it is a unique experience, that few expressions of Source get to have.

The Great First Fall

As previously shared, the first ascension cycle was peaceful and calm, within the ascension system of mars and earth. Humans re-evolving on the surface knew no fear, pain or suffering, they expressed as only loving expressions. They simply completed life cycles back and forth between the two ascension planets, to re-accrete what became male and female energy. This is the time period of the origin of the thought of a Garden of Eden. Fragmented, false beliefs depict humans being “kicked” out of the Garden by some hidden God. Humans were not kicked out of the Garden, they “fell” out of the Garden.

As well, at this time, “humans” did not “see” dinosaurs as giant creates that we now see as bones of dinosaurs. They only saw creatures in the hologram expressing in relation to “their size”, which is the result of “their accretion rate”. They did not see larger expressions of creatures in the hologram until after the Great First Fall, which is what the first relapse in healing event is considered as. You do not see birds expressing as dinosaurs today, as they did in the dinosaur era, because of the vibration rate of the collective of human consciousness. The image of the hologram always adjusts to the level of energy, and vibration rate, of the consciousness co-creating thoughts, and looking within the hologram. “Consciousness creates what they see in relationship to self“. This is because the hologram is created “within self”. What is “seen” is based on the coding, and vibration rate of the player (auric body) thoughts are being viewed within. We call that coding of humans DNA.

The same is true with our electronic equipment. If you view a movie on your smart phone all that you see is going to look really small, compared to viewing the same movie on a huge TV monitor. However, not only does the size of the movie adjust to the player, the images in the movie look different. This is the result of how much coding of the movie is turned on within the coding of the player (film, DNA). For example, if you had as much of the coding of the human body thought form turned on as the previous giant human body consciousness did, you would now express as the same giant size, with different features in the body. Isn’t it fun to remember what it really means that it is all a hologram, created by thoughts?

We must also remember that previous cycles of human consciousness were still cycling back and forth between the two ascension planets, merging back together male and female energy. This also turned on more coding within the thought of the human body thought form, changing how the image of the human body looked. Just look at the diversity we see in the human body thought form today. That is the result of different coding turned on within the thought of the human body thought form. I bet you can hardly wait to return to balance and begin creating brand new thoughts. This, Dear Ones, is what creates different skin colors of the human body thought form, the different aspects of coding of the thought turned on. It is what allows you to look “unique” within a sea of human bodies.

As previously shared with you, fragmented consciousness merges back together at different rates of speed. The parts that merge at the same rate adopt a new, higher vibration rate. That is why there is always such a stark difference in vibration rates within a collective of healing consciousness.

However, what this means for the lower vibrating merging consciousness, embodied within the ascension system for healing, is they experienced such a massive drop in energy with the exit of the consciousness of planetary shield 4 that they dropped to such a low vibration rate they literally fell into the “matter base” of the ascension system. In the image we see as a planet, it means they fell into the crust of the planet. You are already trying to imagine yourself experiencing as “something” within the crust of the planet. Do so for a moment, and then allow that thought to fade.

Within the image we see as a planet, the layer of energy below what we call crust, expresses as a molten hot sea of lava. That is because what we call the sun is actually the core of the planet. Wouldn’t scientists trying to drill through the crust be happy to know why they will never be able to do so?

Consciousness falling into the crust of the planet is where the later thoughts of a burning hell, of fire and brimstone, originates. For our family members who fell to this low level of energy, it meant they became “free falling consciousness” trapped within the hologram of an ascension system. They became free falling because they fragmented into tiny units of consciousness, who were no longer “anchored” to the planetary shield and no longer connected to the creation 12 point of mind. They are still parts of Source mind and they still held just enough energy within them to allow them the “will to survive”.

They could no longer express as a “form” within the hologram as they could no longer plug into the thought they once expressed as. This is our family line of consciousness that once expressed as healing consciousness of planetary shields 3, 2 & 1.

Because they still held enough energy to allow for the will to survive, but could no longer access the higher energy of Source mind, the only way they could continue to survive, as they expressed, was to “eat” their way back up in energy. Guess what they became within the ascension system of both mars and earth, have expressed within the ascension system since then, and have been the cause of the imbalanced drama that has played out within the ascension system since then.

THEY BECAME THE VIRUSES that continue to create illness and suffering within modern day humans!!!

They are the ancient gods, they are modern day ETs, they are the so called saviors, they are the “fear”, they are the creator gods, they are the many demons, they are many images of many gods, they are all of the false beliefs, they have created and controlled this earth paradigm by controlling the thoughts of humans and they are still doing so at this time. And, they have done so in a very creative, intelligent way.

We will begin looking at how they have done so in next segments of this series. This is a whole lot of energy, information for you to open at this time. In this now moment, realize they have been there all along. Humans simply do not know where they came from or the human relationship with them. We are going to remember that relationship.

I have read past articles from science, trying to figure out how manifest matter is created, theorizing that perhaps the viruses came to earth and created manifest matter. Ironically , that is a scientist’s view of creator gods and the viruses think of themselves as creator gods. They have good reason to, they have created a whole lot of things, but not new things. They create by “mutating” already existing thoughts.

Once our ascending family of consciousness became viruses, within the ascension system, it was no longer just a process of fragmented consciousness simply merging back together to return to balance. It then became a “healing mission”, and is why it has taken so much longer for the remaining human consciousness to “finally reach” this last ascension cycle.

There is absolutely nothing to fear. They have been here with us all along and the energy of Source is much more powerful than they will ever be. Why do humans experience disease and illness? Part of that answer is the result of working to raise our fallen family members back up, out of the darkness, so they can be transmuted and return to the creation point of mind. Another part is understanding where exactly does the crust of the planet exist?

They “fear” the higher energy of Source. They know they need it to survive, but they also know it will transmute them, which they think means to “kill” them. They can no longer know Source, in their fragmented state, they only know they need energy to survive and their only goal is to maintain a source of energy. They hate humans, because they feel this hidden source of energy loves humans more and has abandoned them to die, because this hidden god lets humans have energy. Yet, they know they need humans to continue to survive. Rather a pickle of a situation for them. They fear the sun, because the energy of the sun can kill them. This is why they do not want to be “brought into the light”. The fear of “dying”, that humans hold, is “their fear”.

Flu like symptoms, in response to turning on higher levels of energy/radiation within yourself is them, responding to the higher levels of radiation. The imbalance within the human auric body, that out pictures as imbalance within the earth hologram, is created by them.

Now it is time for you to relax and fill your body with the love of Source. Try to only feel love for your fallen family members. They will not like it, as it is too high of energy for them, but try to do so anyway. That is the only thing that can release them from the hell they fell into. Your love will quite them down, as they will try to hide from your love. Keep on sending them love anyway. I will share more of this series as soon as I am guided to. You are absolutely amazing beyond your current understanding. Not only do you hold the power to create but you also hold the power to heal.

Loving Joy Blessings To All

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