History of Humans Part 9


So, where exactly is this “matter base” located that the family of consciousness fell into, and became the viruses? From the image we see of the hologram, it would be what we call organisms. However, that too is a mirrored image of the thoughts coded within the consciousness plugged into the planetary shield. We could think of organisms as our pallet of paints, from which we co-create images within the hologram. We could also think of them as the “pixels” that make up the images we call manifest matter.

The image we see, and call a planet, is a holographic image created inside the aruic body of each embodied face of Source. That is why to “see” a planetary hologram, you must be embodied within the planetary shield. This also means that IF science could create technology to zoom into ground level of any of the planets they are locating within the time matrix galaxy, they still would not see a hologram. The image we see and call the universe, and all within it, is also part of the background of our inner hologram. All of creation is thoughts, seen within the embodied expressions of Source. Source is “conscious mind”. All of creation is the thoughts of Source, held within the mind of Source.

So, the planet we call earth does not exist outside of us as humanity believes it does. It is a holographic reality field created inside of the auric body of each face of Source embodied within the earth planetary shield. That also means the crust of the planet, and organisms do not exist outside of us. It means they are “thoughts” held within us.

What we call the crust of the planet, extending to the beginning of what we call the stratosphere, is what we call the troposphere. It means the virus family of consciousness fell into the lowest gradient layer of radiation of the troposphere, or plane 1 of the planetary shield.

The fall they experienced disconnected them from the anchor zero 12 point of the planetary shield, and the creation 12 point of mind, which we call the sun & core of the planet. They kept spinning out of control, as they fell lower than the ground.  Perhaps imagine the science fiction movies of astronauts in space becoming disconnected from the space ship and spinning out of control in space.

The rapid loss of energy they experienced rapidly began shutting down points of energy within their Eternal Life Grid, creating a completely distorted grid, with no 12 points, the 11 point turned upside down and all other points shifted to another location. This is the meaning of a reversed fall grid, and there is an image example of it within the earth hologram, which has been named a Tree of Life. It is the grid of the viruses that took control of human consciousness.

Within their reversed fall grid there is an energy point location that would look as though it lines up to the human body in the chest region. This is similar to an “energy storage” center. It is similar to a battery. For the virus to remain alive as a virus, this battery cannot run out of energy. The battery can only hold a limited supply of energy, which means the viruses must continue to replicate themselves to remain alive. Neither can a virus plug into anything to receive energy as their grid will not allow them to plug into anything that can receive the energy of Source mind. Doing so would blow them up. Therefore, they must “feed” energy to remain alive as a virus.

Through the process of feeding off of, let’s say, “living consciousness” (consciousness that can receive the energy of Source mind) they “alter the DNA coding of what they feed off of”. What exactly is it they are feeding off of and where are they doing that. It would be simple to say they are feeding off of biological life forms. That would be the expected belief. But biological life forms are holographic images, similar to the image shown on a movie screen. They are “coded thoughts” turned on within us. It means the viruses are feeding off of the thoughts we turn on within our auric body.

Within the image we see as the planetary hologram, they had to begin feeding off of single celled organisms at the ocean floor, growing in size as they ate their way back up to ground level within the hologram. Every thought they take a bite out of leaves a coded imprint of them eating within the coding of the thought. What we see as the ocean is teaming with viruses and science is fully aware of this fact.

Once they ate their way back up to ground level, they became “air borne” as the ocean atmosphere carried them to land. They then began eating off of the thoughts that express on what we see as land mass. They also continue eating in the ocean, gaining energy from smaller to larger sized thoughts forms. They require a toxic environment to survive. As they ate eat their way along they also feed off of what we call bacteria. In doing so they created what we call harmful bacteria.

In the image of the human body form, the crust of the planet corresponds to the human skeleton. In relationship to the human body, it means they began eating off of what science calls “stem cells” which are cells that can become any cells as the human body fleshes out as a thought form. The DNA coding held within the stem cells instructs stem cells what type of cell to become. This DNA coding is inherited from the biological parents and is the coding of the “thought” for the human body thought form.

By feeding off of stem cells, the viruses leave a genetic code within every cell that is created to flesh out the human body thought form. This is then coded into human DNA. Remember, I have stated before that absolutely everything human consciousness experiences is coded into human DNA.

What we call DNA, and as it expresses in this earth hologram, only expresses as it does in this earth hologram, at a very low level of energy. This is because this earth hologram is created by consciousness that fragmented and fell in energy. It is composed of what science calls chemicals, which are units of radiation. The amount of Source energy held within the units of radiation determine how they will express and the functions they provide as they group together to create holographic images, which science call chemical bonding.

The boding of certain units of radiation create specific “sparks” when they are turned on by consciousness running the energy of Source through them. That is another thing science does not know, chemical reactions can only occur if chemicals are “charged” with Source energy. When they are continually charged, they will continue to function. When they no longer receive the energy of Source they begin the process of chemical break down, to return to their original raw state of units of radiation. We call this decomposing. What we call fossils are decomposing chemicals that once expressed as a biological thought form. Therefore, in the image we see as a planet, there is a whole lot of energy stored within the layers of decomposing thought forms that viruses will feed off of, but first they have to be able to access them. How do they do that? By feeding off of the thoughts of human consciousness that are “turning off” inside of human consciousness. Where are those thoughts stored? In human DNA.

By feeding off of the coding of the human expression, inside of the aruic body, feeding off of thoughts, the viruses have created an entire reality field, all their own, by hijacking the coding of human DNA. One sad part of all of this is that science now knows the DNA of all biological life forms of earth is filled with the coding of viruses. They think this is “natural” simply because they cannot know differently and believe, as the rest of humanity, that viruses are natural. Science even believes that some viruses have assisted with the “evolution of humanity” because they will eat harmful bacteria. They are simply eating the remains of energy of something they created to begin with which gets in the way of their food supply. They have in no way assisted with the “re-evolution” of humanity.

They have even created their own immune system, within human DNA coding. They accomplished this by eating off of stem cells, which then become all of the cells in the body, and the imprint of their coding is left within the DNA of every cell, to be replicated over and over again.

Remember the information I shared with you about “harmonic waves” of our Star mind, and how they expand around our Star to create planetary shields, and that the embodied faces of Source are “keyed to” the harmonics of mind they are projected from? This means the thoughts they co-create within a hologram are also keyed to the same harmonics. This is what creates what we call “genetic coding” It is why consciousness from planetary shield 2 or 3 cannot simply birth as a human thought form without first stepping down to the vibration rate of the human family member and “picking up” the coding of the human body thought form. The human body thought form is not keyed to the harmonics of planetary shield 2 or 3, it is keyed to the harmonics of planetary shield 1, which is the harmonics of what became human consciousness.

This means the viruses can only feed off of the thoughts of the original harmonics they were originally keyed to. What does that mean for the consciousness of planetary shield 2 & 3 that fell and became viruses? They would never be able to eat their way back up any higher than the troposphere as the level of energy above this layer is too high in energy/radiation.

I now know, after this huge wave recently opened, the extinction of dinosaurs occurred in two separate events. This is because there remained consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3 to merge back together after the First Big Fall. Complete extinction of the dinosaur era did not occur until the completion of the second ascension cycle, when the remaining consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3 unplugged from the ascension system. This was only about 65 million years, of current earth time, after completion of the first ascension cycle.

That is another interesting thing I will insert here. When looking at “remains” of de-manifesting thoughts from another time cycle, the perceived distance in time is based on the current vibration rate of the consciousness looking. For example, at a point in time we will call point A, the vibration rate is higher, consciousness falls to a point in time we will call point C, with a much lower vibration rate. A & C exist in the exact same spot, simply at different vibration rates. The lower vibration rate of point C would not be the same time line as a lower vibration rate of point A. So something that occurred at point A could have occurred yesterday but to consciousness that falls to point C, it would look as though it was millions of years since that thought expressed in the hologram. The same is true going up or down in vibration. It is all about “riding the waves”.

This also means there is a vibration rate in which this ascension cycle is already completed, and it means there is a vibration rate in which the original fall never occurred. We are shifting to the vibration rate in which the original fall never occurred. Did you know you were the experienced time traveler?

This means after the Fist Big Fall the viruses had plenty of time to mutate the coding of thoughts created by the consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3. However, that mutation did not occur within the consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3, it occurred within the thoughts human consciousness held of the thoughts being created by planetary shields 2 & 3.

Collective Thought Pool

Each ray of consciousness, projected from mind, to plug into a planetary hologram plugs into the zero 12 point, or the boundary of the planetary shield. This is the circular line we are taught is a planets orbital path around sun. The four layers of the planetary hologram are the layers of radiation inside of the zero 12 point layer. Buy plugging into the zero 12 point boundary, the thoughts each ray holds are added to the zero 12 point layer of the planetary shield. Each ray is coded with specific thoughts of Source mind. That is why not all people are co-creating the same thoughts within the planetary hologram. The zero 12 point layer is also called the “Collective Thought Pool” of the planetary shield. Any rays that plug into the Collective Thought Pool can then access the thoughts of the collective to allow Source to see how all thoughts express within the aruic body of each ray of consciousness. Each ray is a unique vibration rate which allows thoughts to express uniquely and is why no two people experience thoughts exactly the same.

This is why human consciousness “saw” the image of thoughts which we call dinosaurs, but they did not look like huge creatures to human consciousness. They have looked larger in size than something like birds do today but only at points when human consciousness was holding more energy, at a higher vibration rate. And, because consciousness was still cycling back and forth between the two ascension planets, the thoughts they held also cycled back and forth, changing with the vibration rate of healing consciousness, which changed the way thoughts looked.

It may take some time to re-program your brain with that thought because of the brain programming humans have received from the false beliefs of modern science, which would be similar beliefs of any human who stumbled upon the remains of what once expressed as large creatures at some point in time. Time travel sure can mess with the thoughts of consciousness that forgot the truth. Just think what science would have to do if they realized this truth. All so call history books would need to be burned.

As well, any thought memories of different points time, when things looked differently, and are still held within human DNA, can express as they would at this point in time. That is why we even see “pre-ancient history remains” at this point in time. Remember, it is all a hologram, created by the thoughts of human consciousness. What we see as remains of pre-ancient history, or before the Atlantean time cycle 26,000 years ago, is the remains of “thoughts turning off”. There would not be any such remains on the expression of mars we see today, as at this point in time, all such remains have been pulled back into mind.

There also remains some thought memories of the mars experience, within dormant human DNA. That is starting to release and is why there is such a strong focus on mars.

Shifting back into a vibration rate in which the original fall never occurred means none of this ever happened and there were never humans to have any human history. Kind of blows you out of the water to think about it, especially when we look at the remains of different time cycles.

If I have not confused your brain enough at this point, simply because of the effects of time travel, then you are keeping up very nicely. If I have, it just takes time to turn on in your DNA.

This is all going to play havoc when looking at the concept of many gods, monsters, demons, ETs and angelic figures within human belief systems. However, it makes it easier to understand when you can remember that it is ALL “thought experiences“. Try to remember every sleep time dream, and every nightmare you have ever experienced and then put all of that into some sort of time line. Holographic reality fields are no different than the experiences in sleep time dreams, they are simply being experienced within a different vibration rate.

Today humans are filled with the concept of ET life forms, and reptilian and monster type ETs. I am betting that before I even talk about any of those beliefs, you are going to begin seeing a much larger picture of those beliefs. I will give you a hint for a head start. What do viruses do to thoughts they eat enough of to change the thought form into something totally distorted. The totally distorted thoughts are then experienced as “mutated thought forms”.

Here is another thought you can consider for later discussion. What occurs when thoughts play, or run, through human DNA that holds distorted coding created by viruses? What might that do to human emotions?

Not all virus coding in human DNA become illnesses or diseases. There is a whole lot of virus coding that simply gives instructions if certain things occur. We will look at some of that as the series continues. I think you have quite a lot to think about at this point.

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