History of Humans Part 10


For a moment, we need to step up and out of looking at the history of humans. This is necessary when looking at such thoughts, to be able to remain at a high vibration rate while doing so. We need to think about, and remember the “truth” behind such history. If you do not allow yourself to do so it is very easy for human consciousness to get sucked into the illusion of manifest matter, simply because humans have believed for so long that all of creation is manifest matter. It then becomes very easy to remain trapped within the imbalanced thoughts the viruses create.

So, humans have been sharing the process of re-evolution with a sea of consciousness of viruses for millions of years. That really does not matter at all. They are still our energy, they are still part of our family of mind. Human consciousness has continued to re-evolve in spite of the fact. Which goes to show how much more powerful the energy of Source mind is than a sea of viruses. It only becomes important to understand the way the viruses have controlled the thoughts, and energy, of human consciousness in trying to understand why things express as they do today within the earth hologram.

Humans desiring to “remember” the history of the human experience is a natural part of the process of remembering “self”. When suffering from memory loss, it is natural to wonder what you cannot remember from your past experiences in trying to remember who you are in the current moment. The experiences of human history is not who you are. You are Source embodied. Remembering such history is only the process of remembering what led you to this current point in your experience.

When you stepped into this earth life experience, it could very well be your first time in expressing as human. For many within humanity it is, simply because many are Walk-Ins that stepped back down and in from planetary shields 2 & 3. There are billions of Walk-Ins expressing on earth today. How long you have been expressing as human depends on the point you walked back in, but it most likely is less than a few hundred years of earth time, if not the first time. That means the so called history of humans is not really your history but that you adopted it when stepping into the human gene code.

As previously stated, there should not be any history. When you have a sleep time dream, it feels very real. You then wake up, and may or may not remember the dream, and continue focusing on the current moment you are experiencing. If you do remember the dream, it quickly fades and you forget about it. Experiencing in a holographic reality field should be the same process. You should only remember what is important to the now moment as all other moments should simply fade away. Dream time experiences simply occur at a different vibration rate than body awake experiences. They are no different than body awake experiences. Dream time experiences are kind of like glitches in the holographic experience as you should not have to cycle into sleep mode, the hologram should simply keep running within you. The only reason you need to sleep is because you can only re-accrete so much energy in a given cycle, then you must readjust to a new, slightly higher vibration rate. Healed consciousness does not need to readjust. They simply continue the process of experiencing thoughts. That is because healed consciousness is not working on re-accreting energy but instead simply continues to expand in energy. Soon you will return to that balanced state.

As we have remembered, such history is simply the result of healing consciousness shifting up and down in vibration rates and experiencing thoughts the way they experience within different vibration rates. Were it not for the fact that the shifting down process has disconnected human consciousness from mind many times, there would not be any stored thought memories of the experience, as they would have all been released back into mind. It is also a natural process of healing, fragmented consciousness to shift up and down in vibration rate, as the parts that reach a high enough vibration rate return to mind. Doing so allows more of the fragmented parts to connect to an ascension system.

It is only the result of the dramas the viruses have created within human consciousness that the human experience of healing back into balance has included imbalanced thought experiences. Many people are not yet able, therefore ready, to accept such truth because they have not yet reached a point of healing that will allow them to see beyond the controlled thoughts of the viruses.

Therefore, we still see many people trapped within the false beliefs created by the thoughts of the viruses. They cannot help it. That is the programming that is running inside of them. That is why so many faces of Source have embodied during this last ascension cycle, to adopt their share of the viruses, and to bring the energy of Source they could. Doing so allows the viruses more energy which keeps the energy of the collective from dropping to low to be able to ascend back into balance. It is a process of spreading the viruses out within a much larger pool of energy instead of them trying to feed from a smaller pool.

What the viruses do, by feeding off of the energy of Source humans can provide, is change the coding of the thought of the human body form, which then changes the coding of all thoughts humans experience as they are played through the distorted genetic code. They of course also rob energy from human consciousness in trying to survive. They are not bad, or evil. They are simply part of our energy that fell to the state of becoming viruses. However, the imbalance they create within human consciousness then allows humans to believe in bad and evil because they are experiencing the fear of the viruses.

By feeding off of the energy of human consciousness they have then created mutation within the coding of thoughts humans hold, which we experience as life forms. It is such mutations that have created the uncountable number of mutated thought forms humans have encountered throughout human history. That is why there have existed so many beliefs filled with strange looking images the people believed to be some type of god. None of that can begin to make any sense until we remember that it is all “thoughts” being experienced inside of each human. Therefore, human history is also individual, within each person, as it is the result of the thoughts they carry in the human gene code, which is the thought programming of the human body form. That is why all of the experience of the earth hologram is released from you when you take off / step out of / die / unplug from the human body. That is what the so called “life review is about” unplugging from the thought of the human body.

For people who still “need” to believe in ETs, they may not yet be able to accept this truth. However, the ETs have always been the thoughts of human consciousness, as have the many godlets. All that continues to play out surrounding such thoughts of ETs is now a process of those thoughts purging from human consciousness. What does not purge before it turns on can out picture within the hologram, because everything that “out pictures” in the hologram is the result of the thoughts held within human consciousness.

Human consciousness has cycled through many different vibration rates and have created technology within many of them. The technology has looked different, the means of creating it has been different, but it is no different than what we see today, just playing out differently within different vibration rates, or time lines.

There were also previous ascension cycles, when the consciousness did not hold as much virus coding, when they reached a high enough vibration rate to turn back on more of Source energy, and used the power of their thoughts as a collective to co-create, within the earth hologram. Modern day humans still hold the power to do so. However, there were also cycles when the use of sound technology was applied, which is using sound in a specific way through the human voice to manipulate manifest matter, which is simply thoughts. The sound technology will not return during this ascension cycle because of the stronger control the viruses have over the controlling power elite. It would be used to create great damage which could shatter human consciousness.

The “theme” within many different creation stories of two brothers going to war with each other is the result of the viruses of earth and mars going to war with each other to fight over energy, as healing human consciousness carried the viruses back and forth within the ascension system.

The viruses have taken on many names, within human consciousness, as they have taken over the thoughts of humans, and controlled the human body form. Stronger viruses have always been at the top of the list of names, as the “main god” creating a hierarchy of smaller viruses descending in energy. This is the truth behind the “pyramid of the power of control”. We see the same program today within what is now called the controlling power elite.

When the last cycle through mars completed, the viruses that still remained were carried into the earth system and brought the battle over energy unto the earth system only. The battle between the hierarchy of two different genetic lines of viruses is what we see today expressing as the “two party system”. There are many smaller viruses in the hierarchy that desire to “get on top” but the stronger ones keep them in line by eating them, which we see as war playing out within the hologram. That is why all wars that have occurred within the ascension system are wars of who is going to control the energy of earth.

What became the controlling power elite is human consciousness of two specific original rays of consciousness that was completely consumed by distorted viruses programming within their genetic code, from being of such a low vibration rate. This allowed the viruses to completely take over their thoughts. That is why they are completely mentally insane, they hold a critical mass of virus programming within their DNA. They believed, and still do, the controlled thoughts of the virus program they hold within their DNA. This program tells them “they are the chosen ones”, the “special ones” to rule over earth and humans. They believe they are hearing their creator gods. The only thing they must ensure to continue to be able to receive the information from their creator gods is to “keep their gene line / blood line pure”.

They believe their gods live both inside the earth and within other god worlds. That is because there exits reversed consciousness trapped within other fragmented pieces of planets. When the viruses of earth have been in resonate vibration with reversed consciousness trapped in other pieces of planets, they have been able to receive / pick up thoughts coded within that other family line members of fallen consciousness. That is how the viruses “gained knowledge” to then feed to their controlled humans. That is where the knowledge to create this controlled earth paradigm comes from. As well, the viruses believe those other reversed family members are “their creator gods”.

When human consciousness was once again re-connected to Source mind, via the Eternal Life Grid coming back online, all connections between the viruses of earth and “elsewhere” were severed, because human consciousness began the rapid ascending process of increasing in vibration rate. This means those who had lines to their godlets elsewhere can no longer access that reversed consciousness. That is why the controlling power elite are spending so much time and money to search for intelligent life elsewhere. They are searching for their gods.

They are also running out of energy, as the vibration rate continues to increase within the ascension shield, because it is recoding the DNA of the “common population”. That is also why they are working so hard to create false flag events, racial riots, put out false stories through controlled media and simply do not care if humans discover the corruption of their controlled game. They are in a race against time and their continued survival depends on retaining a source of energy.

They are being carried along with the ascension shield because of the virus coding in human DNA. Now you can better understand why the two shields will separate at some point in the last wave of the ascension cycle. And, why the last ascension cycle is the process of “turning off” the earth hologram.

This is why earth is similar to a mental hospital. The viruses are controlling the thoughts of humans and humans have no clue they are doing so. They are doing so via the program they inserted into human DNA.

When we see the crazy things people do, such as riots in the streets, mass shootings, the feeding frenzy during events such as “Black Friday” in the shopping malls and stores, we are seeing a feeding frenzy of the viruses. They feed off of human emotions, which are created within the world of the viruses.

If the viruses are not able to continue to control the thoughts of humans they will lose the food supply they require to remain viruses, which they believe means to remain alive. That is why all methods available, such as mass media, are used to stir the pot of human emotions. They have created this modern day earth paradigm by controlling the thoughts of humans. That is why the paradigm is designed to rip the earth apart via mining to create an energy sucking system. To do so, requires a “labor force” and the general population are the labor force to “serve the gods”.

There is a story that has been accepted as truth by many people of “ancient gods” coming to earth, creating humans, forcing humans to mine for gold, and creating a slave labor force. Well, the ancient gods are the viruses that “fell to earth” and “re-created humans” by writing virus coding within human DNA. That is why the viruses report to humans that they created humans, they believe they did. That is what it means to be “human”, instead of simply the fragmented consciousness of planetary shield 1 merging back together. It means to have a genetic code that contains the coding of viruses.

The viruses even created the word that is now spoken as “human”. The word “came up” through the ancient Egyptian line, as spoken in a human language for the first time, in this time cycle. When I say “came up through” it should now be easy to understand what that really means. The word itself has been given many different definitions since it came up, and has been translated within many different human languages. There are actually two definitions within the virus world. (You Mine – possession) (You Mine – mining). I had told you when you heard this that you most likely would not want to call yourself human any longer. However, humans are not going to stop calling themselves humans until the ascension cycle completes, and they are released from the viruses. An alternative to human could be EaRAs (Erays), meaning of planetary shield 1 of which the vibration name is EaRA. But remember, only humans apply names to things. Human languages only mean something to humans. A higher energy term to use could simply be Source Embodied, or Source.

When you focus within Source mind and shift your focus of attention to a point of sitting above the earth, and look down on the image of the earth, you do not feel any imbalance. You do not see viruses and war. You only feel love. Viruses cannot exist within the balance of love. They can only exist within the imbalance of fear.

The original code for the human body thought form is held within the mind of Source. It is a code that will no longer be needed once this ascension cycle completes. However, in the time remaining of this last ascension cycle, we can re-code the coding of what we call human DNA by focusing within Source mind and filling our self with the loving energy of Source. Doing so begins re-writing the coding to the original code, which is what “re-programming your brain” means. Some people within the new age movement have spoken of a “Divine Blueprint”. That is what this means, the original code of the human body thought form, before it was re-written with the coding of viruses.

Human DNA is the “script” that is playing out as this earth hologram. Years ago I had shared that a “false script” had been inserted into the earth system. This is how the false script was inserted, via the coding of the viruses.

This is also why most of the current population will not be able to reach a high enough vibration rate to wake up and begin remembering truth until they step out of the human body thought form, which means they will not be able to remember they are Source until they do so. It is not because they are stupid, or simply do not care. It is because they are faces of Source who have come to earth to adopt as much of the virus coding they could, to heal their part of what is making humans mentally ill. They are not capable of understanding why they do what they do because they cannot think beyond the controlled thoughts of the viruses. Most are not even capable of stopping to think why anything occurs as it does. To them, it is simply the way life is.

At the same time, human consciousness is still working to merge back together what became male and female energy. So you see, it is a very complex healing mission. The details involved may seem quite technical at this time, but they really are not. It is simply a process of healing back into balance and turning on more of the higher energy of Source mind within you. The antidote to all of it will always be the same, which is the love of Source. Only the love of Source can heal all that becomes imbalanced.

In a future part, if not the next, I will share some information of how the coding of viruses create illness within humans.

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