History of Humans Part 11


Human consciousness is currently stuck in plane 1 of the earth ascension system. We call this plane the troposphere. It is the level of radiation of the auric body the image of the manifest hologram always expresses within. It is the lowest level of radiation of a planetary shield, therefore, the lowest level of radiation of the auric body. This means human consciousness fell into the level of radiation, vibration rate, the manifest hologram pictures within. It means human consciousness cannot run through their auric body, as “open to awareness energy” the higher energy of what we call the upper atmosphere. It means the human expression is running at a very low vibration rate. This is why most humans do not know they have an auric body, as it is energy/radiation turned off to human awareness.

Human consciousness is “keyed to” the 3 point harmonics of mind (sun), which means all four layers of the human auric body are keyed to 3 point harmonics. Which means planetary shield 1 is keyed to 3 point harmonics, as planetary shield 1 is projected from the 3 point creation point of mind (sun) to surround mind (sun).

But human consciousness is currently running on only the 3 point harmonics of plane 1 of this earth ascension system, which means all of the radiation in the upper layers of the atmosphere are turned off to the awareness of human consciousness. “Knowledge” of mind is held within those upper layers of atmosphere.

The 6, 9, & 12 point harmonics are also held within the four layers of the atmosphere but human consciousness cannot access those harmonics because humans are keyed to the 3 point harmonics.

The process of viruses eating within the image we call manifest matter is the process of viruses eating 3 point harmonics, expressing within the lowest plane of radiation of this earth ascension system.

Remember, you are a “Star”. You live inside of a Star. A Star is a replicated mind of Source whole mind. Manifest matter is an illusion, created by the thoughts of mind, within mind. The illusion of manifest matter is no different than the movie you see shown on a movie screen. It is thoughts expressing as forms composed of light. The light forms “feel” and experience as solid to humans because the human body thought form is “part of the image shown on the screen”, because human consciousness is expressing within the same level of radiation humans currently experience as visible light.

The script, or film, of the movie is the coding held within the auric body of each human expression. The coding is thought coding, which we see as something manifest and call DNA. What we call DNA is an image held within the image of the movie, on the screen. It is a light form, of thought coding.

The human expression picks up, inherits, the coding of this earth ascension system, via the earth biological parents, which includes the thought of the human body form.

When the male and female expression engage in sex what is actually occurring is their auric bodies are merging into one auric body, they are plugging their individual Eternal Life Grid into each other. This plugs what became male and female energy into each other, which is required to create a replicated thought of the human body thought template.

However, humans are still missing part of their original energy, which fragmented. This last earth ascension cycle is about re-accreting the rest of what became female energy. The missing energy does not allow enough energy to begin the process of “turning on” the replicated thought of the human body template thought. To do so requires more energy.

This spark of energy is supplied by the incarnating face of Source supplying a “spark” of their energy to allow the replicated thought to begin to turn on. Turning on the replicated thought is what humans experience as the fetus growing in the mother’s womb. The “thought” was already created before the image begins to turn on. The incarnating consciousness cannot plug into / seat within / adopt / take control of / begin animating the replicated thought until it has increased to a vibration rate the incarnating consciousness can plug into. A spark of the incarnating consciousness is held within the growing form but the consciousness cannot “house” the form until it reaches a high enough vibration rate. Humans experience it reaching a high enough vibration rate via the form birthing from the mother’s womb.

This is how incarnating consciousness “picks up” the coding of the earth ascension system, and the “coding” of the earth hologram, which includes the coding of the human body thought form. To express as an “image” within the movie you must first hold coding that will show up in the movie.

Human sex is the process of “two becoming one to then become three”, or sometimes more than three if twins or more occur. It is the process of enough of Source energy being merged back together to co-create a new thought form, from a thought template. Using an analogy from earlier, it is the process of creating a closet full of shirts from the same shirt pattern.

The incarnating ray of consciousness still creates their own aruic body, when they plug into the earth planetary shield. Their ray is coded with, holds, the thoughts of mind they bring unto the earth system. Before the ray can embody, it must split into two rays, to adopt the fragmentation of what became male and female energy. This means each ray must then locate family members of the original ray, for “both rays” to, then play the role of biological earth parents. This is where the concept of “soul mates” originates.

Growing the human body form from the baby body to the adult body is the process of the ray accreting energy from the earth planetary shield. Doing so is the process of drawing thoughts to self, which hold the energy creating the earth hologram, as well as receiving more of Source energy flowing from Source mind, through the ray of consciousness, which we call the vertical pillar chakras in the human body form.

Drawing thoughts to yourself includes what we call “eating”. The ray must be supplemented with energy, held within thoughts, because human consciousness cannot receive enough of the energy of mind (the sun) to remain manifest.

Growing the human body form is the process of “turning on” more coding of the human body thought. Turning on more coding means the ability to draw in more energy, which is the energy held within the thoughts, creating the manifest image of the hologram. When remaining connected to mind, it also means to be able to receive more energy from mind.

An ascension system is the process of “re-collecting” all of the energy of the rays that fragmented and taking them back into Source mind. The thoughts creating the hologram, including what became viruses in the image of the hologram, are the energy of the collective of human consciousness that fragmented. It is a process of collecting your thoughts, which hold your energy.

Consciousness stepping back down, and in, from planetary shields 2 & 3, or Walk-Ins, hold the ability to turn on the 3 point harmonics held within the 6 and 9 point harmonic scale. The 3 point harmonics held within the 6 & 9 point harmonics express at a higher vibration rate than the 3 point harmonics within the 3 point harmonic scale. This means Walk-Ins hold the ability to assist to increase the vibration rate of human consciousness, simply via birthing “through” human consciousness, to assist to raise them up to a high enough vibration rate to “ascend” back into mind, and return to balance.

Turning on higher harmonics is what people are calling shifting into “higher dimensions”. Dimensions are the same thing as the harmonic scale of harmonic waves of radiation. Turning on more harmonics is the process of increasing the vibration within the thoughts that create the images of manifest matter. Of course, this occurs from the “inside out”, not the “outside in”. When we think of what particle science calls particles, it is the process of increasing the vibration rate within particles. Particles are simply units of radiation that group together to create a form of a thought, or a thought form.

Increasing the vibration rate within particles, that compose the images of manifest matter, de-densifies the units of radiation / particles that composes the thought form. It is the process of raising the radiation particles that bond to each other to create a thought form to higher and higher vibration rates, which means higher and higher levels of radiation.

This begins the process of de-manifesting the hologram. De-manifesting the hologram is the process of turning off the hologram, in the last ascension cycle, which is the result of breaking the bonds that hold units of radiation together. Humans experience de-manifesting thought forms as thought forms dying out. Breaking the bonds that hold units of radiation bonded to each other requires the units of radiation / particles to be vibrated faster and faster. For example, that is what is occurring when something such a sound is used to shatter a crystal glass. The bonds that hold the form as a form are released and the form shatters. We will not experience the hologram shattering as the energy of Source gradually increases the vibration rate of the units of radiation bonded to each other to create forms. However, that is why sound technology will not return to human consciousness until they merge back into balance. It would be used in ways that could shatter the hologram, which would mean to fragment human consciousness all over again.

While still embodied as human, humans can use their thoughts to reprogram human DNA and remove virus coding from human DNA, which breaks the chemical bonds of the image of viruses and removes them from human DNA coding. Doing so is quite simple. It only requires reprogramming the brain with balanced loving thoughts and to stop the imbalanced negative thoughts from running. The “process” is quite simple. The challenging part is first becoming aware of the negative thoughts, then stopping them, and reprogramming the brain. Doing so requires to become “thought aware”, being aware of the thoughts that are running within you.

The negative thoughts of the viruses have been running for so long within the human expression that humans do not even realize they are not a natural part of the life experience. All negative thoughts are the opposite of love.

When you judge yourself, or judge others, you are experiencing negative thoughts created by the viruses. Discernment of imbalanced thoughts, or imbalanced behavior is not the process of judging, if you can look at the imbalance and see it for what it is without judging the individual creating the imbalance. It is simply a process of becoming aware of imbalanced thoughts running within the person. The person is you. It is another expression of yourself that is mirroring the imbalance to you, to allow you to see it. Therefore, when you judge another person you are actually judging yourself.

Negative thought programming runs through us on autopilot. They run so quickly that they pass by without being noticed. They continue to program the same negative thoughts within human DNA. That is why becoming thought aware is so important. You will not catch all of the negative thoughts, but you can catch a lot of them. When you become aware of them, it is then a matter of stopping them and realizing they are not yours, they are the programming of the viruses.

Did you experience any freak out thoughts in becoming aware that you hold the coding of viruses in your DNA? If so, where do you think those thoughts came from? They came from the viruses. They do not want you to know how they are controlling your thoughts. For them, it creates fear, because you have the power to transmute them, which means death to them. You then experience “their fear”, not realizing the fear is not even your own.

How do you see yourself? How do you experience life? Do you awaken each day filled with joy for simply being alive and can’t wait to get out and experience, or do you awaken with dread of another day of hard work and trying to survive. Such dread is the dread of the viruses and trying to survive within the energy of Source that you are. Such dread may seem like a natural part of life on earth. It is not natural. You are Source embodied. You are eternal love. You should never experience anything except love, joy and happiness. Can you see how the viruses are creating your imbalanced experiences by controlling your thoughts?

In case you have not yet realized it, the thoughts of the viruses ARE the sub-conscious mind. That is why the sub-conscious mind is a “mind of body” and not a body of mind. That is why the sub-conscious mind has been controlling human consciousness for not just thousands, but for millions of years. Each time human consciousness has dropped in energy to not be able to receive the higher energy of Source mind, the sub-conscious mind has taken over controlling the human body and human thoughts. That is how the thoughts of the viruses have created this earth paradigm, by controlling the thoughts of humans.

Every time you get the flu or a cold, viruses are trying to take over your body, and those are just small viruses at work. Most likely you never thought of the flu or a cold as such before. They are just a natural part of life, correct? They are not “natural”, they simply seem to be natural because viruses have been controlling the human body for so long. Getting sick is not natural, it is the result of viruses controlling the matter base of this earth hologram, via controlling the thoughts of humans. The human body holds the power to heal itself. That is why you heal from a cold or the flu.

The viruses have hijacked the human immune system and have created their own immune system, which is written in the code of human DNA. This is not new information. Science knows that the viruses have created their own immune system. Science knows a whole lot about viruses and harmful bacteria, to the point that they have known for some time that viruses and virus bacteria control the earth system. Yet, they too do not know it is not normal because humans have no open memory of the viruses not being part of the earth system. Therefore, they believe that viruses have played an important role in the process of “human evolution”. They have no clue what human evolution really means.

When I say “science knows”, I am really speaking about a “faction of science” because the factions of science do not communicate with each other and share what they know. After all, they must protect intellectual rights, which is fed by money and receiving grants for experiments and trials. Such is what keeps the scientific community in motion. So, if you want to know what any faction of science knows you are going to have to pay a heavy price for it. As well, scientists can only hold open so much energy, which means information, and is why they will study in one field of science. The same is true for all humans. We can each only keep so much information open within us at a time.

There are “pieces” of earth floating around within what we call the solar plane, that hold remains of some viruses within them. Can you guess why? The pieces became pieces “before” the viruses became viruses on earth, so how did the viruses get in some pieces? They did so because the pieces of what became earth are fragmented pieces of “thought” and all pieces of the thought will present with the same coding held within the thought. Another example, closer to home, are viruses that only feed off of one thought template, such as a rose. That is because all roses are created from the same thought template. The same is true of any thought, such as birds that can create bird flu, or pigs that can create swine flu, cows that can create mad cow disease. All of those images are thoughts co-created by, held within, the coding of human consciousness.

Remember, human consciousness is currently stuck within the image of the hologram and is why all of the image holds the coding for viruses, because the coding for viruses is coded into human consciousness. Consciousness falling into the matter base of the hologram and becoming viruses is really falling into human consciousness. This is why false beliefs of humans being vile, sinful creatures are included in controlling religious belief systems.

It is only within modern day humans, of this time cycle, that humans have gained a wee bit better understanding of viruses. The wee bit of understanding is the result of trying to understand what makes humans sick. Science has no clue where viruses originate. Previous cultures have only known the effects of viruses, not calling them viruses, but evil monsters or gods. They believed it was evil monsters or gods that created the suffering for humans, therefore, the gods must be appeased to keep humans from suffering. They believed that evil monsters or gods controlled not only earth, but all of creation. The beliefs of the viruses, controlling human thoughts! It is such beliefs that are the foundation of all religious belief systems. This is why the important mission of the teacher who came to be called Jesus was to teach the people that there is only ONE God, but the people could not understand and continued to believe in many gods. Humans still do, they have simply changed the names of the many gods, to names such as viruses, saints, and angels.

Here is a fun fact, in case you have not figured this out yet. The concept of “scrambling human languages” is the result of virus writing themselves into human DNA. The language of humans is human DNA. This is why humans lost the energy required to be a telepathic community.

You are Source embodied. Nothing has control over you unless you choose to believe it does. So, before now you did not know you have the ability to control how your human body will function. Now you do! Now you know you can use “your power” of thinking by re-coding the coding that creates your human body form. If you choose to believe you do not hold the power to do so, then you do not.

That will not stop the process of dying the human body. All MUST stop animating the human body when they reach a vibration rate that is too high to continue to plug into the human body thought, which means too high to remain as part of the image of the earth hologram. Doing so is the process of accreting to a higher level of radiation, which is beyond the level of radiation of the earth hologram. Doing so is releasing from being stuck within the image of the earth hologram. Doing so is the result of turning off the thought representing you within the earth hologram. Doing so is NOW the process of returning to balance with mind.

Feel these truths deep within yourself and realize the thoughts of the fear of “dying” are the thoughts of the viruses. You are Eternal! You cannot die. You simply change “form”. There is no such thing as death.

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