History of Humans Part 12


With the understanding that viruses are controlling the thoughts, therefore the body of humans, it becomes easier to understand how ALL arguments are a battle for energy.

We then need to look at “human emotions”. In now understanding what human really means, it should be easy to understand that human emotions are not an organic expression of the faces of Source embodied. Remember, there was no conflict, wars, pain, suffering, or fear during the first ascension cycle, within any expression of the ascension system. All life expressions, on the surface, and above, lived and expressed only love and peace. The fabled Garden of Eden! Neither was “eating” a part of the first ascension cycle as the energy supplied by the consciousness of planetary shield 4 supplied all of the energy all life expressions required.

Within the creation story of the Christian teachings, and similar within many other religions, there was reported the “forbidden fruit” of the Tree of Knowledge. And, of course the famous story of eating the apple, which is the forbidden fruit. The Tree of Knowledge is the Eternal Life Grid, the apple is the polarized points, or manifest matter, of the Eternal Life Grid. It was the forbidden fruit of the “viruses”, and the fact that “eating” was not organic to the thought creations of Source.

The reports in all religions are metaphors but there was once truth held within the stories, designed for the people of the times. Even though they are metaphors, humans would have eventually been able to understand the truth that “became” the Christian teachings were it not for the Roman government confiscating all of that knowledge and twisting it to create a controlled religion. Who do you think controlled the thoughts of the Romans to do so? The Roman Catholic Church is sitting on top of all of that knowledge, keeping it deeply buried from human awareness. The “Sacred and Forbidden Knowledge”.

Once I have left this hologram, this information will no longer be available as Ascension Whispers on the internet for people to access. People will access whatever they are able to, and whatever they carry with them. The children will carry the truth into the remaining future generations. It is the responsibility of each person who gains access to this knowledge to continue to share it with all they are able to.

The memory of living in peace, harmony, balance and love is deeply coded within human consciousness. It is the “natural state” of expression of all embodied faces of Source. That is why people continue to desire to return to the natural state of expression. Humans have desired to do so ever since they fell out of the Garden of Peace. Love, balance and peace is the true nature of all of the thought creations of Source. Source creates all of creation as balance because all of the thoughts of Source are created as balanced thoughts. That is why “new thoughts” can only be created from the balanced point of Source mind.

Desiring to return to a state of balance can only occur by resetting any thoughts that become imbalanced to the original thought coding. That is what ascension means. That is what it means to consciously focus within the balanced mind of Source, to fill yourself with the love of Source, to then allow your thought expression to be reset to the original thought program. It is what it means to “activate/turn on human DNA”. Doing so “turns off” the coding of the viruses held within human DNA.

Do we desire to simply believe that one day humans became so intelligent to create “technology” to then map human DNA? Source does not create technology. The thoughts to create technology come from the viruses. There are balanced, and imbalanced agendas held within humanity leading the desire to understand, and manipulate human DNA. Some really do desire to rid humanity of disease and illness. There is also a hidden agenda that desires to understand how to manipulate human DNA to create a master race of controlled humans. There is also a hidden agenda to discover how humans can access the energy of Source. This is openly called, “how does life occur”, or more precisely, “how is energy created”. It is now very easy to understand the thoughts leading the way to discover how energy is created.

All of the imbalanced emotions humans experience are the result of the viruses controlling human emotions. Human emotions are created “within” the world of the viruses. The viruses know more about how the human works than humans do. Their life depends on knowing such things. One of the ways to control human emotions is to control the “diets” of humans. Did you know your diet plays a major role in the creation of human emotions? The viruses do and so does science, to some degree.

Human emotions are created by what science call “hormones”. Ahhhh, starting to see the diet connection already, aren’t you? There is a whole lot of information available on the internet about hormones, what they are made of, how the body creates them, where in the body they are created, and the roles they play in the body, so I will not take the time to try to repeat any of that information here. If you desire to know, simply do a Google search for human hormones.

One thing I will mention, is that hormones are entered into the blood stream from endocrine glands and the pineal gland is an endocrine gland. You most likely know that the pineal gland looks similar to a pineapple or pine cone. Did you also know that the Roman Catholic Church uses this image as one of their symbols? Doing so directly interfaces with the pineal gland of humans, which in turn speaks to the hormones created in the pineal gland, which is the process of speaking directly to the human emotions created by the pineal gland. Many people still continue to believe that the pineal gland is the “third eye”, or the “all seeing eye”. You may find this hard to accept, but the pineal gland is part of the human body thought form, which means it holds coding in the human DNA. This means it only expresses in the human body thought form. You may also find it hard to believe that virus coding has hijacked the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is NOT the all seeing eye of Source. It is a “third eye” but it is an eye of the viruses. The pineal gland has also been associated with what we call chakra 6 in the brain. Chakra 6 is connected to a layer of mind, within the embodied ray of consciousness. It cannot be seen in the manifest image of the human body as it is part of the embodied ray of consciousness. Chakra 6 is keyed to “light” instead of “sound”. When you visualize, or imagine seeing images in your head, you are looking through/within chakra 6, which is located at the center of the center of the brain, in the human body form. Chakra 6 is the “first eye”, not the third eye. It is what allows you to see “inner creation”, which is seeing what thoughts look like before they are seen upon the movie screen of outer creation.

Humans do not “see” within the pineal gland but the viruses can control human emotions by controlling human hormones that are entered into the blood stream from the pineal gland. This in turn will control what humans “believe they see”. If you know some of the thoughts of human’s history, you most likely also know that the pineal gland is associated with an ancient Egyptian god called Ra. Now that we have remembered about the viruses, who have always been the so called gods, perhaps it is time to rethink any beliefs you may hold about activating your pineal gland. The truth behind regaining control of the pineal gland is about regaining control of human emotions.

Chemicals, such as fluoride, have more recently been associated with the pineal gland. Guess what such chemicals do, they alter human hormones. Guess what putting foods into the body, that have been fed hormones to make them grow faster do, they alter human hormones. Human hormones play a role in the translation of thoughts, as they open within the body. That is why if you did experienced any freak out from discovering your DNA is coded with viruses, the freak out is from the viruses. They do not want humans to know how they control them, and have gone to pain staking measures of control to keep humans from finding out. If you are feeling kind of “off” after discovering about the control of the viruses, know it is the feeling of the viruses that are making you feel like that. They are in a state of freak out at this time to know that humans are starting to discover how they control humans, and how to transmute them., which they believe means to kill them.

The body works very hard, non-stop, to send all of the opened data to the brain to be translated within the “sense regions” of the brain. That is where we “experience” human emotions, but that is not where they are created. They are created as they are translated through “chemicals” in the body and the cells and blood stream delivers the chemicals to brain cells.

Modern science is really fighting a no win situation in trying to understand how human DNA runs the human body, simply because the viruses have hijacked human DNA, and they have no way of knowing what human DNA looks like when it is not coded with virus coding. They do not know it, but they cannot “reprogram” human DNA by changing the image of human DNA they see. They do not know it is a mirrored image of the coding held within the auric body. The only thing that can reset human DNA to the original code is the higher energy of Source mind, which holds the original code. They can create mutations in DNA to create some strange looking forms but the forms will eventually die out because the DNA used is not able to access the energy of Source mind. This is because it is not connected to the Eternal Life Grid ray of consciousness. That is why viruses cannot receive the energy of Source mind.

Once science had completed mapping the human gene code, there was lots of investment in the project, believing it would be a new field of medical treatment, which could cure humanity of many diseases. All of the clinical trials that followed, and continue, have shown little, if any positive effects. That does not mean they are giving up, but many people are suffering needless side effects, and some even body death, as a result of such clinical trials. People who will partake in such clinical trials, of their own free will, do so because they have some disease that will eventually lead to death of the body. It is fear of death of the body that allows such clinical trials to continue. As we have remembered, fear of death of the human body is actually the fear of the viruses.

Such clinical trials are pushed, funded by big pharma as they involve mixing pharma created chemicals (secrets) into the human body. Such clinical trials are actually an investment by big pharma to test their drugs, and see what reactions they create in the human body. Therefore, they can create many unknown side effects. Such programs are set up so they are little if any cost to the patient and a person who is told they have a disease that is a death sentence will choose such simply out of fear.

The doctors and medical staff involved in such trials receive huge amounts of money from both insurance companies and drug companies. They have nothing to lose in the process and are becoming quite wealthy. Of course in advertising a trial to a patient they will tell them of possible side effects, one even being death, but they do not tell people of the lasting side effects the person who survives the trial may have to then live with. In some countries, not all, clinical trials have become the answer to previous barbaric methods of testing on populations without their awareness. If you were diagnosed with a fast growing cancer and nothing tried was slowing it down, you would most likely be ready to take part in a clinical trial of some sort. This is but one reason why big pharma is not really interested in finding a cure for cancer as much as they are in being able to sell their drugs.

Negative human emotions play a major role in making the human body sick, but it is not the emotions themselves that make the body sick, it is what they do within the body that allows viruses and virus bacteria to feed energy from the body, which makes the body sick. They lower the body’s natural immune system, which then makes it easier for virus bacteria to grow, which play a role in translating the energy of food to feed the body.

Viruses that create the flu and cold seasons exist year round. Why then do we experience a flu and cold season in the winter months of the year. Why don’t we experience a summer flu and cold season? You can have the flu or cold any time during the year, but the season when they effect large populations are the autumn and winter season. Are we to believe that viruses that exist non-stop only choose to feed in the autumn and winter season? Medical theories point to people being stuck inside during the winter season, as the reason to such a virus season. That can hardly be the case because people who live in tropical heat climate are stuck inside during the summer season, trying to stay cool. If that were true, then they should experience a flu and cold season during their summer months. Theories galore, that have been accepted as truth by humanity.

As well, the flu and cold are almost as old as dirt. They existed in pre-ancient history, ancient history and modern day. People in pre-ancient and ancient history were not trapped inside due to weather changes. If they did not continue to go outside, they would have starved to death. Being stuck in a cave is not the same thing as being stuck in a heated or air conditioned house. Yet, they still had a flu and cold season.

Have you ever wondered why are there so many different strains of the flu virus each year? Did you know that a flu vaccine is created for a flu virus that has already attacked. Vaccines do not cure disease, they create disease.

Flu and cold season occur in the autumn and winter months because they are the yearly slow down cycle of the collective accretion rate. That is what creates seasons to begin with, the accretion rate of the collective. A slowdown in accretion rate means the body is taking in less energy and working to raise the energy accreted to a higher vibration rate. We experience the same thing when the body cycles into daily sleep mode. A yearly cycle of such is a yearly sleep cycle, within the collective. That is why some animals hibernate, as the collective is not able to provide them the full amount of energy they require to remain awaken.

When the body cycles into sleep mode, it is receiving less energy, or taking in less energy, while it adjusts to a new higher vibration rate. This then lowers the body’s natural immune system, as the body is using more energy to continue to operate, which leaves less energy for the immune system. That is why the viruses that create a flu and cold season can better attack during such slow down cycles of accretion.

There are so many different new strains of flu each year because they continue to gain energy from feeding off of humans, which allow them to mutate into higher energy viruses. It is a process of the viruses trying to keep up with the increasing vibration rate of human consciousness. As well, not all humans will have the same flu virus, as not all humans are coded to the same flu virus. Flu vaccines are a waste of time and money and can create more harm than good.

A cold is created by virus bacteria and can occur more often as they gain energy from eating food that contain a high concentration of virus bacteria. The home location for virus bacteria, in mammals, is the gut. The old saying goes, “feed a cold, starve a fever”. (laughing) The flu creates a fever, a cold does not. A cold virus loves moist places and so takes over the sinus system. The flu virus attacks the entire system, and is why the body will create a fever. A fever is theĀ  body turning on higher amounts of radiation to combat the attack of the virus on the body.

The Big “C” Word

Now let’s look deeper at why the body’s immune system does not attack cancer cells, and discover how cancer is created. Unless you have experienced an adventure with some type of cancer, you may not realize the body’s immune system does not attack cancer cells. Seems rather strange does it not, since cancer cells are trying to consume the body. What I am about to share with you is known, in part, by modern medicine.

Modern medicine knows that cancer is a disease of modern day society, and that it did not exist in ancient cultures. This then leads them to believe it is a result of modern day living, diets, toxic environments, and chemicals put into the body. Therefore, we have millions, if not billions, of reports of anything and everything being a cause of cancer.

Modern medicine has not been able to, nor will they, create a cure for cancer because cancer does not become cancer until a cell becomes a cancer cell. Every person holds cells in their body that hold the potential to become cancer cells. If all people lived long enough, every person would eventually get some type of cancer. But until cancer cells “appear”, there are no cancer cells in the body. If there were living cancer cells within everybody, all people would have already died from cancer. As well, different cancers are dominate within different regions, different countries, different population. For example, I recently discovered that Asian men do not get prostate cancer. That discovery led me to ask many questions.

Modern medicine does know this next part. Each cell is coded with instructions that when it is replaced by the body it is to “transform”. Transformation of a cell releases the chemical bonds in the cell, which then allows the chemicals that make up the cell to release from each other and be flushed from the body.

The viruses have not written a code into human DNA for cancer. They have written a code into human DNA to hijack the transformation code. Science calls the transformation code a “kill code”. There is no such thing as death, on any level of creation, simply form changing form, or transforming.

The code of the virus keeps cells from transforming once they are replaced in the body. They then become free falling, unattached cells in the body. Guess what? Science also has a name for such cells, which they call “free radicals”. Do you remember hearing reports that free radicals can create cancer?

What occurs inside of a free falling cell? The same thing that occurred to create the collective of viruses. They begin a rapid drop in energy, spinning out of control, energy begins to shut down within them, the code they hold of the Eternal Life Grid is altered to become the grid of the viruses and presto, the viruses then have energy to feed off of, energy they can “plug into”.

Why does the body’s natural immune system not see such cells as a threat, to then begin attacking them? Because the viruses have written their own immune system into the DNA. Their coding tells the natural immune system that they are not a threat.

Cancer cells can be created when there are more old cells being released in the body faster than they can transform. If a part of the body encounters some other type of illness, the body’s immune system will begin fighting with the virus creating the illness, and replacing cells. This then creates free radical cells. The response required for any disease is to keep the body’s natural immune system as strong as possible. That is very challenging to do in today’s modern society.

But, why didn’t ancient cultures get cancer? Is it really a result of modern day living? The answer is no! Science has no clue about this. It is because as human consciousness has turned on more energy, accreted more energy, they have continued to turn on more coding within the human body template. Doing so has allowed the viruses to get smarter and figure out how to create the virus code to over ride the transformation instructions.

Not getting cancer involves much more than diet, it also involves mental, emotional and spiritual health as imbalance within any of these areas can lower the body’s natural immune system to then allow other diseases to occur.

Why will people who get cancer get one type of cancer that others do not? Kind of makes it seems as though viruses are “selective” doesn’t it? They are! They can only feed energy off of energy of their original ray of family of consciousness, because they are originally coded to the harmonics of their original ray.

When a cancer cell becomes a free falling/free radical cell, it still holds some of the original program of the original role it played in the body. That is what creates specific types of cancer. The specific type, such as lung cancer, is determined by the original role the cell played within a region in the body.

Dormant DNA coding (science called junk DNA) does not hold modern day virus programming, because it has to be active and running within the DNA to adopt the modern day virus program. If it turns on before it can be purged, it will instantly adopt the modern day virus programming as it turns on in modern day human DNA, and add to, increase the coding, of modern day virus programming. When talking about updating an anti-virus program, it is similar to new files being added, old files being purged and replaced, except it is the code of viruses.

If dormant DNA coding turns on, it is written into the running DNA. This is what creates the concept of “karma”, it is also what creates “inherited diseases”.

Whatever coding is stored in dormant thoughts will be opened and translated within the operation of the body system (in case you did not know, what we call “memories” are thoughts). They will be encountered to experience, as they would express at this now vibration rate, or point in time, when that part of the DNA plays through the life experience. The way to keep that from occurring is to re-write the DNA to the original code before memories are encountered. Otherwise, it will require walking through them, or experiencing/becoming aware of them, to purge them. Can you see how extremely important it is to become aware of your POWER and use your POWER to re-program your brain? Your brain holds the coding of human DNA, as your brain is actually your auric body. Your mind is what we call the sun. You can use the balanced thoughts of mind to reprogram your DNA to the original program.

One last bit of info, then I will end this section.

In the clinical trials of “modern medicine”, they are “trying” to combat disease after it has already been created in the body, such as cancer cells by “re-coding” immune cells with pharma chemicals. To do this, they use a machine, that extracts the patient’s blood and circulates it through the machine. This done via an IV. The extracted blood circulates through the machine, which somehow separates T1 cells (immune cells) from the blood. The remaining blood then flows back into the body via an IV in the opposite arm. This process requires a series of extractions for a series of spread out, weekly treatments, depending on the trial and the disease.

The T1 cells are then shipped over night to a lab where they mix the “secrete drugs” with the T1 cells. The patient then has another appointment within a certain number of days of extraction, as the T1 cells will only remain alive for a certain amount of time. In the next appointment, the modified T1 cells are put back into the body via an IV. This is where side effects can become extreme, if they do. There can also be side effects after the infusion.

The thought behind such trials, as far as actually being helpful, is to tell the immune system to attack any cells that hold the coding the infused T1 cells now hold. So for a specific cancer cell, it would be coding of that specific type of cancer. The theory behind this is to slow down the growth of cancer cells. It is not a “cure” for any disease. As previously stated, there have been some positive results for some people but also many negative results.

The “need” to combat against human diseases is to create, and maintain balance within the “whole body system”, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. When imbalance occurs in any of these areas the immune system can be lowered and allow disease to begin growing. The “cure” for all diseases is to reset human DNA to the original program. Only Source mind can do that, but as you now know, you can begin doing so by reprogramming your brain.

It would be very helpful to pay attention to how you are effected by energy, which includes foods, and to remember what creates ill effects within you, then stay away from them. That means to pay attention to what creates balance and imbalance within you. An addiction, that creates extreme imbalance, is something that is similar to “a death code” in the DNA. Of course it is created and ran by the viruses.

Remember to turn to Source in all of your moments of need. Focus within Source mind and fill your body with the loving energy of Source. Source will never lead you astray. Source hears all thoughts, all words, as Source is the ONLY one listening. Turn your attention away from imbalanced thought programming and re-program your brain with the original, divine code, simply by filling yourself with the love of Source.

You must believe, and BE, the change you desire to experience!

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