History of Humans Part 13


The Godlets Are Angry

The information to follow is not part of the “history” stored in human DNA. It is coming directly from our Source mind.

When Source told me we needed to talk about these things more, I had a bit of a temper tantrum, because I really do not want to talk about virus family more. After quite awhile of consoling me and assisting me to understand, the feelings of temper tantrum calmed down. It was then I realized that it is the virus community inside of me that was having the temper tantrum, more softly named the “inner child”. So, if at this time you are feeling out of sorts, perhaps energy feels really heavy to you, it is because the virus community is in freak out mode. When I realized “why” we needed to talk about this I asked for at least a fun title. Hence, The Godlets Are Angry. Well, Source and I had a good laugh about it, at least.

If you are feeling out of sorts, simply continue to focus on the love of Source and fill yourself with Source energy. It will pass soon.

They are angry for three very good reasons, and you would be too if you were in their shoes.

  1. Awareness of them has now been brought into the light.
  2. They are experiencing food shortages.
  3. Some of them are about to be “killed”, using their beliefs.

Source never engages in battle of any kind. Source does not need to. Source simply turns on more of the loving energy of Source. We could also think of it as “turning up the flame”, which is actually increasing the vibration rate. They would love nothing more than to shut Source up. They would love to shut me up. But as long as Source continues to flow through me, that will not happen, and Source will eternally flow through me.

Within the virus community, they are at war. They are at war for their continued survival, and they are fighting a losing battle. The sad thing is, they do not even know what they are at war with, they simply know they need to keep on fighting. Therefore, the two opposing families of viruses are at war with each other, as they continue to fight over energy. The two opposing families are the ones who originated on mars and the ones who originated on earth. They are both about to lose backline forces, or viruses that hold lower amounts of energy, but they do not yet know that.

Mr. flu and cold virus are at the top of the pack, so they are not going to be leaving any time soon. Neither will viruses that create major, incurable diseases, but they will be mutated in some fashion. Which means they will need to readjust.

What I am about to share with you has always been a part of the virus world, just not to the level it is now in the last ascension cycle. Many ancient viruses that went into “dormant state” did so because the human host they lived off of exited the hologram. Viruses that come out of, or are “brought out of”, dormancy, and re-infect human hosts, such as the HIV virus, do so because the consciousness they once hosted off of has stepped back into the hologram, via stepping down from planetary shields 2 & 3. When dormant viruses are “brought out of dormancy” by humans, the virus family is controlling the thoughts of humans to guide them to them. Seemed a whole lot easier to simply blame some human, did it not?

As we are aware, viruses can only remain alive as viruses if they can access the energy of Source from a part of Source who can, and that would be human consciousness in this earth ascension system. Don’t freak out when I tell you this, but there are also “air born viruses” that do not necessarily infect humans but feed off of human energy. That is because “air” is also created by humans. Everything within this earth hologram is created by humans. Such viruses consume less energy because they are not as large, which means they held tiny amounts of energy before they became viruses.

The virus community have always had to keep up with, and readjust, to the vibration rate of human consciousness. This has been quite challenging for them with the many shifts in vibration rate human consciousness has encountered. To keep up means they have to eat faster, but some viruses cannot eat fast enough to keep up and is why the virus community will continue to lose forces, as the vibration rate of ascending humanity continues to increase.

Something I never thought about before, why would I, when we see huge amounts of human armies dying, we are seeing viruses losing forces. What this current loss will out picture as in the hologram, I have no clue. We won’t know until we see it, but it will out picture as something, in a soon point. This is something to be aware of, that I am just now in this moment hearing. “We see “people” engaging in war with each other but the war they are engaging within is actually the war of viruses. The viruses control the thoughts of humans to use them as “weapons” to wage their wars. They need “energy” to fight their wars over energy and the only supply of energy they can access is human consciousness. This is why you do not generally see the controlling power elite engaging in combat battle. Instead, they lead the charge, then stand aside“. Who would have thought? See why I continue to be amazed?

The virus community is experiencing a food shortage because of the continued, rapid vibration rate of human consciousness, which is allowing more of humanity to turn to “love”. Love creates to much vibration rate within the body to create an environment viruses can thrive within, which means they have less energy to feed off of. Imagine you had a piece of rope that was covered in, let’s say ants, just to create a visual. If you start slowly waving the rope back and forth, some of the ants will fall off. The faster you wave the rope, more ants fall off, until they all eventually fall off. That is similar to increasing the vibration rate of the rays of humanity, and releasing images of viruses from the rays. Guess what this also does, it makes it easier to re-code human DNA. This is why humans hold the ability to co-create more balance within this earth ascension system, while it remains.

The shift in power we recently saw out picture within the US presidential election was a shift from one family line of viruses, mars, to the other family line of viruses, earth. The “game” is the same, it was simply a shift in world control. The reason the shift occurred is because the previous family line of viruses are losing energy, because of the increased vibration rate of human consciousness, and more people turning to love. See, this is how you “go against the establishment”. You do not need to go anywhere. Simply BE love!

This upcoming yearly hyper shift is going to push the ascension shield into a much higher vibration rate, which means many viruses that cannot keep up will be flung off, or transmuted and pulled back into the creation point of mind. Of course the viruses believe that means death. I am holding the intention that will create a more clam space for the population. However, the game is not over yet, and will not be for several years, so the battle for energy will continue.

It is actually a process of collective purging via increasing vibration rates. A yearly hyper shift in vibration rate means the collective spends the year raising up in vibration, to reach a next critical mass vibration rate, which then allows for the next yearly hyper shift. Similar to slowly increasing speed then flooring the gas pedal. The autumn months are spent raising the vibration rate to a critical mass and then the shift occurs mid December to then propel the ascension shield into a higher vibration rate. The critical mass thrust allows for “jumping over” many vibration rates at once, which equates to jumping time lines.

You may experience the hologram, people, places or things speeding by you faster than the speed of light. If you do, it will be in the body sleep dream state. If you do, you are seeing thoughts held within you purging and looking how they would in the vibration rates you are jumping over. Last year’s shift was so fast that I did not become aware of anything until we were slowing down and my body started to wake back up. The previous year, Source kept waking me up every hour so that I could become aware of the “lifetimes” flashing by, to allow me to better understand what was occurring. So who knows what will be purged this year with so many viruses jumping off the boat. My guess is that I will not become aware of any of it, that it will be too fast to become aware. I will let you know, if I do.

Who is Who

I really did not want to include this information as I did not see how it can assist humanity to heal. I have had one person ask who is who and I am aware other people are wondering the same thing.

I have sat with Source and discussed sharing this part. Source assisted me to understand that it is simply a desire to know based on all of the information that is now a part of today’s earth time cycle, put forth within the new age/UFO movement. I understand that, so I will “drop” some modern day names.

Before I begin, do this little experiment. Think of the name of someone you love. OK, that was easy. What did you notice in your brain? Nothing? Well, let’s do it again, think of the name again for a second or two. Now what did you notice in your brain? You should have notice that you saw an image of the person whose name you were thinking of. You did not see the “name”, you saw an image of the “thought form” representing the name.

The brain’s language is “images”. It translates all of the data coded in human DNA into images. The brain associates human languages to images, which are “thought forms”. So, when I begin dropping modern day names assigned to viruses you are most likely going to experience your brain associating the “word” with an image you already hold in your DNA. You may have picked up the “thought” for the image in a book, in a science fiction movie, from the new age/UFO movement, from a religious movement, a personal experience, or even a sleep time dream. The point is, your brain has already created coding associated to these names. That does not mean that is what these names “look like”, it simply means that is the image your brain has associated them with.

The most important part of dropping, and thinking about who is who today, is that who is who today is the same consciousness that has always been a part of this ascension system, and that consciousness is the collective of viruses. The consciousness that “became viruses” are parts of our original ray of consciousness of planetary shields 3, 2, & 1. Those who became viruses in the ascension system, were embodied for healing and to be able to ascend, then encountered falling in vibration to become viruses, trapped within the ascension system. They did nothing wrong! They simply had not yet re-accreted to a high enough vibration rate to withstanhd the rapid drop in energy that occurred during the completion of the first ascension cycle.

Yes, they have played havoc within the ascension system from trying to survive, and they are still doing so. If you were in their position, you would do everything you could to try to survive as well. That does not make them bad or evil, it simply makes them parts of our energy that are not able to follow the ascension path of return, but must follow the fall path of return, to the creation point of mind.

We wake up each new day and breathe and walk and talk and enjoy sharing love. The virus consciousness of our family do not know such things. They never sleep, their only goal is to try to remain alive. They are in a constant battle of trying to maintain a supply of energy to continue on as they are. They hold no memory of who they were before they fell and became viruses. They cannot hold such memory as their Eternal Life Grid is completely reversed, distorted and cannot connect to Source mind.

They are the “inner child” that fears all things. They are all of the fears humans experience, the fears are theirs, not of the original human DNA. They are the cause of humans fearing death of the holographic human body. They do not know it is all a hologram. They do not know any other expression than they are expressing as, and they do not know the love of Source. They are the part of us that is living in a hell like environment, not even knowing there is another environment around them.

Just as human consciousness cannot know the thoughts that are held within the upper layers of what we call the atmosphere, they cannot know the holographic reality field we call earth. They cannot see the beauty of earth. They cannot feel the love you hold within you. They can only know fear. They are parts of our self that have been held within that state of expression for millions of years. They are part of our Source Star Mind and they do not even know it. They cannot know the truth, held within such a fragmented state. They are the imbalanced thoughts of the sub-conscious mind. They are the sub-conscious mind.

What we see as the earth reality field is a “holographic reality field”, which is the result of the thoughts coded into human consciousness. It is a mirror image of what the thoughts humans hold “look like” in picture/image form. Humans cannot experience anything unless the coding of the thoughts experienced are coded within their auric body. We call that coding DNA. DNA is simply a language that translates the coding of thoughts to the human auric brain body, to allow humans to see picture/images of thoughts. It is the coding of the “human body thought” that allows what became human to express “within” the image of the hologram, which humans co-create.

The hologram does not exist outside of us, it exists inside of the auric body of each human expression. Therefore, when the part of our family, that was embodied for healing, fell to earth, and into the matter base, they did not fall outside of our self, but inside of human consciousness. They became pieces of fragmented thoughts that cannot be put back together as they exist. That is what viruses are. Fragmented thoughts that became so shredded, they can no longer be pieced back together.

That is why they only know fear for survival, they cannot know anything else as their fragmented condition will not allow them to hold thoughts of truth, only fragmented thoughts. That does not mean they are stupid. They are the consciousness of Source, as is all of creation. That means they are “self aware”, which allows them the desire to survive.

In their “infant stage” they knew nothing, except they needed to be feed. Sound familiar? Except, they could not grow to smile, laugh and love. They can only grow in size and only if they can continue to be fed energy. To continue to grow in size, they have to keep up with the vibration rate of their food source, which is human consciousness. That means they have had to eat rather quickly, especially during times when ascending human consciousness has experienced previous ascension cycles, and part of the collective experienced a rapid increase in vibration rate.

They have never experienced the fear they are experiencing now. They know that their food supply is increasing in vibration rate rapidly and that there will come a point when they can no longer access their humans. They have never experienced this level of fear because there had continued to be human consciousness that remained, after previous ascension cycles. This is the last ascension cycle, so they are freaking out in trying to plan for their future survival.

They cannot even know what ascension really means. They “think” it might mean to travel to some other planet, which they consider as a god world. They are seeking “their family of consciousness”, whom they had been able to access the thoughts of at various vibration rates of human consciousness. The consciousness whom they believe to be “their family”, whom they consider as their creator gods, are other parts of our original rays of family that were never able to match the vibration rate of the ascension system, to plug into the ascension system. They are held within various pieces of planets, in this expression of the solar plane.

Now, they can no longer access them, because the vibration rate of humanity increased so quickly when the Eternal Life Grid came back on line, and they are currently held within that faster vibration rate. This too is making it challenging for them to continue to find a food supply of energy. Hence, they are looking everywhere they can think of, and mining in areas they never thought to mine before.

Yes, the controlling power elite are the main virus puppets in the hologram but they are humans who cannot receive the higher energy of Source the viruses need to survive. They cannot do so because they hold more virus coding in their DNA than they do the original human code. The viruses need the energy of the “general population” to survive, who can receive the higher energy of Source.

This is why they are using their human puppets to create things in the hologram that will control the emotions of the general public. The general population get all worked up, which generates faster sparking within them by pumping human emotions over the top. This then allows the viruses to feed off of the energy of human emotions. When we see people gathering in large crowds and fighting over things, we are seeing a feeding frenzy of viruses.

Remember, the viruses can only feed off of the energy of their original ray of consciousness, and there are “two” families of viruses, those that became viruses on mars and those of earth. That is why all battles include “two sides”. So we have one color of human verses another. Police verses color. Police verses people. People verses corporations. And on, and on, and on, when in fact it is viruses verses viruses.

Everything you see in the hologram, is a “thought form” of the coding held within your auric body. Your human body is a “thought” expressing as a thought form. The original coding you hold in your DNA is what allows your human body to look human, instead of some other thought form.

What happens to humans who experience viruses re-coding their human DNA to create more virus coding than the original coding of the human body thought? They adopt the critical mass amount of thoughts the viruses that took them over hold. This is what possession really means. So, let’s say that a human body expression is recoded with a critical mass of virus coding that holds a critical mass of coding from some, huge ancient dinosaur creature, what would the critical mass of coding then become in the human body DNA? The human body DNA still holds some of the original human DNA, or it would not be able to look like a human body form.

What then occurs to such a human expression when the viruses that have created the critical mass of coding in their DNA experience a food shortage, which is a loss of human energy? It means that the individual who looks human can experience moments when the critical mass virus coding they hold “shows through”, or “becomes” what is seen as the form representing what looks like human. For the individual to retain the human form, and not become the critical mass of energy of the virus coding in their DNA, they must continue to supply the body with human energy. Source especially wanted me to include this truth because as the viruses continue to lose energy, people could continue to see more really strange things.

This is the reason for practices that have come to be called, sacrificing to the gods. The fastest way for them to get human energy into their body is via the blood of human. They can also get it from animals, as animals are created by humans, which mean they hold the energy of humans. They are not actually after human DNA, they are after the energy held within human DNA, and what we call blood is a carrier of energy. However, they also gain human DNA, and is why they know how humans work better than humans do. They believe the “secret” to being able to “create energy”, as they believe humans also create energy, is held within human DNA.

Remember, the viruses also feed off of the energy human emotions create and human emotions create a whole lot of chaotic energy, when they are held within a state of fear. In ancient times we called such sacrifices human and animal sacrifices. In modern times, we call the same practices, satanic cults, sex slave rings and pedophile rings. We also know in ancient cultures it was rather common to push people into volcanoes to sacrifice to the gods.

People of today think these are “new diseases” within humans. They are not new, they have simply been taken into the dark and renamed. Such practices never stopped. Humans have simply been allowed to “believe” they did. It makes it even more challenging for “modern day humans” because they have been brain washed to believe ancient humans were just stupid animals, who lived and believed in barbaric ways. Who lead the brain washing of such beliefs? That would be the same “ring leader”, shall we say, that has continued to ordain such practices into modern day, or the Roman Catholic Church. It is now all being brought back into the light, which means back into human awareness. Of course modern day humans are freaking about it, but it is actually the viruses who are freaking out because they are becoming “known”.

What became the Roman Catholic Church is the result of combining ancient, so call pagan beliefs, into one belief system, covered up with pieces of information that people dared to listen to, from a rebel against the government, now called Jesus, whom would today be called a terrorist.

The easiest way to control humans is to allow humans to believe they are “free”. At the same time, allow them to believe their freedom comes with a “price”, they must be willing to fight for. Now such “freedoms” are called “civil liberties”.

I am betting that by now you are thinking in manifest matter terms again. That by now you are looking at faces you know of today, in your brain, and trying to figure out who is who. That is why I did not want to share this information. Just have humans have always “personified their gods” so too have humans always “personified” their demons. That is what the new age/UFO movement is still doing, bringing the unseen into the light and giving it a “form”.

Have you ever seen what a virus looks like under a microscope? Here are some examples for you.


Now imagine having these cute little things show up in your sleep time dreams, “believing” that sleep time dreams were another “hidden world”.

That is yet another piece modern day humans hold no memory of. After the Atlantean relapse in healing event, human consciousness that remained embodied, lost memory of everything they previously knew. This is because they experienced a rapid fall in vibration. It was quite a long time before they re-accreted to a high enough vibration rate to even have sleep time dreams. When they began to, they had no clue why or what it meant. They could only deduct that they went into another world, a world that only exists in the dark. A world that “must” be hidden inside the earth.

That should not be too hard to imagine as most humans, including science, still do not understand why humans dream, or sleep. And, humans still have nightmares. Ancient cultures personified the demons and gods they encountered in their dreams.

When we experience while the body is in sleep cycle, working to recode and repair itself, we are still experiencing the thoughts coded in human DNA. We are simply experiencing them at a slightly different vibration rate. They can seem so crazy because they are a result of the brain opening and closing cells, creating new cells and storing new thought experiences, or thought memories. As this process occurs, thoughts that are stored in cells kind of spill out, to become aware of. Similar to opening file cabinet drawers, shifting through the files inside, and find the place a thought goes, then closing the drawer. There are also thoughts that are purged from active DNA and then become dormant, if not released back into mind.

It has become a normal part of my world to awaken from body sleep mode with a small book of information running in my brain. Sometimes it is a song playing over and over, as if there is a radio in my head. It is quite different than the day time experiences when something simply opens to my awareness from Source mind.

It took me awhile to realize that the coding for the information that will open when my body wakes up is written into my DNA by Source mind while my body is in sleep mode. Sometimes it will be the answer for something I was trying to understand. Most times it is nothing that I have been thinking about or if I have, thought the answer would be something completely different. You would have to experience it yourself to really feel and understand it. The best way I can think of to try to describe it to others is thoughts just open in my brain.

When we remember that we are a Star, that our individual Source expression lives “inside” of a Star, and that a Star is a replicated mind of Source, which holds the thoughts of Source, it then becomes easier to understand that our individual Source expression is ensconced within a field of thoughts. Being able to access, turn on within you, the thoughts of mind that are not turned on within the earth planetary shield, requires being of a high enough vibration rate to allow the thoughts to turn on within you.

Look at humanity today. How far back in time in this time cycle can any one person remember? That would be only as old as the oldest person is today, and they can only remember specific things. That is because the human body can only keep so many thoughts open at a time. The rest, that are not needed for the moment, become memories, or turned off thoughts. Even though there is much human history in the past 26,000 years, no one can remember it. They can only get pieces from artifacts still remaining, which means pieces of thoughts humans are still out picturing from their DNA. As I have previously shared, there should not be “any” history remains. They should all fade away just as sleep time dreams do.

So, ancient humans brought their sleep time experiences into their day time experiences, believing in an inner earth, or an underworld. After all, there is an underworld. We now call it the world of biological organisms. They could not separate the two experiences from each other. They did not have a mother or father to tell them it was only a dream. And, they had a lot of nightmares, filled with strange looking characters, we now call viruses, because they were at a very low vibration rate. They had no knowledge of such things.

Huge creatures had not walked upon the earth for millions of years, but they still held fragmented memories of when they did and those memories showed up in their sleep dreams. They did not understand the day time world any better than they did their night time world. They eventually came to believe that the gods of the night world were creating what occurred in the day time world. They were closer to the truth than modern day humans are.

They not only had fragmented memories of the earth experience to deal with but also from the mars experience, that had not yet been purged from human DNA. As well, the viruses left from mars joined the virus pool of earth, when the cycles through mars completed. There still remains dormant thoughts of cycling through mars in dormant human DNA. As it is purging from dormant human DNA, some of it is being picked up on again and humans are once again focusing on, and wondering about mars.

So today, when we are talking about “ancient aliens” who came from “elsewhere” we are actually talking about ancient viruses who came from mars. They too cycled back and forth between mars and earth as humans carried them back and forth in their DNA. To completely remove human DNA coding from self requires merging back into balance with mind. If human DNA were part of the original design, it would mean to reset human DNA to the original thought, when merging back into balance with mind. But, it is not part of the original design. It is a thought created to allow the fragmented consciousness of planetary shield 1 to express as within the ascension system. The original thought is still held within mind. That is why humans can still use the thought to express as the human body form. But it is a thought no one will use again with the completion of this last ascension cycle.

So, I will give you a list of names people generally recognize today, and associate with ETs, leading into modern day earth. But the names are created by humans, who did not know anything about viruses. So, these are really names that go with viruses, and not some creature from outer space. It is more so, creatures from “inner space”. I will list these names with mars or earth so you can see a planetary lineage within the names, and some other characteristics about them.


Both toth and hermes are accredited with many traits and known by many names. As well, these virus godlets were called different names within different cultures, but these are the main names still in play in human consciousness today, as far as godlets in the new age/UFO movement. There are many smaller godlet viruses that came up within smaller cultures around the planet but these are the main ones controlling their human puppets, controlling the earth, or the controlling power elite. They are the “King Lines”. These are the main ones that create alliances with each other, and they switch back and forth, depending on the “resource alliances” they can gain. Remember, resources are energy.

Viruses do not hold a sexual or gender orientation. They reproduce by replicating themselves. So, how could viruses be dominate male or dominate female. They are not really, they are simply coded to dominate male or female, which is why the male human can get viruses females do not, or have viruses effect them, differently than they do in females.

This is the result of the level of re-accreting what became male and female energy, cycling back and forth between the mars and earth system, “before” the First Great Relapse occurred. However, most of what became “larger viruses” began as male dominate energy.

As “waves” of healing consciousness reached a critical mass of male or female energy, they would then drop the body and birth into the opposite system. Human consciousness did not experience pain during childbirth, before the first relapse event. The pain is the result of viruses recoding human DNA. We do not see other animals in terrible pain giving birth today, unless there is a complication. Nor was the human body thought form coded to create pain via reproduction.

The consciousness healing of planetary shields 2 & 3 did not reproduce (procreate) their form the way humans experience, via engaging in biological sex. Such is the result of expressing in a form composed of what we call biological organisms, and the extreme loss of energy. Not to scare you or anything, but sex does not occur in a balanced planetary shield.

They did not because as they merged back together, they regained enough energy to simply “manifest” the thought form by plugging their auric bodies into each other. But the consciousness that would adopt the form still had to plug into the thought of the form. Remember, they are less dense to begin with so the consciousness of planetary shield 2 would have looked similar to the energy of clouds to humans on the ground, and the consciousness of planetary shield 3 would have looked more like humans see as spirit or ghost forms. Yet, they too were merging their energy back together and were a whole lot more dense than the balanced expression.

When humans engage in sex, they too are merging their aruic bodies together, more precisely, merging their Eternal Life Girds. Remember, the human body is a holographic image, seen on a movie screen “inside” the auric body. It cannot have sex of its own free will or give birth. It is a “picture”. Did you ever see a dead human body have sex or give birth?

So the cycles engaged with at the time the consciousness fell to become viruses determine the level of what became male or female energy that had re-accreted. The viruses of earth remained dominate male as they had recently cycled back in from mars. The ones of mars remained dominate male as they were getting ready to cycle back into earth. This is why there is the concept of “two brothers” going to war with each other within so many belief systems.

Retaining resonate balance within the two planets of the ascension system meant to retain a balance of female and male energy within them as well, or close to equal the number of male and females. When the last cycle through mars completed, the consciousness incarnating from mars was dominate male energy, and is why earth became a dominate male system, even though it is the female expression of the two, “once one”, planet. That is why this last ascension cycle is about re-accreting the rest of what became female energy. For the male and female energy to be able to plug back into each other, return to balance and express as a non gender expression, they must reach the same vibration rate.

For this reason, the viruses have “used” the male expression to dominate, exploit and destroy the female expression for millions of years, of current earth time. We can see the gradual healing that is occurring within human consciousness, as more female energy is re-accreted, creating more balance between male and females. We see both genders playing opposite roles in things that once only allowed specific genders to engage in.

Now think about countries, regions, that remain “trapped” within ancient beliefs in which the female has no rights, is not allowed to learn to read or write, work outside the home and is not allowed to show herself in public. We are also seeing changes within such areas, even though they are very slow in occurring. This is the result of the “same” dominate virus control within such collectives for thousands of years.

So, you see, it does not matter who is who. They are all viruses, simply given different names throughout human history. They are ALL US. They simply need to be released from us, so they can be released from their terrifying nightmare hell. The consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3 are back on earth yet again, and are collecting the virus families that belong to their shields, so they too can be released back into the creation point.

This is IT though! This is the last cycle through earth. Once this ascension cycle completes, all that can, will follow the return path of ascension. What remains, that cannot, will follow the return path of fragmentation. ALL are going home, one way or another, as all must return to where they originate from.

I “think” that wraps it up for this series. At least I hope so. I would really like to be able to share the information for the Body/Mind Connection with you at some point.

There are no “gods”, there are no “ETs”, there is only family of consciousness that became viruses. They need your love. You may not be able to find it within yourself to send love to something that looks like a virus. That is OK. Just fill yourself with love. Love your inner child. All it takes is Love!

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