What a Theme


I am seeing a common theme in the questions people are asking me today on facebook. Each person only experiences as they do within their self. We cannot know how another person is experiencing, or what they are thinking, until they share with us and we experience what they are sharing uniquely within our self.

The common theme of the day is “purging negative thoughts”. It may be seeing something in a whole new light, it may be issues with self worth, it may be trying to understand why you might not being hearing Source, it may be a bit of freak out because things simply seem to not feel very good at this moment, it may simply be the need to sit and cry.

You may not be seeing this, but I sure am. Personally, I have experienced it as physical body purging in another way, these past 24 hours. Also extreme exhaustion and my brain and mouth are not working at the same speed. It simply comes down to “purging” imbalance, regardless what it looks like or how it is experienced. Purging means to “release” from self. Doing so can create temporary, imbalanced emotions to deal with. Try not to assign a name to the process, but simply recognize it for what it is, Source energy pushing out imbalance to prepare to receive a rapid burst of Source energy in the hyper shift on December 12th.

As well, there is a whole lot of energy building within the collective in this moment. That can create a temporary feeling of clumsiness, brain fog, body parts not working in sync, and ringing in the ears that increases and subsides in loudness.

At this time it is as though the collective is in the birth canal, or the launching shoot, and the energy is building and building to reach the critical mass point. This building of energy is what is creating the purging feeling and other body issues.

TheĀ  past two years, my experiences of the hyper shift has been in the wee hours, or late hours, of the night/morning, however you look at it. When the point has been reached, my body becomes so exhausted I can hardly wait to let it go to sleep. If you become aware of anything, it will most likely occur in body sleep mode. We won’t know what it experiences as until we experience it. Last year was even faster than the previous year, which means this year will be even faster. So, we might not become aware of anything as we shift to a higher vibration rate. It may be too fast to do so.

I also now know, new information the last couple of days, that what is actually occurring is “brain waves” are increasing their rate of speed.

Just hang on tight and keep filling yourself with the love of Source. Not long to the launch point now.

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