Happy Freedom Day 2016


Happy Freedom Day, Dear, Precious Faces of Source.

I do intend that you are able to feel the immense amount of Source Love that has spread throughout the ascension shield. I intend that you feel much lighter in your emotions and are able to simply “know” that all of creation is perfect, and divine.

I had told you that I would share with you “my experience” of this year’s hyper time (vibration) shift. As I expected, the shift itself was so fast that there were no sideline residual thoughts (life experiences) coming into my awareness.

Not to say there were not body responses before my body crashed into sleep mode. I was quite surprised that even my body remained awake longer into the shift point this year. I began to feel the shift occurring about 12 AM (midnight), of my local Eastern Standard Time zone (daylight saving time – New York time). I also now have greater understanding of why that is, and that each shift begins at the 12 AM (midnight) hour, regardless if it is a monthly time shift, or the yearly hyper leap of jumping over many vibration waves at once. I will share some of that understanding in a moment.

Many people became aware of the immense purging day that occurred, as the critical mass vibration was building into the hyper shift. This created all sorts of emotions “coming up” and out for release. This year was the strongest purging cycle so far, but I feel each year to follow will include such a purging cycle, leading into the yearly hyper shift.

As I had shared with you in the History series, this year’s hyper shift purged a whole lot of backline virus consciousness (smaller energy viruses), and it was the emotions attached to these viruses that created the immense emotions that came up, as they purged. You may have became aware of thoughts/feelings you had “stuffed” in your emotions (Inner Child) that you had not encountered for many years. If so, they would have been fear based in some aspect. They are released from you now, and is why you should feel a bit lighter. I am intending this allows a bit calmer space for the entire population, though there remains much to purge.

Such purging allowed room for the immense amount of Source energy – Source love that filled the ascension shield prior to the hyper shift, which is what allows the hyper shift to occur. Not all people will be consciously aware of the shift to the same degree, as it depends on the current vibration rate of each individual, but all will have experienced it to some degree, even if they do not understand what they are feeling. Even the viruses have experienced it, but for them, it simply creates more fear as they are experiencing a loss of energy.

For hours, leading into the shift point, my body felt like it was electrified. It was swollen from head to toe. I felt like I was bouncing off the walls, and could not sit still for long. Were it not for the back issues I have, I may have done something such as paint rooms, remodel, or anything that requires extreme amounts of energy. It was higher than any sugar or caffeine high. As a mother, I associate it to the experiences leading up to the birth point, without the labor pains. I literally could not sit still until my body said “no more” and crashed into sleep mode. I then slept for 7 hours straight, which is a long sleep time for my body now.

I had no memory of sleep time experiences, which is the result of the speed at which the shift occurred. I do feel a bit hung over today, or perhaps a feeling of jet lag, but this will wear off in two to three days. At this moment, the shield feels very clam to me.

The ringing in my ears also increased to immense levels, until my body crashed into sleep mode, to the point my ears popped several times, as one might experience in a rapid ascent during plane travel. Upon waking the body swelling was gone but I did have a bit of trouble opening my eyes, they felt rather frozen for a bit. When I got them open, my vision was blurry for a few minutes, which I know is a result of them refocusing into a different level of energy.

There is another thing about the human body eyes, and adjusting to higher vibration rates. When large amounts of energy are flowing through the system it dilates the pupils of the eyes. This is why my eyes cannot focus on a computer screen, or direct light, when I am focused within Source mind. It is why I can only look at the paper to write and must do so without my reading glasses on. It is why when I am speaking to someone, and the higher thoughts of Source are flowing through me rapidly, I will have to close my eyes. It is simply too much energy for the human eyes, to allow energy to pour into them when the higher energy is pouring into the body. You can become aware of this for yourself. Look at your pupils before you begin your meditation session and then right after, if you can. You will notice how they have expanded.

At this moment, I feel great inner calm, similar to the way one feels when they are petting their beloved pet, or the feeling you have when holding the newly birthed baby in your arms.

The shifts always begin at the 12 AM (midnight) hour because the energy of Source mind that is released, is released into the ascension shield from the creation 12 point layer of mind. The energy then steps down through the ascension shield following the 12, 9, 6, 3, 12 zero step down sequence. This is why all of the ascension shield can receive the energy of Source, regardless what their current vibration rate may be.

Recently, following the completion of the History series, I have become aware of more understanding of “brain waves”, and quite a lot about the concept of a brain. I have been sharing some of this information in bit sized pieces within the Ascension Whispers facebook group, and it will be part of the Mind, Brain, Body series, when I can begin sharing that on the AW website. It will require illustrations to assist understanding, so it will be a slow going process.

One important piece I will share with you now is the understanding that we are not a “body”, but that we are a “brain”. The image of the human form is simply a “picture” that represents our individual Source identity within this earth hologram. Our true energy expression is what we call the “auric body” but it is not a body, it is a brain. It does not look like what we call a brain, in the picture of the human form, but it operates as a brain does.

What Source wanted me to understand, with this understanding, is that the picture of the human form, from head to toe, is a brain, and not a body with a brain, meaning what we call the brain in the head is not the whole brain. The entire body/brain works as one brain, from the top of the head, to the tips of the toes.

So, you are not human, you are not a body, you are a “brain” in the “mind” of Source, and it is within your unique brain that we, Source mind, experience the thoughts of Source. There is no need to equate yourself to “simply being a brain” as you are Source, the individual identity expression is simply an individual brain.

This becomes important when realizing the truth of what we call frequency bands, dimensions, higher frequency bands, higher dimensions, higher reality fields and “shifting” into higher vibration rates. As well as what science calls magnetic fields, and what we call aruic fields. The picture of the planet, therefore the so called magnetic fields, is a picture of the “entire collective” of the faces of Source plugged into the planetary shield. Therefore, that picture represents a “collective brain”.

All of these “fields” of radiation ARE brain waves. What we call aruic fields, which some people can see surrounding the human form, are brain waves that human consciousness cannot access at this time, but should be able to. That is why they are seen “surrounding” the human form. They should be “inside” of the form expression. What we call solar winds are also brain waves.

The four sets of brain waves that human consciousness cycles through, as seemingly normal to human consciousness, humans have named Beta Waves, Alpha Waves, Theta Waves and Delta Waves. You can do a Google search on them to find out more about them. There are many smaller brain waves within each of these as well. There is also another brain wave humans have named Gamma Waves. These brain waves also align with what science calls electromagnetic energy waves, they simply hold different names within different factions of science.

What we call Gamma Waves are the brain waves that someone who meditates a lot, such a monks, can “expand” to access. They are the waves associated with deep meditative states. They are the waves within which we can become aware of the thoughts held within Source mind. They are attached to the creation point of mind. In the human form picture, they “surround” the human form, in the auric fields.

Science cannot “see” brain waves. They use an instrument to measure electrical currents cycling through the brain to register the activity of brain waves, but brain waves are waves of radiation that are outside of the visual spectrum of human consciousness. The electrical response science registers with technology is the result of brain waves of the left and right side coming back together and interacting with each other. This is what creates “visual light” inside of the brain. Brain waves are also what we call “polarized energy”.

There is more to share about brain waves, but it will require illustrations. I am sharing these pieces with you now to assist you to understand what you may now be feeling after the yearly hyper shift into a higher vibration rate. Doing so is gradually changing your brain waves. This in turn changes responses within the entire body/brain, which effects hormones, which allows us to experience “human emotions”. And, the increased vibration rate “upsets” the inner viruses, which sends them into more fear, that you may experience as extreme fear based emotions. They are not your emotions, they are the emotions of the virus family you are hosting.


They “need” love, even though they do not believe they do. They believe they just need energy. Imagine all of the fear based, traumatic experiences you have encountered your entire life, did not know how to deal with, and stuffed them to continue to survive. They are stuffed inside of you. They are imbalanced thoughts that you had to stuff, which is to bury them deep within the coding of human DNA, so you would not have to think about them, or look at them. They ARE the Inner Child. Right now your Inner Child may be in freak out mode, because the apple cart has been upset, so to speak. More of Source energy is now flowing into these deep, dark, hidden areas within you. Doing so awakens these emotions, but to awaken them to is loosen them, to then allow them to purge from you. It is a matter of shinning the dark into the light, to loosen and release what is held within the dark, and there remains much there that needs to be purged.

If you have experienced a dark place in your life, that you have been working to heal from, these buried emotions may make you feel as though you are relapsing back into that dark place. You do not have to allow yourself to do this. You simply need to continue to fill yourself with the love of Source and feel the love of Source flowing within you, focusing only on the love of Source. You will start to calm down in a few days, once your system readjusts to the higher vibration rate. At this time, you need to be very gentle with yourself, and your Inner Child, he/she is feeling afraid, not understanding the healing that is occurring.

Allow your Inner Child some “safe comfort food” but remember, you are the adult, you are in control and you have the ability to choose what is best for you. Your Inner Child is not able to know what is best, they only know they want something to make them feel better.

Create your space as relaxing as you can, soak in hot tubs, listen to music that allows you to feel the love of Source and allow yourself to cry as much as you need to. It is your Inner Child that needs attention at this time. Either verbally, or mentally speak with your Inner Child. Explain things as you would talking to a child and “listen”. Listen to your emotions. That is how your Inner Child communicates with you. So, speak to your emotions.

Spend time communing with Source and allow the loving arms of Source to surround and hold you. This will allow you great comfort as you work through the emotions of your Inner Child. Your are Source! You have got this! Just keep remembering you are Source, you are the creator, you are in control of you!

The new vibration wave we have now stepped into will continue to turn on within the ascension shield throughout the year, allowing us to increase in vibration rate and open to awareness the thoughts held within this new wave. There is much to look forward to and much more healing to accomplish. Source is working through every step with us.

Source Loving Joy Blessings to All

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