Getting in Touch With Your Emotions


Recently more information is opening within me about the human brain. What we call the human brain is not the full brain. The human form is simply a picture that represents us in this earth hologram. It is a holographic image seen as light. Everything we see, and call, manifest are light images. Therefore, the entire human form actually represents a brain, and the brain it represents we call the “auric body”. The auric body is not a body form, as we see the picture of the human form. Nor does it look as what we call the human brain, but it is the brain through which Source sees, and experiences, the thoughts of Source within a holographic reality field. You are Source. You are “mind”, and the only mind that exists is Source mind. What we call auric bodies are the brains that Source creates within Source mind.

When a spark of Source mind plugs into this earth hologram, it is a very tiny spark of Source consciousness. It is a ray of consciousness, or one thought, within the mind of Source. All thoughts hold the same base foundation structure, which is the Eternal Spiral of Creation.

Because the spark of Source that births into this earth hologram must step down to such a low vibration rate to do so, and then divide into two sparks, to take on the fragmentation of expressing as what we call genders, there is not much of Source energy turned on within the birthing spark. This is why all who birth into this earth hologram forget the truth of self and creation, as the tiny spark that births cannot hold the energy required to remember such knowledge.

It is also why the spark cannot self create a body form to represent them in this earth hologram. They do not hold enough energy to begin the process of turning on such a thought form. It is why it requires the energy supplied by earth parents, combined with the spark of the incarnating ray, to generate a large enough spark to begin turning on the thought we call the human body form. What we experience as the fetus growing in the womb is the process of turning on the thought form of the human form.

The process we experience of the baby body growing to an adult body is the process of the ray of consciousness re-accreting energy, increasing the vibration rate of the ray, and turning on the coding of the human body thought form.

The baby human body form receives the “program running” of this earth hologram from the earth parents, via the human DNA they provide, which includes the thought program for the human body form. Until the baby ray of consciousness turns on more of the DNA coding, they have no knowledge of what life is like within this earth hologram.

Turning on more of the human form DNA coding includes turning on chemicals, which produce hormones, and is why there eventually occurs what we call the puberty age, in which hormones are raging out of control, for awhile. What we call the “age of innocence” is the result of the small amount of human DNA turned on.

Human bonding plays a major role in the process of turning on hormones. The most significant role is the bond that occurs between mother and child. It is actually a bond between what we call female energy and child, as the bond can occur even if the baby is adopted. However, if there is not a female to child bond that occurs, the child is more prone to encounter challenges later in life of understanding, and getting in touch with human emotions. They may become “emotionally detached”.

Human emotions are unique, as balanced faces of Source only experience love and joy. They only express love and joy. This is why human babies do not birth knowing fear, or fear based emotions.

Human emotions are “learned” via programming the human auric brain. As the baby brain rapidly grows, more chemicals (units of radiation) are turned on within the human auric braiin. Doing so is what teaches the human brain how to function. Programming the human brain occurs via the stimuli of sound and light. Sound is waves of radiation, or frequency bands, and visible light is the result of waves of radiation interacting, or crashing into each other in the brain. This creates a continual “sparking process” which “turns on” the light to allow us to see images made of light, which we call manifest. And, it occurs in the auric brain.

If a child is born blind, or deaf, there has occurred a disconnection within the sense regions in the auric brain, which reflect in the human body picture, as disconnections in the brain. Such disconnections keep energy / radiation from reaching the sense translation regions in the brain.

This is why a child that is born deaf cannot speak a human language correctly, as the brain has not been able to be trained how to translate sound into a human language because the frequency waves that create sound are not able to reach the sense region to teach, or program, the brain. This is the missing stimuli required to program the human brain.

Even people who are born completely blind can still visualize images in the brain. This is because the images they see of thoughts are coded within their DNA, and the images they see are what thoughts look like to them in the developing process. They do not see “light images” because light images are created on the back flows. The back flows are created as radiation is drawn “into the brain” and raised up in energy as it circulates from the lowest level of the brain to the highest level of the brain. In the picture of the human form, this would be from the feet to the top of the head. The sparking of light does not occur in the completely blind persons brain because there is a disconnect somewhere in the backflow sequence.

The female (mother) to child bond turns on more chemicals, which determine how hormones will work in the human auric brain. This in turn determines how hormonal responses will occur within sense regions in the brain, (whole human body form).

The human DNA code that allows a ray of consciousness to express as a male expression is wired differently, when it comes to hormones. A male expression does not mean a body form that looks male, it simply means gender identified with, the same is true for the female expression. The gender identified with is determined by the amount of what became male and female energy that is turned on within the coding of the human form, which in turn, determines how hormones will operate.

People who seem to be out of touch with human emotions generally tend to be analytical thinkers. This is not a fault, it is a result of bonding not occurring that would allow more human emotions to turn on, and to allow the brain to associate emotions with a human language. It is also a process of programming the child’s brain via forced education systems, and making them sit for hours at a time and focus only on “light symbols”, which we call pictures and words. Therefore, such people do not associate “emotional feelings” to words. They associate the word feeling to physical body touch and physical body responses, such as pain.

Written human languages are “light images” and an analytical thinker is dealing with a brain coded to light, because the brain has not been programmed to associate the frequency waves of humans emotions to a human language. The vibration of frequency waves (waves of radiation) inside the auric brain is what creates audible sound. They are longer brain waves than the brain waves that interact to create visible light.

Therefore, the analytical thinker’s brain is operating in the region of alpha brain waves as their dominate body awake state. Whereas, the individual whose brain has been programmed to associate hormone stimuli with sound waves holds a brain that is operating in longer brain waves.

There are also people whose brains operate in dominate longer sound waves. Such people tend to be very emotional, may cry for no reason, and do not understand why no one understands them. This too is a result of hormonal imbalance, which can occur via over bonding, or pampering in the infant – toddler stages. Unfortunately for the male expression, humans have called such a brain a “mommy’s boy” which seems unacceptable for human’s expectations of the male role. Whereas for the female role, it is simply considered as more feminine. Such a female may also be called an “air head”, meaning they seem to have less rational, or common sense thinking. They are simply operating on different brain waves. It is a process of human stereotyping, based on cultural beliefs.

It is challenging for both the dominate analytical brain thinker and the dominate emotional brain thinker to find their way in this earth hologram.

The more balanced brain would be able to function in both the lower brain waves of visible light and the higher brain waves of audible sound, at the same time. This is what people who have been named Empaths do. It is what allows for sensing energy seen as light, and becoming more aware of the thought encryption held within the light symbol. It is what allows people to “read between the words” and gain more insight of what is actually held within words. And it allows to discern thoughts from a much broader range of perception, which allows for more balanced choices. It is also why such people become over whelmed very quickly when being in large groups of people, because they are not only translating light through their brains but also sound. Sound translates at a much faster rate of speed than light does, within the brain. This is because it is “longer waves” which brings more energy into the brain.

We hear the term a lot, “pay attention to your gut feelings”. This thought implies that all people have gut feelings, and they do not. Such gut feelings are also associated with “women’s intuition”, which are then associated with “female emotions”.

Therefore, it is useless to tell an analytical thinker to stop thinking and start feeling, and to tell the dominate female brain to grow up and use more common sense. When such brains are paired in a relationship, there are bound to be challenges, because the two brains cannot communicate effectively.

Who would have thought that such brain programming is the result of bonding in the infant / toddler stages of human growth? Or, that such bonding plays a role in the development and operation of the human brain?

Male bonding with the child is just as important, but it turns on different emotions, that balance out those from female bonding. However, it is the female (mother) bond that dominates many roles of human emotions.

Knowing this, and looking at today’s world of single parents, it is no wonder the children can encounter so many emotional issues. The male and female bond with the child does not have to be with biological parents, as it is really about “love shared”. Pro-creation of a baby is simple, parenting a child is not as simple.

A child’s brain is programmed by everything around them. Every sense region in the brain is being programmed by what humans think is external stimuli. When the TV or video games become the baby sitter, the child’s brain is being hard wired, and will determine how their adult brain is able to function. The child’s brain also picks up on the emotions of those around them, which in turn will determine how their brain is programmed to function.

Large families, with many small children, can create extreme overwhelm for the parents, even in a two parent family. Just going through the processes required to provide for basic living needs can create emotional drain and exhaustion, to the point the parents have no energy left for family bonding. As well, many current adults have lived through times in which family bonding was not considered an important part of living. The male and female had assigned roles and cultural beliefs forced them to play their role. Many people still believe that children should be seen, and not heard. Such beliefs have a long history within human consciousness. Even though things are changing within some cultures, they remain the same within others.

The analytical thinker brain requires “more programming” via sound, and the emotional thinker brain requires more programming via light.

A good way to assist the analytical brain is via music association. This process is listening to instrumental music (no singing) and having the analytical thinker create stories in their head to go along with the music they are listening to, using as many verbs and adverbs to describe things in the story as possible.

Relaxing and listening to instrumental music shifts the brain into longer brain waves associated with sound. The process of creating a story to go along with the music programs the brain for word – feeling association.

A good way to assist the dominate emotional brain is focused, detailed work. Things such as learning a new craft that involves the use of both hands is a good way to shift the brain into alpha brain waves, to then associate emotions with words, instead of just feelings.

This is why learning to play an instrument, such as a piano, can assist to balance out brain waves. And is why children that learn to play an instrument tend to excel in more areas of the earth experience.

Being able to “shift” into higher levels of energy is the process of shifting into “longer” brain waves. The longest brain wave humans can access at this time are what we call gamma waves. Below is an illustration of such gamma brain waves. They are created by a higher vibration rate of the vertical pillar ray of consciousness, which “expands” waves around the ray, farthest from the ray. This means they hold higher levels of radiation, which translates into more knowledge. Such waves are what allows one to become aware of the higher energy thoughts of Source mind as they connect into mind.


In the picture of the human form, the longer gamma waves, as illustrated in this image, “surround” the human body form. They are part of what we call the “auric fields”. They “seem” to extend into what we call outer space, but they actually connect to our local Star mind, which is also the core of the planet, as the sun we see over our heads is a “mirror image” of the core of the planet.

The goal of shifting to be able to focus into gamma waves is to be able to do so without the body going into sleep mode. This simply requires constant practice of focusing daily in quieting the thoughts and relaxing the body completely, until you are no longer aware of the body. Most people will cycle into sleep mode but if you stick with it, you will find it easier to remain awake longer and longer. Doing so is where the answers that you seek are held.

Once you reach this level of focus, it is then a process of being able to step the energy back down into alpha brain waves, to be able to translate the knowledge into a human language. That is why “hand writing” all that you become aware of is important. Doing so is the process of stepping the higher energy down into the lower energy of the human expression.

Many people,┬ásuch as Albert Einstein, have made the comment that humans only use 10% of their brain. Today such a thought is considered as a myth, because modern science is able to map brain activity through the entire brain. These people were not talking about brain activity, they were talking about the brains capacity. They were talking about being able to shift into higher energy, longer brain waves, or gamma waves. Which are the brain waves the so called “genius” shifts into to become aware of thoughts other people cannot access. They tend to be eccentric, or perhaps spaced out, because they are focusing in such higher brain waves and it is challenging for them to cycle back down into alpha brain waves. For such people, they must force themselves to cycle back down to remain grounded within this earth system.

This is what occurs when death of the human body is experienced. The individual has reached a high enough vibration rate to allow them to shift into higher waves of radiation. The auric brain does not die, or stop working. The individual simply contracts the energy of the auric brain back into the ray of consciousness, then expands to a higher vibration rate, which then allows for higher energy, longer brain waves. This also means “longer time cycles”.

This is why so many people are experiencing issues in the head, to the base of the spine, such as extreme migraines and pain from the head to the toes. The brain is growing! The ray of consciousness is increasing in vibration rate which is allowing for shifts into higher brain waves. Higher brain waves equates to a higher energy reality field. This is what it means to shift into higher, longer frequency bands.

Isn’t it rather comical to think of how we humans have created so many emoticons to translate our emotions into the digital world?

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