The Gift – December 2016


There is heightened joy and excitement coming from Source at this moment, in the healing process of human consciousness. Source would like for me to share “The Gift of Source” will all of humanity. It is indeed a wonderful gift, that I was not even aware is possible. First some reminders.

In the History of Humans Series we remembered / discovered that the imbalance that has displayed within this earth ascension system for millions of years is the result of our family of consciousness that fell and became viruses hijacking the original code of human DNA.

Source would like all of humanity to understand that our family of viruses are not bad or evil. They cannot help the fact that they fell to become viruses. They are simply trying to survive and the only source of energy they can access to survive as they are expressing is the energy of human consciousness.

Of course, humans are trying to kill them because their will to survive makes humans sick. They do not understand why humans desire to kill them as they cannot understand what it means to be sick. Have you ever thought about that before? Viruses do not get sick!

For human consciousness to return to peace, well being, and happiness, and see such expressing within the earth hologram, requires re-setting the human DNA code to the original divine code. This of course means to delete all virus coding held within human DNA. To our family of viruses, they believe that means for them to die. Therefore, they are not going to simply “give up” and stop trying to survive. They are in a heightened state of fear at this time, trying to ensure they remain coded within human DNA.  To do so, they must do all they can to keep humans focused on “fear based thoughts”, which lowers the natural immune system, blocks out the higher energy of Source, and allows them to continue to feed. Feeding off of the energy of human consciousness is how they remain coded within human DNA. It is the “only way” they can continue to survive.

Source desires all to understand that the viruses do not “need to be killed”, there is no such thing as death. They need to be “transmuted”, which means to raise them up in energy so they can be released from the level of energy they are trapped within and be taken back into the balance of Source mind. We are NOT engaging in a battle with our virus family. Source does not engage in battle. Source does not need to do such a thing. Source simply turns on more of the higher energy of Source.

The gift we are now receiving from Source is the “knowledge” that humanity now holds the ability to transmute the family of viruses and allow them to return to balance within Source mind.

This year’s hyper shift, into a collective higher vibration rate, now allows humanity to access enough of Source energy to be able to “consciously” assist Source to release the family of viruses from human DNA and re-set human DNA to the original divine code. All that will be required to do so is enough of humanity consciously re-programming their brain to be “virus free”. Human DNA is the coding of the human brain expression.

It is very simple to assist Source to heal humanity. Simply include in all of your daily thoughts, in all of your meditation sessions, and think this thought as much as you can in all of your daily moments, “I AM VIRUS FREE”.

It is easier to re-program your brain, which is the process of re-coding your DNA, when you first step into, and fill yourself with the love of Source. This slows down the brain waves and allows you to access more of Source energy to assist you.

If a larger percent of humanity chose to do this, humanity could be healed all of disease and illness. Yes, ALL! That does not mean that dropping the human body will not still be part of the process of unplugging from the earth ascension system, and returning to balance with Source. It does mean that peace, balance and love can return to the ascension system. In the fabled legend of the Garden of Eden, it means for humanity to be able to return to the Garden of Eden, while remaining in this ascension system.

What must occur is the new thought program, I AM VIRUS FREE, must reach a critical mass of energy within the collective thoughts of humans. When it reaches a critical mass, the virus coding in human DNA will be erased.

This knowledge is something that “needs” to go “viral” within the human collective, using a popular human phrase. Remember, when two or more people are focused on healing, and the love of Source, the amount of Source energy that can be accessed expands three times. That means it does not require 55% of the population to make this happen, it only requires a critical mass of Source energy.

This year’s 2016 hyper shift into a higher vibration rate transmuted a lot of smaller energy, and dormant virus coding. Source is working to heal human consciousness, and re-set the human DNA code, as fast as the energy of Source can do so. We can choose to make it occur much faster by being a conscious participant in our healing process.

Please be aware that as virus coding continues to purge from human DNA it is possible for all kinds of imbalanced emotions to be encountered in the process, as they are released, and transmuted from the human expression. Please be aware, they are not your emotions, they are the emotions created by our virus family. Recognize them for the truth of what they are and simply allow them to pass through, and out of you. Continuing to use I AM Love, I AM Balance in your series of re-programming / re-coding your DNA can allow the imbalanced emotions to move through you much faster, and assist to retain inner balance as they do. Do not assign names or reasons to such emotions, simply recognize them as imbalance purging from you. Assigning names to them feeds them your energy. You could say something such as, “I now release all of this imbalance from myself with love, to return to Source mind”. Doing so gives the command to “set it free”.

Personally, I was brought to tears of love, joy and gratitude when Source shared this knowledge with me. I intend that you too can feel that immense love. I intend that you desire to share this knowledge with as many, and all people that you can.

When talking to people you could simply make a statement similar to this. Did you know that our thoughts code our DNA and that we can re-code our DNA with our thoughts? This means we can work together to remove all viruses from humanity, simply by re-coding our DNA. It means that as a collective, we can heal humanity of all disease and illness, simply by re-coding our DNA.

What a wonderful Gift! It is one that is intended to be passed on again and again.

Source Loving Joy Blessings to All,
Happy Holidays,

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