Winter Solstice Celebrations


Throughout the history of humanity humans have celebrated around, and during, the time of the winter solstice. The beliefs of humans, at any given point in time, have created the beliefs surrounding such celebrations, as all things expressing within this earth hologram are created by humanity. The information available on the internet today allows us to research and discover some of the ancient beliefs humans have held surrounding the celebrations of this time of year. Regardless of the beliefs, it is very easy to discover they are all rooted in what today is called “pagan beliefs”. Even the word “pagan” has a history of dividing human belief systems. You can read some of that history on Wikipedia.

Regardless of human beliefs surrounding the winter solstice celebrations, humans have continued to focus their attention “upward” while at the same time focusing inward to the feeling of “love”. Have you ever stopped to realize that what is now called “sun worship” is actually “star worship”? What humans call the sun is actually a star. We then see the carry over into Christianity of the word “sun” being replaced with the word “star”. People tend to miss this translation because humans are programmed to think of our Star as a Sun.

When we remember that our local Star is our local Source mind expression, and that love is the love of the one and only Source of creation, it then becomes easier to understand why people have continued to focus on our Star and love at the same time.

Human beliefs eventually translated that focus into the Christmas tree. The tree itself actually represents the Eternal Life Grid, or a tree of life, with a “star” on top of it, which actually represents our local Source Star mind. Humans have not been aware of such things as they have created their beliefs, and celebrations. They could not become aware of such truth. Even so, the truth of creation has remained interwoven within human belief systems all along, and very few people have yet remembered the truth behind human beliefs.

Within human belief systems we see a constant theme of some personified god killing some type of animal form. The use of an animal form has always actually been about the “beast within”, sometimes represented as a beast held within darkness. This beast form, that humans have always created a personified expression of God-Source to slew, command and expel from earth, has always been the inner family of viruses. However, humans have not been able to know this truth either.

Why are such celebrations of love, joy and the desire for peace and happiness celebrated around the winter solstice? You will find many beliefs that express a reason for such.  Within ancient beliefs you will find thoughts of the promise of the sun regaining strength, to once again provide the energy humans require to survive, providing for food and water. Within Christian beliefs we find a story of the birth of a savior, at this time of year. Christians associated the same concept to the belief of their savior being a human expression who came to be called Jesus Christ, when in fact it is known this person was not actually born at this time of year. It is the same belief humans held long before this person was born, translated into a different belief system.

All of the beliefs actually hold the same theme, a theme of renewal, hope, love, the desire for healing, abundance, balance and peace. It is actually a celebration of the love of the one and only Source of creation.

The time of year of the winter solstice celebrations is a time of year when a yearly critical mass of energy accretion occurs within the collective. It has always been at this yearly point when the collective have adopted a new, higher vibration rate. It is simply that for thousands of years the increased collective vibration rate was quite small, compared to what is now occurring within human consciousness.

Today celebrations have been highly commercialized, allowing great stress for many people. The desire to “gift”, and give thanks, has also been a desire held within the winter solstice celebrations. Let us not forget it is actually a “gift of love”, which does not require material objects. Let us be grateful for every gift we receive each and every moment of our lives, and find ways to return the gifts of Source love to all we encounter.

How much wonderful life on earth would be if every person held the feeling of love they experience during the winter solstice celebrations every moment of every day of every year. How much wonderful life on earth would be if “every person” were able to experience such love.

As we wind down from the hustle and bustle of excitement of the celebrations, let us focus inward to Source love and hold thoughts of gratitude and joy for the fact that humanity has always continued, and will always continue, to receive the love of Source. Let us give thanks for the fact that each new day is always a “new beginning”, a “new birth” of eternal expansion.

Humanity continues to hold onto their many different belief systems. The one belief that will always unite all beliefs is the belief in love. Let us all know that we are actually celebrating the love of Source, within our unique ways and customs.

Blessings of Source Love and Joy to All

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