Why Imbalance, Control Occurs To Humans


The following information is in response to the following question, posted by a member of the Ascension Whispers Facebook group. As you will see, the answer is much too large to respond within such media.

Question: Dear Marie Love and the family of AW. I have been reluctant to ask this question but I feel like it’s time, given how much healing has occurred within most of us. I would like to know why are black people in Africa and across the world are living in a multitude of hardships and treated as less human. In pondering a response, please note that I am aware that not all black people experience such, and that there are some other people from different races whom experience similar situations, however it seems like black people take most of the beating in our recent history and this is still happening today. How and why did this happen?

First of all we need to understand why there are different color shades of the human body form. We need to remember that the human form is a “picture image” that represents our auric brain within this earth hologram. No human “looks” as the human form anywhere else within creation. To our human expression, our true form would look like a giant body of bright white light.

So, the color of the human body picture form has absolutely nothing to do with the so called racial imbalance that expresses in this earth hologram.

The color, shape, size and all characteristics of the human body thought form is only the result of the combination of what we call “chemicals” bonding together to create the form. Science calls this “genetics”. A word that really does not explain much of anything.

What we call chemicals are simply units of radiation of our local Source Star Mind. They are unique units of radiation, within our unique local Star Mind, because each Star Mind holds a specific amount of Source energy turned on within them, no two stars are exactly the same. If the Star Minds were exactly the same they could not express as “individual stars”.

If the units of radiation, which create what we call chemicals were exactly the same, held the same amount of radiation of our Star Mind, they could not express as individual units of radiation. Instead they would only express as “one expression of Source Mind” at the center, or creation point of our local Star Mind, which they do.

The individual units of radiation are first projected from our Star Mind, around – within our Star Mind, as “waves of radiation”. We call such waves the solar winds. Each individual identity expression of Source, that expresses within our local Star Mind is able to express as an individual identity because they are a “ray of consciousness – radiation” which we, as our Source Star Mind, project into our Star Mind. Each ray holds a unique vibration rate, which is what allows each ray to express as an individual ray. This is what your true individual Source expression is, a ray of consciousness, projected from the creation point of our Star mind, into our Star mind.

The collective of rays of consciousness that “became human” are originally of planetary shield 1, projected from the 3 point level of our Star Mind, into planetary shield 1, to co-create as Source embodied, within the level of energy of planetary shield 1. This means they are “keyed to” the 3 point harmonic waves (solar winds) of our Star Mind. Planetary shield 1 is the lowest in energy of the 4 planetary shields. The planets we call mercury and venus are fragmented pieces of the original expression of planetary shield 1.

The planets we call earth and mars are fragmented pieces of the original expression of planetary shield 2. These pieces became the ascension system within which the consciousness of all four planetary shields, that fragmented over 5 billion years ago, would have to “merge” their fragmented energy back together within.

The rays of consciousness that became human fell to such a low vibration rate they literally fell into the level of energy the picture of the hologram is seen within, in a planetary shield. We call this level of radiation / energy the troposphere. This means what became human can only turn on within the human expression the radiation associated with the troposphere. The “healed expression” of faces of Source runs through their body form ALL of the radiation we call the layers of the atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere).

These layers of radiation are associated with “brain waves”.

  • Beta Brain Waves – troposphere
  • Alpha Brain Waves – stratosphere
  • Theta Brain Waves – mesosphere
  • Delta Brain Waves – thermosphere

The brain waves we call Gamma Brain Waves are associated with (keyed to) the waves of radiation projected from the creation point of mind, 12, 9, 6, or 3. So, human consciousness is “keyed to” the Gamma Waves of the 3 point level of our Source Star Mind (solar winds). This is the brain waves human consciousness should be operating within as the awake, aware, looking, thinking, viewing state of being. They are the brain waves of our “conscious mind”, which hold the thoughts of our Source conscious mind. They should be the only thoughts humans become aware of. There are no imbalanced, fear based thoughts held within our Source conscious mind, there are only thoughts in balance with love, joy and peace. Our Source conscious mind holds the truth of self and creation. All humans should be able to access the thoughts of our Source conscious mind. Humans, that are held within fear, are focused within beta brain waves.

When rays of consciousness fragment, and drop too low in vibration to be able to plug into the higher vibration rate of conscious mind, they can no longer access the truth of self and creation, held within mind. This is what creates instant memory loss when birthing into this earth ascension system.

Fragmented consciousness merges back together “naturally” simply via like coding attracting to each other. Were it not for the event that created the family of viruses in this ascension system, what became human would simply have experienced the process of merging back together, to return to balance, and “none” of the imbalanced drama that has played out within the ascension system. This means human consciousness would have done so only experiencing the “fabled” Garden of Eden hologram. They would not have experienced any disease, illness, warring, killing, lack, suffering or any of the imbalance that has played out in this ascension system. Humans would have simply re-evolved, looking like a human form within the hologram, with the human form continuing to “change” in appearance as the re-evolving consciousness continued to “turn on” more of the coding of the human body thought form.

With the creation of the family of viruses, that have made humans sick ever since they fell to become viruses, it was no longer just a process of fragmented consciousness merging back together, to reach a high enough vibration rate to re-connect to mind, and merge back into balance. This is because the family of viruses that human consciousness is “hosting” rob energy from human consciousness in order to continue to express as they came to be. They are simply trying to survive. The energy of human consciousness is the “only” energy of Source that our family of viruses can reach. They are not able to reach the higher energy of Source mind and is why they only exist in what we call the troposphere.

To express as a “human form” within this earth hologram, requires the incarnating ray of consciousness to drop to the vibration rate of human consciousness, and adopt/take on the fragmentation of human consciousness. It also means to adopt the distorted coding the viruses created within the coding of the human expression, which we call DNA.

For human consciousness, it meant they would never be able to reach a high enough vibration rate to merge back into balance with mind, because of the energy the family of viruses take from human consciousness. This meant more higher energy of Source would have to continue to step down in vibration rate, and birth “through human consciousness” to bring to human consciousness the higher energy of Source mind, and adopt their share of the viruses to “transmute them” and release them from human DNA.

When virus coding is transmuted from human DNA, the illness and diseases they create within human consciousness stop presenting, become extinct, stop expressing as illness within human consciousness. Transmuting the family of viruses is the process of “re-setting” the human DNA code to the “original divine code”. The original divine human DNA code is what allows for the creation of the fabled Garden of Eden. The original human DNA code “before” the family of viruses fell “into” human consciousness, and became viruses.

It has always been, and continues to be, the human family of consciousness of planetary shields 2 & 3 that have continued to birth through /into, human consciousness for this massive healing mission. Humans have created, and assigned the names of Soul to the consciousness of planetary shield 2, and the Over Soul to the consciousness of planetary shield 3. Humans have created and assigned the name of the Incarnate to the consciousness that became human. Therefore, the Soul and Over Soul family of identities have continued to birth through human consciousness to bring the higher energy of Source and assist in transmuting the viruses.

The higher energy of the Soul and Over Soul family of consciousness birthing into human consciousness is what has allowed more units of radiation (chemicals) to turn back on within the human genetic line. This is the result of turning on more 3 point harmonics. The 3 point harmonics of the Soul and Over Soul expressions are higher in vibration. This in turn changes the chemical structure of the human form, which in turn creates many different shades of the human body, with many different physical characteristics. It is what has allowed for different shades of eye color to “appear” within human consciousness that once only expressed as different shades of brown.

It also means that the higher family of consciousness, stepping back down into the earth system, holds a tiny bit higher vibration rate at birth, than the original human consciousness holds, which in turn means they can adopt “more” of the virus coding, to then transmute more of the virus coding. Unfortunately, it also means it can create more mental illness, by adopting more of the virus coding.

Mental illness is what has created the division of what we call races, which humans base on body color and social beliefs. Like energy attracts to like energy, like coding attracts to like coding, like vibration rate attracts to like vibration rate. It is why what became different colors of people created their own tribes, believing it is based on how the human form looks. It is why there are “specific diseases” that only occur within specific groups of people, which we now call ethnic groups.

Humans doing the terrible things they do to each other did not begin when the different colors of human bodies began manifesting within the earth hologram. What was all once black colored humans also did terrible, imbalanced things to each other. This is the result of the distortion in human DNA, created by the family of consciousness that became viruses.

No where within any other species of earth do we see the life expressions judging each other for anything. Nowhere else do we see the animals in nature show concern for how they look and express. It is only humans who hold such distortions. Nowhere else within nature do we see the creatures creating systems of control, and slavery.

The so called black human is not just held in slavery by other colored humans bodies, they are also held in slavery by those expressing as black bodies. All colors of human bodies are some shade of the original black body. Not even what looks like a pure white human body is pure white. To see pure white, look at the sun. That is what we should all look like. Color is created “in” our brain, not outside of us. NOTHING is created outside of us. Everything that we “see” as “form” is a picture of a “thought”.

Unfortunately, the distorted coding in human DNA continues to create racial division, and the only thing that can heal such imbalance is the love of Source, which is the higher energy of Source, that allows for transmuting the viruses from human DNA.

The Soul and Over Soul expressions have now birthed through all ethnic groups, within all cultures, within every expression of the human form. This is what has allowed the intermingling of what we call different colored bodies, or interracial coupling. It is like energy attracting to like energy. Love knows no boundaries. Love is not based on color or belief systems. When we “see” this truth expressing within the animals of earth, we say “unlikely friends”. Really? Only humans would think such a thought. As humans hold more of the love of Source, more of the love of Source expresses in the thought forms humans co-create. The animals are thoughts that humans co-create.

The extreme imbalanced control that is held within some regions is not based on the color of humans of the regions, it is based on the extreme mental illness of the controlling power elite who claim to “own” and “control” the region. The only way they can maintain such control, over such large groups of people, is to keep them uneducated, unable to think, and focused within fear based thoughts and superstitions. This means to keep them in “survival mode”, and is why they are forced to remain in poverty. The mentally insane, controlling power elite, do not care about humans. They only care about controlling energy. Their games of control are simply played out differently in different regions. As we can see, they also use the false beliefs of skin color and cultural beliefs to divide humans in so called wealthy countries.

People who live in what we call “first world countries” are simply “allowed” to believe they are free, whereas people who live in poverty stricken countries are not allowed to experience this false belief. All humans are currently controlled, but it is not really the controlling power elite that are controlling them. They are simply the human puppets whose thoughts are completely controlled via virus coding in their DNA, whom they have personified into different satanic gods.

Humans are controlled via their thoughts, and the fear based thoughts the viruses create. The only solution, while remaining in this earth ascension system, is to reset the human DNA code to the original code, which means for the higher energy of Source to transmute the viruses. The only way to begin to heal such fears within yourself is to focus within, and fill yourself with the loving energy of Source. The more people who continue to do so, the more of Source energy that can open within the collective of human consciousness. All it takes is Love!!!

It is very important to educate as many people as possible of the truth that thoughts creates, as what we think about is what we write into the coding of our DNA. In turn, that is what will continue to be experienced. So, what does not mean for the thought in the question, “why are black people in Africa and across the world are living in a multitude of hardships and treated as less human“? It means that such people’s brains / DNA are programmed to believe this to be true. We are talking about a very large number of people. What if those people worked together, to reprogram their brains / DNA? What could they co-create and how could they change their life experience? The possibilities are endless. We must “become” what we desire to experience.

ALL humans are faces of Source. All that exists within all of creation is Source. No two humans experience exactly the same. The ONLY real truth is love. Love is the feeling of balance. When in balance with love, we can use our thoughts to create balanced thoughts, which allow for balanced experiences.

Human emotions are the “key” to balance or imbalanced thoughts. They create so much energy that they code human DNA really fast. Fear based emotions create imbalance, love based emotions create balance. It really is as simple as that. So, the simple answer to the question is what are people thinking, what do they believe? That is what they will continue to create to experience, while remaining in this earth hologram. It has nothing at all to do with the color of the human body. There are just as many humans, expressing as the same color human body, who do terrible things to each other. It is a result of “mental illness”, or a “sick brain”, that is sick because of distorted DNA coding, created by the family of viruses.


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