Re-Setting Human DNA to the Original Divine Code

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There is an exercise that opened within me a short time ago to assist our process of focusing our Source mind within our self to assist in re-setting the divine code in human DNA. I had a feeling there was going to be more information about this process open but at the time was not yet aware what it might be. So, I have been waiting to discover that before I shared it with you.

Humanity desires to “experience their thoughts instantly”. This is a natural desire held within humanity because it is a natural quality of balanced faces of Source. Human consciousness does experience moments when some thoughts seem to manifest much faster than others. The experience of time being required to change something within the personal experience is based upon the personal, and collective accretion rate, and also on the coding in human DNA.

The majority of humanity are still healing to remember they are Source, and to remember that their thoughts create. The coding of human DNA is the program of this earth hologram. The coding each person holds is the program creating this earth holographic reality field. It is not possible to simply re-set the coding in one moment, as it would require so much energy that it would fragment human consciousness, which in turn would create the experience of the picture of the hologram exploding. Source creates in balance and Source heals in balance. Healing in balance means the higher energy of Source does not create fragmentation. Therefore, healing must be “allowed”, it cannot be forced.

Healing creates “change” in the picture of the earth hologram. Such changes include what we call natural disasters, as the energy of the collective continues to “shift” and expand in vibration rate. Allowed healing creates a series of smaller changes over a period of time, which resets the code of the hologram, without dismantling the hologram. The majority of humanity are not yet aware that humanity is creating the earth hologram, via the collective of human DNA coding. Therefore, they are not aware that the changes that occur in the code create such changes in the earth hologram.

Because humanity is not aware of this truth, they fear such changes. The program of fear in the code allows humanity to feel fear. Fear is created via the distortion in human DNA, created by the virus coding held in human DNA. Because humanity experiences fear, they believe their fears to be real, they believe their thoughts of fear. Everything that humanity believes continues to be coded in the DNA of those who believe what they do, this maintains the individual hologram. This is why every person is correct in whatever they believe, because they continue to create their beliefs to continue to experience them. It is why the DNA code cannot simply re-set in a short period of time.

As more people heal to allow themselves to focus on the love of Source, and more of the current adult population ascend from/leave the hologram (drop the physical body), more of the fear based coding will be purged from the collective. While this unfolds, the amount of the energy of Source that can flow into the collective continues to increase, which continues to rapidly increase the collective vibration rate. This is what allows for the monthly and yearly shifts in time, which are collective shifts into higher vibration rates. Our Source mind is healing human consciousness, even within human consciousness that remains in an unaware state of experiencing fear, and the process of healing continues to quicken.

We should not allow our self to believe that healing the collective of humanity is going to occur over night, but understand that healing is a process that must be allowed. As awake, and aware faces of Source we can assist the healing of humanity to occur faster by using the power of our thoughts to “heal our self”. We can only heal our self because it is only our self that is creating what is coded in our personal DNA, via the thoughts we accept as beliefs.

We desire to heal all that we see that is out of balance, and we are working as a collective to do so. Each face of Source is an extension of the same Source mind, an individual thought of Source mind. Therefore, no extension can hold the amount of energy of Source mind, required to heal all of the extensions. Only Source mind can do so. We desire to heal it “all” because we are Source and Source heals all of ITSelf that requires healing. Therefore, we need to remember that our individual expression of Source cannot heal it all, but that our Source mind can. The collective is similar to individual cells, and no individual cell can heal all cells.

Each person can carry to, gift to, all that we encounter the love of Source we hold within our self, but the individual face of Source must be allowed to heal at their own rate of speed. Many will not reach a point of healing to allow them to wake up and remember the truth until they complete the earth life experience.

As an aware, and awake, expression of Source mind we need to remember that we are currently held within an ascension system, which is very much like a hospital. As we continue to go about our work, it is similar to walking among those who are extremely ill, within the hospital, with varying degrees of illness. When we see the imbalance of fear playing out within the hologram, we are seeing the illness that is held within the patients. All within hospital earth are faces of Source, they are us expressing as individual Source expressions. We should not allow ourselves to step into their fear filled beliefs, unless that is what we desire to experience within our self. They need our love, they do not need to be judged because they are ill and cannot help it. However, we should distance our self from their fear beliefs, and not allow their thoughts to become the ones we continue to think about, as doing so will code those thoughts in our own DNA. That does not mean we should distance our self from them, just their thoughts.

Imagine you walk into a room in a mental hospital that holds a lot of mentally ill people. Each one of them is sitting in their space, living and experiencing the thoughts they hold within their self. Each one believes something different. As a care taker, you are able to recognize the illness that rages within them and you do not adopt what they might say as your beliefs. You simply do your work to administer to their needs, and continue to live your own life, all the while expressing love and kindness to them. This is exactly what earth currently is, a mental hospital without walls, because humanity is filled with the fear of the virus coding in human DNA. Medication can assist the patients into a calmer space, but the only thing that can allow healing to occur is to remove what is creating the illness. The medication that is needed is “love”.

We do not need to invite the patient into our personal space, doing so can create imbalance in our personal space. Therefore, we need to create our own boundaries, to keep our space balanced. We may not know who might create imbalance in our personal space until we invite them in and discover what they bring to our personal space. As Source, we would invite all because we love all of our self. When we become aware that we have invited imbalance that needs more healing than we can assist, we should be willing to release it from our personal space. It does not mean we do not love a person, it simply means we need to maintain balance within our space to be able to continue our work of healing.

All it requires to reset human DNA to the original divine code is for the energy of our Source mind to reach a critical mass of energy within the collective of humanity. The energy of Source is much higher than the energy of any viruses, and is why our virus family cannot access the higher energy of Source. Therefore, it only requires those who are awake and aware to continue to focus on healing their self, which is allowing the energy of Source flowing into the collective to increase rapidly. As individual faces of Source, we will not know when a critical mass of Source energy has been reached until it is experienced, but we will continue to feel it increasing.

As adults, we may no longer be embodied within the earth system when the critical mass point is reached, as we may have already ascended back into balance. Therefore, we should not go about our work with only the desire to experience such in the now moment, but also realize we are assisting to set the stage for our children and all faces of Source that will continue to birth in the remainder of the ascension cycle. We are a part of setting the stage that our children will assume control of. Our children are “us”. They are simply more individual expressions of our Source mind. They hold the ability to run more of Source energy within themselves, and they will co-create amazing things within the earth hologram that will assist to create more balance. We are assisting them to co-create a more balanced platform for them to continue their work within.

Most of the current elder population are of the “first ascension wave” and those of the first ascension wave are already in the process of making their exit from the earth hologram. Many are doing so at what we consider to be an early age, simply because they are reaching a high enough vibration rate to do so. Many children are doing so before the parents of the first wave. They are part of our self who came in to assist the elders to ascend, and do not hold the desire, or intention, of remaining any longer than is necessary to do so. The goal of this ascension system is not to live forever within the ascension system but to raise all of the consciousness in the ascension system up to a high enough vibration rate to ascend, or return to balance. The goal is not to live within the hospital forever, but to release all from the hospital. As embodied faces of Source, we can consciously use the power of our thoughts to assist releasing the collective from the hospital. That is what reprogramming our brain with the thought I AM Virus Free can assist with, reprogramming our brain IS re-coding our human DNA.

Human DNA is only the coding of the “manifest earth hologram”, which includes the human body form. It only exists as human DNA in this earth ascension system. When we exit the earth ascension system we will purge human DNA from our ray of consciousness, doing so is what creates the so called “life review”. Doing so will release all human beliefs from our ray of consciousness.

Therefore, resetting the code of human DNA is a beneficial experience for those who will continue to express within the earth ascension system, for the duration of the ascension cycle. But they are US, so doing so is beneficial in creating more balance for our self.

It has been proven by science that our thoughts create changes in human DNA, but not all people are yet aware of that. Such information is not allowed to be broadcast in the airwaves of the controlled media because of the implications it implies. Doing so could dismantle all of the controlled structure currently in place, and it is already starting to do so. As more people stand for love, they are re-writing the coding in their personal DNA. They may not be aware of it, but it is occurring none the less.

Healing creates changes, as such changes are a result of energy expanding. This “expands” the entire manifest structure, which we call matter. Source expands eternally and is what allows creation to expand eternally. Watching such expansion occur in this hologram is what we call natural disasters. Expansion is what allows volcanoes to erupt, land mass to move and the ocean to heat up. It is what creates what we see as stars exploding. They are not dying, they are expanding. There is no such thing as death, only eternal expansion, which means eternal re-birthing, which means eternal change. Not to expand would mean to never grow, to never discover more about yourself. Creation is Source eternally discovering more about Source.

You do not have to choose to be a conscious participant in your healing process. You do not have to choose to reprogram your DNA. You have free will, you can choose to experience anything you desire. You may not be ready to let go of the things you believe to be true. That is divine as well. But remember, you will continue to co-create to experience what you choose to believe, at least until you step out of the earth ascension system. Then you will be reset and only know the truth of creation. You will then co-create in balance.

The smaller collectives of regions, or groups of people in which the majority hold the same beliefs, set / determine the vibration rate of their living location. This then determines what will occur, or out picture, from the smaller collective within the region. When changes / vibration shifts occur within the largest percentage of the collective of a region, it creates changes in the hologram of the region. We are seeing such shifts in which communities are co-creating to become more self sufficient. Such shifts begin inside of each person, then expand within the community. This is how you “change the world”, not by focusing on changing the world but by focusing on changing yourself.

In communities where we do not see positive changes unfolding, we are seeing the collective of the communities still held within fear based and superstitious belief systems. We cannot change the collective, we can only change our self. We can share what we hold with the collective, but if we are sharing fear that is held within us, we will only work to co-create more fear within the collective. Love and balance do not create fear, only fear can create fear and it does so via expansion.

There is no right or wrong way to work with the loving energy of our Source mind. This is something all people need to remember. You have everything you need to heal right inside of yourself. You do not need exercises, or guided meditations to heal yourself, you simply need to remember the love of Source that flows within you and allow Source love to guide you. Each person is an individual face of Source and the energy of Source flows uniquely within each human expression, simply because of the distortions in human DNA. Therefore, only you know where within yourself you need to focus your thoughts to turn on more of the flows of Source energy. If you are not yet sure of specific locations you desire to heal within, then simply fill your entire body with the loving energy of Source. The higher energy of Source will flow everywhere it can, just like the waters of earth do, and it will break through any blockages when a critical mass of energy is reached in the blockage. The higher energy of Source is the ONLY thing that can heal all things.

You hold many questions, and most likely desire to know about beliefs you may currently hold. You also hold the answers. If your beliefs are not allowing you to experience what you desire to experience, then why even question the beliefs, simply change them to what you desire to experience, and release what is not working for you. Why would anyone choose otherwise, once they remember this truth? The only answer is the fear that controls them.

I have yet to type the exercise that I received but will do so soon and post it for all who desire assistance to focus their thoughts for inner healing. For now, it is desired for you to simply sit with Source, and fill your body with the love of Source. Allow your emotions to be calm and simply breathe the love of Source through your entire being. This is what is healing you, even if you do not understand how that is occurring. This is what you need to remember, how to be the self sovereign expression of Source that you are, not dependent on anything or anyone but Source. Remembering such is remembering your Source power, your power of Source to create. Trust in yourself, as doing so is trusting in Source. You do not need to look anywhere else to find what you are seeking except inside of yourself.

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