Life on Earth, An Act of Balance


What do you desire to experience in your lifetime on earth? Some people desire to be materially wealthy, become a celebrity, become powerful and some desire to dominate all around them. Do you desire your earth experience to be about such things?

If you ask most people, they simply desire to live a happy and healthy life, full of love, and have the things they need to live comfortably. Most people would say they desire peace instead of war. Most people would say they desire freedom, and for their children to have a happy life. Are you one who desires such things?

Ask yourself what allows you to feel happy inside of yourself, then look at the thoughts you think about in your daily life. Are your thoughts in alignment with what allows you to feel inner happiness? Do you go about your day focusing on the things that allow you to feel happy inside? Or, do your feet hit the floor running into chaos that quickly turns your day into one of feeling so exhausted you can hardly wait to get back home into your comfort space?

When we look at today’s news we see massive amounts of people around the world expressing in various ways what makes them unhappy. Social media is filled with people sharing the things that make them unhappy, and the things they are against, because they create unhappiness. News from organizations such as science, religions and politics, continue to be filled with everything that people believe to be “wrong” with humanity, or wrong with creation.

What this tells us, and what this shows us, is that all of those people are focusing on the things they do not desire to experience. They are putting the power of their emotionally charged energy into the very thoughts they do not desire to experience. This is not something new. Humans have been focusing on the “bad things” about the human life experience for millions of years.

Your thoughts write the coding in your human DNA. The coding in your human DNA is what you will continue to experience as your earth life experience. This is not a whimsy, made up thought. It has been proven by science that the thoughts of humans alter human DNA. It has also been proven by science that absolutely everything humans experience, they experience in their “own brain”.

If you are constantly thinking about what you “do not” desire to be part of your earth life experience you are working against yourself. You are setting yourself up to experience exactly what you do not desire to experience, because you are coding it into your human DNA.

Science has also discovered that traumatic experiences of previous generations are coded in human DNA, and passed on to future generations. Are you coding in your DNA what you desire your children to inherit? Do you desire your children to experience the same things you are now, that you really do not desire to experience? If not, then why are you coding it in your DNA to pass on to future generations?

These are simple facts, proven by modern day science. Very few people are aware of these proven facts. This is the news you should be hearing in all forms of media? Are you hearing this news when you turn on the TV, the radio, or connect to the internet, or are you listening to people continue to speak about all that is wrong in the world? Are you hearing about these proven facts from political leaders, reporting how they are going to bring about positive changes in the world? Ask yourself why you are not hearing about these amazing facts in all outlets you tune into.

You do not have to take my word for it. Do your own research. The information is available on the internet. Since you can find the information of recent scientific discoveries on the internet, why is it not being reported in all media formats? Why are people reporting the same thoughts day after day, and why is the public thinking about the same things they do not desire to experience day after day?

The answer is, because those are the thoughts coded in human DNA. They are the thoughts that continue to create this earth paradigm, which is created by humanity. What is the solution? Is there a solution or must humans continue to experience the things they do not desire to experience? The choice is yours. The choice belongs to every single human expression.

Your thoughts create the coding in your human DNA that plays out as your life experience. Those who continue to think the same thoughts, who continue to use their emotionally charged energy to keep those thoughts written in human DNA, are creating a “collective reality field”. You alone are not creating the “world reality”, the people who continue to “think alike” and continue to “think the same like thoughts” are the ones who continue to keep the same imbalanced program playing out through human DNA.

How wonderful would it be to see massive amounts of people marching around the world carrying signs that read things such as, “your thoughts create this earth paradigm”, “your thoughts create what you are experiencing as your earth life experience”, to create what you desire to experience, you must CHANGE your thoughts”.

Do you know what occurs in human DNA when people see the same thoughts enough times? They are turned on in human DNA. When we “memorize” something it is because it turned on fully in our DNA and is then running as part of our earth life experience. You did the exact same thing when you “memorized” your alphabet. You did the exact same thing when you created your belief system. Your beliefs are your earth life.

How wonderful would it be to see such signs filling every billboard, along every highway. Or, to see them plastered all over buildings and turned into graffiti, instead of all of the thoughts humans do not desire to experience. They are not make believe thoughts, they have been proven by science.

Perhaps you feel you are only one person, and that one person cannot make a difference. The massive amount of people who continue to march, and carry signs for what they are against, do not feel that way. They really believe they are going to “make a difference”. They do not realize what they are actually creating. They do not realize they are marching the thoughts of what they do not desire to experience into the planetary system. They do not realize they are writing the script of this earth hologram. What if they did? What if they knew of this truth? What if they changed their signs and changed their thoughts?

Just imagine! What If?

March for truth. Stand for truth. Allow ALL to remember the truth. You no longer have to be concerned about being considered “different”, there is now science available to back you up. The next time you see protestors, or choose to march with protestors, look at the signs, pay attention to the thoughts. Realize what the people are actually creating. Recent signs I saw in one image of protestors marching in streets said, “climate change kills”. What do you think that thought is creating? What about a sign that reads, “vote no to war”. What is the energy being focused on? What word in that sign holds the emotional drive to create? That would be the word “war”. What if the sign was changed to “vote for peace”? See how changing one word can change what is being created?

The choice is yours! What are you choosing to create? Is it creating balance or imbalance?

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