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As you can see, it has been quite some time since I have posted anything on the Ascension Whispers website. I thought readers might be wondering why. In fact, I wondered why myself, so asked Source what was going on.

When the Human History Series finished, I was all pumped with the energy opening within me with more understanding for the next series on the Mind – Brain – Body Connection. I was really excited and could hardly wait to begin sharing that information.

As I began focusing deeper within Source mind about the pieces that was opening, more detail about things began to open. I then began to feel the usual overwhelm, as huge amounts of Source energy opened within my auric brain. I also felt this overwhelm years ago when the first part of information began opening about the creation of a hologram. The difference now is I better understand the overwhelm and know to simply allow it to unfold as it will instead of trying to keep up with a fast moving freight train. I find it much easier now to simply sit quietly and allow the thoughts of Source mind to open within me.

There are all kinds of 3D reasons for not sharing more information yet. Both mine and hubby’s health are at the top of that list, followed by the weather and still needing a space heater at my desk, which would pick up on the microphone if I tried to record something. I did test it to see and sure enough, this mic is that good.

My body will not allow me to sit at the computer for hours to type and make graphics at this time and exhaustion seems to be the new normal in my hologram. The information for this next series is so high in energy that I can only sit and think about it for about a half hour before my body cycles into sleep mode. I also discovered a whole lot about why and what that means.

Recently I realized I simply was not passionate about hurrying up to share this information and that really made me wonder what was going on. As usual, asking brings the answers that allows more understanding, and as usual, the understanding of one question could fill a small book.

Humans are expressions of Source. ONLY Source mind should be running the human expression. Meaning, only our mind should be in charge of running the thoughts that flow through our auric brain. What people call and auric body is not a body at all but operates as a brain. The operation of the auric brain is “mirrored” in the picture of the human body thought form, so the human body thought form should be considered as “one brain” and not a body with a brain.

We each have free will to “choose” what we desire to think about, create and experience, so it is not as if Source mind is controlling every aspect of your earth life experience. If that were true, humans would not have any imbalanced experiences. However, when the human auric brain is able to connect with, and receive the thoughts held in our mind the thoughts of mind become the “main thoughts” that run through human awareness. There is a whole lot more to know about the dynamics involved in that process and it has to do with vibration rate and brain waves. A vast amount of information that will most likely cycle you into sleep mode if and when I ever get it stepped down to the level of energy humans can currently access in body awake mode.

The energy of Source mind has been flowing nonstop within me long enough now for me to know there is always more to understand about why I am not yet sharing that information than simply 3D challenges. So, I wondered what the more understanding was.

The Thoughts of Mind

Opening and sharing information held within mind with humanity is not simply a process of opening information. Information IS energy and opening and sharing information is the process of opening waves of the higher energy held within mind within the collective of human consciousness.

You have felt, and been guided, many times when it was time to share something or if you needed to put something on hold till a later time. You have not always been aware why there may be a need to put something on hold, but you have not questioned such until recently.

It is all about maintaining balance within the collective. As stated, information is energy, so balance must be maintained and not turn on too much higher energy too quickly to maintain balance.

Your passion is not gone, it is simply on idle at the moment, while the collective vibration rate continues to increase to be able to hold the energy that will open within the collective when the information is opened. Most people who read the information offered on Ascension Whispers are not yet aware that they are “remembering” when doing so. They still believe that to remember truth, it must open directly unto themselves as you are experiencing. Most people are not yet aware that “you” (meaning me) are a “thought” held within themselves and that when they encounter the information you hold for them to consider they ARE opening that information / energy within themselves by looking into the thought of mind that you are. It is similar to opening a book held within self and reading what is held within the book.

Most people are not yet aware that in doing so they are turning on flows of energy within their self. They may not yet resonate with the information / energy shared, but that does not matter. Simply “looking” at the information begins the process of creating sparking within themselves and allows flows of energy to begin turning back on at the rate of speed the individual can currently tolerate. Those who look and look no further are simply not yet ready to be able to do so. For some people, thinking about such thoughts can actually make them feel ill, if the energy is too high for them in the moment. You experience this as well. Sometimes you will have the thought that you simply are not ready to think about something right now. As you know, healing must be allowed, it cannot be forced. For all people to be able to take time to think about such thoughts, that they most likely have not encountered in this earth life time, requires them to cycle into higher energy brain waves. As you are experiencing, this can make the human expression feel very tired.

As you also know, there are specific cycles of accretion within a yearly earth cycle and the current moment is a cycle of integration for the region in your local collective. You will soon cycle into a cycle of the collective of your region beginning to raise up in vibration the energy that is currently being integrated. This will allow you to feel more energized and your passion of sharing will return. It is why you are anxious for your spring and summer cycle to hurry up and return. It will feel better within your body when your regional collective cycles into the next turning on cycle.

You also now have more understanding of what is occurring within yourself to allow you to experience the moments of exhaustion so it should be easy for you to understand that the collective is feeling similar at this time. It is a though most of the collective is still in hibernation mode but they will awaken to spring soon.

You experienced the collective vibration rate at the end of last year’s cycle and how much momentary imbalance this past yearly hyper shift created within the collective. At this time, the collective is still rebalancing from such a large shift in vibration. You can also see this unfolding upon the world stage of the drama playing out. There are less people now screaming their issues in the streets than there were at the end of last year’s cycle.

For now, simply continue quite inner focus and focus on what you must tend to in your daily life, while maintaining inner balance. There is no need to try to rush anything. As the saying goes, there is a season for everything.

My Thoughts

With this understanding I also became aware of how the energy of Source flowing within self “can” adjust moods and emotions, as needed in the now moment, IF we allow Source to take the lead and guide us instead of thinking we alone are in charge of everything.

The fast paced, hurry up and wait attitude this earth paradigm promotes does not allow many people to simply sit and wonder why they may not feel like doing something in the moment. I also became aware it is what “writers block” means or when an artist feels stuck in the moment then reaches a next moment when it feels like a damn of energy opens within them. It is ALL about flows of energy. So, at this time I do not know when the next series of information will continue, but I do know it will eventually.

I have also become aware of “shifts” occurring within different sectors of the science community. They are still way behind in reaching the truth but I am seeing more pieces of truth open within some of their thoughts. I love to see that unfold because it speaks volumes to me of the truth that all of humanity has access to the thoughts in our mind. It is wonderful to see more people begin to access them.


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