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Hello Dear Readers of Ascension Whispers,

It has been quite some time since I have posted anything here and some of you may be wondering if I am still embodied on earth. I am still here!

The last time I posted I shared that both hubby and I felt as though we were in some kind of holding pattern. Indeed we were! The holding pattern was the final stages of hubby working to release from the human body thought form and my mission was to assist him in all ways possible to do so.

My wonderful husband finally released from his human body form on July 27, 2017, at home. My role was his care taker while he accomplished such. If you have ever played the role of care taker for someone then you know how very challenging it can be. I am not sure how anyone does it by their self in a home situation if they are not aware of and do not yet hear Source guiding the way. I am not at all sure I would have been able to do so if Source were not guiding my every step.

For the past five years of my earth experience I have been remembering, and looking at, the process of manifestation of thought forms. This experience allowed me to see the de-manifestation of thought forms, as my husband worked to turn off his human body thought form. It is a rare experience to be able to look at such because in our organic, balanced state our thoughts instantly manifest and de-manifest at our will. The illusion of the passage of time being required for such to occur in the human experience is the result of the accretion rate, or the rate of turning on the next sequence of coding in the human expression, which we call human DNA. The accretion rate is determined by the vibration rate of the embodied consciousness. Humans call the embodied consciousness the vertical pillar chakras.

I have remembered so many things in sharing this process with hubby that at this moment when I think of all of those things I feel a bit overwhelmed at the process of stepping them all down into a human language. I do desire to share that information with humanity as well and will do so at some point in this life experience, if and when Source opens the space to allow me to do so.

One piece that I desire to share with all now is not to hold onto any issues or grievances you may have shared with a love one who releases from their human body form. Doing so creates imbalance for no one but yourself. Now that all who release return to balance with Source mind no one retains memory of any imbalanced experiences encountered during this earth life experience. Such imbalance memories are coded in human DNA and finally, ALL of the human DNA coding is instantly released when the consciousness steps out of the human body thought form. The only memories the consciousness retains are memories of love shared during the life experience. This is because imbalance cannot exist within balance.

It does not matter what humans call the so called “cause of death”. The cause is the same regardless of the way it out pictures to see in the human experience. The cause is the result of the embodied consciousness reaching a high enough vibration rate to unplug from the human body thought form. The only exception is if someone takes their own life. The only difference is such an individual may have to spend more time held within the earth system as disembodied consciousness until they reach a high enough vibration rate to merge back into balance. There is no longer the process of re-incarnating back into this expression of earth.

If the process of releasing from the human body form is what we would consider as a slow process it is possible to see the process unfold. Instant release, such as murder, does not allow humans to see the process of turning off the human body thought form. It is still the result of the embodied consciousness reaching a high enough vibration rate to release.

Illness and disease does not cause release from the human body thought form but I am quite certain all humans would argue with that thought. Understanding the truth of disease requires understanding the truth of what creates disease and that the process of releasing from the diseased body form is the result of Source continuing to step higher energy down into the embodied consciousness to purge the distortion that creates the disease. If the disease cannot be purged before the embodied consciousness reaches a high enough vibration rate to release then it is purged completely when such occurs. It is a process of Source embodying into the distortion and raising the distortion back up in vibration to allow imbalance that occurred within Source to return to balance. The distortion is the result of the family of consciousness of humans that fell into reversal to become the viruses that have made humans mentally, physically and emotionally sick for millions of years, per current earth time.

So, my husband did NOT “die of a disease”. He released from the human body thought form, which held distortion in the coding of it, via Source stepping down more and more energy into the distortion.

There is no separation between humans. Separation is an illusion created by the fact that each human expression holds a unique vibration rate. A unique vibration rate is what allows Source to express as individual identity expressions within a holographic reality field. All individual expressions of Source are of the “same mind” and the only mind that exists is the mind of Source.

Human consciousness is the energy of Source that experienced fragmentation. The first example of fragmentation is expressing as what humans call either male or female. The truth is there really is no such thing as male or female. It is ALL the same Source energy. All of creation is the same Source energy. When a male and female expression couple their energy they experience during that moment a non gender expression of two becoming one. They meld into each other energetically. This is what occurs when you release from the human body thought form. You merge back into balance with your original non-fragmented, non gender ray of consciousness. You then know all experiences of love encountered by each of your previously fragmented parts as your own experiences. Perhaps think of one person playing the character roles of all characters in a movie with each character forgetting their true identity while playing their part. When you stop playing the role in the movie you remember that all characters in your movie / life experience, were you.

I also became aware of the fact that what humans have named Star Children, Indigos, Walk-Ins, etc., or simply consciousness from elsewhere are higher energy expressions of the original ray of consciousness and that such expressions of Source are here to “pick up and assist” the part of self that fell in vibration to raise back up in vibration to be able to ascend, or merge back into balance. The characters could be anything. They could be children, parents, spouses, best friends, etc. It is people who play a dominate role in your earth life experience. I became aware that is exactly what my entire earth experience with hubby was about. It is a matter of regaining the coding that fragmented from the original ray of consciousness. Like coding is drawn to like coding. Knowing such truth makes it much easier to allow for release when the expression of yourself reaches a high enough vibration rate to do so.

Individual expressions of Source, which is what humans are, do not “go anywhere” when they release form the human body thought form. They did not go anywhere when they birthed as the human body thought form. All that exists is Source mind. All of creation is the thoughts of Source, held within the mind of Source. All of creation exists within the exact same space, and space is an illusion. All thoughts can be recalled to look at again at any time instantly. You can experience the exact same thing within yourself because you are Source. However, only balanced thought memories can be remembered because all imbalance is returned to balance when the imbalance reaches a high enough vibration rate to return to balance.

I have shared in previous writings that what people have called a life review, reported by people who have had near death experiences, is not a life review. It is the process of seeing human DNA releasing from you.

As the embodied consciousness experiences the process of releasing from the human body thought form human DNA is released back into balance with Source mind. This is why people who are releasing experience memory loss in the process. It is also why by the point that final release occurs there is hardly any DNA left in the remaining form.

Each person experiences the process of releasing human DNA back into Source mind as soon as they birth as human. It is how Source heals what became human consciousness. Each time you cycle into body sleep mode you are releasing what can be released from your human DNA at that time and is why you feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Dreams are the result of releasing human DNA. It is also why a good night’s sleep can heal illness that you encounter in the earth life experience. You are also increasing in vibration rate by allowing more room in your human expression for the higher energy of Source to step into. This is why releasing from the human body thought form is something ALL humans will experience at some point.

So, you see, humans do not “loose the battle with a disease”. They win, because they take the distortion that creates such disease back into balance and release it.

Prior to this chapter in my earth life experience cycling into the final experiences, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with the thought of stepping down into a human language the information on the Mind, Brain, Body Connection. Now I feel even more overwhelmed simply because the truth within me has continued to expand rapidly. Such overwhelm is simply a temporary experience and I continue to allow Source to guide my every thought and every step.

At this moment I am completely aware of a seemingly new experience. I am aware of Source writing the next chapter for this earth life experience in my human DNA. It has been the same all along. I simply was not aware of it until now. All of those years I thought I was in charge of me. (laughing) In fact, Source is in charge of each expression of Source. Nothing in a life experience occurs without good reason. When you know that it becomes much easier to simply allow Source to guide you. It is suggested not to make instant choices in the moment but to wait a few days and allow more choices to present themselves. You will then be able to better see the best choice for the now moment.

There are pieces literally falling into my life now that are creating the stepping stones for the next chapter of my earth life. I have told Source though that I do not desire another pick up and assist mission. Of course it will be as Source desires it to be and I am more than willing to allow Source to guide me because life is so much more enjoyable when doing so. At this moment I am clueless as to what Source has in store for me but I have a feeling it is now the process of creating my personal sanctuary space to allow Source to continue to speak through me. Source WILL speak!!! Regardless of the vessel required for Source to do so. Source will continue to speak long after I have released from this human body form.

I do not know at this time how long it will be before you hear from me again. The control and games of this earth paradigm make things a whole lot more challenging than they need to be. Right now I am working to disperse the remains of the thoughts that composed hubby’s earth life. This wonderful expression of Source did not throw anything away for at least the past 40 years of his life. I have no clue what I will find until I open things and look within. Most things simply need to be burnt. Some things are being given away to those who can use them. There will remain very few things needing to be sold.

My wonderful husband knew truth. He had regained a whole lot of truth through me. He knew exactly where he was going and was not afraid in the least to do so. He lived his life to the fullest up to the very last breathe in the human body form. He lived his life “his way” as ONLY he could do. I am more than happy to play the role of the cleaner and clean the pieces that remain of his earth life experience. It is going to take some time though.

It was not until this last part of this chapter in my life that I became aware of the role of pick up and assist. Before I became aware of that I became aware that I had never created my life for myself, in this life experience. I have always “stepped into a life that someone else created”. When I became aware of that I then became aware of the role to pick up and assist. That understanding showed me a huge amount of truth of my earth life experience that I had never been aware of before. Do not be surprised if you end up being the last of your genetic line when you finally release from the human body thought form.

Because I have always created my space in someone else’s life I have no clue what I might like to decorate my life with. I know that hubby is now excited to be creating his next life experience and at the same time, I am rather excited to discover what Source has in store for the rest of my earth life experience. This is also the first time in this life experience I find myself living alone. Of course, it is impossible to ever be alone, but I mean from a manifest form process. I kind of feel like I have re-birthed on earth anew.

If you desire to stick around while Source re-creates my life I am quite certain Source will continue to speak through me and offer more thoughts for you to consider.

Thank you all for choosing to be here with me and for your continued Source love and support. Without you, there would be no need to share what I continue to remember.

Source Loving Joy Blessings to All

Marie Love

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