Yearly Hyper Shift 2017


This post is a friendly reminder that human consciousness has entered into the yearly critical mass of accretion that will allow for the yearly hyper time shift on December 12, 2017, otherwise known as Freedom Day. If you are a new reader to Ascension Whispers, or have not yet read back far enough to integrate that information, you will find the information about the yearly hyper shifts in the December archives. There is also a video on the youtube channel that speaks of it.

A yearly hyper shift is the collective accreting energy through each month of the year. On the 12th of each month a smaller shift in vibration within the collective occurs, even though they do not always feel small at the time. Previous information presented explains why the shifts occur on the 12th of the month.

Humanity is actually seated at the center of a sphere which humans call the core of the planet. The core of the planet is actually the core of our local star, which humans call the sun. The sphere human consciousness is currently focused within, or plugged into, is called a planetary shield. The sphere is actually a spiral. Human consciousness is accreting the energy of Source around the spiral of our local planetary shield, held within our local star. Doing so creates the illusion of all movement that humans experience on a planetary level and cosmic level.

Time is the result of accreting the energy of Source and doing so increases the vibration rate of the consciousness accreting the higher energy of Source. The “experience” of the passage of time is the result of increasing vibration rate. Each second, just as an example of human tracked time, is higher in vibration than the previous second. This creates the experience of past time, with each passing second being lower in vibration than each next second. This is what creates “change” in the life experience. It is why your tomorrow can never be the same as your yesterday. It is why your human body form changes with each second that passes. It is what allows for what humans call cells being replaced in the picture of the human body form. It is what allows for what humans call becoming wiser with age and it is what allows for the experience of aging.

Time cycles are energy accretion cycles. Smaller cycles build into larger cycles. When a critical mass of energy is accreted within the collective, the larger yearly increasing vibration rate shifts human consciousness into a higher vibration rate. It is such shifts that create large shifts within the picture of the hologram, such as earth changes. Humans are co-creating everything within the picture they see and call creation. As human consciousness shifts into a higher vibration rate the picture humans see as creation changes.

Human consciousness is fragmented and working to heal from fragmentation, as well as collecting the parts of human consciousness that fell so low in vibration rate to become the viruses that allow humans to experience all forms of illness and disease. Humans are faces of Source that are the hosts for the family of consciousness that fell to become viruses to allow that part of our Source energy to be brought back up out of fall state and return to balance within Source mind. Humans ARE supposed to get sick. Doing so is the result of hosting the family of consciousness that fell to become the viruses.

The year 2017, as counted by humans within the earth hologram, has been a major year of change within the collective of human consciousness. This is the result of the hyper shift that occurred on December 12, 2016 and human consciousness re-accreting the energy of Source within the “wave” they shifted into at that time.

I can only know what I experience personally within myself, which is the same for all faces of Source. But I have shared enough of my personal life changing shifts with enough people, who have in turn shared their experiences in this year 2017, to know for certain it has been a year of major life changes for many people. It is a collective shift that effects every face within the collective in some way.

I have been experiencing symptoms for the past few weeks of shifting into this last cycle of the yearly cycle, leading into the hyper shift on December 12. Here are some of the symptoms I have cycled through or am still cycling through at this time.

  • Extreme pressure in the skull.
  • Scalp extremely sore and tender to touch.
  • Exhaustion
  • Blurred Vision
  • Teeth Chattering
  • Increase in the intensity of the ringing in the ears.
  • Purging all kinds of emotions.
  • Extreme heightened senses – smell, vision, sound, touch, taste
  • Dizziness
  • Inability to remain focused on the 3D earth hologram and thoughts associated with work in it.
  • Clumsiness
  • Inner Freeze Outs and Inner Heat Waves.
  • Nervousness, as if the inside is filled with jumping beans and everything and anything gets on your nerves.
  • As desire to be alone, not around people.
  • An anxious feeling of expectation.

I don’t think I will become aware of sensing anything during the hyper shift, as I did not during last year’s shift. The speed of the shifts are so strong and so fast now that they simply naturally cycle humanity into body sleep mode and up into a higher vibration rate.

Many of the symptoms will subside following the hyper shift. Because each face of Source experiences uniquely within their self, some symptoms may hang around for awhile during the integration cycle, which can last as long as into May.

More and more people continue to become aware of the importance of Love. This is the result of the continued increasing vibration rate within the collective of humanity. It is all what it means to be in an ascension cycle, and this is the last ascension cycle. Once this ascension cycle completes, all of the consciousness expressing as human, and the family of consciousness that fell to become viruses, will have shifted / merged back into balance. That will occur within less than one hundred years. The last ascension cycle, of all fragmented consciousness merging back into balance means, this earth hologram will no longer exist because there will no longer be consciousness creating it. All will have merged back into the balanced expression of earth. As more and more consciousness releases from the human body thought form and merges back into balance, the thoughts they were creating in the hologram will disintegrate, and fade from the hologram, or become extinct. The faces of Source that will continue to birth into this earth hologram during this last ascension cycle will create new things and it will seem as new discoveries for humans.

It does not matter what beliefs you currently hold. The beliefs you hold is the result of the programming your auric brain has been programmed with. ALL will remember the truth of self and creation when the human experience completes, if they do not do so before that point is reached.

The ONLY thing that matters is Love. Love is the ONLY thing that can heal all things. Love is the “feeling” of balance. To feel more love, to know more of the love of Source, simply focus inward and focus on filling yourself with the love of Source.

Creation occurs from the inside out, not the outside in. To experience anything you must first BE what you desire to experience. To experience love, peace, balance, abundance and all things humans consider as positive experiences you must first be those things. They are all expressions of love. So, you must first BE love to experience love.

Your thoughts create what you are experiencing. If you do not like what you are experiencing you must reprogram yourself by changing your thoughts. Again, creation occurs from the inside out. Thought is the first step in the creation process.

We will not know of the changes this yearly hyper shift will allow for us to experience until we experience them. I can assure you it will not be a boring journey of healing. The goal should be to retain as much inner balance as possible regardless of the changes shifting into a higher vibration rate allows for. The way to retain as much inner balance as possible is to be love, to express as love in all of your words, thoughts, actions and deeds, regardless of the changes occurring around you. Such changes first occur inside of humanity.

Happy Shifting, Happy Freedom Day and Source Loving Joy to ALL

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