Thought Encryption – Writing A New Script

Divine Intention – Free Will Choice

Per Source Original Thought Creation Intention, each frequency band of a time matrix holds the “original” thought encryption of what Source desires to be available for experiences. In free will time matrices, the individuated faces of Source are co-creators with Source, and “add” to the original thought encryption by co-creating experiences which can move away from the balance point of the original encryption. Individuated life forms can only experience the possibilities that lie within polarity and away from the balance point of Source when the quantum mass of Source energy becomes weaker by being blocked from perception.

Through experimentation of free will choice, individuated faces of Source can choose to experiment with the energy of Source and co-create outside of the realms of the original thought intention. Source does not create distortion; Source creates all of creation within balance but allows for all probabilities of experience within a free will system; doing so allows Source to learn, expand and understand ItSelf. You are Source discovering probabilities of experience that can occur through free will choice.

Source will not allow any face of ItSelf to compromise the original design. Source will and does eternally work to heal or fix the extremity of distortion which does occur within ItSelf as a result of free will choice. As has been stated many times, Source does prefer to experience within balance simply because Source knows that balanced experiences are much more joyful.

Imagine yourself as Source; sitting with yourself and thinking. Perhaps you are having wondering thoughts: “I know what is created by combining my energy with this charge with energy of a different charge but what might occur if I added more energy with a totally different charge? What if I put a totally different thought encryption within each of those totally different charged thought patterns, what will that create”? Rather an abstract thought but can allow contemplation of what it might be like to know you as all of creation with a desire to create within yourself.

Only when Source energy steps down in quantum thrust to allow for polarity of energy to occur, which allows for the opposite of any probable thought to be available, can probability away from the balance point become possible to experience. The quantum thrust of Source energy does not reach such a lower quantum thrust until it has stepped down to the 11th dimensional frequency band of time matrices in which matter manifestation can occur. Source energy does not cool enough until it steps down to the 12th dimensional frequency band of a time matrix of manifestation to begin jelling or becoming cooler to allow for the continued step down of quantum thrust and “denser” energy particles to begin to take on form.

This is why individuated faces of Source that exist within systems of the 12th dimensional frequency band of your time matrix and within higher energy fields do not experience distortion and would never encounter any thought patterns or be presented with any choices that would ever allow them to think of expressing in any way that would compromise any part of Source or play a different role other than the original role Source assigned them to play. This is why life forms that exist in places such as Light and Sound Fields or Inner Time Matrices eternally play the role they were originally created by Source to play, until the point when the entire structure ascends back into one with Source.

You might think of such roles similar to the way you think of the foundation for a house. A house can have many things built upon the original foundation, but were it not for the foundation eternally remaining in place, all things built upon it would cease to exist.


Suppose you desired to have an experience of being a sloppy, messy individual but the house you lived in was a self cleaning house and every time you tried to make a mess the house instantly put things back in order. This example can offer you a feeling of what it is like to express of Source in levels of creation where the energy of Source is so strong that distortion cannot exist.

Conscious Collectives of Source that exist in the higher realms of creation that have never stepped into the lower frequency bands of space, time and matter do feel sadness in knowing that the people of Earth have forgotten what a wonderful Gift it is to be able to co-create with Source energy and in doing so, experience anything that allows their house to be messy so they can then appreciate the Joy of a clean house.

When a critical mass of distortion occurs within the lower frequency bands of a manifest time matrix system, faces of Source that reside within the non-manifest part of the system may choose to send “sparks” of their consciousness into the lower levels where distortion has occurred to bring healing unto those levels. Such a process is Source choosing to send more of ItSelf into the areas of ItSelf that require healing.

It is currently next to impossible for you to imagine the quantum of Source energy that is held within just the energy structure required for a time matrix to exist. At this moment you cannot even imagine the quantum of energy required to allow planet Earth to exist because you are currently focused on seeing the physical expression of Earth as you are yourself.

You can begin to get a feeling for the mass amount of Source energy that planetary bodies hold within them when you view things presented by 3D science that show planetary bodies exploding and yet those things occur so far out of your current frequency band perception level, that the mass amount of energy involved is still lost upon your physical senses.

Source will not allow free will choice to compromise the original foundation; it is not possible for any lower, distorted thought pattern to exist within the energy of Source that composes the original foundation simply because the quantum of Source energy is so massive at these levels that such distorted thoughts are instantly healed and brought back into balance with the original thought intention of Source at the 12th dimensional frequency band that is part of the manifest time matrix system. This is why the 12th dimensional frequency band holds the blueprint coding for what all within the time matrix system was originally created to express as.

When free will choices of individuated faces of Source become so out of balance with Source that they would threaten the original thought encrypted foundation, they are first quarantined so that they do not expand any further and healing missions unfold to heal what can be healed within such systems. The things that cannot be healed and did not exist within the original thought creation of Source that cannot be brought back into balance with Source are allowed to continue to exist until they use up all of their stored energy, and will eventually return to one with Source when the rest of the system does.

From an experiential level of viewing from within the realms of space, time and matter, the turning off of such things could look like an explosion of matter particles. Such an experience can only be part of a holographic experience if consciousness is experiencing such a return path. For life forms that follow an ascension path of return, such an experience will never be a part of the experiential hologram because an ascending life form would have already ascended to higher levels of energy and be experiencing higher frequency bands as their hologram.

Because the “expanded awareness” would be much higher than what you currently perceive, there would be awareness of such things occurring within Source but it would not be a physical experience encountered. The ever changing things that 3D science sees in what you call outer space, are old news by the time 3D science becomes aware of such things and they are viewing creation in motion, birthing, ascending, or burning out.

Trying to assist the people of Earth into understanding of creation can be quite challenging simply because the people of Earth have been stuck for so long into being forced to believe that manifestation of matter particles is real; nothing within creation is actually solid, nothing within creation is manifest, solid, matter.

Why is such truth important to become aware of and remember? Your experiential reality is based on and driven by your thoughts and your Emotional Body is the power force that continually pushes the thrust of energy of your thoughts into the manifest hologram to then experience as your reality field. You then experience the energy of those thoughts via the workings of your Physical / Emotional Body as your Physical / Emotional Body will continue to “shine forth” the thoughts held within it to experience.

Your Mental Body is not housed within your physical 3D body. Your Mental Body is stationed in frequency band 3 and you currently perceive frequency band 3 as space between objects and the air all around and within you. You are viewing the hologram with a part of your anatomy called the Ego.

You are actually a sphere of energy and the form holding properties of your 3D physical body allows your spark of consciousness to keep its shape and to be “cloaked” so that others within the Earth reality field can perceive you and interact with you and you with them. From your current perception, if you could see the sphere of your full quantum of energy that exists within your manifest time matrix, you would see a ball of energy so massive it would be much larger and much hotter than what you now see as Earth’s sun.


Compare what you currently perceive as the energy of Earth’s sun shining onto the Earth and your physical 3D body. You are quite aware of how hot the energy of the sun can feel on your physical body and your current energy accretion level places you about 92 million miles from Earth’s sun, per the way you currently measure space. And you are quite aware that if you tried to travel to Earth’s sun with your physical body, your physical body would be consumed and incinerated by the energy of the sun. Your consciousness would still remain but the particles that compose your physical body could not at this time sustain that much energy.

And yet your full expression of energy held within your time matrix is so high in energy and so massive that the full quantum of it could consume and incinerate Earth’s sun and the entire galaxy. If you tried to put all of your energy into the 1, 2nd and 3rd dimensional frequency bands you would blow up the entire galaxy. Are you a powerful Being? You bet you are!

The levels of yourself above the 2nd frequency band have not forgotten this truth; your Mental Body has not forgotten this truth. The blockage that keeps you from “knowledge of yourself” exists in the 2nd dimensional frequency band, within your Emotional / Physical Body.

As you mentally think about yourself as a powerful Being, it is probably fairly easy to imagine yourself as such but when you try to “feel” yourself as such you encounter the issues of your Physical / Emotional body that may say something like, “Well sure OK, so I am this higher, massive Being with access to so much energy and knowledge, wonderful. But knowing that is not doing anything to heal the issues of my physical body or the challenges of my hologram. What good is it doing me to know such things if they are out of my reach?”

Those kinds of thought patterns are not coming into your brain via your Original Divine Coding. Those kinds of thought patterns are coming to your awareness from the distorted script that was fed into the 2nd dimensional frequency band of your hologram, the 2nd dimensional frequency band of planet Earth. This is why any person on planet Earth could have the same type of thoughts come to their awareness at any given moment.

You are creating your personal reality field and you are playing your part in creating the mass reality field of planet Earth. Currently you are not even able to pretend to imagine the mass amount of energy that the collective people of Earth are. When you add to that massive amount of energy the other life forms on planet Earth, this becomes a collective force so huge that you can and do literally “steer or drive” an entire planet through waves of energy that you currently perceive as space. And yet you are still trying to believe you have the ability to heal yourself and your hologram!

The things (thought encryption) held within the 2nd dimensional frequency band of your Earth hologram do not become animated and 3-dimensional until you make them do so. Nothing within your hologram would appear as 3-dimensional if there was not consciousness sitting in the 3rd dimension beaming energy into the 1st and 2nd dimensions of energy.

By you combining your 3rd dimensional energy with the energy that is held for the Earth hologram in frequency bands 1 & 2, you are allowing yourself the “illusion” of height, depth and width or 3 dimensions of energy existing within the same space or same sphere of energy and interacting with each other.


It may be easier to visualize this if you think of your physical body form as a hand puppet that is composed of the energy of frequency bands 1 & 2, energy that appears to your Ego as particles such as protons, neutrons, electrons, elements and chemicals. In such an analogy, it is as if you have put your hand into those particles that allow the dense physical body form to jell together and you are making the hand puppet dance about all over the place. The challenge is that you have gotten your hand stuck within the body puppet form and cannot stop watching the same play.

To allow yourself to have a life experience on Earth and interact with other forms of consciousness doing the same thing, you had to put a spark of your consciousness into the energy that composes the reality system and your spark of energy has become stuck within the particles that compose the reality field.

The false script fed into the planet turned off your communication line to the rest of yourself and the part of you that has become stuck has forgotten about the rest of yourself. What part of yourself is responsible for you being here and now? Your full expression of Source because as your full expression of Source you chose to send a spark of yourself into the system on a mission to heal the parts of yourself that had become stuck or trapped in time. All levels of your self are fully aware of everything you encounter, every thought you have, and so is Source because you ARE Source.

If you have read previous information shared here, then you know that the process of ascension and returning to Source to know yourself as all of Source requires “merging your entire original spark of Source energy back into the original quantum of energy you entered the time matrix as.” Until you can heal the self that is currently stuck within frequency bands 1, 2 & 3, none of the rest of your family of consciousness can return to the full expression of Source. As long as the you on Earth remains stuck, all of you remains stuck or trapped in time.

You had full awareness before you chose to incarnate on Earth that there was a possibility you would encounter so much damage that you might not be able to follow a return path of ascension, and yet you came anyway. The simple fact that you find yourself within the Earth reality field is proof you chose to be here.

Why would you make such a choice that may now seem to you like the worse choice you could have made? You made such a choice because when you did you knew yourself fully as Source; as Source you knew that a whole lot of your consciousness had encountered challenges of becoming extremely out of balance with yourself and as a result had become stuck within the illusion of time. You came as a healing force of Source to allow healing to be possible for the “whole” and free yourself from being trapped within yourself. When you made this choice you knew how to accomplish such a thing.

Until consciousness experiences what it is like to become imbalanced, consciousness has no knowing of such an experience but you as Source do not allow any concern for the non-experienced because you as Source knows the truth that nothing can ever be lost to Your Self. Source is Loving Joy to levels of which you cannot even imagine, while expressing as an individuated face of Source; and Source loves all of ItSelf so much that Source will never stop doing what is necessary to heal all of ItSelf. You do not have to choose to heal but that is why you originally chose to come to Earth.

Morphogenetic Fields – Communication Network

Morphogenetic Fields are not simply electromagnetic fields that allow conscious energy to retain a form or shape. All life forms, from the smallest to the largest, have morphogenetic fields as part of their multi-dimensional anatomy. Morphogenetic fields also allow for a “collective consciousness” which allows for a “collective communication network”. For example, all of the trees on planet Earth are in constant communication with each other. That truth alone should give you a clue as to why the trees would rather not communicate with the people of Earth.

Each species of life forms on Earth are part of their collective morphogenetic field; the people of Earth are also a collective consciousness with a race morphogenetic field. It does not matter if a person began as an Angelic Human or not; if they are incarnate on Earth they are a part of the human population morphogenetic field. At this time, the people of Earth are the only life forms of Earth who have forgotten this truth. Morphogenetic Fields play a role in the ability of being telepathic. Collective consciousness that exists within the higher energy levels of creation are connected through morphogenetic fields and as you expand to hold open more of Source energy within yourself, you will become aware of the larger morphogenetic field you are a part of.

When a large number of people are focusing on the same thought, the quantum energy of the thought spreads throughout the race morphogenetic field much faster and people who are located on the other side of the planet can pick up on that thought pattern through their Emotional Body and then be sparked to do the same or similar.

When “unnatural” planetary disasters occur somewhere on the planet that may be hundreds of miles away from your location and not directly affect you, your Emotional Body can pick up the feelings from the Emotional Body of those who are directly affected and grieve right along with them.

Such events allow for the co-creation of a large quantum of energy spreading throughout the race morphogenetic field and the planetary field; imagine the emotional wave spreading out to all if more people were sending out a highly charged emotional wave of Loving Joy.

Sadly for the people of Earth, the collective morphogenetic field has been used against them for thousands of years via the control that fallen life forms managed to keep in place. That control is starting to fall apart now and will continue at even faster increments when Planetary Star Gate 12 comes back online as the Planetary Grual.

Even so, there are still distorted thought patterns stored within the Emotional Body that require healing and it is with great joy that it can “finally” be shared with you how you can assist yourself to reprogram or reset the Divine Program into distorted thought patterns that flow through you on constant autopilot.

There have been reports from many people within the hologram talking about positive thinking or positive affirmations to change the life experience and bring forth happiness, balance, love, peace and joy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the practice of positive thinking and simply because like energy attracts like energy your thoughts will and do draw to you what is required for you to experience your thoughts.

As a result of the NET field that fallen races put around planet Earth, the control they maintained over the Emotional Body, the effects of stealing the energy of Source from planet Earth and her life forms, all higher thoughts of co-creation the people of Earth have tried to remain focused on have continually been highjacked in the NET field and sent back into the Earth hologram completely altered from the original thought intention.

This is another twisted part of the “game” of making people believe in a false sense of power and whatever they are told to be true. Fallen life forms will feed information into the hologram, information that seems very complex and never heard of before, and by controlling the Emotional Body they can get people to send forth highly energized thought patterns, thinking they are assisting the planet and themselves to heal.

There has been seemingly very technical information fed into the hologram showing how the NET field would highjack the thoughts of the population and alter the thoughts on their return flow back into manifestation, yet no one has been able to apply that information to their own experiences. That is NOT by accident or lack of intelligence.

People have not been able to connect the dots with the many different bodies of information that have continually been fed into the hologram because the control over the Emotional Body would not allow them to. Any higher thoughts that would allow for such were being blocked in the NET field. This is how fallen life forms have been able to put things right in front of the eyes of the people of Earth and call it something else and make it believable, with no questions asked. The control over the Emotional Body is what has allowed the people of Earth to sleepwalk for thousands of years.

“Focus your energy this way to create this thing and send this thing over to there to heal that thing. Oops, forgot to tell you that we are going to highjack those thoughts in the NET field and feed them into the place where we need that energy because we need the power to maintain control over you.”

You can now begin to see these types of tricks that have been played on the people of Earth simply because the NET field is falling apart and the fallen life forms are very quickly losing control of Angelic Humans and planet Earth. As stated in the article concerning healing Planetary Star Gate 12, Krystic life forms do not play such games. Assistance for healing will always be through YOUR vertical connection to Source, between you and Source. That is the ONLY way healing for anything can occur.

It will require Source energy to allow you to heal the distorted thought patterns within your Emotional Body, and as this planet and you continue to accrete the higher energy of Source it will continue to become easier to do so.

Ask yourself: If you know your hologram is out of balance with Source and you know that is a result of what is shining forth from the Emotional Body and you know that the imbalance is a result of distorted thought patterns that were implanted into the Emotional Body, how do you begin shining balance back into the hologram?

You may have encountered many different bodies of teachings within the hologram that have told you to do any number of things with your energy: pray, pray to God, pray to angels, pray to avatars, pray to councils or focus on these colors and put them where ever.
If you have worked with any of these many teachings, are you now re-creating the hologram to be balanced?

  • Is your personal hologram healed?
  • Did you heal chaos that was unfolding somewhere on the planet?
  • Have you now healed yourself and know exactly what you are doing with your energy?
  • Do you now have open communication with your higher families of consciousness?
  • Are you free from fear & worry?
  • Do you no longer tell yourself (I can’t, I don’t have, I need)?
  • Does your physical body no longer get sick?
  • Do you know for certain where you are going when your life experience has ended and how you are going to get there?
  • Do you love yourself exactly as you are?
  • Are you now free of guilt and self judgment?

If your chosen belief system has not presented what it promises, is it working for you? If you find that you are being told to direct your energy outside of yourself, where do you suppose you are giving your energy to? Remember, what you choose to think about is what you will continue to create to experience.

Resetting the distorted thought patterns which are currently stuck within the Emotional Body does not occur via wishful thinking or denying they exist. As shared within other posts here, some layers can be sparked with Source energy and transmuted; some layers require being held within spheres of Source energy and you can now begin resetting these distorted thought patterns by working with Source to “re-encrypt” them to be in balance with Source intention. Doing so is not hard but it will require consistency of action on your part.

The distorted thought patterns are embedded in the 2nd dimensional frequency band of your energetic body, your Emotional / Physical Body and is the level of your anatomy where the “re-encrypted” thought patterns need to be placed. Once the re-encrypted thought pattern reaches a critical mass of energy of the balanced thought pattern, the distorted thought pattern will be over ridden or reset to be in balance with Source. When your thoughts begin to come into balance with Source, your hologram will follow.

What allows energy to reach a critical mass? What does critical mass mean? Critical mass means the “strongest” energy flowing, holding more power, more force than the opposing force. Kind of like when you play your game of tug of war, the critical mass or stronger side pulls the rope the longer distance. When something is at a critical mass of distortion, it is at a critical mass of imbalance because the opposing or opposite force of energy has become weaker in strength. When something is at a critical mass of balance the opposite or opposing force becomes the weaker force.

Personal healing will require remembering your personal connection to Source which will allow you to begin to remember your personal power, your personal strength and how to continue to strengthen your personal power. If you choose to focus your energy toward Source for healing instead of outside of yourself, you will be strengthening “within” yourself your energy supply from Source and you will need this energy supply to allow a critical mass of healing anything within yourself.

Playing the Movie Script


As soon as consciousness births into the Earth reality field it is as if a light switch that allowed you to know everything you knew before doing so is flipped off and another switch is flipped on and instantly starts shining forth the distorted script.

The light of you instantly starts shining on the distorted movie film that you put your consciousness into. You begin shining your light and the images of the distorted film instantly project onto the invisible movie screen called the Radial Body, your personal Radial Body and the planet’s Radial Body.

You begin your life experience of playing a part within the already written script; the challenge being you cannot remember it is a move reflecting on an invisible screen. This screen is a spherical screen that reflects all around you regardless of where you look, and you cannot remember that it is a flat image and you are making it look 3-dimensional with the interaction of your own energy.

You cannot remember your thoughts are the force that is animating the movie and allowing you the perception of movement; you cannot remember the part of your consciousness watching the movie is not moving anywhere but is simply sitting in one spot flashing on and off and accreting energy.

You cannot remember that the process of you, as a sphere of energy, sitting in one spot flashing on and off and accreting energy is what is allowing the movie film to change from one frame to the next. It is time for you to try to remember because this movie has been rerun far too long and you can now choose to change the film and start an entire new mini-series.

Re-encrypting distorted thought patterns that are embedded in the 2nd dimensional frequency band cannot occur by focusing energy into them from the 2nd dimensional frequency band. Doing so only adds to the already distorted thought pattern. They can only be re-encrypted into balance with Source from the God-Space of Source energy and then sent back into or reseeded into the 2nd dimensional frequency band. This is but one reason why positive thinking alone will not re-encrypt the distorted thought patterns; you are still shining the same distortion into the hologram.

If you desire, you can co-create with Source energy to Re-Encrypt the distorted thought patterns that are flowing through you on auto-pilot and HERE you will find an Exercise to assist you in doing so.

Source Loving Joy to All

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