Self Empowered Healing





This healing program is offered for those who desire temporary guidance and structure to assist your healing process. Any healing program is only successful if the individual is willing to take responsibility for their own healing process. No one can heal another because each individual face of Source has free will to choose to think and believe as they desire. The beliefs each one of us hold will determine what we will experience or not experience.

We can choose to assist each other into healing by grouping together and filling our self with the love of Source and sharing our desire for healing. When two or more people come together in Source mind with the desire to share love, healing and balance the energy of Source they are able to access is three times stronger.

Your body listens to “only you”, your body listens to your thoughts and spoken words and reacts accordingly. Your body is designed to ensure you experience what you believe.

The energy of Source is eternal balance, it does not create imbalance. Imbalance occurs when polarized consciousness becomes fragmented via free will co-creation to create an event which disconnects the polarized consciousness from Conscious Source Mind.

It is very rare that such an event occurs but it is the cause of the condition of the earth population. When polarized consciousness (consciousness embodied for a holographic life experience) fragments and drops in energy from doing so the consciousness is disconnected or unplugged from the higher energy of the Source Conscious Mind.

Any healing program should be personalized for individual needs as each person is an individual expression of Source and creating a personal healing program is very much like creating a personal diet.

Healing into balance is the result of our personal relationship with Source and the energy of Source is the only thing that can heal anything, of course Source is “love”. When we work to facilitate healing for another it is our personal supply of Source love/balance energy that we are gifting in love to assist the healing process of someone else. We cannot gift something we do not hold so to assist to heal anyone else we must first heal our self.

Source creates all of creation simply by thinking and every person is Source embodied who co-create everything else that exists within creation. We are created in the image of Source because we are a smaller energy replicated mind of the whole of Source mind. We are all co-creating as Source embodied and we are doing so simply by thinking.

Source does not use any magic symbols or tones to create all of creation! The only tool Source uses is the tool of thought. “I AM therefore I think”!

Everything that we see within the hologram is a symbol made of units of Source energy. Every symbol that we see is a symbol expressing as light. Every light symbol that we see we see inside of our brain does not exist outside of our body as such a symbol it only exists as a thought which our brain translates to create the light symbol that we see. Our holographic body form allows us, as Source embodied, to experience OUR thoughts.

A hologram and everything that expresses within it is made of light and sound. Sound is the result of the non visible energy of Source vibrating and creating oscillating waves of energy or frequency bands. The perceived hologram is polarized waves of energy of which some are electrical and some are magnetic. Polarized waves of vibrating and oscillating energy bump together and as they do they create sparks and the sparks is the visible light that we see as our vivid hologram but we see it inside of our brain.

Therefore, sound creates light!

When we are not embodied in a polarized hologram we do not see visible light or hear audible sound. Those experience only occur within polarization. When we do not have part of our consciousness polarized and embodied we can only “think” and wonder what our thoughts might experience as. Source creates all of creation by stepping the energy of Source down from higher to lower levels of energy specifically to reach a point in which the energy of Source steps down low enough to be able to polarize and create a holographic body form through which Source can experience thoughts.

We are Source embodied and as Source we hold within us everything we will ever need to heal our self. Our organic tools are; the energy of Source, the ability to think and the ability to feel love.

We can use any tools that we desire and resonate with that we experience within the hologram: tools such as shapes, tones, music, words, crystals, colors etc. because everything that we become aware of we create within our self which means what we become aware of is our own energetic thoughts. We cannot become aware of thoughts until we take thoughts unto our self.

Source does not use sorcery or magic to create, Source simply thinks. The point of origin for the word sorcery actually comes from a fragmented memory of Source creating which allowed the fragmented thought memory to be twisted into the concept of supernatural powers and later things like witchcraft.

Whatever tools we choose to use to assist our process of healing that we perceive to be outside of our self are actually held within us as thought, nothing exists outside of mind. When we believe that a tool that we think exits outside of our self holds magical healing powers it is simply a result of not yet reaching a point of healing to remember our own power and that we are seeing that object because it exists within us as a thought.

We imbue into the symbol our own energy and our own beliefs which is a process of “encrypting” the symbol with our thoughts and it becomes something like a cup holder of our own energy, holding our energy for us until we heal to remember our own power.

You will not find a lot of symbols within the Eternal Conscious Creation Series as the desire is to assist as many as possible to remember their own power and become “self empowered”, to remember you have everything you will ever need within you at all times. You hold the ability to create any symbols you desire.

The life experience is about “self discovery” which is why Source creates all of creation so that Source can discover more about self and we are Source doing so via experiencing thoughts and learning what our thoughts experience as and what they create to experience.

Healing into balance requires remembering how to love self which is actually remembering how to love Source. The personal relationship with Source is that we are each Source embodied but the majority of the earth population have yet to heal to remember this truth.

When we remember how to love all of creation at all times regardless what is occurring within creation we will have healed back into balance as Source as that is our natural, organic expression that Source creates each individual expression of ITSelf to express as.

There are many people on earth who will tell you if you do not follow the beliefs of “their program” that you will not heal or perhaps that something bad will occur to you. Such people have yet to heal to remember the truth of creation and via their own fragmented thoughts are filled with fear.

You do not have to go anywhere or gather any tools that seem to exist outside of yourself to heal yourself but until you reach a point of healing to remember this truth you may find many tools that seem to be outside of yourself to hold onto your energy for you for the time you need them to.

Many people are currently in a state of confusion, old paradigms are starting to fall apart and in doing so are shattering many ancient belief systems. Until people reach a point of healing to begin to remember truth from within their self this can create a feeling of floundering. This self empowerment program is intended to offer some structure for as long as the individual requires it.

What requires healing, what do we need to heal within our self to heal back into balance and experience a life and hologram of balance? Imbalanced thoughts!

All of creation is thoughts, the thoughts of Source and imbalance is created by imbalanced thoughts. Thoughts can only become imbalanced within the level of energy in which holograms are created because holograms are created within what are called Zero Point Lock Spheres which is the lowest point the energy of Source will step down to within any system. We call Zero Point Lock Spheres planes as in galactic plane and solar plane. Each holographic planet also has a Zero Point Lock sphere plane and it is the “collective pool of thoughts” that consciousness plugs into to allow them to share their thoughts and co-create a “personal, internal hologram” which is experienced via the holographic body form.

When consciousness fragments and forgets the truth of creation and the truth of self the thoughts held within the embodied consciousness are scattered all over the place, very much like throwing confetti up in the air and watching it float on the wind. But the air, wind and the space they seem to be scattered within are an illusion of the hologram. Which means the fragmented thoughts are actually still held within the same mind but the embodied consciousness drops in energy lower than the thoughts of Conscious Mind and can only be aware of fragmented, imbalanced thought patterns.

The current mission of assisting the fragmented consciousness of earth to heal back into balance is over 26,000 years old and it has taken that perceived amount of time for the consciousness to begin merging their energy back together to then allow the process of forgotten memory to begin becoming aware. The earth system has finally reached a point of healing that is allowing many people to become aware of higher conscious thoughts which are all about “love” and “balance”.

Everyone is at a different stage of healing and healing cannot be rushed, it must be allowed. We can assist our desires to heal back into balance by becoming aware of truth and remembering how our thoughts create.

Not all “people” of the earth system hold the ability to heal back into balance in their current state because they have suffered an irreparable amount of damage within their internal gird system. These life forms will have to experience complete fragmentation to be able to merge back into their original Source Conscious Mind. This is a blessing for them and will allow them to be released from being trapped within imbalance.

Such consciousness cannot feel love, they cannot feel emotions or grief or remorse for their actions because being able to feel love or even the opposite of love, which is fear, requires being able to receive the energy of Source.

The consciousness of earth is currently in a fragile state of awakening which makes consciousness very vulnerable simply because people are remembering there is more to remember but not exactly sure what that more to remember entails.

Imagine someone who has experienced complete loss of memory and suffering with amnesia. That is the state of the earth consciousness. As memory starts to open within it does so in fragmented pieces until a complete stream of memory opens and the person experiences a moment of remembering something completely. Everything we encounter is a “spark” that can allow a new piece of memory to open within us and we should continue seeking our “own memory” as no one else holds our memory except us.

Please do adjust your tools for healing as you require within yourself. If all you can remember at this time is the feeling of love flowing within you then know that energy of Source is continuing to heal you back into balance. Only YOU know YOU, we can share and in doing so we share our thoughts but we are the only one who knows what is occurring within our self.

We might think of the process of gathering our thoughts as in walking through a forest and picking up leaves that have been scattered on the wind.

Follow the sequence of links to the right to begin gathering your scattered thoughts.

We are ALL ONE, we are all Source, you are me, I am you. Everything and everyone is YOU pretending to be who they appear to be. Healing requires healing ALL of our self not just part of our expression.

Great Blessings of Loving Joy as you continue to walk your path and remember the Wonderful You!