Personal Healing Platform

lovingjoyThe first and most important step of being a conscious participant of healing our self is to create a healing platform that will support our desire for healing.

The personal healing platform is of Love and allows us to remember:

  • What the love of Source feels like.
  • How to commune with Source.
  • How to love self.
  • Reminds the body that it is held within love at all times.
  • Creates an inner sanctuary which we can retreat to in an instant and know that we are held safe within the love of Source at all times. I simply call this inner sanctuary the God Space but you can call it whatever you like.

Healing into balance and therefore becoming aware of balanced thoughts requires daily consistent practice of quality time spent simply being within your inner God Space. The goal is to remember and express AS Source every moment of your expression, to “know” that you ARE Source embodied instead of simply having a mental thought that says, “yeah, I can get that I am Source embodied”.

If it requires you to pretend as in playing a character role that you are Source embodied until you open the absolute knowing of that within yourself, that is divine and perfect.

If the only thing you ever choose to do is focus within your still, quiet inner space you will have gifted yourself with the strongest method of healing possible.

After a short time of spending daily time focusing within your inner God Space you will discover that you can instantly step into the arms of Source any time you desire.

Our Source mind has not forgotten that we are Source but the manifest body has because of the loss of energy and consciousness fragmenting, so it is very important to allow the body to remember that it too is Source and is held safely within Source at all times.

For thousands of years the manifest body form has only been able to receive and take directions from the inorganic, fragmented Sub-Conscious mind that was created when humanity fragmented. The Sub-Conscious mind exists “within the manifest planes” in the higher levels of what we call the atmosphere. Our local Source conscious mind is our Sun.

We are held “within” our sun mind, we have simply been programmed to believe otherwise. We have been programmed to believe our sun consists of the sphere of light we see in the sky and the images science shows us of our sun. In case you do not now, the sun is white, all of the perceivable energy of Source is white.

We have been programmed to believe that what we call the solar plane is separate from our sun, that it is something separate that surrounds our sun. It is not separate from our sun, it is part of our sun. And, we are currently expressing within the solar plane, which means we are held within our sun. The experience of manifest, holographic reality fields occurs within the lowest energy layer of our Source mind. That lowest layer of energy of our mind is the solar plane. It is called the zero 12 point sphere of mind.

The energy of Source is finally able to flow freely unto the earth system and is why so many people are experiencing higher energy and all kinds of changes within their self and the perceived outer hologram. This means that human consciousness is once again able to receive the higher energy of our Source Sun mind that is released into the solar plane. The truth of creation is held within those higher levels of energy.

Every time that we simply think or focus beyond the illusion of the holographic reality field, and become aware of the love of Source flowing through us, we are giving “new thought instructions” to our body that allow it to remember what love and balance feels like. This instructs the body what we desire to experience. Your body ONLY takes instructions from YOU!

This creates new nerve cells (energy receivers) and new neural pathways (information relay network) within the body to allow the body to receive the necessary energy of Source so that it can send those encrypted thoughts, to the brain to then allow us to experience what we are programming the body we desire to experience.

The same thing happens when we are focused within imbalanced thoughts, which then allow us to have imbalanced experiences. Imbalanced thoughts turn off energy receivers, therefore the body “blocks” energy from our awareness so that we do not experience what we do not believe.

The body is currently programmed for imbalanced experiences. This is because all experiences and emotions are recorded within human DNA and those imbalanced experiences are passed on to each generation. They are held within what science calls “junk DNA”. It is not junk, it is dormant thought memories that are not currently coding within the activated DNA.

The baby body brain is then programmed by the false beliefs of those who came before. When new experiences, that hold similar energy, are met with, they can turn on imbalanced memories coded within the dormant DNA. This is why the imbalance continues to circulate within human consciousness. It continues to be passed on via human DNA. It is why the earth paradigm is currently running on a critical amount of imbalanced thoughts.

Simply because of the brain programming we receive, and the fact that we hold all of thousands of years of dormant, imbalanced thought experiences, they are turned on without us knowing so and simply run on auto pilot. That is what it means to create a holographic reality field “unaware” and wondering why life on earth is so imbalanced. The imbalanced thoughts run on auto pilot because humanity has forgotten the truth.

The goal is to reprogram the auto pilot thoughts so that only the balanced thoughts we desire to experience flow through us on auto pilot.

We have all come to the earth system to plug into the imbalanced collective thoughts to take them unto our self and raise them to a higher level of energy and back into balance “within our self”. How do we do that? By loving them back into balance, which means we must love our self, we must BE love embodied.

Every time we fill our self with love, every time we project love from our self we are assisting to heal “our part” of the imbalanced thoughts that has kept consciousness trapped within this imbalanced earth system for thousands of years.

The balanced emotional state of Source is Loving Joy. Loving Joy is the only emotion that Source (YOU), in your original expression, are keyed to express as simply because the conscious energy of Source is eternal balance.

Everything we experience is the result of the way our human body translates thoughts to our awareness, via the body’s sense regions in the brain. Every thought holds a balanced expression and an uncountable number of possibilities of imbalanced expressions. The determining factor of how we will experience thoughts is the vibration rate of our human body form. Becoming cut off from being able to receive the higher energy of Source drops the vibration rate of the human body form.

The loss of Source energy humanity has suffered has lowered the vibration rate of the human body to such a low level that even science does not consider it as an energy system worth studying as an energy system. However, the human body can only house so much energy. That is why the human body eventually stops working, or dies. The embodied consciousness continues to accrete to higher levels of energy, which becomes to much energy for the human body to hold. The human body is a “thought form”.

The thought form of the human body is a thought form held within our Sun Source conscious mind. The energy that animates our human body is the energy of our Source mind. It is similar to the power cord that supplies energy to an electronic device.

When the internal wiring that the body manifests upon becomes distorted, twisted, pulled out of balance, it is similar to internal wires becoming broken and frayed. This means the body cannot receive the full amount of energy it requires to operate the way it was created to operate. The internal circuit board is called the Eternal Life Gird. It is what crates the energy centers within the body, which we call chakras.

Human DNA is the “software program” that plays within the human body. Loss of Source energy flowing within the body is similar to a computer getting a virus, which takes over the hard drive. This makes the software program play out of balance.

When the human body becomes enable to receive the higher flows of our Sun Source mind energy, and the internal system plays imbalanced expressions of thought experiences, the imbalanced thoughts are not able to flow back into our Source mind, to be brought back into balance. This is why the imbalanced thoughts of humanity have been circulating within humanity for thousands of years. It is what creates the experience of “history repeating itself” as the repeating history is the imbalanced thoughts, trapped within human DNA.

We draw energy into our body 24-7, non-stop, but the human body can only draw in so much energy during a daily cycle. When it reaches its daily accretion amount, it cycles into sleep mode. The brain must then create new cells, that can vibrate to the level of vibration our consciousness accreted to, during that cycle. While this occurs, the brain stores the thought experiences of our day within the DNA in the cells of the body. This determines what we will experience in our hologram when the body cycles out of sleep mode. When the body is running on auto pilot thoughts, the same auto pilot thoughts are re-coded within human DNA.

Our body is ensconced within a sea of thoughts. We call that sea the planet. Everything that we experience is thoughts we draw into our body from the sea of thoughts, which is also called the “collective thought pool”. We draw the thoughts to our self that will support our beliefs. This is how each person self creates their own life experience, within their own body.

Thoughts express as tiny spheres of radiation. Thoughts do not become something, until we draw them into our body to experience. They hold no power until we give them power within our body. Until then, they are simply potential thought experiences. We cannot become aware of thoughts until we draw them into our body.

Drawing thoughts into our body is what creates the script of our life experience. The vibration rate of our body is what determines how that script will play out, and be experienced.

This is how we “share our thoughts”, which allows us to share the same holographic reality field “within our body’s brain”. We do not experience anything outside of our self, all of creation exists “within mind”, nothing ever leaves mind.

We are a smaller energy replicated mind of Source whole mind and as Source we create and experience everything within our mind, but our holographic body allows us to “experience” what the thoughts we hold in our mind experience as. When we do not have part of our conscious energy imbued into a holographic body form, that operates to allow us to experience our thoughts, we do not know what our thoughts experience as, we simply think and wonder what our thoughts experience as.

Since is it our holographic body that allows us to experience our thoughts it is of utmost importance to program our body with balanced, loving thoughts if we desire to experience in balance.

Source heals any imbalance that occurs within ITSelf via free will choices by plugging the higher energy of Source into the imbalanced thought patterns and “taking them unto self” to then raise the imbalanced thoughts back into balance. Imbalance can only occur within consciousness that is embodied within the lowest level of energy of mind as the higher layers of mind are too high in energy to allow imbalance to occur. Therefore, the higher levels of our Source mind do not hold any imbalance.

It does not matter what the point of origin of an imbalanced thought is, as soon as we become aware that something is imbalanced we own it, because we have taken it unto our self to heal it.

The way to heal imbalanced thoughts is to “Love them back into balance”, which we can do by filling our self with the loving energy of Source.

The challenge for over 26,000 years is that the higher energy of Source was not available to allow the imbalanced thoughts to be raised to a higher level of energy, and back into balance. Each time someone has plugged into the earth hologram they became trapped within the imbalanced, lower energy of the fragmented consciousness.

The higher energy of Source is “finally” available again, so we are now able to assist our self and the whole to heal by loving the imbalance back into wholeness. This is what is allowing a “shift into higher conscious awareness” to occur within the collective.

Those who continue to express imbalance are the faces of Source who require the most healing. Those who are aware and able are the faces of Source who have come to assist those who originally became trapped within the imbalance, to be released and merge back into balance.

We can assist others to heal by offering them the love of Source and by healing “our self”. By healing our self we are assisting them to at least stay afloat until they can reach the life raft.

We must begin by reminding our body what the Loving Joy of Source “feels” like so that we can remember what we need to continue to fill our self with to heal the imbalanced thoughts we encounter.

Many people have had very traumatic experiences and may think they no longer know what the love of Source feels like. Forgetting the love of Source is the true meaning of the concept of hell because there arises so much inner imbalance that it can seem like there is no way out of it. There is always a way out of it, we simply need to remember what that way feels like.

A Loving Joy Thought Memory; Exercise

All of us have had an experience some time in our lives when our body was filled with so much love we might think it was too much to bear in the moment. Some might have to look deeper than others to find a Loving Joy memory, but it is within you somewhere.

It could be a memory of finding new love, holding a new born baby in your arms for the first time, getting married, having an exceptionally strong communication with Source, or simply viewing a breath taking image that the Earth presents us with. Try locating a memory held within yourself that brought to you a complete over filled with Love feeling and will always remain one of your most precious memories.

When you have located your memory, hold that experience in your head, in your focused moment thought. Allow yourself to relive that memory in your mind. See the surroundings, the environment the memory occurred within. Was it inside or outside? Was it day or night? What was the weather like, sunny, rainy, warm, cold? Allow yourself to “feel” the weather of that moment. Allow yourself to see the weather expression of that moment.

See the surroundings of the Loving Joy experience. If inside, see the furnishings, the things hanging on the walls, the floor beneath your feet. What does the floor feel like beneath your feet? If outside, try to re-create the exact same surrounding in your mind. Feel the air on your skin, the warmth of the sun, if it is shining.

Hear the sounds from your stored memory. Was there music playing or other people talking? Was there noise from auto traffic around you? Did you eat food in your stored Loving Joy moment? If so, try to see the food and remember the tastes and smells as they moved over your tongue.

Allow yourself to fully emerge yourself in that stored memory. Then pay attention to the emotions that were running through your body at that moment in time. The love that you feel in that moment may be so strong to allow tears to fall now, as you re-create that moment in your mind. That is wonderful if it does because that means you are fully re-connecting with that stored Loving Joy memory.

Once you can re-connect with the stored emotions of that moment, simply allow yourself to sit with those emotions. Allow your physical body to completely feel all of those loving feelings all over again. Those feelings of being filled to overflowing with love ARE the Loving Joy of Source.

We can only experience a tiny spark of the full expression of the Loving Joy of Source in our human body as the full expression would be so strong it would blow up our human body. This feeling IS the feeling that Source creates All of creation through Eternally. And Source is Gifting us with a huge amount of the Loving Joy of Source to allow us an opportunity to heal. Totally Awesome, is it not?

Loving Joy Song:

Locate one of your Loving Joy Songs. It does not matter what kind of music it is, it only matters that it is one that allows you to connect with the Loving Joy emotional feeling of Source.

It is suggested that you listen to your song through head phones as your Emotional Body (your entire body) will be able to connect much easier and will “feel” the vibrations of the sound tones much stronger. It is also suggested to listen to this Loving Joy song for at least 45 minutes to an hour, over and over and over, to experience the deepest process of healing that can occur for you in each session.

Of course you can extend the session as long as you desire and you will most likely discover that you will be anxious for your next session. Please do be careful not to play the music to loud through the head phones and cause harm to your ears.

As you listen to your song the first few times through, how many times depends on how many times it requires for YOU, listen until you are fully connected with the emotional feelings the song allows you to feel. It would be best to wait to get up and dance or move about until after your conscious connection for healing with your Emotional Body, but then if you feel the need to do so, let it fly. Move that energy through and out of your body.

Once you have made your emotional connection with your Loving Joy Song, and as it continues to play, bring your focus of attention into your physical body with the desired thought intention of connecting with your Body for healing.

Feel each part of your physical body as the sound waves from your song move through your body. Become aware of the ripple like feeling the sound waves creates as it moves through your body.

If you become aware of areas in your body that feel tight or painful, focus the love you are feeling into those areas. You may mentally speak to those areas of your body and express mental thoughts and feelings of love.

Pain and tightness are signs of areas that are blocked from the flows of Source energy. Just like when you sit on your foot and it goes to sleep from a loss of blood flow, so too does the body hold blockages that keep the energy of Source from flowing through it correctly.

Gentle massage can get flows moving again but sometimes it requires daily intensive focus on the area to open flows of energy.

Feel the waves of the music flow through your body as if your veins and blood are dancing to the music like a gentle breeze rustling through the trees.

Continue to remind yourself what the feeling of Source Love and Joy feels like until you can simply stop, focus inward and instantly fill yourself with that wonderful love.