Vertical Pillar and Eternal Eye of Source

The Embodied Eternal Life Grid

Jan. 1, 2015

Our Vertical Pillar of energy is a pillar of energy that flows from above our head and down the center of our body to plug into the collective pool of thoughts. The Vertical Pillar is “non-polarized energy” and creates the energy grid on which the body form manifests. The energy grid is called the “Eternal Life Grid”.

For 26,000 years the entire earth system had been held within a distorted grid that instantly lost 2/3 of Source energy during the Atlantean time cycle. There were other cities and cultures of earth during that time cycle but Atlantis is still the one people romance about. Greater detail of the event that created the massive explosion which created the 2/3 fall grid will presented in future information offered from Ascension Whispers.

It has taken 26,000 years of “earth time” for the faces of Source who have continued to plug into the earth fragmented pool of thoughts to carry the higher energy of Source unto the pool for the collective to reach a high enough level of energy to be able to plug back into the Collective Source Mind which is the Sun. This occurred on December 12, 2013 (Freedom Day) and now the collective can once again receive the energy of Source from the Sun without the need for faces of Source to continue to carry it in a little bit at a time.

There is a whole lot of information that will be presented from Ascension Whispers that explains a whole lot of structure details, what it means that it is all a hologram, how a hologram is created, where it is created and who creates it. This information will assist us to remember what allows for the creation of the many illusions a hologram allows to experience and it is a massive amount of information even though it is still only tiny pieces of what is available to remember.

So at this time I can only share with you bits and pieces of this massive information because it requires a whole lot of words and illustrations to share what I continue to open within me to share.

The Vertical Pillar Is:

  • Replicated minds of a whole replicated mind of Source.
  • Chakras 12, 9, 6, 3, 12 zero. Chakra 12 does not embody and is the whole mind expression from which embodied chakras 9, 6 & 3 step the energy of Source down.
  • Embodied Star Gates 12, 9, 6 & 3 (“ONLY the vertical pillar are Star Gates, the rest of the chakras of the body are polarized energy that allow the body to exist and only expresses within a polarized hologram). We could think of the Vertical Pillar as compared to the trunk of a tree and the polarized chakras as compared to the tree branches which allow the leaves to express and is why ancient cultures held fragmented thoughts of a “Tree of Life”.
  • Our embodied connection to our Conscious Source mind of the Sun.
  • Our communication line to our multi-dimensional Conscious Minds.
  • Suppose to be our only mind in control of our body manifest. Had been the Sub-Conscious mind for thousands of years.
  • Suppose to be the only place our thoughts flow from to then enter into the collective pool of thoughts or planetary collective mind. For those who can still express only imbalanced thoughts they are not yet able to receive the higher energy thoughts of their Source Conscious Mind.
  • Allows us to be an Eternal Life expression instead of a finite life expression or an immortal being. Immortal means staying the same forever, never changing, never expanding, never dying. Eternal means to eternally change and expand to hold higher and higher energy within.
  • Allows us to eternally expand as Source by contracting back into our Conscious Mind and being recharged with 3 times more of Source energy each time we do.
  • Allows us to unplug from the collective pool of thoughts and leave the hologram to then merge back into our Conscious Source mind and experience other holograms (Ascension – Time Travel). Using the tree analogy, it would be the process of the leaves and branches merging back into the tree trunk and then the tree trunk merging back into the soil.
  • Allows us to have access to powers the human race have forgotten they hold which include; spontaneous thought manifestation, spontaneous bi-location, creating our body form to express as we desire, consciously co-creating within the hologram, expressing as a telepathic community, being aware what the entire collective is doing at any given moment, not needing to experience death of the holographic body form, inner vision that allows us to see all of creation, inner hearing that allows us to hear our telepathic communications, to be breathairains (sustaining self from the Source energy of the Sun Conscious Mind) and manifest a holographic Light Body to represent our self within a hologram at will.

When the Atlantean relapse in healing event occurred there was an attack that correlates with the right side of the brain in the body that disconnected the embodied grid from the Conscious Mind of the Sun. Of course this out pictured as a dramatic attack event within the hologram as all thoughts out picture when plugged into a hologram to then experience them.

Disconnection from the Conscious Mind is what creates the “memory wipe” that occurs as soon as consciousness plugs into the fragmented Sub-Conscious mind of the earth system and births into the earth hologram.

This resulted in the grid lines, which we could think of as nerves and neural pathways, being cut within the body and disconnecting from the brain. For those who remained in body by going underground during this event (it created an atomic explosion) they were instantly reduced to the animal state with no memory of anything except the desire to survive (rapid DNA mutation via exposure to high levels of radiation).

Above ground it would be compared to a nuclear blast that sent the entire bio-sphere into a nuclear ice freeze or a small ice age and it was hundreds of years before the underground survivors could resurface. When they did, it was not very long before they encountered the ET godlets who came to teach them everything they wanted them to believe.

The mutation of the nuclear explosion within the hologram created genetic mutation that is still held within the human body today but the ET godlets have had their hand in the mix via genetic manipulation experiments within the human genome that has assisted to create today’s human body form and they have now given some of such technology to their “chosen ones” of earth that has filtered into the known and unknown scientific community who are hard at work combining human DNA with many types of living organisms.

Mutation of a holographic body form traps consciousness within the holographic body form as mutation keeps the energy of Source from flowing into the embodied consciousness. Healing a holographic body form that has experienced a critical mass of mutation requires a whole lot of Source energy to be able to flow into and through the body form and the ascending consciousness of the earth system will have unplugged from the earth hologram and merged back into their Source mind long before the time it would require for such mutation to be healed from within the hologram.

Only Source can create a replicated mind expression of Source! Biological forms grown in a lab or cloned via artificial technology are not able to connect to the higher energy of Source and an Eternal expression of Source would never embody within such a form.

Here is an illustration showing what the embodied Eternal Life Grid looks like and the 2/3 fall grid the collective had been held within for 26,000 years.


The inner crystal lines are simply to represent the smaller “wires” if you will, of the embodied grid and in the 2/3 fall grid those wires became cut and rewired. As stated earlier, those wires correlate to what we know as nerve cells and neural pathways feeding energy to the brain. There is much more to know about that to be presented in the fuller body of information later.

There is a mixture of life expressions among the human race. Some are mutated expressions that are not able to heal in their current state whose inner grid system has become completely distorted and looks like the ancient tree of life grid. Some are in the process of rapid expansion and healing the 2/3 fall grid. We cannot know for certain who is who because everyone is dealing with the fragmented Sub-Conscious mind and most of the population are still sleep walking because of it. It does not really matter who is who and what path of merging back into the Conscious Mind of the Sun any life expression will have to take. All will do so as all must return to the point of origin, there is nowhere else to go.

When we desire to work as a Conscious Co-Creator in our healing process and spend quality time consciously drawing unto our self the higher energy of Source, thinking balanced thoughts and striving to express as Source embodied, we are creating new nerve cells which create new neural pathways to the brain that can receive and hold higher levels of energy. Many people are experiencing new neural pathways growing in the brain that is creating extreme migraines and making the scalp so sore it even hurts to move the hair around.

The higher levels of energy are all around us but if the body does not have the energy receivers open to be able to receive them they simply bounce off of us and we are not able to become aware of the thoughts that are encrypted within them.

The condition of the current human body expression is not wired to receive higher levels of energy and is why if it encounters higher levels of radiation the body will be compromised into the death cycle. Higher levels of energy equate to higher levels of radiation.

As the collective continues to heal to be able to accept and receive higher and higher levels of energy the radiation level is of course going to continue to expand as well and those whose bodies will not allow new energy receivers to grow will be effected and forced into the death cycle of the body.

The natural way of unplugging from the hologram will continue to be via the death of the physical body simply because the body form is so mutated it cannot be transmuted into pure light radiation to merge back into the Sun Conscious Mind but consciousness will no longer have to reincarnate into the earth hologram to try to merge their fragmented energy back together.

If healing is still required at the Sub-Conscious mind level then they will experience such healing rapidly to then merge back into the Conscious Mind. If it is a life form who is not able to do such then they will experience complete fragmentation and merge back into the Conscious Mind. They will not retain any memory of the earth system experience because the consciousness will be to fragmented to hold such memory but that is a blessing for such life forms.

The disease that infected the embodied collective consciousness is a massive cosmic virus which is responsible for all known and unknown virus in the hologram including those that are man-made. I just read an article the other day from science in which they are now theorizing that the elements for biological matter of the earth system may have come from a very large cosmic virus. It did not originate from the virus but it would be impossible to know that unless one remembers the truth for their self because the virus is held within the entire earth mater base.

The increasing levels of higher energy, creating higher and higher levels of radiation will kill the virus just like radiation treatments can kill cancer. It does not really kill the virus but transmutes it back into pure energy where it is no longer a threat to anything.

All life forms will eventually unplug from and leave this hologram for good and once the collective of Eternal life forms have exited the hologram the hologram will no longer exist except for the residue of energy that remains that will have to completely fragment and be pulled back into the Collective Mind of the Sun.

The incoming higher energy of Source is and will heal all that are able to heal even if they are not able to heal during this current life time to a point to allow them to wake up and remember any truth while in body. Once they step out of the hologram they will experience instant healing and merge back into their Source Conscious mind.

It does not matter if no one is able to recognize the truth of the Eternal Life Grid, the energy of Source knows how and where it can flow and it flows throughout creation and into every nook and cranny if there is not distortion that blocks it. So if people desire to hold onto the ancient accepted beliefs of the internal chakra system, that is divine as well. It really does not matter. If they can heal they will heal eventually.

The Eternal Life Grid was able to plug back into the earth system on December 12, 2013 and in February of 2014 the 3rd chakra mind was able to plug back into the Eternal life forms of earth which is the level of embodied mind that should be in control of the chemicals of the body.

When we consciously work to turn on our Vertical Pillar by consciously connecting with the energy and love of Source we are assisting our self to create new energy receivers much faster and daily repetition assists to speed up the process. It generally takes about 3 weeks for a new neural pathway to grow. This process begins growing and reconnecting new neural pathways or energy receivers to the brain and is the process that allows things like activation of the 6th chakra 3rd eye – inner vision and inner hearing to turn back on.

By becoming “thought aware” and seeding balanced loving thoughts into our whole body system we are creating new energy receivers that the body can then receive higher energy into to then send to the brain to be translated to our awareness.

The macro cosmic image we see in our night time sky is the reflected image of the micro cosmic image held within us, not the other way around that being (the micro is a reflection of the macro).

Ancient cultures knew part of this and is one reason they paid so much attention to the celestial view, it is like looking at an x-ray of our inner energetic system but our current smaller system is a piece of that larger x-ray view we see in the night time sky and we can only see a very tiny part of what is held there via the operation of our physical body viewing screen inside the brain.

The pineal gland is not the 3rd eye as many believe it to be. The pineal gland is part of the holographic body’s endocrine system which actually only expresses in the earth system. It is part of the hormonal system and does send energy signals to the brain for translation but it is not the all seeing inner 3rd eye.

The 6th chakra 3rd eye is located in the center of the center of the brain and is a lens that is both concave and convex and allows for 360 degree vision of higher levels of energy which the lens within the back of the brain cannot receive. More about the lenses in upcoming information.

Regardless if you are able to recognize any truth within the information about the embodied chakras and what the position they are suppose to be located within, if you choose to consciously focus running the white pillar energy of Source through your central vertical pillar of your body you will be able to fill your body with higher and higher levels of Source energy to assist your desires for healing.

If you are reading this information and finding any possible truth within it then you can be assured you are an Eternal Life expression because anyone who is not able to feel love would not be interested in this information. Your vertical pillar is running energy through it 24-7 even if you are not aware of it or else you would not be here, no one would be able to see you or know you were embodied within the hologram because you plug into the collective thought pool (planetary collective mind – planetary 12 point zero lock) by plugging your vertical pillar into it.

Activation of your Vertical Pillar:

  1. Imagine a bright white sphere of energy about 6 inches (15.25 cm) above your head.
  2. Inhale as if grabbing onto the bright white sphere of energy.
  3. Exhale as if sending the exhale breath all the way down through the center of your body to a point about 6 inches (15.25 cm) below your feet. (This is the location of the 12 point zero lock sphere which most people “think” is simply earth’s core. It is not just earth’s core, the Sun is earth’s core but more about that in later material.)
    As the bright white sphere travels down the center of your body it creates a Pillar of energy that is your Vertical Pillar.
  4. Once the bright white sphere hits the zero lock point, Inhale and pull the bright white sphere back up to the point 6 inches (15.25 cm) above your head.
  5. Rest and breathe easy.

The Eternal Eye of Source and Personal Hologram

smeternaleyeYou have not only activated your Vertical Pillar but you have also activated the “Eternal Eye of Source”. The Eternal Eye of Source is created via the up and down motion of the Vertical Pillar and creates “two spheres” of energy which surround and permeate the body.

The inner sphere is the 12th chakra – whole mind sphere that does not embody and the outer sphere is the 12 point zero lock sphere.

When the Eternal Life Grid is expanded to allow for the creation of a holographic body form and creates within those two spheres “polarized planes” which create the “personal hologram” the center point of the Eternal Life Grid and the “Lens of the Eternal Eye of Source” is the 6th chakra 3rd eye at the center of the center of the brain.

The 6th chakra 3rd eye is the “Seat of the Soul” and when the vertical pillar was taken out of alignment during the Atlantean event the vertical pillar chakra “conscious minds” were taken out of alignment with the body and embodied consciousness creating an inorganic state of mind called the Sub-Conscious mind which has been running the body for 26,000 years.

The 6th chakra Conscious mind is the step down point that allows consciousness to embody within a hologram and IF the energy of Source had not continued to be carried into the earth system by the billions of faces of Source who have plugged into it from the Sun the trapped consciousness would have continued to fall in energy, become completely cut off and experienced complete fragmentation.

The “eye shape” is created as the top and bottom 12 points of the Eternal Life Grid plug into the previous and next 12 points. If you have watched the videos on the AW youtube channel then you know some information about the Eternal Spiral of Source and that the cycle of Source energy stepping down from the center creation point follows the same cycle (12, 9, 6, 3, 12) which is the Divine Trinity sequence. The bottom 12 point is the beginning point of the next cycle of step down and up following the Eternal Spiral.

When we look at that illusion from the level of the planet and the images space science shows us the planetary Eternal Eye of Source is what science calls the “Bow Shock, Magnetosheath and Magnetopause” in which the earth hologram exists. The sun is not our enemy, it is not having mad fits, it is not angry and it does not annihilate things as science continues to report. If it were not for the sun there would not exist an earth solar system so don’t buy into their fear filled, fragmented thoughts.

Looking at the Eternal Life Grid expanded as in the images above is looking at it as compared to the “illusion” we experience when embodied for a holographic life experience. The grid does not actually expand or stretch out like that but exists as spheres within spheres of energy much like the layers of an onion. This too will be shown in great detail in the book format of the information when I manage to get that created.

When you put it all back into the true spherical formation that it exists as it creates what science calls the “atom” (spheres within spheres). The Eternal Life Grid is also what creates the chains of DNA and RNA. Each unit along the chains of DNA and RNA are a reflection of the Eternal Eye of Source. But in our healed holographic Light Body expression we do not have DNA as it exists within the biological matter of the earth system nor do we have RNA but we have “ONE STRAND” of Source energy which steps down from higher to lower to create the holographic Light Body expression so it could be compared to RNA but a much higher state of energy.

Taking the vertical pillar out of alignment and disconnecting the connection to the Sun Source Conscious Mind created a “Seal” called the “6,6,6 Seal” which is what the “Mark of the Beast” was about, disconnecting the embodied consciousness 6th chakra mind from the Solar Sun Conscious Mind and from the Galactic Sun Conscious Mind.

That is no longer an issue for the Eternal Life forms of earth because the vertical pillar is now once again back in alignment and reconnected but new inner wiring still has to grow to plug back into the vertical pillar mind connections points.