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Our goal into healing into balance is “knowing and acting like we are Source embodied” while experiencing within a holographic system that is like walking through a mine field except the mine field is actually “within us” so if we set off any explosions we are going to be the first one to experience them.

Once we become more thought aware the next step is being mindful of our thoughts. Choosing our thoughts and words carefully before allowing our self to act or react to anything.

The imbalanced thought programming that is held within the body as thought memory is the mine field and any tiny spark of a thought moving through us can set something off which is why we may act or react in any way other than balance.

Simply because we are part of a healing mission of healing imbalanced thoughts we are front and center within the inner battle field. In order to heal to remember that love is the only thing that can create balance within that inner battle field we must remain in a state of mindfulness at all times.

Mindfulness is not fight or flight or sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to defend and protect yourself in a moment’s notice; it is being aware of your own energy and the way that your environment affects you.

We can all point to anything or anyone we “think” is outside of our self and place blame on that perceived external something for our actions and reactions but no one or no-thing can affect us unless we allow it to.

Being mindful allows us to “take back our power” and “choose” how we desire to experience our life. Neither does it mean that we should be in a mode of constantly analyzing our thoughts as it would not be a very pleasant experience if all we did was sit and think about every thought that moves through us but at first it most likely will require walking very slowly until you get the hang of it.

If we pay attention to our emotions we will become aware when we encounter something that is sparking imbalanced thoughts within us. It feels like a tiny flame that is quickly being fanned into a roaring fire and churns from the lower part of our body to very rapidly move upward to the brain. This is because the energy flowing into us is moving from the zero point lock below our feet to the brain but the imbalanced thoughts tend to get stuck in the throat area and create a loop moving between our lower gut and the throat.

Being unaware of what is occurring within us and “why” is what sparks all conflicts and rapidly sends us into the victim mode. If allowed to continue to expand it can very rapidly start a war and simply because everyone is walking through the mine field unaware there is more than enough sympathizers to enter into the perceived battle.

This is why those who thrive and feed off of war and conflict use very well thought out methods to get others to sympathize with their cause knowing full well how the human body system is coded to react.

Eternal life forms who simply desire to express in peace, love and balance have always been vulnerable within the imbalance of the earth system because we tend to trust, believe and desire to assist but doing so via a body form that can be sparked into action can create back flows that we did not see coming. The mixture of emotional imbalance coupled with rapidly firing imbalanced thought patterns is what creates the mob mentality.

To be mindful we must pay attention to our inner self and become aware of what pushes our buttons and know how to maintain control of our energy when we feel our buttons being pushed.

We all get irritated at just about anything but in our healed expression we do not experience any such imbalanced emotional responses. We walk and run around within our hologram without giving much if any thought of what our steps are co-creating.

Being mindful requires being aware of our environment as well. We “feel” before we encounter the mental thoughts in our brain simply because of the way that our thoughts “return” to us from the collective pool of thoughts from the lower to the higher part of our body. This means that our emotional responses are sparked into action prior to us becoming mentally aware of the stream of thoughts.

Those who desire to control the thoughts of the masses are completely aware of this and is why they will work on the emotional responses before delivering the punch line because that sets the body up to be able to take the punch line and not give it any thought.

This tool of programming is used in every sector of this hologram and is most noticeable in controlled main stream media. People who are paid large salaries to play a role of creating a reaction within the masses have been trained to understand how words grouped together in specific ways will first get the attention and set the emotional tone to get someone to believe what they are delivering. If you pay attention to any news media feed you will see this process in action.

So remaining in a state of mindfulness requires paying attention to our body and how it is sparked into emotional response before it becomes aware of the mental thought. Doing so allows us to become aware of the imbalanced thoughts that are sparked to run on auto pilot within us and then we can pause, think and choose what we want to do with those thoughts.

Those who work very hard to control the thinking of the masses do not want you to do this and is why the hologram has been geared into the “fast track mode”. The goal is to keep your brain busy so your emotions can be sparked into action unaware to get you to react without thinking about it.

mindfulness3We must slow way down and in doing so we slow our thoughts down and allow our self time to think and choose. This pertains to every moment of our experience, be it deciding what we will have for a meal, what we choose to wear for the day, the route we choose to take to our destination and paying attention to all around us as we do so.

Those who are more in tune with their emotional responses most likely find it a bit easier to become aware of something simply via the inner “sense feeling” before the thought is actually present before them but the masses have been programmed that such feelings are a waste of time and to simply make a decision and get on with it which are snap decisions.

There is a whole lot of beauty all around us simply because there remains a whole lot of Source love all around and within us but the fast track program does not want you to focus on that love and beauty, it wants to keep you tied up within the inner chaos of imbalanced thoughts. That is why main stream media is only allowed to report constant imbalance to keep the inner imbalanced thoughts firing at a rapid pace which keeps everyone caught up in fear. When people are consumed with fear they are more easily controlled.

How to become mindful:

  1. Continue daily practice of filling yourself with the love of Source and allowing your body to remember what that feels like.
  2. Surround yourself with things and people who promote that feeling instead of those caught up in emotional chaos.
  3. Remove as much chaotic distraction from your life as possible. Pick and choose what media influence you desire to include in your life instead of simply zoning out in front of it and allowing it to program your thoughts.
  4. Become aware of the way that impulse buying works. Those who are out to make a profit know how you work and put things in your path to ensure you see them. It is the exact same process of anything within the hologram that desires to control your thoughts to get you to react and make snap decisions when in hindsight you most likely will regret it. If need be, make a list when going out and make yourself stick to the list.
  5. Feel the energy of Source flowing through you and train yourself to look unto the world as if you are looking through the eyes of Source because the truth is “you are”. Think of yourself as Source walking around within the hologram; how would Source feel when seeing (a homeless person on the street, children playing in a park, flowers and weeds growing wild by the side of the road, ducks holding up traffic to get to the other side, the gentle breeze caressing your face, the smell of food cooking blowing on the wind, the ants below you busily going about their daily hologram trying not to get stepped on).
  6. Everything is YOU because you are Source embodied and you are experiencing everything within yourself. It all exists because YOU love it and allow it to exist, you love it even if it is something within you that needs to heal because you are Source and it is your natural expression to love all of yourself. Look at all you see through the eyes of Source filled with love and you will quickly discover that there is a whole lot more love to become aware of than there is imbalance.
  7. Look at everything and see it for what it really is, energy, thoughts that you are now aware of because you can see and feel them.Yes, there is much imbalance to see, much that will make our stomach turn and we may want to turn away from it and say it has nothing to do with us but it has everything to do with us and once we become aware it is OURS to decide what to do with, then we can instantly fill our self with the love of Source and project that feeling from us in all directions.We can simply stand and BE Source while being aware that the part of us that continues to express imbalance is simply part of us we are working on healing. We can remember how powerful we are and how we can change anything within us instantly simply by changing the way we “think” about it.

People have flocked to others for thousands of years to have someone else tell them about their self. The physic reading industry is a very profitable industry because people want to be told why, what and how. We can be very quick to see anything in others and yet very slow to see anything about our self. We search for our answers in what we see outside of our self because when it comes to seeing our self we can be completely blind. Why do you suppose that is?

The main reason is because of forgetting the truth of creation and how it occurs. The specifics are because we see the hologram coming “at us” because we do not see and experience our thoughts until they “return to us”. That is why the streams of energy that flow into the body are reversed and upside down and the brain turns them back around so we do not see the hologram upside down.

Our vertical pillar sends our thoughts streams into the collective pool of thoughts which is the zero lock sphere point about 6 inches below our feet. The stream of thoughts hit the zero point lock sphere and “bends” and follows the return flow back through our body. It is on the “back flow” that we experience our thoughts and see our hologram.

This creates the illusion of an “external hologram” but it is not external, it is being projected from us and returning to us so that we can experience it. That means that absolutely everything we see and experience via the body is a “reflection” of what we are projecting.

When we understand this truth it then becomes easier to understand that everything we encounter in our hologram IS what is held within us so we do not need someone to tell us what is held within us, how we think and what we are creating. All we have to do is look at it and become aware that we are creating all of it. All of it is US and we are the only one creating it.

There is no one else but YOU within your hologram. Every person, every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every atom is YOU. That is all, nothing else but you! It is ALL your thoughts flowing through you to become aware of.

Try thinking of yourself as the Sun and everything that you see and experience as Rays that you are projecting from your Sun self. See, they are all you, they are all your rays. We are all the same Sun!