Conscious Thought Seeding


Every experience we have is a result of us accreting thoughts unto our self. Thoughts are conscious energy and when we “experience” them it is a result of us projecting them from our mind and then drawing them back to our mind through the holographic body form.

We might think of that by using the analogy of a child’s play ball. It is like having the thought of the ball in your mind and then throwing it away from you mind, the ball bounces and returns to your mind. We do not “experience” the ball until it is in the process of returning to our mind.

Our thoughts do the same thing, we project them from our conscious mind down through our vertical pillar and while at the same time we are pulling thoughts back to our mind via the holographic body form.

The fragmented consciousness of earth do not “instantly” experience all thoughts we send into the collective pool of thoughts because the speed at which we project thoughts is instant and the speed at which we are pulling thoughts back into our mind is based on the condition of the body form, the speed at which it can accrete energy and how much energy it can accrete at any given moment.

In our healed expression we hold the ability to seed and experience our thoughts instantly which is the process of instant thought manifestation. The ability of doing such is dependent on the flows of Source energy being able to flow freely through the whole body system. When such occurs it is very much like a conveyor belt of thought streams.

We do still experience this process from time to time even within the current condition of the body form. We might be thinking that we would really like to do something and then the ability to do that seems to fall right into our lap. Someone might call or show up at our door as the messenger bringing that experience to us. On many occasions when I have experienced this the thought is something like, “well, I guess you manifested that, didn’t you”.

In the many years of experiencing this throughout my life I had always been amazed when something shows up almost instantly or within a few days that I was thinking about it but today I have healed to remember why that occurs and that it should be a natural part of the life experience. The only reason it does not occur all the time is because of consciousness being fragmented and the condition of the body form. I also now realize that the feeling of being amazed was simply a result of not yet remembering my own power.

There is another “key point” to understand in this process and it is the “ability to be open to receive”. The masses have been brain washed that they are undeserving, lowly creatures and should not expect to receive the “wealth” of creation. This false belief is played out every day of the earth life experience within the controlled paradigm and enforced through the controlled economy. When we understand more of this distorted game it becomes much easier to understand why people believe they are unworthy to receive and why it may seem to be challenging to simply say “thank you” and accept what is offered.

As has been previously stated, the body is the key factor that determines everything we will experience while we have part of our conscious energy imbued within it. We most likely do not give much if any thought to the functions of the body, life is too busy and we are in such a hurry to try to keep up with it that we just drag the body around with us like an old rag doll trying to make it keep up with our thought desires.

We could think of our mind as the mother board of a computer, the brain as the hard drive and the body as the hardware. In such an analogy the thoughts we experience are the software which the hard drive brain translates to allow us to experience them. Just like a computer, if the software encounters a virus the hard drive can crash.

When we consciously seed balanced thoughts it is very much like de-fragmenting the computer for the hard drive to translate software and then for us to experience. In such an analogy, the condition of the human body is that the hard drive brain was almost completely disconnected from the mother board and can only run fragmented pieces of the software.

But the hard drive brain has now been reconnected to the mother board and we are in the process of running a healing virus program stored in the mother board (Source energy) to “de-fragment” the fragmented hardware and software. As the system heals it will be able to run much faster and smoother (accrete energy faster).

Consciously seeding balanced thoughts or focusing on balanced thoughts is the process of healing the software stored within the manifest body form and removing the programs written by the virus.

The body responds faster to our thoughts when we engage the body in the process. Simply sitting and thinking does indeed seed thought patterns as our thought stream never stops but being able to “experience” those thoughts requires the body to be able to receive them and the brain to be able to translate them to our awareness via the body’s sense system.

Remember what is was like when you learned the alphabet or when you learned anything that seemed to be new to you. When we learned the alphabet of our given language we did so by working with tools of light and sound. We hand wrote the letters over and over, used symbol cards to see them in front of us, perhaps had toy blocks that were brightly colored with them, learned a song and received applauses when we sang our little song as well as praises from the adults when we recited the entire alphabet without any mistakes.

All of this type of “programming stimuli” creates chemical reactions within the body that allow us to have emotional feelings. We like the emotional feeling of being praised and so we continue the effort to become masters of the alphabet until the day arrives that we’ve “memorized” them and move on to learn how to put them together to make words and read them.

Prior to such learning we had no clue what the alphabet was or its purpose. In the process of “learning” them we created new nerve cells and grew new neural pathways to the brain. If there is damage within the body that does not allow new neural pathways to grow then we would not be able to learn the alphabet.

The body works to ensure we can experience what we tell it we desire to experience as long as it is able to function correctly. If there was damage within the body that would not allow the necessary neural pathways to be created then we would have a life experience with the thought energy that contains the programming of the alphabet being blocked from our awareness, the body would repel that energy because it did not have the necessary hardware active to be able to receive it.

Hopefully this information assists in understanding the importance of consciously seeding balanced thoughts to reprogram the body to allow us to experience what we desire to experience and to become aware of information and knowledge held within higher wave lengths of energy that the body has not been able to receive.

We have been taught and think that we are limited to what has been named on earth the “visible spectrum” of energy but we are only limited to that spectrum of energy because of the condition of the holographic body form. The individual condition of the body form will determine if new neural pathways can be created. Held beliefs can keep such from occurring if new thoughts are considered to be impossible or unbelievable because the body will ensure those thoughts are not received.

I have had people tell me that “they were not raised to believe such things” and they are correct and as long as that is their belief they will not experience what they feel is non-believable, they will ONLY experience what they believe to be true, the body will ensure it.

When we remember these truths and if we desire to heal into balance and create a life experience of balance then it becomes much easier to understand what we need to accomplish.

We must remove the negative thoughts of the paradigm from our constant awareness. That does not mean to stick our heads in the sand and ignore what is going on within the collective thought pool but to become aware of those things and continue to heal the imbalanced thoughts we take unto our self by filling our self with the love of Source while seeding the thoughts we do desire to experience.

It means to be “thought aware” and not allow our self to zone out in front of the media that is constantly flashed before our eyes but to look at what we do see and decide if that is a thought or adventure with a thought we desire to experience.

The earth hologram is still running on a critical mass of imbalanced thought patterns and will continue to do so simply because there will not be enough of the masses able to wake up and remember the truth in their current body because of the condition of the body and the fact that they are not willing to let go of their belief system.

More souls will continue to incarnate into the hologram increasingly holding higher levels of energy but at least the current adult population will have had to exit the hologram for the higher energy of the next generation to begin creating more positive changes within the hologram. So positive changes will occur and some are already occurring in baby steps but we must look for them to see them.

The goal is to heal as much as possible and allow as many as possible to simply merge back into their Source Conscious Mind without experiencing complete fragmentation and the children will be the ones who hold the energy to hold it all together until the final separation occurs.

But we can assist the efforts of the children, the whole and our own healing process by working to heal our own stuff. Below are some suggestions offered for Consciously Seeding Balanced Thoughts but remember, it is “your healing program” so you should design it as you need it to be for you.

  • Journal, Hand Write, Draw, Doodle: By engaging the body via the hands we are sending stronger signals into the body to tell it what we desire to experience. When we journal we can become more aware of the thoughts we hold and see a pattern unfolding that can show us what we need to heal as well as allow new thoughts to open to our awareness. It is the same process of writing your alphabet when you desired to remember them. Our thoughts are more focused because we are “thinking” what we are going to put to paper. It does not matter if what you put to paper makes sense, it will make sense to you when you realize what you are thinking.
  • Create: Allow your creative juices to flow through any of the Arts that you are interested in regardless how abstract they may seem. Your creations may not speak to anyone but you but you are the only one they need to speak to.
  • Brain Health: Continue to exercise the brain with new stimuli such as researching areas of information you may never have considered. Understanding how the body functions is a great area to research and there is a massive amount of information available on the internet. As you research what is “taught to be truth” realize that most of it is not true simply because what is thought to be truth is the result of looking at creation from the illusion of the hologram because that is all that the masses have been able to base any perceived truth on for thousands of years. As you continue to expand to hold more energy open within yourself you will discover it becoming easier to see the non-truth of something. A good rule to follow is to “reverse it” whatever the information is talking about that is supposed to be true simply because the accepted hologram is the reverse image of the inner and creates thoughts that creation occurs from the outside in instead of the inside out. Be wary of words used by the science community that says things like particles kill each other or speak of the harmful energy of the Sun. Those thoughts are based on only being able to see the hologram and not understanding what is required to allow the hologram to exist. Learn to read between and behind words and you will see a much larger picture unfold. Realize that everything you think you see is an illusion created by the wonderful illusions a hologram allows to experience which implies there is more to know about how the illusion is created.
  • Be It: Live as if you are Already IT, whatever you are working to create within your life, wake up each day “believing” you have already created it. If it does not present itself in that day it simply means you are waiting to integrate the energy of the thought you created. Thoughts create instantly but our body accretes energy at its unique rate of speed. Believe It, Be It, Think It. The ancient quote that speaks, “We must be the change to see the change” is absolutely correct.
  • Sleep Programming: As we are reaching that point where the brain waves have slowed way down and we are just about to fall off to sleep the body’s operation and ability to draw in any more energy is cycling way down to a very slow speed. That is because the body can only take in so much energy in cycles. The body works to repair whatever damage it can while it is in sleep mode but our consciousness does not need to sleep and is why we still continue to experience while our body is repairing and integrating the energy of that cycle. As you feel the body going into deep sleep mode mentally repeat over and over the thoughts you want to seed; I will remember my dreams when I awaken, I AM healed now, I Am ———————— fill in the blank. Write the thought on paper and put it under your pillow.
  • I AM Statements: I AM statements are very powerful programming statements or anything that beings with “I”, they are your thought commands and your body listens to them because you are telling your body that you are that thought.
  • I AM Thoughts: Using I AM thought seeding during your daily sessions is a great tool to seed thoughts into the body and it a great tool to heal negative experiences that have already become aware to experience. Removing negative thought programs via I AM programming statements can seem pretty intense at times because your body is creating the emotional responses of the negative thoughts and the negative emotional responses can seem to be overwhelming in the moment. It may require repeated intense daily sessions of such I AM programming for you to begin to feel the emotional release but it will come if you remain constant.
  • Tapping: Tapping on the body via mental and verbal thought programming is also a useful tool. The tapping process is like getting the body’s attention to sit up and take notice of what you are telling it. While running Source energy through your Vertical Pillar and tapping thoughts into the body is kind of like morse code. The EMT tapping tools offered on the internet are useful and it is suggested to tap the sequence of the chakras in order as well to kind of spark those points to assist the body to receive more energy.
  • Sound: Sound creates light and the body that we see when we look in the mirror is an energy construct made of light. The body is programmed by sound much faster than by light images simply because of that fact. Sound comes before light so when working with sound it is as if you are seeding the body before the point at which you see the body. This is important to be aware of when you think of things like noise pollution and music that keep your energy irritated or heightened to extreme levels. The body can hear you better when it is relaxed. The sound of silence is beautiful but for many people is a process of healing to remember the beauty of silence. You could create a series of sound I AM sequences and sing them over and over again. Repetition is key in this process. There are no magic words that you must use, your body only hears you but you can use any words you “think” are magic that you like. Remember, the body needs to hear, know, remember that it too is Source and his held within love at all times.
  • Awareness: The most important part of thought seeding is to become “thought aware” and aware of your environment to then become aware what your body is being programmed to believe without your conscious knowledge.