Healing Magic


Sodium/Calcium Bentonite Clay

In a previous post I had shared with you that I was guided to focus on detoxifying the body of heavy metals. When I asked guidance how I should go about that I was guided to Bentonite Clay. In that post I had said I would report back results after I had received and began using the clay.

I now know this information is so important that I am guided to put it on it’s own page instead of simply in a post.

I highly recommend this book as you need to know your clay;

Living Clay – Suggested reading available on Amazon.

It may only be 180 pages but those pages are packed full of information about Sodium/Calcium Bentonite Clay with 101 uses for medical issues of all kinds. Each use explains the how’s and why’s that the clay works for the issue. Each suggested method also includes a suggested amount and frequency but there are no side effects other than positive ones from the clay and so you cannot consume to much.

Today is my 3rd day of using the clay capsules and I am going to purchase more of them and some of the powered clay as well. I was not sure if I could stomach drinking the powered clay so I opted for the capsules but I now know I will be able to.

Day 1 – I only took one capsule, not knowing what to expect and especially since my body is sensitive to everything. I took it about an hour before going to bed with a full glass of water.

  • My body slept a full 6.5 hours “without” having to get up and empty the bladder. That is not something I have experienced in so long I forget when.
  • When I did wake up I felt more rested than I have in again so long I cannot remember.
  • My bladder felt like it emptied all the way instead of the need to keep going back several times within an hour after waking.
  • The days experiences delivered several unusual labor intense things due to a clogged drain pipe and my husband needing assistance. I was able to stand for longer periods of time and lift my arms with little pain. For my body, that was a miracle.
  • The usual frequent need to empty the bladder was far greater and the stomach did not feel what had become a normal bloated feeling to me.
  • I did not need to take one antacid during the day, again very unusual for my body.
  • Normally after being awake for about 6 hours my body requires at least a 3 hours nap. On this day I was awake for 18 hours and simply felt sleepy when time for bed instead of exhausted as I do when cycling through a massive infusion of higher energy.
  • My brain seemed to be clearer, my thoughts seemed to be clearer.

Day 2 – This time I took 2 capsules with a full glass of water about an hour before bed time. Getting braver after the first days amazing results but still allowing my body to ease into it and tell me what it wants.

  • I went right to sleep but it was a peaceful sleep.
  • I did not need to take any allergy pills. My skin was not itching as it normally does (I have attributed this to the fact of winter itch and that we heat with wood) but now I am realizing much more the effects the “whole environment” have on the chemistry of the body.
  • My body became fuller, faster when we had our evening meal and I did not feel bloated afterward.
  • Again, my body slept for a full 6 hours with no interruptions and did not need the nap time sleep. It has been so long since my body has functioned this well that I have spent quite a lot of time just sitting and listening to my body.
  • My vision seems to be brighter, meaning colors seem to be brighter.
  • My body began craving natural foods and seemed to lavish on fruit. I recognized this as a need to replace minerals in the body and lots of water. Do not forget to drink lots of water.

Day 3 – This time took 3 capsules upon waking with a full glass of water. I am getting really brave now and if I had the powered clay I would do a full bath soak so anxious for it to arrive.

  • Day dreaming about having a natural clay pool on the property. Would most likely just live in it for awhile.
  • Well, I think there must be miracles occurring within my brain because on this day I actually managed to “get” how to do things on my keyboard that my teacher had been trying to show me for some time. My brain simply could not get it but today it was like a burst of energy flooded into me and allowed me to see and feel it all at once. That does not mean I am a master at it yet but that does not matter, at the moment I am simply filled with Joy in being able to understand it. Most of my time spent was at the keyboard on this day playing with my newly remembered thoughts.
  • Still did not need a nap and I can feel the pain in my body as if there is a gradient now instead of the whole body being consumed by pain. I can feel this slowly subsiding in waves and I know it is because of the benefits of the clay.
  • Body is requiring less amounts of food when it is hungry. I now know that is because it is able to receive more nutrition from the food I give it. Remember to drink lots of water as it flushes the toxins from the body.
  • My body feels like dancing in the streets and I am now positive it will once again reach a point to be able to do so.

A very important piece of this puzzle that I have become aware of in the last 36 hours is that all viruses consist of positive charged ions and the Sodium/Calcium Bentonite Clay consists of negative charged ions which is why it draws to itself the harmful units of energy that has built up in the body and then traps them within itself to flush them from the body.

The process of “slowly” de-densifying the matter base is to be able to raise the matter base to a higher level of energy. That had not been possible within the earth system for over 26,000 years because of the Eternal Life Grid being taken out of alignment.

What allows for the ability to self create and self sustain a Light Body form within a hologram is being able to contract back into the creation point or the 12 point of the Eternal Life Grid and recharge with 3 times the amount of energy then expanding back out to not only raise the energy of the Light Body but also the matter base of the hologram.

The process of having the life experience is via drawing unto self “thoughts” from the collective pool of thoughts and then experiencing those thoughts via them translating into electrical signals as they flow into the brain to then become aware of them. This is the process of the base electrical body form accreting base magnetic energy.

When the Eternal Life Grid was taken out of alignment within the earth system the “phasing cycle” of the contraction and expansion of the Eternal Life Grid was shut down or became “phase locked” which means embodied (trapped) consciousness continued to accrete the base magnetic energy to allow for the life experience but was not able to raise that accreted energy to a higher level of energy by contracting back into the creation point.

This is what has allowed the matter base of earth to become so dense, 2/3 too dense to be exact. Units of energy that we know of as heavy metals group together and are bonded together via “chemical bonds”. The way to break chemical bonds is to heat them up. That is what we see when we experience lava flows from a volcano, chemical bonds separating under intense heat to become a liquid state and then when they cool new chemical bonds are created to hold the matter base together or create what we call new land mass.

It is via increasing the charge held within chemical bonds that release polarized energy from each other to then “re-create” the form the polarized energy takes on. The newly created form is dependent on the “thoughts of the collective” which have only been coming from the Sub-Conscious Mind for thousands of years but our higher conscious thoughts are slowly “re-writing” a new program to instruct chemical elements “how to bond” and detoxifying the body is a piece within that larger process.

A healed conscious collective ALL accrete the energy of a hologram or thoughts from the collective pool of thoughts at the same rate and ALL contract back into the creation point at the same time to be recharged and expand back out. This had not been possible within the earth system because of phase lock and is why all are at their unique level of healing.

When a collective consciousness fragments and cannot phase back into the creation point, they are considered to be phase locked and continue to accrete the base magnetic energy of the hologram which is the process of accreting their “own thoughts” which equates to “eating their own energy”.

It is this process that created the Fibonacci Spiral. When consciousness cannot be recharged with energy 3 times higher than the previous expansion point and must re-accrete their energy via drawing it into a biological form, the biological form continues to become more dense and the effects of gravity eventually crush the body as it pulls it downward. This is also connected to obesity, back and knees issues as well as reproductive issues.

Fragmented consciousness can only accrete energy in “cycles” and the cycles is a process of consuming energy one unit at a time instead of being raised 3 times higher in energy via the contraction phase. Consuming energy one unit at a time equates into the Fibonacci sequence.

1 eats 2 to become 3, 3 eats 2 to become 5, 5 eats 3 to become 8, 8 eats 5 to become 13, etc. and is why the Fibonacci sequence is encoded within everything we “see” and experience of the earth system. It is not an “eternal process”, it only lasts until the consciousness consuming has consumed all of their energy and then the consciousness experiences complete fragmentation.

Whereas, being able to phase back into the creation point eternally expands by 3 times energy;

3 becomes 9 becomes 27 becomes 81 becomes 243 becomes 720 etc. See how much faster expansion occurs when consciousness is able to receive the higher energy of Source? That is what is allowing for the rapid amount of energy increasing within the Eternal Life forms of earth now as the phasing sequence was restarted when the Eternal Life Grid came back online in Dec. 2013.

But consciousness can still only receive the amount of energy they can within any give cycle and is why there are varying stages of healing occurring within the earth population.

Hopefully this offers you more to consider for the wonderful support the Sodium/Calcium Bentonite Clay can provide.