Responsibility may seem to be a rather straight forward thought but many are not aware of what responsibility really means simply because of forgetting the truth that manifestation is all a hologram created by “thought”.

When we can remember that we are each our “own hologram”, that we create and experience our own hologram within our self, within our “own space” then it begins to become easier to understand why we are each the only one responsible for our self, our thoughts, actions and experiences.

The “only thing” that can heal anyone is the energy of Source as that is all that exists in all of creation. When consciousness becomes cut off from the energy of Source or the energy of Source is blocked from flowing the way it should into a system, the consciousness trapped within such a system not only forgets the truth of creation but also that they are Source trapped within the system. This has occurred on earth and is why the masses of earth have forgotten for thousands of years that they are Source embodied.

Source creates all of creation by stepping the energy of Source down in energy from higher to lower levels of energy and Source does this by creating “within the whole mind of Source” replicated minds of Source. The replicated minds of Source express as “stars” within the manifest realms of creation.

Science knows from extensive study of the brain and the way that the human body’s 5 senses work that we do not “experience” anything outside of the brain of the body. Nothing! That is because we are “each” our own unique hologram. It is also why no two people perceive anything exactly that same as the individual body system translates energy to the awareness of the individual “uniquely” unto their self.

Nothing exists outside of our body except a sphere of energy in which our body is created. The sphere of energy in which our body is created exists in what we call the solar plane. The solar plane is the 12 point zero lock of the sun (Source Collective Mind). Our Vertical Pillar is a “ray” of energy projected from our Source mind into the solar plane to allow us to embody within a holographic body to experience thoughts.

The layers of a solar system actually exist like the layers of an onion and the “perceived” space is an illusion which is created by the level of our energy viewing thoughts “within our brain” that are higher in energy than our embodied consciousness.

Everything that we “see” we see inside of our brain as electrical signals are translated by the brain to create images on a lens that exists in the visual cortex of the brain and this lens is both concave and convex which creates the illusion of space and depth that we experience within our hologram.

What we have come to know as the auric field which permeates and surrounds our body form is the “energy capsule” in which our holographic body form is created and it is surrounded by two spheres of energy, the inner sphere is our personal, planetary 12 point chakra mind, the outer sphere is the 12 point zero lock sphere. The energy of Source steps down from our Sun Source Mind to us embodied for the earth life experience via our personal, planetary 12 point chakra mind and then into the lower layers of our body manifest expression via our Vertical Pillar.

We plug our projected ray Vertical Pillar into what we call the planet’s orbital path around the sun which is actually an invisible sphere of energy we plug into.

Every human expressing within the earth system has their Vertical Pillar Ray plugged into the planetary 12 point lock sphere or sphere of the orbital path of the planet around the sun. This planetary 12 point zero lock sphere is the “Planetary Collective Pool of Thoughts”.

We send our thoughts into the collective thought pool via our vertical pillar and then draw thoughts back to our mind from the collective pool of thoughts. The thoughts we “see and experience” within our holographic human body form as our hologram are the thoughts we draw back to our mind from the collective thought pool. We experience thoughts “as they return” to circulate through our holographic human body form and then back into our vertical pillar layers of mind, into the brain and then back into our whole mind expression.

When the Eternal Life Grid of the embodied consciousness of the earth solar plane encountered damage the Vertical Pillar levels of mind was taken out of vertical alignment and pushed to the right side of the body form into the polarized electrical area of the manifest body form and snapping the energy connections to the manifest body form.

This trapped consciousness within the invisible sphere of the planets orbital path sphere and created an inorganic state of mind called the Sub-Conscious Mind. The connection to the Sub-Conscious Mind within the body form is just below the vertical pillar 3rd chakra region or the “navel”.

The Sub-Conscious mind had been in control of the operation of the holographic human body form for over 26,000 years, controlling the operation of the units of energy that make up atoms, cells, hormones and the chemical structure of the human body form.


This distorted the Eternal Life Grid of the embodied earth consciousness so that the vertical pillar held “polarized chakras” 11, 8, 5, 2, & 1 and polarized chakras 10, 7 & 4 were dropped down in energy and pushed the vertical pillar to the right side of the grid 9, 6 & 3.

This changed the entire electromagnetic system of the human body form and is the cause of all disease and death of the physical body. It changed the way that energy translates through the body and into the brain and is why the 3rd eye 6th chakra mind was “turned off” within the human population.

The polarized 5th chakra was pushed into the throat area and this is why negative emotions feel like they get stuck in the throat as they move upward through the body to the brain. It also created a “false ego” which has been the result of the negative emotional condition of the human population (greed, lust, anger, addictions, etc.)

The 6th chakra mind is suppose to be in control of the 2 polarized heart centers and the 4th heart we know is the location of the feeling we associate with love but the 5th heart balances out the known negative emotions associated with the false ego.

There is much more to know about the current condition of the human body form and the chaotic mess the imbalanced Eternal Life Grid created within the human race but the most important thing to know at this time is it is all in the process of healing because the Eternal Life Grid is once again in the correct vertical position within the “Eternal Faces” of Source plugged into the earth hologram.

Understanding the “how” we experience the hologram allows us a better understanding that only “we” are responsible for our self. No one is doing anything to us but what we are experiencing is a result of the way the body form translates energy to allow us to experience it via the body’s 5 senses which we “experience” within the brain.

When we play the game of blaming others for our experiences we are pushing away from our self the awareness that we are creating our own holographic experience and in doing so miss the opportunity to heal the imbalanced thoughts we experience within our self because we are denying those thoughts are a part of us. We cannot experience thoughts until they become a part of us, until they flow unto us to then be translated to our awareness.

The imbalanced thoughts that we experience which create imbalanced thoughts and emotions within us did not “originate from us” but we are drawing them back unto our self from the collective thought pool of the imbalanced thoughts of the consciousness that originally became trapped within the earth hologram.

That is how we as Source embodied take unto our Source mind the imbalanced thoughts that keep consciousness trapped within a distorted system to “raise those thoughts to a higher level of energy” and allow them to return to balance.

It is not possible for Source to embody the energy of Source in “one body expression” within a hologram to heal the imbalanced thoughts as that much energy would blow up the collective thought pool and the consciousness plugged into it would fragment completely. So, Source sends ITSelf into the hologram by plugging individual mind expressions of ITSelf into the collective pool of thoughts to then take the imbalanced thoughts unto self to heal them back into balance.

Understanding this truth heals the need to create “false guilt” for the things we experience but also the need to “become aware” of the truth of why we experience imbalance and how to heal it within our self. We will not stop becoming aware of the imbalanced thoughts of this imbalanced hologram until we unplug from the collective thought pool when natural death of the holographic body form occurs.

When the “final shift” into a higher time line of energy occurs and the entire collective that is able to has shifted back into that higher time line of energy there will no longer be the higher energy of Source being sent into this expression of earth’s collective thought sphere and the Eternal Life forms who unplug from it will no longer need to plug back into it to experience another holographic life of this earth system.

It is time for all who can to wake up and remember the truth, to remember why you chose to plug into this earth system and to assist healing the imbalance you become aware of within your personal hologram. It is time to stand as Source and simply look at all of it and then love all of it within yourself as that is how you will raise those imbalanced thoughts and emotions to higher energy to allow them to release from yourself and return to your Source mind of the sun. It is time to BE Source embodied which simply requires being Love embodied.

Be aware of your environment as it is literally “your environment” and remove yourself from all known danger while loving the perceived danger from within yourself.

You do not “deserve” to be punished for anything and if you feel you have done something wrong then do what you need to do to try to set it right and do not do it again but remember you are healing to remember why things occur as they do within your hologram and once you know the truth ignorance of the truth is no longer an option.

Remove from your personal hologram those who desire to create drama and chaos in your hologram, doing so does not mean you do not love them but you can be aware when it is time to step out of the direction the arrows are being sent to. You cannot heal them, they have free will to express as they do and they can only heal from within in their own time but you can assist to heal them by not feeding them your energy and healing yourself. You can choose to hold them in a sphere of love and only send loving thoughts their way but they have free will to accept that energy or not.

If your life is full of chaos then it is time to take a deep look at why. What are the choices you are making to allow your life to be full of chaos and why might you be unwilling to make different choices? Doing so requires looking at our own fears and realizing how our fears hold us a prisoner within our self as no one is doing anything to us. We can choose to engage with imbalanced thoughts, we can choose to have a relationship with them if we want to but we can also choose not to.

Seeking the love and assistance from others as we heal back into balance is not a sign of weakness but nor should it become a crutch because if we use others for a crutch we are actually stealing their energy from them and that does not allow healing to occur. We do not need to steal anyone’s energy as we have our own energy supply, we simply need to focus on increasing our energy supply by healing within and focusing on Source.

At the same time, be aware if someone else is stealing your energy and using you as a crutch as loving, healing consciousness can be quite vulnerable in such a healing stage as the love felt within desires to heal all of the imbalance. We can only heal our self and in doing so are assisting others to heal their self by purging our share of the imbalance.

Being responsible for self is a major step in returning to our organic expression of a Self Empowered, Self Sovereign expression of Source. At the moment we are all still dealing with limitations created by the human body form and need to assist each other with the hurdles those limitations create but by working as the “whole of Source” that we are, we can create anything. It takes the energy of the whole to heal the whole and that is why we are here.

As we continue to fill our self with the love of Source we should continue to consciously seed new, balanced thoughts that we desire to experience and reset the encryption of the imbalanced thoughts we become aware of. We can do this most effectively by becoming thought aware, mindful and catching the imbalanced thoughts to then either simply release them, breathe them out and let them pass through without effecting us or by working intently to focus on the opposite until we no longer experience that imbalanced thought.

Being plugged into the earth system and its imbalance requires manual labor to get a job done but manual labor begins with a “thought” and the thoughts we have about getting a job done should focus on the rewards we seek to accomplish instead of being thoughts of dread. We must do what we must do to survive within the earth hologram but that does not mean we cannot do all that we must do while expressing love within our self and shinning it forth in all directions.