Definition: A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, mental state, truculent or uncooperative behavior; a resentful or antagonistic manner.

Our attitude about everything in our life experience is a “reflection” of our emotional and mental state of expression and is a “key tool” that can show us the level of balance we carry within our self. Of course the desire to heal back into balance and experience balance in our earth life or within a higher energy hologram implies one’s attitude will need to heal into one of absolute love.

Healing into an attitude of absolute love requires becoming thought aware, mindful and remembering that you are Source embodied on a mission to heal yourself.

There are of course both positive and negative attitudes to express about anything or anyone but when we can remember that ALL is YOU, that there is no one else but YOU it begins to become a bit easier to look at the imbalance that simply requires healing and remain in a space of inner love.

Our attitude of the earth life experience is something that is “learned” as we have the earth life experience and gather our beliefs. We see and experience the actions of the other faces of our selves playing their roles within our hologram and can be quick to judge that expression of our self based on their actions and attitudes.

All negative attitudes are rooted in fear and we tend to push away from our self the things that create an imbalanced state of fear within us. When we can heal to remember that we are Source embodied on a mission to heal our self then we can remember in every moment of our experience to apply that knowing to everything we experience.

Judgment is a negative attitude and when we judge others we are actually judging our self and pushing away from our self the imbalance that we do not want to look at least it somehow infect us. We may feel disgust for the actions of other parts of our self and that is an emotional reaction created by awareness of the imbalance that we see and experience.

When I see a peacock strutting and spreading its beautiful feathers I “feel” an attitude associated with that beautiful bird; one of joy for the beautiful creature that it is, not a negative based ego feeling, simply joy of BEING.

Experiencing within the human body of this imbalanced hologram is more than enough to allow anyone to wake up every day with a negative attitude of simply still being in the human body form but it is important to remember that every thought we have instructs the chemicals that compose our body how to operate and allow us to experience what we are thinking.

If we are playing the role of being a victim to everything in our life experience then our attitude is going to continue to express as such and we will remain trapped in the view of judging everything and everyone.

Healing negative attitudes can include remembering the “magic” of the life experience. Of course there really is no magic as there is a reason for everything that occurs but until we remember the mechanics that allow something to occur it can all seem to be quite magical.

The most enjoyable aspect of magic is being able to feel love flow within as love cannot really be dissected under a microscope to try to understand what allows love to exist because love is simply a state of absolute balance; a state when all of the units of energy that compose the conscious expression are in complete resonance with each other and then allow that to be the experience felt.

Healing back into balance requires our energy to return to the state of particle resonance and our thoughts, actions, words and deeds determine if the body is working to return that state of expression to allow us to experience.

Like energy attracts like energy even though opposites do attract. When we look at the concept of opposites we are talking about polarized energy (positive and negative energy) which allow holograms to exist but it is quite possible to remain in a state of balanced resonance while experiencing the polarity of a hologram.

Negative thoughts draw to their self the necessary polarized energy to continue to create negative thoughts which in turn allow negative thought experiences. The same is true for positive thoughts, they will draw to their self the polarized energy required to allow positive experiences.

Remaining in a positive attitude state while playing the role of a victim is not possible because the negative attitudes of victimhood will continue to create more of the same to experience. And is why it is important to remember the truth that no one is doing anything to anyone as we are all creating our own hologram within our self which leads us into the previous step of regaining absolute responsibility of our energy.

One way to retain focus of your desires for your life experience is to discover your “passion”. What do you want to experience? When most people are asked that question they really do not know what they want to experience. They may say things like material wealth, a forever love relationship, or good health but very few people really know what they desire to experience in their life and many who do hold a “dream” consider the dream to be unreachable which means it will remain unreachable.

We are experiencing within an imbalanced hologram via a distorted biological body form that holds its limitations of the way we experience what we think. Doing so is the only way possible for us to plug into the imbalanced collective thought pool to play our role of healing our self and implies we are going to be caught up within the imbalanced control of this hologram for the time we remain plugged into it. So, that is a fact we cannot deny.

But, we can choose how we will allow the experience necessary to heal our self affect us and doing so includes how we “choose” to express our attitudes about the healing experience.

Perhaps you have heard stories of people who have been held captive, maybe a prisoner of war or any other experience that took them there, speak that the “only” thing that kept them going was to retain focus on a “passion” they held. The passion may be for someone very near and dear to them, a child, spouse or loved one whose face they continued to see within their brain. The passion that allowed them to continue to maintain was love. Our passions should fill us to over flowing with love! It is always love that carries us through any situation.

Take a look at your life experience and how you present yourself. What do you “feel” about yourself, about the character roles you play? Do you smile at the clerk who is having a bad day and taking it out on everyone they check out, do you smile at the rude person who stole the parking place you were getting ready to pull into, do you smile when someone is not watching where they are going and bump into you or do you allow those experiences to set the tone for your own attitude?

Some people feed off drama because they steal other people’s energy by creating drama and most who do, are not able to realize they are doing so. Some people complain about everything and everyone and they do not even realize they are doing so simply because that is their expression that is running at a critical mass within them.

We can look at all of the imbalance we bring unto our self to allow us to become aware of it and we can look at it through the eyes and love of Source. Discerning imbalance is not the same as judgment when we can look at the imbalance, realize is it simply part of us that needs to be healed and love the one expressing the imbalance to allow us to become aware of it simply because they are Source embodied, they are US whom we came to assist in healing.

As we discern we can choose what we desire to do with the imbalance we become aware of. Do we want to get angry at it and create more imbalance or do we want to engage with it and play out a dramatic scene or do we want to recognize the truth of it, remove our self from harm’s way and heal it within our self? There is always a choice in any given situation but becoming aware of a “higher choice” requires understanding how the situation is created and why.

Once we become aware of a thought it is already running within us, it is already energy in motion to allow us to experience it and our body is designed to allow us to experience it. That is why our emotional buttons can be pushed in the blink of an eye and take control of our energy. Therefore, regaining control of our energy and maintaining control of our energy requires us to stop, think, feel, become aware of why we are experiencing what we are experiencing and to “choose” what we desire to do with those thoughts.

Doing so might have people looking at you like you are crazy, they might be expecting an immediate response from you to play your role in a battle for energy but you do not have to choose to do so; you can choose to stop, think and look at the situation and then you can choose to simply turn and walk the other way. When people figure out you are not willing to engage they will stop trying to engage with you because you are not supplying them the energy they are seeking.

They may spread rumors about you, they may be in a role to make public such rumors, but who cares? They are not creating your life experience, they are not creating your hologram, you are! Just because it is necessary to embody the imbalance to assist healing it does not mean we must allow the imbalance to dictate who we are. Simply becoming aware that such people are at a sicker stage of healing than you currently are can be enough to realize that they are not yet capable of becoming aware how sick they are and they are not yet able to see their own attitudes and what they are creating within their self to experience.

We do not judge a person who is laid up in a hospital bed sick of cancer and speaking out of their mind because of the sickness that is racking their body and brain, nor should we judge those whom we encounter that are still at a stage of mental illness that allows them to continue to express imbalance. They simply need to heal. They are a part of us that simply needs to heal. We can discern why they express as such and in doing so make our own choices and create our own attitudes that will allow that imbalance to be healed through us.

Our attitude creates the “background” for our hologram, the image on which our hologram plays out for us to experience. If our attitude is of constant negativity then the background of our hologram will continue to present as such.

If you wake up in a bad mood simply because the body presents so many aches and pains it may seem like it is useless to try to even get out of bed, lie there and “think”, “feel” and allow the love of Source to fill you to over flowing then remember why you are here and allow yourself to think of ways that you are going to go about your mission of healing to gift the love of Source to all whom you encounter.

Our attitude is creating the reality field we see all around us, it is creating the weather and all that entails, it is creating the changes we are experiencing within our hologram it is the “driving force” of our emotions that is instructing the elements that compose the hologram to express as they do.

Open your eyes each day as if you are a child and it is a brand new day filled with adventures and excitement and feel the Joy of simply being alive.