Artificial Technology

technologyWhat is artificial technology?

As applied to what the people of earth are aware of it would be anything that is man-made and requires some type of “energy supply” to allow it to operate.

Why would thoughts of artificial technology be included in a Self Empowered Healing program?

This information is provided to assist understanding more of the difference between a balanced and an imbalanced holographic reality field and why the earth hologram cannot be healed as it exists. Also to bring more awareness to the critical mass of imbalance that the earth hologram expresses as.

The people of earth have been programmed to think that “intelligence” is based on how much technology a culture can produce and this distorted thought continues to be fed to the earth population from the earth power elite who are controlling the earth hologram.

Technology, as we know it to exist within the earth hologram, is not created by a healed conscious collective of a healed hologram. It is not needed and only plays a role in creating imbalance within the collective.

The technology of earth was created to support a desire to drain the life force energy from the earth conscious collective and that can only make sense if we understand what a holographic reality field is.

The people of earth “think” that the earth is a planet made of “rock” and there remain people who do not give any thought to the fact that the rock planet they are walking and living upon is a Live Conscious Being, it is the holographic body expression of the Collective Consciousness of Earth, it is the body expression of ALL of our energy plugged into the planetary 12 Point Zero Lock Sphere combined into one.

If the collective consciousness of earth were not plugged into the planetary 12 Point Zero Lock Sphere of earth (which we call the orbital path of the planet around the sun) the holographic planet would not exist as a hologram which allows a “space” to experience thoughts within.

The people of earth are not aware of this truth as a result of forgetting the truth of creation and believing false beliefs that a creator god hiding somewhere in the heavens first created the earth and then “put” life forms on it. The truth of that false belief is hidden within ancient written text considered by many to be sacred religious teachings but has been twisted within those teachings to create the concept that the hidden god first created the earth.

First there was God! That is it, there is nothing else within all of creation except the conscious energy of Source. Everything that appears to be solid, manifest matter is a illusion and the illusion is created by “replicated minds of Source” who group their energy together to create what we call a solar sun to get enough of the energy of Source into a point within Source to then co-create a solar system and FOUR holographic planets of that Star System to allow the replicated minds of Source to co-create and experience thoughts.

When consciousness fragments and forgets they are Source and then regain some kind of thought of Source they think and feel as if Source is “away from them” and the false beliefs fed into the earth system by fallen ET life forms who presented their self to the population of earth as their creator gods have seeded the false idea that Source is an external being that looks human. This has been purposefully played out by fallen ET life forms to allow them to control the people of earth through fear.

A planetary hologram is the result of the thoughts of the collective of Source plugged into the 12 Point Zero Lock Sphere of the planet who “conduct” units of energy made of light and sound which we call elements to create the holographic reality field.

solarsystemThe Solar Plane is the 12 Point Zero Lock Sphere of the “Star System” (Sun), it is the lowest level of the Replicated Conscious Collective Source Mind of the Sun that the energy of Source will step down to within the Sun Replicated Mind.

The holograms of the Sun Collective Source Mind occur “within mind”, they occur within the Mind of the Sun at its lowest point of energy.

Each of the 4 holographic planets that the Collective energy of the Sun co-create within the solar plane is the result of the energy of Source stepping down in energy 4 more times within the solar plane zero point lock sphere. Each of the 4 planets is actually ONE planet expressing at 4 different levels of energy.

When an individual replicated mind of Source of the Solar Sun Collective Mind enter into a Solar – Star System to co-create and experience thoughts within the 4 holograms they project a Ray from their seated position of the Sun to plug into the Solar Boundary Sphere (Solar 12 Point Zero Lock Sphere) and when they project their Ray they “instantly” plug into each of the 4 planetary hologram’s zero point lock sphere. This is the process of the individual replicated mind or “face of Source” stepping their energy down to experience at 4 different levels energy within the Solar Star System “at the same time”.

The Solar Sun Star is a collective Source mind that holds four states of mind which step the energy of Source down in energy following the Divine Trinity Step Down Sequence (12, 9, 6, 3, 12)

  • Solar Sun Collective Mind 12 = Christed Identity
  • Solar Sun Collective Mind 9 = Over Soul Identity
  • Solar Sun Collective Mind 6 = Soul Identity
  • Solar Sun Collective Mind 3 = Incarnate Identity

This creates what science knows as the “4 layers of the sun”

(In the following sequence 4 – 1 is expressing higher to lower levels of energy)

Solar Sun Collective Mind 12 creates the 4th planetary hologram, the FIRST planetary hologram extending from the sun within the solar plane and the largest energy planetary hologram of the system.

Solar Sun Collective Mind 9 creates the 3rd planetary hologram, the SECOND planetary hologram extending from the sun within the solar plane and the next largest energy planetary hologram of the system.

Solar Sun Collective Mind 6 creates the 2nd planetary hologram, the THIRD planetary hologram extending from the sun within the solar plane and the next level of step down of energy of the system. (In the healed expression of this solar system this is the healed expression of earth).

Solar Sun Collective Mind 3 creates the 1st planetary hologram, the FOURTH planetary hologram extending from the sun within the solar plane and the last level of step down of energy within the system.

The incarnating consciousness creates a Light Body expression within all 4 planetary holograms “at the same time” to represent their self within the holograms. Because each of the 4 planetary holograms express from higher to lower levels of energy the matter base of each hologram expresses at “different levels of Density” which means the 4 Light Body expressions are 4 different Density Light Bodies.

We “see” the planets extending from our Solar Sun as if smallest to largest because we are “seeing” the projected Ray as it “returns to us”, to our mind, this creates the illusion that the planets extend from the sun smaller to larger. It is the result of this illusion that space science is seeing exo-systems having their planets extend from the sun larger to smaller instead of smaller to larger. We do not have our conscious energy of “this system” plugged into those other Sun Star Systems so we do not “see” the illusion created by the Ray returning to our level of mind of this system.

When the original planets of this solar plane blew apart as result of the consciousness imbued within them fragmenting, the 4 holographic planets blew apart to create a soup of gaseous energy trapped within the solar plane. When the fragmented consciousness began to merge back together they could not do so per the original design because they could not hold enough energy to do so and over billions of years eventually re-accreted to create what we have come to think is a normal solar system with pieces of planets scattered all over the place within the solar plane.

It is this distorted solar plane that the people of earth have only been able to be aware of and “think” that all of creation exits as such but space science is discovering that is not true and wonders why none of the exo-systems they are looking at express with 8 or more planets, they wonder if the earth system is “strange in some way”. It is strange in that it is not normal!

When consciousness fragments they lose energy as it is scattered around within the solar plane they are imbued within when they fragment. The fragmented energy is their consciousness which holds their thought memories, the truth of creation, the knowledge that they are replicated minds of Source and the organic abilities to instantly manifest their thoughts.

The fragmented consciousness of this earth solar plane has spent billions of years trying to regroup their energy and heal to be able to plug back into their Source Conscious Mind of the Sun. Many individual identity expressions have done so through those billions of years and many have not. There is much more to share about some of the history of the re-evolution of this system but is much too vast for this forum.

Not ALL consciousness of this earth system has been trapped here for billions of years but most have come in the last 26,000 years as part of the rescue mission. For many, this is their “first” life experience within the earth system. As far a re-incarnational memory of the earth experience, it does not matter if you birthed in billions of years ago or yesterday, once you plug into the collective thought sphere of this system you have access to all of the thought memories held there.

The “rescue mission”, to allow the trapped consciousness of this solar plane to be able to continue to receive the higher energy of Source from the Sun and heal to be able to be released from being “trapped in time”, is a rescue mission that began as soon as the original fragmentation occurred billions of years ago.

Much drama has played out within this earth solar plane over those billions of years with some consciousness reaching a point of fragmentation to become what we think of as the fallen ones, the fallen ET life forms who have continued to create hurdles with the re-evolution of consciousness within this system.

Long story short for now to skip back to the purpose of this share; the fallen ones of the larger energy planets held more knowledge to begin with because they held more energy of Source within them and as they re-evolved they began to become aware of what we think of as advanced science faster than the consciousness of the lower energy planetary holograms. Their awareness allowed them to begin the process of creating “artificial technology” but the artificial technology they created requires a “power source to run it” and the only power source available for such artificial technology is the energy of the collective creating it.

The energy of the collective is what we call “natural resources” and what we “mine” to create fossil fuels. The idea to do such a thing originates with the fragmented consciousness of the original 2 larger planets of this earth solar plane.

But as we are once again discovering on earth, the mining of fossil fuels creates imbalance within the entire holographic reality field as doing so literally changes the structure of the matter base that allows the hologram to hold together and manifest.

Within the fragmented worlds the higher energy life forms re-evolved they too slowly depleted the natural resources of their fragmented systems and had to begin looking “elsewhere” to find the natural resources to try to keep their holograms alive and support their biological forms and is why they eventually came to earth to mine and steal the natural resources of the earth system to try to keep their systems alive which were being depleted of energy via their artificial technology they created.

These systems exist further outward in the solar plane and science does not yet know they are there but they would look like moons or dead rock, dead planets now and is the origin of thoughts like the 10th planet, 12 planets, or planet Nibiru.

Some of them were able to heal and merge back into the Source mind of the Sun, those who were not able to do so continued to consume their own energy supply and became completely distorted in their thinking. This is what created the fallen ones or as some of history calls them, the fallen angels.

They cannot receive the energy of Source on their own and know they need energy to survive. They are no longer capable of knowing they are Source and think of Source as the enemy because they feel Source is keeping the energy from them they need to survive.

They are of the fallen ET life forms who have continued to create chaos and control within the earth system and have continued to mine and steal the natural resources of the earth system to maintain their “artificial environments”. An artificial environment is one that is created using artificial technology that mimics a biosphere of which a biological form is created within and which the form requires to exist. The closest thing we know of such an artificial environment is the International Space Station but if humans do try to colonize Mars they will have to live in such an artificial environment for the short period they are able to do so.

The fallen ET races have continued to send in pieces of information to their “chosen ones” of earth and fed them pieces of technology to create artificial technology within the earth system. It is not an accident that the human race rapidly went from creating the light bulb to what we think of as today’s advancements in modern technology. So, intelligence is not a matter of an “advanced civilization who creates a massive amount of artificial technology that can only operate by consuming the natural resources of a planetary hologram”.

Artificial technology is not going to “just go away” within the earth hologram although earth changes could very much interfere with it depending on the choices the people of earth make.

The powers running the earth hologram are too massive in their control of the “natural resources of the planet”. The ones sitting at the top of the pyramid of control do not care about global warming or the effects technology is having on the system, they cannot care as their consciousness is that of what we might think of as a “mad scientist” who wants to control the entire planet which means control the energy of the entire planet.

That does not mean there are not billions of people working within the science and technology industries who have good intentions but they are not aware of the larger drama playing out and the effects the larger drama is creating. They are going to continue to become aware of it as the earth hologram continues to change.

The known technology that would allow for a “free energy system” will not be allowed unless it can still be controlled to control the masses of earth, as the consciousness controlling is not going to release the control of the natural resources they hold.

These factors play a major role in why this earth hologram cannot be healed, why the system running the hologram cannot be healed, it is based on fallen ET technology that is only capable of consuming energy. Therefore, what must be healed is the consciousness trapped within the distorted hologram and as we can see by the continued increase of energy and the planet heating up, that healing process is in motion and it will not be stopped.

The people of earth have believed for thousands of years “if it cannot be seen then it does not exist” but they are starting to discover how “unseen” energy can create adverse effects on biological forms.

For a hologram to be a balanced one the electromagnetic fields of a hologram must remain in balance and the electromagnetic fields of earth have been nowhere close to balance for billions of years but the artificial technology only creates more imbalance within the electromagnetic fields.

All of that information can paint a very bleak future for this expression of earth and is one reason why I do not like to talk about it and present this information because the people of earth are already consumed with fear and lack of understanding of truth of such things can create more fear. There is nothing to fear!

Beautiful-Desktop-Backgrounds-800x449There remains GREAT Beauty within the earth hologram and a GREAT amount of Love and that is because there remain billions of faces of Source plugged into the earth hologram to allow such to exist. But those billions of faces are rapidly healing to be able to unplug from this expression of earth and once we have all left the hologram there will no longer remain the beauty, love and what balance there is.

Our goal remains to “focus on the love” and continue to spread that love unto the collective because that is what is assisting the healing to occur among the masses to allow consciousness to be able to unplug from and leave this hologram for good.

Most of the population are sleep walking and are caught up in the advancements of modern technology unaware of what it is actually creating. They are not aware that all of the “shiny things” placed before them which they “must have” are created by using their own energy. The masses have been brainwashed on what is suppose to create happiness and all of the shiny things are a major part of that false belief.

As we can see quite well, advanced artificial technology only creates advanced ways to fight over energy or the natural resources of the hologram but the masses are led to believe such things will make everyday living that much easier. They may make hard labor that much easier but they are not designed to make life easier for the masses. This will continue to be realized as machines replace the labor force.

That does not mean that groups will not create positive changes within the earth hologram it only means that the hologram itself cannot be healed and is why healing consciousness finally being able to merge back out of this hologram is such a wonderful accomplishment.

The Love that still remains within this hologram is what is holding it all together and keeping it from completely fragmenting and YOU are a major part of that process. Thank you very much for choosing to come and assist with this healing mission.

Because it is a given that “changes” are going to continue to unfold within this hologram and they will not all be ones that will allow maintaining “life as we have come to expect it to be on earth”, it is of great importance for those who are able to simply BE Source Embodied, to continue to run the loving energy of Source and assist to continue to hold it all together for the time they remain plugged into the hologram.

Most of the masses are still held within a web of fear concerning death of the physical body and the ones who are consumed with fear are the ones who need our loving support. If possible, share the truth of death of the physical body with them and assist them within their own belief system to find inner peace.

Change may seem to be chaotic at times but change is the process of expanding to hold higher and access the love and knowledge held within the higher levels of energy. Just imagine what it might be like to finally regain your organic abilities that you have forgotten you are created to have.

Imagine not needing to consume energy to sustain a holographic body form, being able to instantly manifest your thoughts and experience them, not needing to use any artificial means to move the body form from point A to point B, not having to experience a sleep cycle of a body form, not experiencing cold and ice and chaotic weather patterns, being able to communicate with the entire collective simply by thinking.

All of these things exist within a healed hologram.

As changes continue to unfold within the earth hologram, those filled with fear will most likely continue to look for someone to save them and there will always be someone who is more than willing to play the role of savior within this imbalanced system. A major program that has been running for several years now is to look to ET life forms as the savior and there are more than enough ET life forms willing to play that role.

The current adult population most likely will not witness huge planetary changes but the ones to come will until all have unplugged from the hologram. At the same time, the ones who continue to birth will bring with them higher levels of energy so will be prepared to cope with the massive changes.

It is kind of like a changing of the guards as the current adult population play out the rest of their earth life experience and new souls continue to birth into the system, they will be more equipped to deal with what needs to occur before the final separation occurs.

Please note: That does not mean we should go back to living in a cave, doing so will not fix the imbalance that exists here but to simply be aware of the larger drama playing out and what you need to do to maintain balance as it continues to play out. We are more than strong enough to do what we came here to do or we would not be here.

It is suggested for more and more communities to work together and find solutions to be self sufficient instead of relying on governments to take care of your needs. Education into natural ways of living will be required and growing food will become an essential need as earth changes continue to unfold.

Simply “be aware” of everything that is going on around you and believe nothing as you will not be told the truth by government or the power elite pulling the strings. The power elite are creating and planning for the time when they must live within an artificially created environment and those plans do not include you.

That is why there is so much research going on to; create artificial intelligence as a labor and military force, to create ways of creating an artificial food source that allows for the protein required, to create body parts via artificial means to replace worn out body parts, to be able to clone biology as those who remain after the final separation occurs will not be able to pro-create, to reduce the population so the energy reserves will last longer, to find a “new source” of natural resources outside of planet earth or perhaps even a “new home” and they are still trying to “crack the code” and figure out what allows life to occur.

None of it matters in the larger picture as it is not our reality they are creating! Where we are bound for none of those things exist and that is what is meant by there currently existing two different reality fields within the same space, there are the billions who are healing to merge back into balance and thousands who will not be able to do so who are working to create “their reality field” that will sustain them for as long as possible.

The artificial technology does have adverse effects on our body form as it creates imbalance within the electromagnetic fields of the body but there is no escaping it within this hologram so other measures of keeping the body as healthy as possible for as long as possible should be considered.

  • Daily meditation, prayer, focus.
  • Diet
  • Reducing Stress Level.
  • Detoxing
  • Using organic substances as much as possible.
  • Limiting personal use of artificial technology.

We ARE the Love! We ARE Source Embodied! And simply by Being Source Embodied we can continue to create balance within our personal hologram while allowing others to express their free will.