Sensing Energy


I have had many people tell me throughout my life that they do not sense energy but I know all people sense energy it is just that doing so is a “natural quality” that all life forms hold and because it is natural it is not noticed by all. Of course some people are more “sensitive” to energy than others and those people are usually called Empaths.

However, everyone senses energy uniquely unto their self depending on the condition of their own system so to say there is a specific method of teaching someone to be more sensitive in energy sensing would not be correct.

Those who run more magnetic female than electrical male energy through their body tend to be more sensitive to a heightened awareness of energy flows simply because they are more magnetic and Empaths usually run more magnetic energy.

This is because magnetic energy is drawing in whereas electrical energy is raising the magnetic energy to a higher level and sending it onward through the body system.

It also has to do with the way the brain translates energy of the body’s 5 senses and the magnetic female brain translates energy differently than the electrical male brain and is why there is the concept of “female intuition”.

Science has studied the difference in the male and female brain quite extensively and discovered many differences between gender relationships and I will include some links below but first I will share with you what I know of some of the history of the differences in the why the male and female expression sense energy differently. Of course I cannot prove this to you in accepted scientific methods so it can only be offered as theoretical in nature.

First of all, there should not be a male and female expressing as individual bodies of the human race. The separation of the sexes occurred in this earth solar plane when the original 4 planetary holograms blew up when the consciousness imbued within them fragmented to create a gaseous soup in this solar plane. This is the truth hidden within the creation stories of earth that speak of things like a rib being taken from Adam to create Eve.

The “rib” correlates to the electrical and magnetic sides of the Eternal Life Grid and is why the separated male and female aspects either run dominate male or dominate female energy. Of course this is not organic to our original design which is expressing as both male and female in one Light Body form and is one of the reasons why it became impossible for the fragmented consciousness to re-create a Light Body form to represent their self within the re-merging holograms of this earth solar plane.

It is also why “re-evolution” of the fragmented consciousness would have to occur via a dense biological form to allow for “re-accreting” their fragmented energy because the consciousness became so fragmented that the fragmented pieces held very small amounts of energy which also means very tiny fragmented thought patterns. Perhaps imagine a human shaped Light Body standing in front of you and then bursting into a zillion pieces, what would be left would be something that might look like smoke just hanging in the air.

Like coding attracts like coding so the fragmented consciousness began pulling back together over millions of years which is the period of time science “thinks” the solar system went through a great trashing of being created. Regardless how many pieces consciousness fragments into each of those pieces still hold the same coding they held before fragmenting and the inherent coding allows consciousness to pull back together but it takes a really long time to occur.

As fragmented consciousness goes through the process of re-accreting fragmented thoughts group back together and it is that process that allowed “pieces” of planetary holograms to begin to take form again but they were not able to reform to their original expression.

This is why the original fragmented consciousness of this system has had to re-evolve through many different types of biological forms beginning in the “waters” of the systems that could re-accrete to allow for the formation of water. All biological life begins in water as water is the first expression of dense matter of the energy of Source. When we co-create all of the matter base we perceive as our manifest hologram the matter base begins in water.

We now see those waters as smaller packets such as in the womb of mammals but all biological form begins in water as water holds the encryption for the matter base. Water is “conscious” it is the “living conscious energy” of Source and is why water holds memory and responds to emotions. That is an extremely important thing to be aware of since our manifest hologram is water in which the dense matter is created. The human body does not just need water to exist, it is water which allow elements to solidify within it.

Which is why when you heat up the water the matter base or the chemical bonds that occur that hold the solidified matter in form release to allow the matter base to become less dense. We see and experience this all the time but give little thought to what is occurring. We see the process when our ice cubes melt or when anything melts. We see the process when lava flows from volcanoes and we see the process when “lightening occurs” but we are not aware of what is going on within the matter base when we see those things.

As usual, my thoughts are heading off in larger directions which require the information to be put in book format. So, I will pull myself back in yet again and get back to the subject of sensing energy.

Long story short for now, the fragmented consciousness has had to re-evolve via biological matter form which first began to take shape within the newly created ocean of earth as the water held the coding to allow such to occur. But there have been several “re-starts” of consciousness trying to re-evolve via a biological form and is why there have been several mass extinctions within the earth system.

Skip forward millions of years in the re-evolution of earth consciousness and add in the fallen beings of this solar system who began tinkering with the re-evolving forms of earth via laboratory setting genetic manipulations; very similar to what earth science is playing with again in this current time frame.

They desired to harvest the natural resources of earth to supply their needs for survival as a result of depleting their own natural resources and could not sustain within the earth environment so needed to create a race of beings who could be used for slave laborers and breeders. They manipulated the gene code of the male and female expression of earth and in doing so changed the genetic structure so that the male would experience less emotional responses and allowing the female to retain a bit more.

This was to create a male species that would be strong manual laborers, hunters, soldiers and providers and females who would keep the race going by not eating the off spring and gathering food.

It is because of the genetic manipulation by different factions of fallen ET life forms that the fallen ET life forms tell the people of earth “they are their creator” as they believe that to be true. But “chosen one genetic lineage” has been manipulated more to create a lineage of humans to rule over the “common population” because the ET life forms could not sustain and live in the earth environment so needed to have puppet masters to tend to their wishes. And this is why there has existed for a very long time, longer than 26,000 years, rulers – kings over the earth population.

The time cycle of Atlantis was not much different than what we are experiencing now it just looked different because there was not the same kind of man-made things during that time frame. But they did have technology and it was because of technology and the battle for energy that the Atlantean explosion occurred.

BUT, let’s remember that a hologram is an illusion and what is experienced within a hologram is the result of the thoughts of the consciousness creating the hologram and the thoughts of the consciousness then out picture to be experienced as the hologram.

So, the root cause for the Atlantean event was an inner attack on the fragmented collective consciousness imbued or plugged into the re-evolving hologram by the cosmic virus which correlates to the 11.5 energy level of the Eternal Life Grid which within the body form correlates to the brain. It was a major relapse in healing which out pictured as the ET attack within the earth hologram.

Why can the fallen ET interact within the earth system, why have they been able to mess with the re-evolving fragmented consciousness of earth when they are not of this earth hologram? Because they are the original faces of Source plugged into the 12 Point Zero Lock of the Sun or the Solar Boundary Sphere. They are simply faces of Source who became too sick to be able to heal in their sickened state. They are a part of us!

How do they mess with the fragmented consciousness of earth since it is all a hologram? By implanting thoughts into the fragmented Sub-Conscious Mind which is a distorted state of mind trapped within the confines of the earth hologram. But remember again, the thoughts of the masses out picture to create the hologram that is experienced via the body’s brain.

Does that mean that ET experiences, abductions, genetic manipulation and the continued information they pump into their contacts are simply a figment of the imagination or thoughts in someone’s head? Yes it does but so is the entire hologram. And thoughts from the collective pool of thoughts are accessible by all who are plugged into it. Thoughts from the collective thought pool end up in the head or the brain.

So male and females do not express differently and experience energy differently simply because the sexes were separated when the original fragmentation occurred, but because the genetic code has been altered to create what is believed to be a natural human body expression.

Science tells us that the difference between the male and female expression is the X & Y chromosome but that does not explain the differences of the brains of the male and female human body, why there are differences and why energy does not process through them in the same fashion.

Here are some links to discover more of what science has discovered about the human brain.

But this is simply to explain a bit why everyone does not process energy the same way in their brains as the chemical makeup is not the same in everyone and the way the brain translates energy is not the same in everyone but it is not by Divine Design more so a chemical pot lock soup which has been combined via the intermingling among the masses.

But everyone does sense energy or no one would be aware of anything, they would be considered brain dead.

So males do not tune everything out on purpose and females do not get over emotional on purpose but by design.

Which means that to become more aware of higher energy the brain needs to be “trained” in both genders but male dominates may have to work harder at it than female dominates. The wonderful thing is our body only takes instructions from us and it is designed to create what needs to be created to allow us to experience what we desire to experience. But we are influenced by what we watch, listen to and the energy around us so it is important to regain control over our thoughts.

Examples of Sensing Energy That May Go Unnoticed:

  • You feel like someone is following you.
  • You feel like you are being watched.
  • You have a thought of someone and they call or show up at your door.
  • You have a bad feeling about something even though there is no obvious reason to.
  • You meet someone for the first time and either instantly like them or instantly cannot stand being around them.
  • All things considered to be Déjà vu experiences.
  • Your favorite things; color, food, place, person, song; they are all a result of the way your body senses energy.
  • An instant romantic love feeling for another person.
  • A feeling that something is going to happen either positive or negative in nature.
  • A depression feeling when natural disasters occur somewhere on the planet and you may not yet have heard about it. We are all connected, our emotions are ONE and we all effect the whole.
  • Of course a “gut feeling” or “women’s intuition”.

This list is simply to point out that all of us sense energy and may not be aware that is what is occurring. Honing one’s energy sensing skills can be a very useful tool especially in this hologram of disinformation. The easiest way to hide something is to put it in plain sight and call it something other than what it is and there is a whole lot of that in this hologram.

Your strong resource of sensing energy is the emotional feelings which female dominants are more structured for but the males are regaining their females qualities now as well. Why? Because female qualities are associated with magnetic energy and magnetic energy is what we call chemical elements of the hologram which make up the matter base. The electrical energy is higher in energy and holds the magnetic matter base together which is what creates “chemical bonds”.

Simply because the Eternal Life forms of earth are once again able to receive the higher energy of Source the electrical energy is increasing to raise the magnetic energy to a higher level of energy. When electrical and magnetic energy “bump into each other” a “spark is generated” and once the spark is generated the energy “depolarizes” or becomes non-polarized energy at which point it can contract back into the creation point to be recharged 3 times higher in energy than it was when it went in and come back out into the hologram 3 times higher in energy. Because the electromagnetic energy of this hologram is increasing global warming scientists are now predicting that lightening will become more intense and occur more often. They are correct!

This means that both males and females are healing to return to their original state of electromagnetic balance as there should not exist a dominate male or female expression, it is all about balance between polarities. But even though healing is occurring to allow the Eternal faces of Source to heal back into balance this hologram as it currently expresses will not be able to do so.

Daily time spent in quite focus is necessary to retrain the brain to listen to your desires for honing your energy sensing skills. When you integrate something visual or audio look and listen between the words and shift into quite focus to “feel” your emotions. What are the words actually saying, what is the image allowing you to feel?

Instead of taking something for face value look beyond, between, behind and within it. Everything that is being flashed before you from main stream is designed to get your attention. Ask yourself why. What does someone want you to think about and believe and what will you experience if you do so?

Don’t allow yourself to be talked into doing something that you have a gut feeling you should not do. It does not matter if the gang does not like it if you do not choose to follow what they are doing. It only matters what you desire to experience but making instant choices without thinking and feeling usually lead to choices we wish we had not made in hind sight.

Take a look at your things that surround you. Why do you have those things? There was an emotional feeling occurring between you and those things when you got them. What do your things allow you to feel? We develop an emotional attachment to things because they hold an energy signature that speaks to us and we “sense” that energy. That is why people will spend billions of dollars for antiques, because they desire to hold onto that emotional feeling.

A very good way to sense energy is the images that are constantly shared on social media and especially if they have text expressing with them. Pay attention to those things and think about what they allow you to feel. It may not even involve words but you still sense the energy within them.

Energy sensing is a must when trying to discern information and decide if it is something you desire to have an adventure with. Slowing down and feeling what presents in your hologram will allow you better opportunities to make higher energy choices.

For the rational mind thinker, play it out in your mind, see the possible experience step by step and then choose if that is really an experience you want to have an adventure with. Rational minds desire lists, they desire things to be spelled out before them so they can look at the menu and choose from it and if you allow yourself to first create your menu you will be better equipped to make a choice.

Continuing daily focus within is the fastest way to increase your energy sensing abilities because it rapidly allows new neural networks to be created within the brain and allows more of the energy flowing into the body to become aware.

Your entire body is a transmitter and receiver of energy and it only requires having the necessary nerve cells within the body to be able to become aware of more and more energy.