Truth of Planetary Structure

After sharing information with you about some of the “whys” thing are as they are in this earth hologram, I am quite happy to move on to other things.

Our body IS our “temple”! When we think of the concept of a temple we might compare it to a church building because that is what the people of earth have been programmed to think but the temple is the body form, a manifest body form such as a church is an illusion you experience via your body temple.

That does not mean we should not come together and share love and the desire for healing and balance but doing so does not require a man-made structure unless of course you need to shelter from weather elements. It does not even require coming together physically but simply in “like mind” for the desire to share love.

As long as we are plugged into this hologram our entire life experience is dependent on the condition and functions of our body form and yet the common population hold very little understanding of the operation of their body even though we are all experiencing via our body.

As I have shared quite a lot in previous posts and most likely will continue to share in as many words as I can think of to share, the body and mind connection is the cause that allows us to experience our hologram, become aware of what we do and co-create what we do.

Where do we create when we create our thoughts? Do we create our thoughts in the hologram we experience that we “think” exists outside of us and separate from our body form? No, we do not! We create our thoughts “within us”. We then project our thoughts from our self and then pull them back into our body and we experience them as we pull them back into our body and they converge within the brain.

But when we project our thoughts we do not project them “outside of our self” we only project them to the lowest point our energy will step down to “within our whole mind” and that point is the 12 Point Zero Lock Sphere of the Eternal Life Grid in which our holographic body form is held.

Our holographic body form is indeed a hologram made of light and sound but we see and experience the hologram as if it is solid matter because our thoughts of the hologram are lower in energy than the level of our mind that is experiencing the hologram when they return to us which means that the energy of the hologram is “denser” or colder than the energy of our mind.

As long as we have part of our conscious energy of our mind plugged into a collective thought pool within a Solar Boundary Plane (Solar 12 Point Zero Lock Sphere) we will experience a hologram as if it is solid manifest because the energy of a hologram is always our energy from mind expressing at its lowest step down of energy. This means you will always find some place that you call “home” as you continue to experience as Source within creation.

As we merge our stepped down levels of mind back into higher energy expressions of our minds the holograms that we co-create and experience become less and less dense simply because the energy of our mind that creates them becomes higher in energy. This also means our holographic Light Body forms that “we” create to represent our self within holograms becomes less and less dense because they hold more and more energy.

So, it is important to become more aware of the “whole body” and the “mind – body connection” to assist our desires in remaining as balanced as possible within this imbalanced hologram.

We “think” we are walking around on a planet made of rock, covered by an ocean and that there is nothing above our heads but empty space. That is a false belief resulting in forgetting how creation occurs which is from the inside out and not the outside in and forgetting what and where inner creation is located.

Within the illusion we see as our outer hologram and the seemingly empty space above our heads, that empty space expresses as “layers of the energy of Source” stepping down in energy to allow the hologram we experience as solid manifest to exist and we call those layers the “atmosphere”.

The atmosphere is not empty space we simply do not experience it as solid manifest because it is composed of higher units of energy. As we expand upward through the atmosphere the units of energy increasingly are more spread out which means they increasingly do not “bump into each other as often”, which means they do not generate as much “sparking” as denser units of energy that are held close together in chemical bonded states do.

The layers of the atmosphere of earth, I say earth because it is the only hologram in this system that is capable of it, hold “different states of water” which allow for the state of fluid water that we know to be created. So our entire body and hologram exists “within water” we simply do not see all of the water it exists within because the higher energy expressions are at different states of energy.

When we look at the wonderful map tool on the internet;

Hint: To see the different layers this tool allows for click on the word earth on the page.

That is intended to represent “real time” information about air and water information of the system we are not just looking at the currents of nothing air and water temperatures, ocean currents, etc. We are looking at the higher energy of Source stepping down to us from the Sun via the layers of the atmosphere of this hologram. When we see the beautiful aurora lights, we are seeing the “effects” of higher energy interacting with lower energy as it steps down to the level of energy of our body.

When we look at the level science calls the “jet stream” we are seeing how that higher energy is circulating into the lower energy layers and the effects we know as “weather patterns” are the result of energy swirling around within the system that we still have to integrate and embody. When we can understand more of this truth it then starts to become a bit easier to understand how the collective consciousness is creating the weather of the earth system and it broadens our awareness of not only the perceived hologram but also our mind – body connection.

Our body is not just held within our own energy capsule that we call the auric field but it is also held within a much large energy capsule that we perceive as our manifest hologram which includes the layers of the atmosphere. Our body is held within a “sea of water” even though we do not experience the entire sea as the liquid, fluid state we think of as water.

If the earth’s atmosphere did not exist the manifest hologram we experience as matter would not exist and is one reason why mars nor any of the other planets of this system hold a holographic reality field because they have either lost their magnetic field all together or are in the process of doing so.

So living as “clean a life as possible” is a wonderful way to support the body form as long as it can function but understanding more of the larger dynamics is necessary to understand that it is not only the substances we see as manifest that affect the body form.

We are all more than aware of the continued pollution being created within the entire hologram but that pollution is not just occurring within the matter base we see as solid manifest, it is being done in the upper layers of the atmosphere as well by people who have no clue what they are doing because they have not yet remembered the higher layers of the hologram and that it is all connected to allow balance to exist within what is perceived as solid manifest.

We see the ground beneath our feet and we “think” that we are standing on the “outside of a sphere” which we call the planet but that is the illusion we “see” as a result of our thoughts returning to us. The truth is we are “inside” of the sphere we think we are standing on top of and this truth leads to thoughts such as Inner Earth and a Hallow Earth. It also leads into the thoughts many people debate on a concave or convex earth.

Understanding the “truth of a hologram” and how it is created and then the “illusion” it allows to experience is necessary to understand what it means that it occurs from the inside out and not the outside in.

We “see” the illusion that the planet below is us a sphere we are on top of when traveling above the planet, such as the International Space Station” because we “carry our hologram within us” our hologram occurs inside of us, in the brain and we still see the same illusion because we are still plugged into the collective thought sphere or the hologram.

Those who spend time on the International Space Station can only do so for short amounts of time because the “effects” of having their body in the higher energy layers of the hologram create negative effects on the matter body form which cannot sustain properly in higher layers of energy. Even though they are in an artificial environment that keeps their body alive they are still suspended in higher layers of energy.

Understanding this truth allows us to then realize why the hologram is heating up from the inside out and not the outside in as the inside or the core of the planet is actually the sun and what we “think” and science thinks is the core of the planet beneath our feet is actually the collective thought sphere.

Of course science does not yet know this truth and they think of the sun as an enemy with words they use such as; “the harmful effects of the sun”, “the harmful radiation of the sun”, “the harmful solar winds”, “the sun is angry and bursting forth terrible energy that can affect the planet”.

Well, the sun is sending forth higher energy and it will continue to do so and it will continue to increase in strength as the embodied consciousness of earth continues to be able to “accept” more higher energy. The sun is our collective conscious Source Mind.

That does not mean that what humans are doing in the lower energy layers of the hologram are not having an effect on the system heating up but those things are simply pushing forth the need for higher energy to continue to come in from the sun to allow the embodied consciousness to heal back into balance. The higher energy coming to us from the sun will not be stopped. Regardless how science tries to block out the sun thinking they can stop or slow down global warming, the higher energy cannot be stopped because the Eternal Life Grid is reconnected and the Eternal Life Forms of earth have chosen to heal.

Science has divided the layers of the atmosphere based on their understanding and their created language. The “spaces” in between the layers where they can see units of energy that seem to hold nothing within them they call “pauses” or “transition zones”. Those spaces ARE the collective or planetary Vertical Pillar 12, 9, 6, 3, 12, they are the location of the Planetary Star Gates which is the “collective Vertical Pillar Gates”.

The Sun is the core of the planet and its connection point within the “illusion” we see of the planet is at the center of the Equator.