Body Care

bodycareWhen we realize that we are creating and experiencing our “own hologram” and the energy structure that allows us to do so is our holographic, physical body form then the thought of “body care” steps into a whole new level of awareness.

We may spend our entire earth life wearing different costumes and masks, trying to make our body fit into some mold and never find comfort and peace within our own body.

Have you ever paid attention to the focus upon the human body and the search for love that plays out within the earth population?

Throughout the ages someone, somewhere continues to change what the mold for the “perfect body expression” is suppose to be to define beauty and since every human body expression is “unique” that game continues to create a false view of the personal body within the population.

Not to even mention the “color” of the body and the major distorted thoughts many hold about such a thing but who put who in charge to decide what the “accepted human body” is suppose to look like?

The human body form is the “most sacred” work of art within the earth hologram because it allows Source to embody so to believe that any one body is anything less than divine perfection is simply a result of everyone forgetting they are Source embodied.

The human body holds its challenges and limitations but when a loved one steps out of the body at physical death we sure would like for them to continue to animate that form.

When we become aware that our body’s operation determines how we will experience everything while we are embodied within it and that it only takes instructions from our self we can then start to realize the importance of giving clear instructions to the body if we desire to experience balance.

This truth should be taught to everyone and especially to all children but at this time it will not be taught within the scholastic programs so should be taught in the home.

It is not an accident that religious and cultural beliefs have programmed the masses that the human body is as a vial creature that needs to be cleansed and saved. These thoughts were fed into the collective Sub-Conscious mind by the cosmic virus which out pictured as ancient ET godlets coming to earth and teaching the masses what they want them to believe. They are still playing that same game in this current time cycle.

One of the tools used to brain wash and then reprogram is to break the self confidence and self esteem and make the individual believe they are nowhere close to good enough or to make them believe they are more special than everyone else. There are many tools of mind programming played out within the earth hologram every day and it does not require ET life forms to do so but the masses are eased into it slowly unaware they are being programmed.

The method to break someone’s confidence and self esteem is also the way that good armies are created and a population who is willing to believe the next offered “fix” will allow them to inch closer to the false belief someone has decided is perfection.

The beauty, cosmetic, diet and cosmetic surgery industries are billion dollar industries that feed into the earth controlled economy because people are made to believe their body does not fit into the current accepted standard mold.

We may spend our entire life trying to make our body look different just because we “believe” it is not good enough and doing so has become part of the human mating ritual.

What are we programming our body with when we look in the mirror, when we shop for clothes when we “think” of what we think of our body? Any thoughts that express outside of love is programming our body that we are not prefect and therefore cannot love our self.

All thoughts we have instruct the chemicals which make up our body, which includes the chemical DNA. Whatever thoughts you have about anything are programming your DNA and this fact has recently been discovered within the scientific community but not presented in such a broad understanding. It has been presented in that science has discovered we can change our DNA via our thoughts but not specifically stated that change could allow for positive or negative experience based on the thoughts.

Science has held the thought for a long time that the only way for DNA to become mutated is via a virus and it is quite true that for an entire race of beings to experience DNA mutation it requires a massive virus to infect the entire race, which did occur within the earth system. But, our individual thoughts can also change the DNA of our individual body form because our thoughts write chemical instructions within the DNA which then relay our instructions to the rest of the body system to allow us to experience our thoughts and that is the process of “writing the script” for our life experience. Each new moment of experience allows us the opportunity to re-write the script for our life experience which means we write the script as we have the life experience.

Realizing these truths should allow us to become more aware why the masses have been programmed to believe the human body is a vial, sinful creature that needs to be cleansed, healed and saved.

This is but one example of the way “false beliefs” held within the masses control to allow the masses to continue to co-create imbalance and is why most people live their entire life never finding peace within their body.

Body Care extends way beyond the fuel we put into the body, the toxins of this hologram and any operational defects of the body form.

The earth paradigm is designed to be “fast paced” on purpose to keep the population stirred up in a race to the finish line, to keep the masses from slowing down and allowing them time to “think” which keeps the body running full steam ahead as it continues to do its best to function and follow our thought commands for as long as it can.

Because of thousands of years of the lack of the higher energy of Source the earth population had not been able to raise lower energy, imbalanced thoughts to a higher level of energy and release them back unto the higher energy of Source to allow them to return to balance. This is what allows “history to repeat” itself with the same imbalanced thoughts being experienced over and over and out picturing in the hologram. It is also the reason for the concept of “karma”.

Remember, we are taking thoughts unto our self form the collective pool of thoughts to allow us to become aware of them, experience them, choose what we want to do with them so just because you become aware of or experience thoughts from the collective pool of thoughts does not mean you did so anytime previously. It can mean you did so previously if you have been trapped here for thousands of years and continue to play out the same thought streams over and over again and is why there are regions of the hologram that have been held in a constant state of war.

It does not mean you were so-and-so in another life time just because you become aware of a feeling of being so-in-so in another life time. It simply means you are drawing unto yourself thoughts from the collective pool of thoughts. Once we plug into the collective pool of thoughts we have access to the entire history of earth that is still held within them. Just in case you are wondering, yes, the collective pool of thoughts is what many people have referred to as the “archives” or have been alluded to within ET information as the “hall of records”. The Collective Consciousness creating the hologram are the “writers” of the hall of records not some ET race who says they exist far off in space.

When the new age movement splashed its way into collective awareness it became kind of a social trend of people trying to find out who they were in previous life times. There were the same re-incarnated kings, queens and “chosen ones” running around all over the planet.

The desire to be someone else is rooted in the false program that speaks that the human condition is less than in some way and is the root cause of the creation of what has become the movie industry.

How many times have you looked at someone else and wished you looked like them or acted like them? How many people have you tried to be like because you think they are better in some way than yourself?

People in the entertainment industry, including sports, make billions of dollars simply because the masses put them on a pedestal and shower them with their money either because they want to be like them or because focusing on them takes the focus away from self and the personal life experience. The people of earth do love to be entertained.

The desire to be like someone else or to be in love with that “ideal person” begins early in the earth life experience and we adults call those idols “teen idols” and super heroes. In adulthood we call them Stars, Athletes and Heroes. There are so many people trying to get noticed, make a name for their self, perhaps live a life of luxury but what everyone really desires is to simply live in balance and be loved which is the result of forgetting how to love self.

Reasons people have forgotten how to love self include:

  • Forgetting the truth of creation.
  • Forgetting they are Source embodied.
  • The result of programming the body’s chemicals with continued negative thoughts of self.


The TV has become a baby sitter within many homes and a child’s body is like an empty slate, ripe to be programmed. But everything of the earth hologram is a controlled tool designed to program the masses to believe what the controllers want them to believe and the media outlets have been a major part of that effort since they were created.

We are taught that competition builds character and team players and prepares the young adult to be able to function within society and some may go on to lead a happy adult life because of the experience but look at the percentage of “accepted” success stemming from the programming of competition.

What does competition do to the self esteem of the children who never win, how does it make them feel better about the wonderful expression of Source embodied they are? I had wondered through my life why there was a need to keep score within anything, why was there a need to make someone stand out as if they were better in some way than anyone else? It all comes back to forgetting how to love self and the program of control of the imbalanced earth system. It does not breed unity but instead breeds separation among the masses. Why would anyone desire to create separation among the masses, simply because when two or more people group together in like mind of love and healing they can access 3 times the amount of energy they can on their own and the planetary controllers are terrified of the human race.

I do not remember the jingle now but remember there was a commercial jingle popular when I was a child that sung a song about “my dad’s better than your dad”. Wow, what we have been programmed to believe is over the top to say the least.

The earth paradigm teaches us how “not” to love our self, it is designed to break down the self esteem and character so that we will step into an “accepted model” and play a role of a good citizen. If not for the love of Source that continues to flow within the earth collective the humans of earth would have completely fragmented long ago and with the amount of imbalance that exists here it may seem like a miracle that humans can still walk upright and speak. It just goes to show you how strong the love of Source is!

Science has held the thought for a long time that the human body and the creatures in nature adapt to the environment but that is a reversed thought. The human body and the creatures of nature adapt to the collective consciousness creating the hologram. The reversed thought is based on the belief that the environment comes before the collective consciousness which is the result of forgetting the truth of creation.

Hopefully you can begin to remember the importance of loving your body and yourself. But just remembering the need to love the body is only the beginning which brings awareness to the imbalance that needs to be healed. It is impossible to assist others to heal into balance if our self remains in a state of constant imbalance and turmoil within our self. We cannot gift something we do not hold!

This is why it is important to “remind” our body what the love of Source feels like by continuing to focus on that love and fill our body with the love of Source to allow the chemicals that compose our body a clear directive of our desires.

Consciously connecting with and filling our self with the love of Source on a daily basis allows the compacted, negative thoughts we have stuffed within our body, not knowing what to do with them, to break apart and release from us. The more we do so the more opportunity we allow for them to be released from us instead of the need for them to shine forth to be experienced again which is the concept of “walking through karma to clear it” or history repeating itself.

Communicate with your body just like you would with someone you love and care about. Your body is listening to every word and thought you have!

You ARE perfect, you ARE beautiful regardless how the body vehicle expresses to allow you to be here. You are Source Embodied and therefore, you are the most beautiful expression in all of creation. You are not better or less than anyone else, we are all equal. Skills and talents do not define the soul, they are simply a part of the stage and props of the earth life experience.

If you are not bringing harm to another and people express anything but love for anything about you realize they do not know what they are doing because everyone of the earth hologram is dealing with a state of mental illness.

Realize that how others express about anything is a result of the way they see “their” hologram within their own body. It has nothing at all to do with you unless you allow it to have something to do with you.

To completely understand the imbalance of another we would have to take their imbalance unto our self and experience it within our self and we really do not want to do that if we desire to heal our self back into balance. We cannot become aware of anything until we take it unto our self to allow us to become aware of it.

That does not mean we should push others away from us or that we should choose to have a personal relationship with all, it simply means to become aware of the truth of imbalance and remember you are Source embodied by filling yourself constantly with the love of Source and then finding ways to gift that love to others.

In our healed embodied expression we do not play the kind of character roles we do within the earth environment because everyone knows they are Source embodied and they know they are experiencing to co-create and experience thoughts. We do not “choose” to experience imbalanced thoughts, there is no competition and all work together as the “whole” they are to retain balance of the whole.

Some things to consider about the nutrition diet:

We must “eat” food and drink water to keep the human body form working at its best for as long as it can to allow us to embody within the earth system simply because the human body cannot receive and hold the amount of Source energy required from the sun to sustain itself.

Fragmented consciousness “needing” to re-accrete their energy via a bio-logical form is the need of a body form to allow consciousness to embody into the earth system.

We might think of energy as something we cannot see and experience but “everything is energy” even the things we do see and experience as manifest matter. Everything of the earth system is the energy of the collective embodied and plugged into the earth system, even the plants and smaller creatures of the earth system. The collective creates the entire hologram and it would not exist without the energy of the collective except as potential energy.

That means that whatever food and drink we take unto our body to keep it alive as long as possible is “our own energy”. Many people have issues with consuming food that can look at them with eyes and they can better feel emotions with, but the plants we eat are also our “living consciousness”, they simply do not have eyes the way we experience creatures to have eyes. It has been scientifically proven that plants have emotions and respond to thoughts.

As well, the water our body must have is our conscious Source energy and is why water retains memory and responds to thoughts.

With the distortion that is being done to the food system today it is no longer a matter of trying to ensure a healthy diet based on a triangle or square but more so based on how much chemicals one is able to exclude.

There was a time when the people of earth had to rely on food sources native to their regions but national trade has long ago changed that need for many and yet, there are still many who must rely on their local resources or many who live in poverty and can only afford to buy the cheaper processed foods.

Organic gardening and farming are of course more healthy for the body but we must be aware that the toxins put into the atmosphere end up in the soil and water which means it is impossible to live on earth without being subjected to the level of toxins of this system.

It is important to remember that even the toxins are “our own energy” and they may create more challenges within the operation of the body but it is still a part of re-accreting our own energy.

One must do what they must do to survive as long as possible to be plugged into this hologram so there are some things that there is no getting around and will not go away within the expression of this hologram. They can get better though, based on the choices of the masses.

We ALL choose the environment or region of the hologram we birth into and there are many reasons we do so which will be offered in larger information later. But, the point is no one is a victim to the circumstances of their region because they chose to birth into the circumstances of their region. The regions that hold more imbalance require more people to carry the energy of Source unto them so population explosion in specific regions is not an accident.

The thoughts we have about the food we put into our body play as much a role on the body as the food itself. If we hold fearful, negative emotions about the food we must give the body then we are programming those thoughts into the body and the body may create adverse reactions to the food thinking it is more harmful than what it really is.

This is where the concept of the meal time prayer originates, the means of infusing the food to be consumed with as much of Source energy as possible to raise it to as high as possible energy  before putting it into the body and gratitude for the food allows the body to know you are happy with what you are giving it and desire to continue to receive nourishment.

You can cup your hands over or under the food anyway you like and fill your body with the energy of Source to then breathe down your arms, out your hands and into the food or you can also just focus on the food and do the same thing with your thoughts.

If more people than not come together in like mind to focus on creating balance and project love the challenges many people are dealing with could get much better but if we continue to turn a blind eye to the needs of the population it will not get better in this hologram. Education into truth is the largest need so that people can empower their self and take back control of what they are creating.

Many souls have not incarnated here with the intention of living to a ripe old age on earth but simply to bring the energy of Source and exit the hologram as soon as possible. We all set up “check out points” for our self before we incarnate based on our desired intentions and can choose any of those check out points when they come up. It may look like an accident, an act of war, starvation or what we call a natural disaster but whatever it looks like everyone unplugs from the hologram exactly when they are ready to leave the hologram.

Many people are dealing with chemical imbalances that are so strong they cannot stop thinking about leaving the hologram and those thoughts set up a life experience of “lack” to experience until a check out point is reached.

Taking one’s own life is highly recommended against because the consciousness can become so disoriented in their Sub-Conscious mind it may take them longer to heal and release the guilt they feel from doing so and they may get caught up in other false reality fields within their own Sub-Conscious mind. They will eventually heal and be released but it may take longer than otherwise would be necessary and offer a longer time experiencing imbalance.