Sunset In Mountains Flower Fields Wide Desktop BackgroundSilence can be a very scary experience for many people and yet, it is our organic state of expression.

With the amount of artificial technology of the earth hologram it may be challenging to actually experience the sound of silence. Yes, there is an “audible sound” within the sound of silence but hearing it requires blocking out all outside distracting noises and hearing it requires being embodied within a body form that allows for hearing it.

Perhaps you are an individual who has long heard a low pitched hum or a low pitched kind of ringing in the ears and have wondered what that is from. The medical community tries to tell us what that is from via thoughts such as tinnitus and some people may be dealing with such an issue but not as many people as the medical community would like us to believe.

The challenge with describing that inner sound to anyone is finding words to describe it and even though a soft ringing sound might be the best we can come up with it is not actually a ringing sound but more of a constant tone that is not even a hum.

If you are like myself, my son, my husband and my daughter-in-law the heightened energy now coming into the body can sometimes increase the loudness of that inner tone to the point that it becomes a distraction to try to hear around it then once the higher energy is integrated the sound seems to return to a base line level but a bit higher than the previous base line level. Try explaining that to your doctor and they will most likely look at you like you are crazy.

What we are hearing is the vibration of our own polarized energy flowing within the body and not every person of the earth system can yet hear that level of energy and is why those who do seem to stick out the norm.

As your own energy level increases you will most likely notice that all of your 5 senses become heightened to new levels and hearing the vibration of energy is one of them. You may reach a point when even a pin drop sets off a ripple of waves of energy through your body. Especially if you are sitting in a quiet or semi-quiet environment and a sudden noise changes the vibration of the environment. It does not even have to be a large noise, it can be a pin drop, but your body’s response to changes in vibrations can become quite intense.

Most people who experience such a heightened increase within their 5 senses prefer to remain within their own space as much as possible simply because the constant and chaotic energy of this hologram can seem to be quite overwhelming on the body.

You may notice this more if you live in a rural community and then have to travel into a city environment and reach an invisible line of energy that you cross in which your body seems to become overloaded with energy stimuli. I cannot imagine how challenging that is to deal with for those who live in a noisy city environment and are constantly bombarded with the chaotic energy therein.

For those who are at such heightened sense levels the sound of silence is a welcome blessing but most of the population are still held within the “need” for background noise to quite the sound of silence as it can take some getting used to.

For those who still find discomfort within the sound of silence it may be rather challenging to quiet your inner self enough to work on your inner self. When we experience silence the inner “mind chatter” seems to get louder and within about three minutes it can seem like thoughts become so loud in the head that there is a “need” to turn on some noise so that the inner mind chatter is less noticeable.

The inner mind chatter comes from the Sub-Conscious Mind and if you can stand to listen to it long enough you will get a better idea of how quickly our thoughts move through us. This is why spiritual, meditative and yoga information speak about “quieting the mind”. They are talking about quieting this inner mind chatter so that we can better focus on our thoughts.

For someone who may just be starting a practice of trying to create inner quiet and stillness it may seem quite challenging to hush the inner mind chatter but it is possible, it just requires some practice.

The strongest tool we have available to us to hone the art of hushing the inner mind chatter is our breathing rhythm. It is the art of training our brain to focus on our desires instead of the continual stream of mind chatter.

In my teen years when I became interested in creative visualization exercises the inner mind chatter was my strongest issue to overcome. My mother tried to teach me how to hush my thoughts but nothing she offered did the trick. That is because I have always been one who must “feel” the experience for myself and understand it completely before I can “get it”. I now know that is because you cannot know anything until you experience it for yourself.

Reprogramming our body with new balanced thoughts becomes easier if the body can better hear our thought intentions and the inner mind chatter of the Sub-Conscious mind are the auto-pilot thoughts of the Sub-Conscious mind that has been in control of the body form for thousands of years. The body is used to taking direction from the Sub-Conscious mind because it is the auto-pilot thoughts the body is programmed to pay attention to.

Reprogramming our body with our “conscious thought intentions” is a process of overriding the auto-pilot thoughts of the Sub-Conscious mind and doing so requires our new thoughts to reach a critical mass of energy so that they are constantly running through our body.

Of course this first requires becoming Thought Aware and being Mindful.

Part of the process of remembering that you are Source embodied, living and expressing as Source embodied requires creating new auto pilot thoughts that simply run all the time that allow you to “know” you are Source embodied.

You do not have to be told what your name is because you learned that in the early infant stage from those around you continuing to call you by your given name and getting your attention when they did so. That is rather funny to think about. How did we learn what our given name is? Then of course we have to go through the process of learning our entire given name and how to spell and write it. So much to learn as a child on earth!

It is the same process for the body to “remember” you are Source embodied except you are not going to have people getting your attention and calling you Source so you are going to have to keep reminding your body until that energy runs on auto pilot.

When it does run on auto pilot then you should awaken each day with the first thought streams running through your body expressing the Joy of knowing you are Source embodied and the last thoughts you have as you fall off to sleep each night being the same. “I AM Source embodied, we are One, I AM”!

As has been stated in previous shares, our mental Conscious Mind has not forgotten we are Source embodied but our body has and our Sub-Conscious mind has so the Sub-Conscious mind is not going to reprogram the body to remember it is Source as well. We must make the effort to do that with our conscious, aware thoughts and it becomes easier to reprogram the body to listen to us if we can hush the mind chatter of the Sub-Conscious mind.

Being able to hush the mind chatter allows us to become aware of the sound of silence flowing through us but it also allows our other senses such as “feeling energy” to increase in awareness and feeling energy is the process of “sensing energy” which is a very helpful tool to hone to assist our process of discernment and make higher choices.

There is nothing wrong with stopping our thoughts, allowing our self time to get centered and look at things from a higher level of energy and the process becomes second nature after awhile but while you are creating it to become second nature people may look at you like you are daft while you are forming your response to them in your head and they may even ask if you heard them. Just smile and allow it to be OK.

We are “trained” to respond without thinking and most of the population expect that kind of dialogue. But we need to slow the inner mind chatter way down to “gather our thoughts” instead of simply reacting; once we do we will find our self saying less and less, “oh, I was not thinking”.

Some suggestions to quiet the inner mind chatter of the Sub-Conscious mind:

  • In your daily meditations focus on the rhythm of your breathing and when your brain starts to play the inner chatter simply be aware of it and bring your focus back to the rhythm of your breathing. Most likely you will have to do this over and over but after about a week it will become easier to instantly hush the inner chatter. It is a process of training the brain what you want to focus on.
  • Hold a sheet of regular sized writing paper in front of your face, about 3 inches from your face. Tone or speak out loud your I AM statements and “feel” the tones bounce off of the paper and back into your body. Again, it will take consistent practice to feel the vibrations of the tones but after about a week doing so will be much easier. If you give your body a tangible thing to focus on then it responds and pays less attention to the inner mind chatter.
  • Use something like a lit candle to softly focus your eyes upon and when the inner mind chatter starts to run bring your attention back to the candle. Watch the dance of the flame and feel your body start to relax then focus on your breathing rhythm.

Allowing yourself to regain control over the inner mind chatter allows you to regain control of your thoughts and then when you step into your God Space it is much easier to simply be “one with Source”.

I “used to think” that I would enter into the God Space full of questions and then become aware of the answers to my questions simply be communing with Source but I gave up on that thought a long time ago because the energy of communing with Source in the God Space is so much higher in energy and the love held there so much stronger that I am only able to bask in that love and the healing I receive each day when I do. It is a space where all awareness of any sound distraction is simply gone from awareness and all that is left is “feeling the love of Source”. I have found it impossible to “think” all of my questions when in the God Space.

So, I will make a list, either writing it or mentally, before entering into the God Space and then commune with Source and wait and later my answers will open to my awareness. This too used to surprise me but now I realize it is simply a natural process of integrating energy via this human body form.