False Guilt


We all know the feeling of guilt and experience that feeling to varying degrees based on what we perceive we have done wrong. The love of Source that flows through us is what allows us to feel remorse for anything we feel we have done wrong. If we could not feel and know love we would not be able to feel any remorse for any of our actions and the energy of Source would not be flowing through us.

Because we can feel and know love we know right from wrong or balance and imbalance and most people desire to remain in balance but the imbalance of this hologram can and does push us to express imbalance.

The main reason we might express imbalance is from being caught up in playing the role of the victim and that mental focus creates the desire for revenge, justice and control.

Until an individual heals to remember they are the only one creating their hologram and life experience, stepping out of the role of the victim can be extremely challenging. Just feeling and knowing love does not heal the victim mentality, it also requires remembering the truth that you are Source embodied and there is nothing in all of creation except you expressing as everything. Only then can you begin to reclaim your power and start to view your life experience in a different light.

A major challenge the masses of earth have been dealing with is not being able to release from their self all of the things they believe they have done to create the feeling of guilt. What does that translate into?

The feeling of guilt that we hold onto translates into compacted negative thought patterns that become trapped within the energy that composes the holographic matter body form. They are very dense thoughts that block out higher energy. Where do these negative charged thought patterns end up?

They end up stuck in the units of energy that compose the dense holographic human body form or stuffed into the body form. We should not experience such imbalanced thoughts, let alone hold onto them but the lack of the higher energy of Source has not allowed such thoughts to be purged from the holographic body and continues to block out the higher energy of Source. This applies to all negative thoughts we hold onto.

The Sub-Conscious Mind is an inorganic state of mind trapped within the units of polarized energy that compose this earth hologram. It exists at the 11.5 polarized frequency band of this planetary hologram which is at the 2.75 frequency band of the solar plane. It is a “mind of matter” or polarized energy.

The location of the Sub-Conscious Mind within the illusion of the hologram we experience is within the layer science has named the Ionosphere of the layers of the atmosphere. It exists in and beyond the Thermosphere – 46-621 miles (75-1000 km) above the surface of the earth. For 26,000 years that is the highest level of energy the embodied consciousness of earth has been able to expand to when experiencing death of the physical body form which is still within the matter base of the earth hologram.

Ironically or not, the Ionosphere is the layer of the atmosphere which science has been trying to tap into to control and modify the weather and to stop global warming. It is also the layer of the atmosphere in which auroras occur and the space shuttle orbits in the lower layer of the Ionosphere. It is the layer of the atmosphere that Nikola Tesla was trying to tap into in the desire to create a free energy system. The Ionosphere is heating up because consciousness trapped in the Sub-Conscious Mind is healing and that energy steps down in energy to the lower levels of the hologram, to us incarnate.

As I have shared in the video on the Ascension Whispers Youtube channel, when I became aware of the truth of the Sub-Conscious Mind it was via an un-nerving experience of seeing and being there and in that experience I saw a blue sky and knew the sun was shining outside of the window of that hospital ward I found myself within.

I did not realize until a time after the experience that the purpose of me seeing that was to assist my understanding that the Sub-Conscious Mind is held “within” the hologram as the illusion of a blue sky and sunshine is only experienced when consciousness has part of their energy “polarized” to create a body form that will allow the experience of such.

It is the result of consciousness being trapped within the Sub-Conscious Mind that creates the experience of ghosts or disembodied consciousness stuck within the hologram. Ghosts are the result of disembodied consciousness being confused and either not realizing they have dropped the body or not wanting to let go of something of the life experience.

Through my experience of “remembering” the Sub-Conscious Mind I experienced being in a bed in a hospital ward setting that was filled with beds as far as my vision would allow me to see; there was no end to the rows of beds of this hospital like setting.

I experienced setting up in my bed and wondering where I was, what had occurred and felt rather dazed. I saw people in other beds doing the same thing and became aware all of them were wondering the same thing within their thoughts. I later became aware that the one’s who were sitting up in bed and wondering such were the people incarnate who are waking up to the truth. I also became aware that there were a whole lot more than not who remained in what looks like a comatose state.

The brain can only use the knowledge or thoughts it is aware of to create images to allow us to try to understand anything we experience and so my experience of remembering the Sub-Conscious Mind is based on the thought memories stored within my body.

The experience seemed quite traumatic to my system at the time and when the truth continued to unfold within me it left me feeling rather shaky inside until I had healed beyond that point of memory turning back on.

Since that time I have purposefully returned my focus of attention to my Sub-Conscious Mind bed and have become aware of loved ones standing around my bed as if standing over a sick person in a hospital room and I have felt the love being sent to me from those standing around my bed.

Sometimes I can pick up the sound of their voices as if they are speaking in hushed tones but eventually became aware I was hearing their thoughts. Sometimes I have heard them call my name as if trying to get my attention while I lie in the bed with my eyes closed. There are many loved ones surrounding us and assisting us to heal simply by continuing to project their love to us.

I have never felt anything like worry or concern from any of them but have felt joy when a new moment arrives when I remember something else and their thoughts are something like, “yes, she is healing nicely”.

Because of being trapped within the polarized energy of the earth hologram the distorted thoughts that we have stuffed within the matter base of the body form continue to remain within the polarized matter Sub-Conscious Mind and when the masses of earth have experienced death of the physical body they continue to play out those distorted thoughts as they lie within the hospital ward of the Sub-Conscious Mind.

For those who are experiencing an incarnation within the earth system for the first time, they do not hold within them years of incarnational distorted thought memories but whatever they have encountered this life experience and inherited from the birth parents.

When the Eternal Life Grid of this system became distorted it was necessary for the Higher Conscious Mind to create a “bridge of energy” to the Sub-Conscious Mind to allow the Sub-Conscious Mind to continue to receive small bursts of energy from the Conscious Mind but the amount of energy the Conscious Mind can send to the Sub-Conscious Mind depends on the level of healing of the Sub-Conscious Mind.

At the time of my first encounter with the memory of the Sub-Conscious Mind I saw this process as if Source was going around from bed to bed and administering medicine in some form to assist the healing process and I saw the loved ones as if they were playing the role of nurses.

I have remembered a whole lot of things since that first experience and know that even the bridge to the Sub-Conscious Mind is depicted in the stars we see in our night time sky which is connected to what we know of as the “north star”. I just recently became aware that the earth system was connected to a “different” north star 26,000 years ago.

Within the distorted embodied grid the bridge is a bridge of energy that connected from the 3rd chakra mind which had been pushed to the right side of the body to the point of the Sub-Conscious Mind at the navel region. That is why it was another wonderful point of healing when the Eternal Life Grid was able to stand back up straight and bring the vertical pillar back into alignment.

The amount of healing within the Sub-Conscious Mind determines the amount of stuffed, distorted thought patterns that are healed from the Sub-Conscious Mind and those who have continued to re-incarnate into the earth system have continued to bring back unto the earth system any imbalanced thought patterns they still retain.

The level of healing of the Sub-Conscious Mind plays a role for the reasons the individual identity has chosen to re-incarnate into the earth hologram and many have continued to hold onto the perceived wrongs from their previous life experiences. Many have desired to hurry up and re-incarnate again into the same region they feel they have either played out terrible wrongs or been wronged in such a way that they still seek justice for what they think was done to them or to try to fix what they think they did.

Many character traits have been carried from one life experience to the next, if someone enjoyed a life involved in the Arts then they will most likely become involved in the Arts from one life experience to the next. If someone was caught up in a war zone then they most likely incarnate back into the same region to continue the battle.

Holding onto all of these programmed thoughts is not natural but of course neither is the Sub-Conscious Mind. When we are experiencing within a balanced system and if we should co-create something out of balance via the process of experimenting and discovery of self we simply un-create whatever was out of balance and learn what does not work.

You should be aware at this point that the way to heal any imbalance is to love it and so un-creating imbalance is the process of continuing to imbue love into the imbalanced thought to allow it to return to non-polarized energy. It is the same process that created the massive cosmic virus to begin with that created the imbalance within this time matrix; the desire to heal imbalance into balance by continuing to send it loving thoughts.

But that was a rare occurrence which involved a whole lot of higher conscious energy. Normally, imbalance simply depolarizes and returns to units of non-polarized energy within the conscious mind. But we do learn what does not work by the choices we make but we can only learn that via experiencing what does not work. And actually, it is the same process that IS healing the rest of the time matrix of the cosmic virus, it has simply taken the effort of a whole lot more consciousness than originally created what became the virus.

But the guilt that we carry with us about anything we think we have done is false guilt, it is simply distorted, imbalanced thought patterns that have not yet been able to be purged from the system and the fact that we love and feel the need to bring things back into balance implies we are in the process of healing any false guilt we may be holding onto.

When we can realize that only our self is creating our life experience and why we encounter imbalanced thoughts it assists the process of allowing the things we have been holding onto to release from us. No one is doing anything to anyone, everyone has free will to experience exactly what they desire to experience but ALL plugged into the earth collective pool of thoughts are taking unto their self the imbalanced thoughts held within to heal their share back into balance.

We do the best we can in any given moment and in remembering the truth of the situation we can allow our self to let go of the things we are holding onto that we may feel has made us less than perfect in some way.

Perhaps you feel you failed as a parent. Not so, you did the best you could with what you know and have available to you and your child chose you as a parent knowing full well the limitations you are dealing with.

Perhaps you feel you are unlucky in relationships and continue to experience chaos from one relationship to the next. If so, then realize that each one of them are actually the “same relationship” simply with a new face who holds the coding you keep drawing to yourself. They are not responsible for your life experience and neither are you responsible for theirs.

Perhaps you feel like you have reached a point when you wish you could do the life experience over because you did not accomplish or experience the things you thought you wanted to when you were younger. You have accomplished what you came here to do and that is to bring the higher energy of Source with you; nothing else matters beyond that as all else is simply a temporary play we call life on earth. You will continue to experience and when you naturally step out of this hologram you will finally be able to experience the joy of a balanced hologram.

You have assisted other faces of yourself to heal by playing your role and you have shared a whole lot of love and been able to feel that love by feeling the opposite of it.

If you have truly brought harm to another then it is yourself that you need to forgive. Realize that such actions are the result of being extremely ill and you would never choose to act as such in your healed expression. The other person will heal to remember the truth eventually but you should not hold your healing process back waiting on them to heal. If we all did that then no one would heal.

As soon as we become aware that something requires healing it has already been healed but the process of “experiencing the healing that occurred” can only occur when we have accreted energy to the point to allow us to experience the healing that occurred. That is why this entire system was already healed as soon as it became distorted but the consciousness who experienced fragmentation must re-accrete energy to allow them to know and experience the healing.

That is why when people ask me how I am, I will most likely reply with something like, “I am perfect and working on making my body remember that truth”. I know it has already all been healed and I am just accreting energy to that point in which it has all been healed.

Holding onto false guilt can promote not only the victim mind set but also creates judgment and neither states of mind allow healing to occur so it is time to remember how to love yourself and release any false guilt you are aware of.

Is there someone you hold responsible for your experiences, someone who you feel is responsible for something in your life that created chaos and turmoil? If there is it is time to send them loving thoughts and mentally thank them for the role they played to allow you to become aware of what needs to be healed within yourself. Then, continue to fill your being with the love of Source until you no longer feel the need to judge anything for things you were not aware of. You are NOW aware so take back your power and heal yourself!

You do not need another person to confess things to that you feel you have done wrong, they cannot heal you, only Source can heal you. Talking things out with others may allow us to become more aware of what we cannot see as other’s are mirroring to us what we are projecting but other’s cannot heal you. Other’s may assist your healing process by holding you within their own space of love but only you can heal yourself.

Many people have spoken that the earth is a “prison planet” with thoughts that go along with that thought that someone, somewhere is holding the consciousness of earth trapped within a prison of control. The only prison that is holding consciousness trapped within the earth system are the imbalanced, fragmented thoughts of the Sub-Conscious Mind. There is no imaginary wall or fence except imbalanced thoughts. An imaginary wall or fence is the separation between lower and higher energy.

Everyone is working on their own healing process in whatever way they are to whatever degree they are and you are responsible for no one but yourself as all have free will to choose and experience as they desire.

Why beat yourself up over would-a, should-a, could-a when now is your moment to re-create yourself anew to express however you desire? You hold the ability to break out of the prison of your Sub-Conscious Mind and the key to unlock the door is the higher energy of Source.

Why allow imbalance dictate who you are as you are not imbalance, you are Divine Perfection healing imbalance.