Information Overload


Information is energy so when we reach our input maximum level of energy in any given cycle the body turns off energy receivers and the feelings we experience are sleepiness, boredom, lack of attention.

Integrating anything is the integration of energy. Even if all we do is sit on the front porch and watch the world around us we are still integrating energy. When we are focused in integrating information to discern, remember and learn the process of neurons firing within the body occur much faster and is why we can reach a point of feeling exhausted even if all we do is sit and read for a long period of time.

If we could see the energy that fires in our body with every moment we experience it would look like an amazing light show.

When the body does not have neurons turned on to receive energy then energy simply bounces off the body and we are not aware of it. Most likely you have noticed this effect in action when you are speaking with someone and it looks like their eyes are glazed over and you can tell they are not really hearing what you are saying. They are either consciously tuning you out or sub-consciously the body will not take in what you are saying.

It is for this reason that I sometimes wonder if I am really suppose to share what I hold and know as truth with the public because some of the details can seem to be rather technical and I wonder if sharing them is really benefiting anyone or if it just makes people turn off receivers and become bored.

I know that sometimes just working to put the information into linear sequence, create text and illustrations makes my body reach a feeling of exhaustion in a very short amount of time and then I must allow it to sleep before I can even focus on anymore of it so I wonder what it is like for the body’s of others to integrate what I share.

Once you integrate energy though it is much easier to understand, once you know it, you know it and then looking at it and thinking about it does not create the same tired effect on the body but it can also be challenging to then share it with others who have not yet integrated it and they reach the body exhaustion point.

Integrating information via reading, watching a video, or listening to someone speak it is a process of “mental integration” which is a “step of healing into balance” simply because we cannot become aware of thoughts until we become aware of thoughts. But mental integration is simply a step in the process; if we do not “apply” and “live” the desired changes we will not experience the desired changes just because we are aware of information. That is because we must “embody the change” our self.

Embodying the change we desire to experience is the process of using our thoughts to constantly “think” about what we desire to experience and then those thoughts reaching a critical mass or running on auto pilot within us. It is the same process when learning any new task such as playing an instrument.

But the human body does have its limitations simply because it is limited in how much energy it can integrate in any given cycle and then the limitation of conscious energy it can house.

It is possible to reach a point of energy overload and if you reach this point you will know it for certain.

Some symptoms of energy overload include.

  • Mental or physical exhaustion.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Brain fog.
  • Burning and watering eyes.
  • The words coming out of the mouth seem to be out of sync with the thoughts in the brain.
  • Inability to focus or concentrate.
  • A jittery feeling like jumping beans inside the body.
  • 24 hour cold or flu like symptoms.
  • Muscle aches.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • A feeling of burnout.

If you search for symptoms of exhaustion, fatigue, stress or perhaps burnout you will discover that the above symptoms are included within these issues but lack of greater understanding of such body issues is not fully known within the medical community because the medical community does not compute the effects of “energy” within their thoughts.

The medical community continues to try to understand why the human body must sleep and they are aware that the body works to heal itself during the sleep cycle but they are not yet aware why the body cycles into a sleep cycle.

If you have ever worked a double shift then you know very well the symptoms of the body being sleep deprived.

Rapidly integrating higher levels of energy creates the same effects within the body as working a double shift. The body never stops transmitting and receiving energy until the point that physical body death occurs but the body slows the process of transmitting and receiving energy way down when it reaches its current moment of energy saturation.

Every moment that we experience within the body form is the process of integrating energy. When we become aware of something that seems new to us then we are integrating energy we had not yet integrated. The things we already know, that do not seem new to us is the result of energy we have already integrated continuing to cycle through us.

The body can only hold so much energy open to our immediate awareness at any point and what it cannot hold open to immediate awareness is stored within the body as “thought memories”. When we encounter something in the now moment that sparks a thought memory back into our immediate awareness the brain is working to fire up that stored thought so we can experience it again in the now moment.

As the body ages and cells die off the body focuses on running the auto pilots thoughts first to keep the body working at its higher optimal level as long possible but when cells die and can no longer be re-created our memory recall slows down or we can no longer access a stored memory and say something like, “I cannot remember that now”. The memory is still held within us but the body is not able to bring it to the brain for us to become aware of.

Memory is thought, all of creation is thought because all of creation is consciousness or mind filled with thoughts. As we step our consciousness down from higher to lower levels of energy we must seat part of our consciousness in the levels of energy we step our energy down through.

As Source, we do this to allow us to reach lower levels of energy to discover what experiencing thoughts within all levels of energy is like. The process of projecting our thoughts, drawing our thoughts back to us and the thoughts from the collective pool of thoughts is the process of “accreting energy”, it is the process of experiencing thoughts via a manifest body form.

When fragmented consciousness becomes cut off from being able to receive the thoughts of their Source Conscious Mind and can only continue to circulate the thoughts of an inorganic Sub-Conscious Mind it creates a life experience of reaching a limitation of thought awareness, of it seeming like there is never a “new thought” that someone within the hologram has never thought of before. A byproduct of this are false belief systems that continue to be experienced over and over again.

The manifest body form then becomes “coded” to only be able to become aware of and circulate the already experienced thoughts from the collective pool of thoughts of the Sub-Conscious Collective Mind. The body becomes coded to only create cells and neurons required to allow consciousness to become aware of the same thought patterns.

Imagination or pretending outside of the box of thoughts of the Collective Sub-Conscious thought pool is the process of “higher thoughts” circulating through the body and is one reason why it is important to encourage the imagination of the children instead of trying to force them into the box of accepted thought beliefs.

All life forms of the earth hologram are experiencing the higher energy that now continues to enter into and circulate through the collective to whatever degree their body is allowing for but all are experiencing it, even the plants and creatures in nature.

Very few are yet able to apply the symptom changes they are experiencing within their body to the higher energy that continues to come into and circulate through the system. For those unaware of what is actually occurring and experience symptoms such as unusual depression or the feeling of simply not being able to cope they may feel as if something is “wrong with them” and the programmed thought is to hurry off to get some kind of pharma drug to make the symptoms go away.

Many people will need the assistance of such things if the chemical reactions within their body become so severe they find it difficult or impossible to continue to function and care for their self. That is why there are so many within the earth population who are taking anti-depression medications. It is not because they are weak but because of the limitations of the body form and how much higher energy an individual body form can tolerate.

It is a good thing that the medical community is available within the earth hologram because the masses have been programmed to rely upon it and have forgotten how to heal their self so it is a necessity for the millions who work in the medical community to continue to offer the services they do.

Of course anyone who reads this information is more than aware of the control of the pharma industry over the medical community and it is a wonderful thing to see reports when more within the medical community are reaching towards alternative medicine and “thought technologies”.

But it is possible to become more aware of what is going on within our body and after making sure it is not something that needs assistance from the medical community use the power of our thoughts to assist the body to return to at least a base line of balance.

The simple fact that we are all plugged into a collective pool of thoughts that is filled with imbalanced thoughts, to do our part of healing those imbalanced thoughts, implies we will continue to experience imbalance flowing through us at any given moment while embodied within the earth hologram.

Most of the imbalanced thoughts we filter through our body which allows them to return to a higher level of energy and be brought back into balance occurs without our conscious awareness of them and that is a good thing as the process of thoughts filtering through us is a non-stop process as long as we are embodied within the earth hologram.

In becoming aware of the previous steps within this Self Empowered Healing Program and regaining control of our thoughts we are better equipped to use our Source energy to focus on healing our self instead of focusing on healing what we previously thought exists outside of our self which presents the necessity to become aware of how our body is affected by energy.

Becoming aware of how our body is affected by energy requires paying attention to what our body is speaking to us and it speaks to us via the chemical reactions that occur within the body. The chemical reactions of the body create every experience we encounter while we have our consciousness imbued within the body.

Listening to what our body is speaking to us is very similar to becoming thought aware when interacting with others who enter into our hologram. Instead of simply acting on what our body tells us it wants we must allow our self time to stop and think about what our body is telling us it wants.

If you have a feeling that you are hungry and should not be or have a craving for a specific type of food most likely your body is telling you it needs water. Most of the human population does not drink enough water for the body’s needs which is a result of the programming of the paradigm.

The programming of the earth paradigm teaches us to ignore what the body is telling us with thoughts such as; “just ignore it and it will go away, you must wear this thing even if it creates pain to be accepted, no pain – no gain, you must paint the body to fit into the beauty mold someone created”. The list could keep going but I am sure you get the idea.

The body needs love, it needs to remember love as it has been cut off from the higher love of Source for a very long time and has forgotten what that love feels like. It needs love as much as it needs food and water to operate at its optimal level.

Integration of information (thoughts) is the process of “becoming aware”, it is “mental body integration” but to assist our body into a base line state of balance within an imbalanced reality field we must also become mentally aware of the thoughts our body speaks to us.

It does not assist the body to heal if we are constantly pushing the body to reach its saturation point of energy via information overload, it only makes the body have to work that much harder to try to integrate that energy while at the same time trying to heal the daily damage it encounters from being part of an imbalanced system.

That is why we need to know when it is time for us to slow down the integration process of mental body integration and focus on emotional body healing. The entire physical body IS the emotional body as it is the chemical operation of the entire body that allows us to “feel” our emotions.

You could work on mental body integration your entire life experience and become a walking encyclopedia but if you do not put into practice the things you become aware of then the body only becomes filled with more thought memories and waits for your direction of what to do with those memories.

The body does not discern thoughts, it does not judge thoughts nor does it decide what to do with thoughts. Our mental consciousness is the director of that process. The body does not know the difference between us physically experiencing something (as we think we do) and simply thinking we had the physical experience. It records the thought memory in the exact same way and creates chemical reactions based on the thoughts to allow us to experience them “within the brain”.

For example, if you are angry with someone but never show that anger to that someone and instead play out a drama with that anger in your thoughts, the body records that experience the same as if you had a heated argument with that person and continues to work to create the chemical reactions that keep you fired up and angry. When you release that anger the chemical reactions of the body stops creating those thoughts and you begin to feel calmer inside. If you forgive all and project love into the imbalanced stream of thoughts, the body begins to feel even more relaxed and soon it will all simply become a thought memory.

Creating more balance within our personal hologram requires becoming aware of how our thoughts “drive” the operation of the chemicals that compose our body and how those chemical reactions continue to allow us to become aware of and experience our thoughts.

This is why love is the only emotion that can heal all things as love is balanced energy and when the body is filled with love it allows the chemicals that compose the body to calm down and work in balance to allow us to experience more of that balanced energy.

When we push the body to its saturation point of energy it creates more stress within the operation of the body’s chemicals and then creates the many symptoms associated with information / energy overload which are very uncomfortable to experience.

It is just as important for us to create a type of diet or schedule to integrate new thoughts and ideas as it is to create a supporting food diet. It is all about “balance”. There is no hurry, you have eternity to remember all of creation. It is important to choose what we desire to focus our thoughts on while we think about new thoughts which then continue to create questions within our self, which continue to draw to us new thoughts and ideas to become aware of. It is the process of integrating higher levels of energy but we need to be aware of our body’s limitations as much as we are aware when we are full from eating food.

You could sit for 24 hours a day and chant a tone but when your body reaches its saturation point, it is going to slow the process of energy accretion way down and your efforts of trying to pull in more higher energy are fruitless until the body has had time to integrate the previous cycle.

You may need to create a written schedule to assist you in your efforts of creating more balance within your hologram; a schedule that you follow for awhile until you ensure you allow the time needed to simply BE with yourself, fill your body with love and listen. Listen to Source, listen to your body, be still, be quiet and just listen.

By doing so you can remember how to “play” with your energy. By becoming aware of what your body is speaking to you by paying attention to how you feel, what your emotions are, what your desires and needs are you can then look within yourself and become aware of what is really required within that point of yourself.

Does it really want a piece of cake or does it need a glass of water? What are your worries and fears and why do you hold them. Where in your body are they held? That area of your body needs assistance so give it some love and you will feel much better.

You are the conductor of your body! Your body does not take direction from anyone but you and your body is creating every experience you will ever have while embodied within it so what are you telling your body to create to allow you to experience?

Are you telling your body to worry about something or are you working to create new thought patterns that override the need to worry? How does your body allow you to feel when you are in a constant state of worry and fear?

The first time you experience the emotional release within your body via I AM statement thought seeding you will most likely become so relieved that you will be anxious to work on the next round of reprogramming.

All of this understanding is encrypted within the ancient thought to, “take time to smell the roses” but did you gain such understanding from that statement? Some do, most do not.

Allow time to just BE………………………………