Dealing With Death




Death remains the strongest fear currently held within the masses of earth. Fear of death is actually fear of the unknown. Fear of anything is fear of the unknown but the fear of death and the unknown is also the result of the false perception of self being a holographic physical body form and therefore ceasing to exist once the body form stops working.

The fear of death held within the masses has allowed the masses to create many superstitions surrounding the fear of death and it is the major fear that allows the masses to remain in a state of control.

Everything within creation is energy, it is the consciousness of Source. There is nothing but the conscious energy of Source in all of creation, NOTHING!

Energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed, energy simply changes form. Form is what the holographic body is, a temporary vehicle composed of light and sound particles or units of energy existing upon waves of energy which exists within non-visible and inaudible energy called consciousness.

The human race is created in the image of Source because the human race is a replicated mind of Source not because Source looks like the human body form.

The holographic human body form “allows” Source to embody within the earth hologram and the main reason for doing so is to heal the part of Source that became trapped within the earth hologram so they can remember they are a replicated mind of Source and AS Source are co-creating everything they will ever experience.

When these truths are remembered fear of death of the physical body form is instantly healed and the earth life experience is able to be seen for what it is, a temporary moment within the illusion of space and time in which part of the consciousness of Source experienced an illness and temporarily forgot they are Source.

Only the whole of the mind of Source can create replicated minds of Source as only the whole of the mind of Source holds enough conscious energy to do so. The human body form is not a replicated mind of Source, it is a temporary vehicle that allows a replicated mind of Source to embody.

The human body form of earth only exists within the earth hologram and is an extremely “dense vehicle” of which we call biological matter.

The dense matter of the earth hologram only exits as such within the earth hologram. While we have our conscious Source energy embodied within the earth human body form, our “perception of creation” is totally dependent on the operation of the human body form.

The memory loss that occurs when we embody part of our conscious energy into the dense elements of the human body form turns off to our awareness the truth of creation, the truth of self and the truth that we are co-creating ALL of it as a replicated collective mind of Source.

This distortion is the reason we have chosen to embody into the human body form of this earth system, to bring our Source energy unto the system and assist in raising the level of energy of the earth collective mind so that all can heal and “remember” they are a replicated mind of Source. But we should not forget the truth of self simply by embodying within a hologram. This is the result of distortion that occurred within the Eternal Life Grid of this system over 26,000 years ago.

Every replicated mind expression of Source currently expressing within a human body form is an Eternal Face of Source; an eternal Self Sovereign Face of Source. Being an Eternal Face of Source means that we have no beginning and we have no ending, we exist eternally. It would be a very sad experience to exist eternally expressing as we do within the human body form.

So to experience death of the human body form means to be “released” from the imbalance of the human body form and the imbalanced holographic life experience it allows for.

Therefore, death of the physical body form is a event that should be honored and celebrated as it is actually the point when the Self Sovereign Face of Source “births” back into their whole expression. It is simply a point when “form changes” as energy cannot be destroyed.

We experience the many imbalanced emotions we do when a loved one experiences death of the human physical body form because we have experienced a “chemical bonding” with them in the time we have shared our life experience with them. When they remove their consciousness from the earth physical body form the chemical bonds we have created with them are released and within our own earth body form this sets off a chain reactions of imbalanced chemical reactions until the body is able to rebalance those chemicals.

Chemicals are elements and elements are the units of the conscious energy of Source which create light and sound. All forms are created of light and sound and is why all matter is a hologram.

The closest thing to our current awareness of the concept of units of light and sound, which we do not experience as dense matter, is the air all around and within us. The air is not simply “nothing” because we cannot see and touch it as dense matter, it is a state of higher energy of Source.

As we expand beyond what we call air or the earth’s atmosphere the units of Source conscious energy increasingly become less dense because they increase in energy and because they become less dense they are less compacted which means the units of conscious energy are “more spread out”. As we continue to expand to hold more of the higher energy of Source within us the units of energy that allow our form to change express as units of conscious energy that are more spread out and hold higher and higher amounts of energy.

This truth also means higher and higher expressions of “radiation” as all conscious energy “radiates energy” which is what radiation is. The radiation of energy is what allows for the experience of visible light and audible sound but such can only be “experienced” when consciousness has part of their conscious energy embodied within a form vehicle that allows for the experience of visible light and audible sound.

Radiation is “polarized energy”, and is the result of “non-polarized conscious mind” vibrating and oscillating. The energy that is emitted from the vibration and oscillation rate creates radiated energy and the units of radiating energy bump together to generate “sparks”. When the sparks are generated, vibrating waves of energy are created and when we have part of our conscious energy embodied within a form that can translate those vibrating waves we are able to experience audible sound. The light we experience, when embodied within a form to allow us to experience it, is the result of the units of polarized energy bumping into each other and creating sparks.

Vibration and oscillation is the result of consciousness “accreting energy” which is the process of consciousness taking unto self “thoughts” which they create and when embodied to experience a holographic reality field, thoughts from the collective faces of Source sharing their thoughts.

A “magnetic field” is the non-polarized thoughts being projected from the conscious mind which polarize and are pulled back into the electrical expression of the body form which is the expression we “see” and experience as solid matter.

A holographic reality field is simply a “collective pool of thoughts” which is created by the collective of the individual faces of Source who plug their consciousness into a specific sphere of energy “within a larger replicated mind of Source”.

The larger replicated mind of Source that individual faces of Source plug into to allow them to share their thoughts is what we call a Solar Sun. A Solar Sun is actually a “Star”. Within the holographic planes of creation the body form of Source expression is a “Star”.

The individual replicated minds of Source express as “Stars” within the holographic planes of creation and is the original form expression of our true Source expression within the vastness we experience as creation.

When a Star seems to “leave” the holographic planes of creation they are simply “flashing off” to return to the state of non-polarized energy, they DO NOT DIE as death is not possible, only change is possible.

A Star Body is polarized energy which emits radiation and when we have a life experience with another individual expression of Source we combine part of our radiated energy with theirs, this is what creates the chemical bonds we experience with those we share our life with.

In the current expression of our physical body form we call the star expression of the physical body form the “auric field”. The form of the physical body occurs “within” the auric field, it is a holographic image which flashes on and off so quickly we will never see the flash on and off sequence while we have part of our consciousness embodied within it.

The false conception is that the matter body form creates the auric field. Creation occurs from the Inside Out, not the Outside in. The auric field is created first in which the matter body form image flashes on as a hologram. The auric field is the “radiated energy” of the internal Eternal Life Grid on which the holographic body form is created.

If you have an awareness of auric fields or have read about them then most likely you know that some people who can “see them” report seeing different colors within the auric fields they see. This has become a practice of the individual applying a meaning to the colors of the auric field that is supposed to represent the “well being” of the life expression.

ALL things have auric fields, even the things we call inanimate objects because all things are energy and energy emits radiation.

Color seen within auric fields is the result of polarized energy as non-polarized energy is non-visible and color can only be experienced when consciousness is embodied within a form that allows the experience of the illusion of color.

A fun thing to play within to assist one to hone their skills of sensing energy is to imagine all you see as solid manifest expressing only as auric fields. What would your reality look like if all you could see were the auric fields of radiation emitted from all things. Try to picture that within your thoughts. That image is the “truth” of a holographic reality field. It looks like a field of spheres of energy emitting radiation and there is no empty space within the field.

When someone experiences death of the human body form they simply change from one state of radiation level to another, they simply merge back into the higher state of radiation they projected part of their conscious energy from to put part of it within the form of the human body form so that they could experience the earth hologram. They do not cease to be simply because they removed their consciousness from the form of the human body.

Experiencing in higher energy holographic reality fields requires the consciousness to be able to raise the energy of their consciousness to match the energy of the spherical domain in which a higher energy holographic field is created. The spherical domain in which holographic reality fields are created is called a Zero Point Lock sphere and we call a Zero Point Lock sphere a “plane field”. A planetary hologram is created within the plane field of the Solar Sun Star Mind; a replicated mind expression of Source.

A planetary hologram is a collective mind of Source plugged into a “specific sphere” within the Solar plane and we call this specific sphere the “orbital path of the planet around the sun”. The orbital path of a planet around the sun is the “Holographic Planetary Plane Field” and it is the “Collective Pool of Thoughts” the individual faces of Source plug into “from their seat within the Sun” to experience what the collective is co-creating with their thoughts.

The challenge within the earth solar plane is that the original consciousness plugged into the original 4 planetary holograms became infected with a massive cosmic virus which fragmented the consciousness embodied at that time. This would have looked like planets being blown apart. It is this event which science calls the point in time when the earth system was created. It is not the point when the earth system was created but the point in which the consciousness embodied within the earth solar plane fragmented, trapping the embodied consciousness within the solar plane field or the Zero Point Lock of the Sun Collective Mind.

Since that time, about 5 billion years ago, the healing mission of this system has been to be able to raise the energy of the fragmented consciousness to allow them to be able to merge back into their Source Mind of the Sun. This is why the earth system has always been an imbalanced system, created by fragmented consciousness.

To assist the fragmented, trapped conscious faces of Source of this earth solar plane to heal back into their Source Conscious Mind of the sun has required faces of Source to continue to plug into the planetary collective mind to “carry the energy of Source” into that imbalanced state of mind expression. The imbalanced state of mind of the earth system is the Sub-Conscious Mind which is a state of mind “trapped” within the planetary plane field.

The “main purpose” of consciousness continuing to plug into the earth planetary hologram has been to continue to carry the energy of Source unto the earth hologram to assist with healing the consciousness that became trapped.

For consciousness to experience death of the physical body form means to be “released” from the imbalance of the earth system. The challenge with that for the last 26,000 years is the distortion that occurred within the Eternal Life Grid of the earth system and consciousness who plugged into the already fragmented Sub-Consciousness becoming trapped and not being able to merge back into their Source Mind of the Sun.

This is why it is such a wonderful thing that the Eternal Life Grid of the earth system is now plugged back into the Sun of the earth system as now consciousness can once again merge back into their Source Mind when unplugging from the earth hologram at natural death of the physical body form.

So, death of the human physical body is an event that should be celebrated even though the condition of the human body form allows us the need to heal through the emotions we experience via the release of chemical bonds. We should celebrate the life experience of the individual face of Source and the love they expressed in the desire to embody into a system that holds so much imbalance, simply to bring the higher energy of Source.

ALL will eventually unplug from the imbalanced earth hologram and merge back into their Source Conscious Mind of the Sun. ALL must do so as ALL must return to the point from which they originated.

It is an extremely rare occurrence that an entire solar plane field experiences fragmentation and so it is an extremely rare event that an entire collective unplug from a planetary hologram. It is an event that all consciousness of the Milky Way time matrix are watching to see how it occurs and what it allows to experience.

You are part of creating a massive amount of history that at this moment you most likely have no awareness of but it is not an experience you will forget about and is one from which you will carry forth a massive amount of experiential knowledge to assist the whole of Source.

You will definitely “meet up” with all of your loved ones who have unplugged from the earth hologram before you because they are ALL You!

Simply continue projecting the Love of Source that flows through you as that is what is assisting to heal the fragmented consciousness of this earth system.