Dealing With Crisis


A crisis can be anything that disrupts the comfort space we have created within our life. A comfort space does not mean it is a balanced space but at least we know what to expect from it so it allows us a feeling of comfort as fear is actually fear of the unknown.

We all deal with change in our lives from having to say so long for awhile to a loved one, becoming unemployed, homeless, sick or wondering where the next meal is going to come from. Any type of event that upsets the normal, everyday process of living could be viewed as a crisis situation by anyone.

Understanding that each of us are creating our own reality field “within our self” via the thoughts we experience allows us to take back control of our personal energy and remember that we can maintain balance even amid the moments when it feels like we are anything but balanced.

A crisis situation occurs when there is a major change or imbalance occurring within the whole body system so the event may seem like a terrible thing to walk through but it could be an event that is opening a doorway to allow us to experience something we did not even know was possible to experience. Change of any kind can be a very hard thing for the anyone to deal with because change implies stepping into the “unknown”.

We perceive it as a crisis when a planetary event occurs that allows many people to experience physical body death all at once but if we remember the truth of what we call physical body death then such an event should be a celebration for those souls finally being released from the imbalance of this hologram. However such an event does not “feel” like one to celebrate.

Understanding why are emotions are affected from world events which effect the emotions of many all at once requires remembering that we are a “collective mind of Source” and that nothing is separated from anything or anyone.

It does not matter if a world crisis event occurs on the other side of the planet from your perceived location, the entire emotional body of the entire collective are affected by it and is why people experience grief to whatever degree they do from events that seem to be miles away from them.

It is ALL Source, it is ALL us and as Source we love ALL of our self eternally. We do not desire any part of our self to experience what imbalance can allow to experience. Of course there are people who do not feel the love of the whole and continue to create chaos and imbalance and those are the faces of our self that we came to assist in healing by bringing our Source loving energy to them.

It is not really the people who continue to create chaos that we feel imbalanced emotions towards but the actions of such people because deep within us we hold a memory of what balance feels like.

Even so, when the upset of crisis occurs close to home and in our personal hologram it can send us into any degree of emotional imbalance and it is during such times that we need to reach out to each other, request support and assist. Doing so does not mean we are weak, it simply means we are dealing with imbalance which we need assistance with for the moment.

In a healed hologram the embodied faces of Source all “know” they are Source embodied, they do not perceive each other to be separate from self but know that all faces are simply Source playing who they are expressing as. It is a natural state of knowing you are part of a Source Collective Mind.

In healed holograms all are telepathic and all know what is going on within the whole at all times because are all completely in tune with the individual expressions of the whole. This can occur within the imbalance of this hologram as well and many people do experience telepathy to varying degrees and some simply are not aware they are doing so.

There is a concept called the morphogenetic field which was first introduced in 1910 by Alexander G. Gurwitsch and later by English scientist Alfred Rupert Sheldrake and his “morphic resonance” concept.

Basically such concepts are speaking of the truth of the One Collective Source Mind and if we consider that conscious mind is non-polarized energy which “takes up no space” then One Collective Mind might be thought of as one cell that holds many individual identity expressions within it.

Healing is occurring within the masses of earth to allow memory of the truth of “ONE” to begin turning back on within the awareness of the masses but much more healing must occur to allow understanding of what that really means.

Science has used satellite technology to get a “larger view” of the earth biosphere which shows the interconnection of the biosphere and how the circulation of energy affects the whole but science has yet to include the human consciousness within such a larger view. This is because the masses as a whole still hold onto the false belief that they are created separate from the biosphere and have yet to remember they are “creating the biosphere”.

Today it still amazes me to finally remember the truth of the connection of all and then look at the studies people do or the amazement they encounter that present truth of pets being aware their owners are on their way home before they even arrive there or that different species of animals can cohabit and love each other. Humans are the “only” life forms of this hologram who find such things amazing.

The creatures in nature do not harm each other simply because they like to harm each other. They are simply trying to survive the way we created them to survive via the current condition of their genetic makeup.

Science believes that migration of creatures occur because they follow magnetic lines around the planet but have yet to remember that the collective of humans are creating those magnetic lines and how they function so migration of the creatures is simply the process of them existing within the “condition of a biosphere” the humans are co-creating.

If we allow our self to look beyond the illusion of the hologram, to look at all of it as the field of energy that it is and realize that the field of energy of the biosphere is being conducted by our thoughts and emotions and that we are Source embodied; remember that Source loves ALL of ITSelf eternally, then why would it seem to be strange that the creatures Source co-create can express love and emotions?

Personally, I cannot imagine how people deal with the many challenges that arise within this imbalanced hologram without knowing of their inner connection with Source but I am aware today that many people do. I really do not want to know what that experiences as because to do so, I would have to experience it myself.

It can assist greatly to know of our personal connection to Source when dealing with the imbalance of this earth hologram because when we strengthen our inner connection with Source we can step into the loving arms of Source at any given moment and there are many moments when such is required.

Personally, I have healed to “know” that I am Source embodied and that awareness is with me every moment of my expression. That does not mean I do not still experience emotional melt downs but it allows me personal power to know why I experience them and how to work within myself to bring myself back into a state of balance.

When we can remember that everything we experience while embodied within this hologram is a result of the way the chemicals that make up the body allow us to experience energy then we can become self empowered to work with the energy of Source that is flowing through us to bring the chemicals back into a state of balance via our thoughts.

When moments that we experience as a crisis occur we can instantly focus within the inner God Space, focus on the love of Source and fill our self with the love of Source. Doing so instantly starts a chain reaction of creating a state of calmness within the chemical makeup of the body.

Many people believe that if they simply pray to Source and then walk away from that thought that Source is going to take care of all of their woes and this belief is a result of forgetting who they are and the power they hold as well as false programming the masses have encountered. It is a matter of forgetting what a “critical mass of energy means” and that energy must reach a critical mass to allow “change to occur”.

We should be able to simply have a thought and experience that thought instantly and the only reason we are not is because of the damage that has occurred within this hologram resulting in loss of energy. But if we were able to instantly experience all of our thoughts at this time the hologram would become much more imbalanced as the imbalanced thoughts that we are purging through our body would instantly out picture to experience.

As has been shared in previous posts, only our self is responsible for everything we will encounter. When we see and experience the things others plugged into the hologram are doing we do so because we plug into the thought stream they are experiencing.

When we experience imbalanced emotions based on events that seem to occur outside of our self it is because we are plugged into the Collective Pool of Thoughts and bringing those thoughts unto our self to become aware of.

We only have power over our self as everyone has free will and we only need power over our self because we are the only one creating our hologram. When we view the chaotic thoughts that we take unto our self from the collective pool of thoughts that allow us to see and experience imbalance we can “choose” in the moment how we desire to allow those thoughts to affect us or not. The same applies when we experience moments which seem to be in crisis.

If we allow the imbalanced, chaotic energy to take control of our body’s chemicals then we will experience the imbalance the chemicals of the body create to allow us to experience it.

Being able to retain control of our personal energy requires all previous steps discussed in this Self Empowered Healing Program as without those steps our thoughts and emotions simply continue to run in chaos within us and we will continue to experience many melt downs in what we think are a crisis situation.

This next subject was left to be included within these thoughts on crisis because they create different emotions within our self to heal back into balance.

Dealing With the Suicide or Traumatic Death of a Loved One

Simply because of the fear the masses of earth hold of the physical death process, for many people dealing with the death of a loved one may be considered the worst crisis of the life experience and especially if the individual dies as a result of suicide or a traumatic death such as being murdered.

Such experiences create more emotions within us than simply dealing with the death of a loved one who steps out of the body because it has stopped working due to illness.

Emotions that can and usually do occur include,

  • Self imposed false guilt.
  • Anger
  • The desire for revenge.
  • Self blame.

We are each a Self Sovereign expression of Source and we can better understand that truth when we remember that we are each the only one who is creating our personal hologram and life experience but at the same time we are part of a collective replicated mind of Source so anything that affects any individual of the collective is going to have an effect within our own mind – body system. The degree of the effect we experience is dependent on the chemical bonds we have co-created with another face of our self while embodied within the hologram.

Suicide is highly suggested “against” simply because it can create unnecessary challenges of healing for the individual. But for the life forms who do make such a choice we must allow our self to remember it is “their choice” and first work to heal our self and the emotions that we encounter to then focus on assisting them to heal.

It is not possible to understand and know what anyone else is dealing with inside of their self unless we desire to become them and experience what they are experiencing. People who take their own lives are dealing with an extreme amount of inner imbalance which they do not know how to deal with and they feel they have no other choice at the hope of peace of any kind within the life experience.

The imbalance such people are dealing with is so extreme that many cannot see beyond the inner chaos to seek assistance with the imbalance and once someone has made peace with such a choice they may experience some temporary inner balance to simply know it will all soon be over.

We cannot “make” anyone feel anything, we cannot make another happy or sad as the body determines what we will experience while we have our consciousness embodied within it.

When we can remember the truth that “everyone” of this earth hologram is dealing with the imbalance of the imbalanced thoughts of the Sub-Conscious Mind it then becomes easier to understand why people make the choices they do. Some are still held within a critical state of mental illness within the Sub-Conscious Mind and are doing what they can to allow their self to heal but being sick in the Sub-Conscious Mind is a result of the major cosmic virus and we would not judge anyone for a body illness they encounter within the hologram but would try to assist their healing process. It is the same for the Sub-Conscious Mind.

We cannot know anyone’s thoughts but our own so we cannot know what the plus 7 billion plugged into this hologram are dealing with within their self, we can only know what we experience within our self.

The “space” in which the Sub-Conscious Mind is located is within the upper level of what science calls the thermosphere (ionosphere), still held within the earth hologram. That is why it is a mind made of polarized energy instead of a Conscious Mind seated within the sun. It is the result of the collective plugged into the hologram and becoming trapped within the hologram via the damage that occurred to the Eternal Life Grid of this system.

We could think of the space of the Sub-Conscious Mind as a massive hospital filled with beds of all of the people plugged into this hologram because for consciousness to plug into this hologram they have had to first step their energy down to the very low energy of the Sub-Conscious Mind and then embody from that point.

Every person that is incarnate within this hologram has their consciousness lying within a bed in the space of the Sub-Conscious Mind and within that space we are co-creating and experiencing the hologram while lying in the bed. Those who remain in critical care remain in what looks like a coma and those who are awake or waking up are sitting up in their beds from time to time and anxious for healing to occur to allow them to be released from this hologram.

This is why everyone of this hologram are at different stages of healing as they lie in the hospital ward of the Sub-Conscious Mind.

When a life form experiences physical body death in a traumatic way it can create an instant shock to their system and they can become extremely disoriented. If they took their own life then they may experience another imbalanced false reality field while lying in their hospital bed of the Sub-Conscious Mind; one which “they create” based on the thoughts and beliefs they are holding onto in their Sub-Conscious Mind.

Until they can heal to see beyond their false beliefs or “can be reached by loved ones”, they may remain in such a state for quite some time as they create their “own prison” within their Sub-Conscious Mind via the imbalanced thoughts they are holding on to.

Each of us have loved ones standing around us while we lie in our sick bed of the Sub-Conscious Mind and our loved ones are trying to reach us, to get us to hear them but many are still in a coma state and cannot yet hear them. If you focus into this space you can hear and see your loved ones around you just like you might see loved ones standing around someone in a hospital bed within the hologram. They are calling your name and asking if you can hear them yet. Telling you how much they love you and that they are right there with you.

But they are not physically there. They are projecting their consciousness onto that space and trying to get your attention.

We can assist our loved ones who have experienced a traumatic physical body death experience in the same manner simply by focusing on them within our mind and sending them love and healing thoughts. This focuses more of Source energy unto them and can assist them to heal within their inner trapped reality field to then be assisted out of that space and begin remembering truth to allow them to move on and merge back into their Conscious Mind.

It is rather ironic in my personal hologram as I encountered a personal experience in the last couple of days as I have been hand writing and then typing this article to share with you.

As I share this with you, please hear me when I say I cannot tell you the meaning of your dreams as I do not know them but with this experience the person involved is someone I am closely bonded with so was able to see what their experience meant.

My loved one experienced their mother taking her own life when they were just a child and was the one to find her. This person says they rarely remember any dreams but remembered every detail of a recent one to then share with me.

To make a long story short, in the dream experience they assisted with a “soul retrieval”. Literally in the dream experience this person had reached a level of healing in which they were able to step into the space their mother was trapped within and literally carry her back out of that space and back into alignment with their own path. This person has no previous dream memories of the mother through the life experience.

I saw this as a healing for both of them. Not only was this person able to assist their mother out of the space she had trapped herself within but this person did not realize they had held a sub-conscious thought of false guilt in not being able to help the mother before she took her own life and so they both experienced healing in the process of the soul retrieval as this person was finally able to assist the mother.

More of this type of thing is now occurring at the Sub-Conscious Mind level as the masses of earth are now experiencing healing to allow ALL of their consciousness to merge back together and those whom we have created chemical bonds with during our life experience hold part of our personal energy and we are “reclaiming” our personal energy to pull it back together. We are ALL One, we are all one replicated collective mind of Source and we will take as much of our energy with us as possible to merge back into our Source Conscious Mind.

There is always a “choice” for anything that we encounter and being able to make the highest possible choice in any given moment, regardless what we are faced with, requires healing our self and regaining control of our own energy.

Our emotions belong to no one else even though we are all affected by the emotions of the collective we only have control over our self. If we can remember to step into our inner God Space and fill our self with the love of Source in an instant then we can become stronger faces of Source embodied to assist others who are not yet able to do so when the life experience seems to be turning upside down.

Many people are now dealing with chemical imbalances within their body that they have never experienced before and they do not know it is a result of the massive healing that is occurring and they have not yet remembered how to deal with such changes but we can assist them to retain some state of balance if we can retain balance within our self.

Within any situation that seems like a crisis we can always ask our self what is the worst possible thing that can occur, someone steps out of the hologram by stepping out of the body?

The many dramas we play out while embodied within the imbalance of this system are quite meaningless, the only thing that matters and will remain with us is how well we are able to love self and everything else that we currently might think is separate from self.

Most crisis situations take hold of our energy so quickly that we find it impossible to think or see anything beyond the perceived crisis. We cannot make higher choices when we are dealing with such inner imbalance and our focus turns to the inner misery we are feeling. What we focus within is what we are creating to experience. We cannot deny what we are experiencing because we are experiencing it but if we regain control of our energy we can become aware of “why” we are experiencing what we are and then empowers us with our “mental awareness”. We can use our mental thought awareness to regain control of the chemicals of the body.

Is there a secret to be able to do that? No, creation is not a secret, it simply requires remembering your own power and how to focus your energy to create the effect you desire to experience.

When we experience others reaching out to us for assistance with their own crisis we can allow our self to go into melt down mode, which will not assist anyone, or we can allow our self time to stop, breathe and think. What is this really about and what needs to be taken care of in the moment?

It would be a great advantage if we allowed our self time to step into our Inner God space, seek guidance and assistance for the moment at hand and “believe” that guidance and assistance is being given. Source always listens and Source always responds.

Perhaps we cannot see a choice in the moment, perhaps our emotions are so tied up in knots that the experience seems to be more than we can deal with. We can ensure all immediate things are done in the moment and then we can release it all. We could say something like, “Source, I cannot deal with this on my own, I do not know what choice to make so I am going to turn it all over to you and allow you to lead me in what I should do”.

That may sound like wishful thinking or required faith but I have experienced it working within my life so many times I know it to be reality. It only required me to get out of my own way and allow the energy of Source to flow through me to create the balance required in the moment.

All too often we “think” we are in charge, we think we have a handle on things and we are running the show, that is until things seem to be falling apart around us and then we wonder how things became such a mess.

Every thought we have is like a stepping stone that leads to the next thought and each stepping stone is the path that leads us through the life experience. When we can remember to pause within each step and “allow” Source to lead us instead of just plunging ahead full steam ahead then the path becomes smoother and we are able to see further along the path.

Doing so does not require religion, it does not require someone to speak to Source on your behalf, it only requires remembering “your” Source energy and that you are Source embodied.