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Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1 –
The Beginning

A basic introduction to expanding complex thoughts for consideration in future levels of this series. 81 pages, file format PDF, file size – 2.23 megs. Includes Table of Contents, Table of Images and Bookmark navigation. A suggested starting point for all who desire continued integration of the series. Language: American English. Release Date- Feb. 21, 2015


  • Is there a purpose to life?
  • Everything is energy.
  • Shift into a higher level of healing.
  • The Beginning – Source; who, what and where is Source?
  • Science & Spirituality.
  • Religion – ancient control beliefs.
  • What are Star Gates and black holes?
  • Ancient Beliefs, Belief Systems.
  • Manifest Matter.
  • Four components of creation.
  • Eternal Spiral of Source.
  • Layers of creation.
  • Big Bang
  • Replicated minds of Source.
  • The 9 cycles of the creation of thought.
  • Unified Field
  • An ancient “known” symbol of the replicated minds of Source.
  • Walk – Ins & the New Age Movement.

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ecc2artweb copyEternal Conscious Creation Level 2 – Creation of a Planetary Hologram. A theoretical view of creation. Quantum physics, and now physics, have proven that manifest matter is an illusion that only exists if someone is looking. This implies the someone looking is not of manifest matter. Neuroscience has known for a long time that nothing exists outside of our body except energy. They have proven that everything we experience, we do so in the brain of the body. They “think” we do so by taking “light” into the body. These proven facts imply what we know and experience as a manifest reality is indeed a hologram of mind. These discoveries should have every person worldwide asking millions of questions.

  • What does it mean that it is all a hologram?
  • What does it mean that it is created in mind?
  • What is mind? Mind could not be the brain since the brain is a hologram.
  • Does that mean I can change the hologram with my mind?
  • How would I go about doing something like that?
  • Where does that mean I am located, to be “looking” and experiencing the hologram of life?
  • Does anyone know these answers?

I have been becoming aware of answers to these questions and many more questions I did not even know to ask. This book is my attempt to share the vast amount of information, I am “remembering”. It is a wonderful and amazing journey. It is a journey of self discovery. Things are not as they appear to be. There “is” a reason for everything. Until we remember the reason, creation may seem to be magical, supernatural and illusive. If you have found your way here, you too are seeking answers to questions. There is much more to consider than what “meets the eye”. I offer my memories for your consideration. This is “my truth” because I continue to experience it opening within myself every day. I intend it will assist you to remember your truth. We should simply know all of these things. We should not wonder anything about creation occurs. We were created to know it all. There is a major shift in consciousness occurring within the earth population. Many are starting to become aware of more pieces of truth. This book offers you many things to consider about life, creation, a hologram and your relationship with an intelligent creative force, which I simply call Source. This information can assist you to “reclaim your power” and remember the truth of who you are. Includes:

  • 428 pages of reading
  • Over 50 illustrations
  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Illustrations
  • Index
  • Bookmark navigation

File format – PDF. File size – 9.26 megs. Language – American English. Release Date – July 9, 2015

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