Remembering Your Power to Create


Where do we create and experience our holographic life experience?

A hologram is the result of “thoughts” held within mind. Mind is not a holographic brain, mind is consciousness and we cannot see or dissect mind we can only experience mind. We ARE mind, we are a smaller energy replicated mind of the whole mind of Source.

Mind is “I AM”. We know we exist because we experience our self. Our existence is conscious mind.

I AM therefore, I Think!

Our holographic brain allows us to experience the thoughts we hold and also the thoughts the collective of the earth population are co-creating; it allows us to experience a hologram and a hologram is the result of the collective thoughts of every face of Source embodied to co-create and experience the holographic reality field.

We do not create a hologram outside of our self but the people of earth have not been able to remember that truth for thousands of years. Everything we see and experience when embodied to experience a hologram we do so “within the brain” of our holographic body form.

We are each the hologram unto our self and because we are each our own hologram we express in our “own space” as our own individual expression of Source embodied.  This truth begins to become easier to remember when we realize the body’s 5 senses actually occur within the brain.

The brain is the highest connection point to our conscious mind when we are embodied to co-create and experience a hologram. The whole manifest body form is a “receiver” of energy that directs the energy it receives to the brain and the brain translates the energy within the “sense regions” to allow us to experience what the energy we draw through the body experiences as.

It might be easier to consider that truth if you simply imagined your incarnate expression as a brain and not the whole body form you experience. The brain is like the “hard drive” connected to the mother board body. The brain is the control center of the body form and our thoughts are the instructions that conduct the brain to then instruct the rest of the body.

Because the brain is the control center of the body form, we can use our brain to create any thought we desire and using the brain to “seed” balanced thoughts that we desire to experience is the process of creating new thought instructions within the whole body system.

This is what the term “creative visualization” allow for. We can imagine, pretend, day dream our desired thoughts “through the brain” and in doing so the brain instructs the body to create neural receives in cells to allow us to receive thoughts which will allow us to experience what we are telling the body we desire to experience. The brain then instructs the body to create the necessary neural network from the body to the brain to allow the thoughts we draw unto our self to be translated by the brain and then allow us to experience them.

Many people currently “think” they cannot see images inside of their brain. All DO see images inside of their brain as that is where we are all “seeing” the hologram. Those who currently think they do not are simply not yet aware they do.

Here is a beautiful guided meditation that was offered to assist remembering how to focus thoughts within the brain. Simply right click HERE to save the MP3 file to your computer.