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Who are we forgiving when we forgive the things we perceive as wrong or the wrongs we perceive have been done to us by someone else?

Anyone within the earth system who feels they have been wronged by another to any degree could easily blame their experience on the other person and in doing so, hold the other person accountable for their experience. This then leads to imbalanced thoughts such as the “need for revenge”. And, any person might be able to say they could never forgive the other person for the terrible things they did.

When we can heal to remember that the life experience is a “hologram” created by experiencing thoughts and that each of us are “our own hologram unto our self”, it becomes easier to reclaim our personal power and realize that absolutely everything we encounter when embodied to experience a hologram is the result of thoughts held within our own personal hologram.

That will most likely be the hardest thing for anyone of the earth system to consider at this point of healing and especially if the experience was a traumatic one because the majority of the population are caught up in playing the role of a victim and trapped within fear.

Does that mean that we invite those who are sick and imbalanced into our life experience to then do terrible things to us within our personal hologram? I seriously doubt that anyone would do such a thing consciously unless they are extremely mentally ill and feed off of pain.

We have all chosen to embody into a hologram that is expressing at a critical mass of imbalance to bring the higher energy of Source required to allow as much of the imbalance as possible to be brought back into balance. The higher energy of Source is the only thing that can heal those who became trapped within this imbalanced hologram and reach a level of healing that will allow them to be released from the earth hologram.

The simple fact that we have all chosen to be here implies we knew what we were stepping into before doing so. We have chosen to embody within an imbalanced system where people are extremely ill and because they are extremely ill they create very sick thoughts.

The only way for Source to heal imbalance that occurs within Source is to embody within the imbalance, take the imbalance unto self and heal it back into balance. Those who continue to create chaos, harm and havoc within the earth system are the ones who have been trapped within the earth system for a very long time and the ones who require the most healing or may even have to experience complete fragmentation to be released from the imbalance.

We can choose to view our self as a “victim” to anything when we encounter any degree of imbalance in our lives but if we choose to play the role of the victim we have chosen to give our power away to someone or something that we feel holds power over us.

If we choose to play the role of the victim and blame others for our experiences we are allowing others to retain control of our power and they most likely are not even aware of it.

Who are we harming if we choose to give our power away to another and blame them for our life experiences? Who is losing out in the long run? The one who did something terrible to us? NO, we are the only one who continues to lose our power, we are the only one who continues to suffer inside of our self because we are the ONLY one creating and experiencing our personal life experience. No one else can know what we are experiencing within our self even though others might have experienced something similar. No one can know us except us as we are each an individual expression of Source.

A hologram is the “collective thoughts” of all who have part of their energy plugged into the same pool of thoughts at the same time. It is the way that each individual face of Source can become aware of the thoughts that each individual face of Source is thinking. By doing so, we “co-create a hologram”.

The earth hologram requires manual labor to allow things to manifest within the hologram and that is because of the major amount of energy loss the earth collective consciousness experienced; it is the result of being cut off from being able to receive the higher energy of Source.

Even though the earth hologram requires manual labor to brings things into manifestation, all manifest things begin with a “thought”. A thought creates pathways within our body, neural pathways that will draw to us the thoughts necessary to allow us to experience the thought.

It may be a thought to build a house and that thought begins the process of creating neural pathways that will draw to us the thoughts necessary to reach the point at which the house manifests. It may require us to experience the thoughts of many others to complete our house. Others who created the materials required and offer the necessary services as well as others who created the things we choose to put into our house.

We are not experiencing a hologram based solely on our personal thoughts, we are embodied within a hologram in which each individual expression has free will to create as they desire and when the majority of life forms co-creating a hologram are expressing imbalanced thought patterns then they are co-creating imbalance within the hologram.

Simply by choosing to embody into the imbalanced hologram of earth we set our self up for the “possibility” of experiencing the imbalanced thoughts of the masses within our personal hologram and some of them are extremely ill. It does not mean we did anything wrong to then encounter traumatic life experiences or that we deserve to encounter such things but simply that we, AS Source, have chosen to heal our self and the only way we can heal our self is to embody into the virus that is making part of our self sick. We ARE the antidote for the virus!

By embodying into the virus as the antidote to the virus we know that there is the possibility we may encounter some extremely traumatic experiences, but we choose to do so anyway because AS Source we love ALL of our self eternally, regardless how sick any part of our self becomes from a virus. We will do whatever it takes to heal ALL of our self.

Source creates all of creation in balance because Source desires to experience thoughts in balance but we live in a free will system where each individual expression of Source has free will and free will can create imbalance simply by experimenting in the creation of thoughts. Source does not intend imbalance to occur but knows it is possible simply by allowing the faces of ITself to have free will.

Healing from any imbalanced experience is the process of healing “self” as no one but self is dealing with the imbalance of an imbalanced experience although all can share the same imbalanced experience only self can heal self of the imbalance.

We cannot heal another face of Source as all have free will to choose as they desire but as a face of Source we are assisting to heal all other faces of Source trapped within this imbalanced hologram by taking the imbalance we encounter unto our self and allowing it to return to a balanced state within our higher conscious Source mind.

We do hold the right to protect our self from all harm and becoming thought aware and mindful of our own energy can assist us greatly in protecting our self but we might find our self in the wrong place at the wrong time to encounter imbalance that we could not see exists along a path we are following.

The same applies when encountering something like an automobile accident. We did not consciously set out along that path with the intention of getting into an automobile accident and if no one else was traveling the roads of our shared hologram, we most likely would not encounter that experience. But, we are not creating the hologram by our self, we are “sharing and experiencing the hologram” with everyone else who is doing the same thing and our personal hologram includes the thoughts of others which we take unto our self to experience.

When we can heal from any imbalanced experience to “forgive our self” then we automatically forgive whom we might think is to blame for our experiences. If that other person was expressing in balance they would never have acted as they did. If we were experiencing only balanced thoughts of a collective pool of thoughts we would not encounter any imbalance in our life experience.

As long as we are embodied within the imbalance of this earth system we will continue to become aware of the imbalance of this earth system as the system itself cannot be healed, the only thing that can be healed is “part” of the consciousness co-creating the system and those who cannot be healed in their current state will at some point experience complete fragmentation which will then allow them to return to their Source mind expression.

We have accomplished our mission for being here. Our mission has been to continue to incarnate within this system and bring the higher energy of Source unto the system, to allow those of the collective of this system to be able to plug back into their own Source mind expression, to allow them to receive the energy of Source on their own which will allow their own self healing. That has now been successful!

When we naturally complete this life experience we will automatically purge any remaining imbalance that we hold within us and return to a balanced state with our Source conscious mind and be able to experience a “healed hologram”.

Our time remaining in this hologram is to continue to heal as much of our self as possible while still here and simply to share the love of healing with all we encounter. As well, there remains many beautiful things to experience within this hologram that are the result of the love held within the masses. The manifest things that exist within this hologram, the man made things, the food and drink we all enjoy, do not exist in a balanced hologram. They are not necessary and so are not co-created in a balanced hologram. So, this hologram still offers some wonderful experiences while we remain here. Enjoy the chocolate while you can!

Healing “anything” back into balance requires the higher energy of Source and the highest expression of Source we can express is “love”. That does not mean we will experience healing while embodied within this hologram to allow us to become warm and fuzzy with those who have played their role to allow us to have traumatic experiences as doing so may require more of the energy of Source than the human body can run through it but we CAN heal our self and remember how to love our self regardless if we can look at the imbalance for what it really is, not choose to play a victim, take back our power and focus it within instead of giving it away to someone or something else.

When we hold onto imbalanced experiences we are holding onto imbalanced thought patterns and they block the flows of the higher energy of Source, they block the truth from our body and allow us to remain trapped in darkness.

We may be experiencing so much inner pain, so much inner imbalanced emotions that forgiveness of anything cannot even become a part of our thinking. Those feelings are the result of the energy of Source being blocked within your personal system. You are the “only one” who is dealing with the experience of that blockage.

We may not be able to focus on anything other than the inner pain we are dealing with. But, if we can find it within our self to look for that spark of love that resides there and only focus on that spark of love, it will continue to grow and turn into a flame and soon that flame will fill our entire body. That does not mean we forget but we can then begin to feel better and when the body begins to feel better we can regain control of our thoughts and work to heal our self.

No one “deserves” to experience imbalance so if you are living a life in which you are allowing yourself to be controlled it is time for you to break free from that control. Ignore the fears that bind you and choose to do differently than those fears tell you that you must do. Gather yourself, leave all behind and look for the nearest exit. Head in the direction where others can offer you safety and comfort until you regain control of yourself and your life. Do it now! Do not wait another minute to break out of the false prison you have created for yourself.

When we leave the earth hologram and return to a state of absolute balance we will look at the earth life experience and see all imbalance for what it really is. We will see the degree of sickness that any face of our self was dealing with that allowed them to act so out of balance and we will remember why we chose to take it all unto our self to begin with.

When we return to balance we will no longer focus on any imbalanced experiences but they will be memories held within us that allow us to “remember” what imbalance can create and by becoming aware of what imbalance can create we, As Source, become aware of what not to try in the creation process.

We are Source embodied and we are on a healing mission to heal part of our self that became sick and imbalanced and at the same time, we are learning what that experience is like. It does not mean we chose to create the imbalance to experience it but since we did, we can learn from it and by doing so, we eternally expand and hold more awareness of what our self is capable of.

The love of Source is rather naïve as love holds no judgment and until something is experienced within our self we do not know of the experience. That is why children of earth are naïve and will believe whatever their pears tell them because until they learn otherwise, they have no way of knowing the difference.

Being naïve is not a natural part of our organic expression as we should all know the truth of creation but because we are love and are currently dealing with amnesia we are all children naïve to the truth and we love so we set our self up to be controlled and manipulated.

For consciousness to birth into this earth hologram they must do so birthing with a tiny spark of their energy as too much would blow up the form of a baby body. Birthing into this hologram is only possible via the form of a baby body as a result of the fragmentation that occurred within the collective of this earth solar plane.

And yet…………………… we have all chosen to do so simply because we are Source and Source will do whatever it takes to heal ITself!